Chapter 1: Heroes and GuildsChapter 2: Town and CommerceChapter 3: Palace and HenchmenChapter 4: Monsters and LairsChapter 5: Quests and Rewards
Chapter 1: Heroes & Guilds

The heroes of Ardania are many and varied. As Sovereign, it is your duty to build guilds and recruit heroes to aid your kingdom. Although the heroes are your servants, you cannot command them directly for you are wise and understand that those with an adventuring spirit cannot be ruled with an iron fist. Instead, you use rewards to encourage them to do your bidding. Sometimes there will be a need for you to take direct action. During these times, the guilds allow you to use the full extent of their defensive power to protect the kingdom. Each guild has its own capabilities that are at the disposal of the Sovereign. Through the use of the heroes and guilds, the Sovereign shapes his kingdom for the good of all of his subjects.

Peruse the index below to learn more about the wide variety of heroes available for recruitment.

Warrior Warrior's Guild
Sturdy men of valor, ready to serve, ready to snooze
Wizard Wizard's Guild Fragile old-timers who study some very powerful spells
Rogue Rogue's Guild Lock-pickers, poison-makers, and greedy backstabbers
Ranger Ranger's Guild Open hearted, all-natural, explorers who won't stay put
Dwarf Dwarven Settlement Robust engineers of peculiar war machines from afar
Elf Elven Bungalow Sharp eyes and quick wit, but irreverant slackers to the core
Gnome Gnome Hovel Peppy, pathetic scroungers with unlimited optimism
Barbarian Temple to Krolm Not too bright, but packed with muscle and fury
Healer Temple to Agrela Pacifistic and patient believers in the eternal circle of life
Priestess Temple to Krypta Ever faithful to the art of necromancy and the underworld
Cultist Temple to Fervus By dancing rituals of chaos they find ways to calm the wilds
Monk Temple to Dauros Law and order guide these men who seek solemn perfection
Adept Temple to Lunord Travelers from afar, they worship the wind and the moon
Solarus Temple to Helia Women from a foreign land who weild the Sun's fire
Paladin Warrior's Guild Haughty and righteous with nice shiny, expensive armor
Warrior of Discord Warrior's Guild Ferocious dullards who hack down their enemies with glee

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