Chapter 1: Heroes and GuildsChapter 2: Town and CommerceChapter 3: Palace and HenchmenChapter 4: Monsters and LairsChapter 5: Quests and Rewards
Chapter 4: Monsters & Lairs
Dirgo SMASH! Building a kingdom is not as simple as collecting income and building new structures. Even though its shores are older than history, the land of Ardania remains untamed. Over nearly every hill and behind almost every stand of trees lie inhuman dangers. Monsters are a common feature of the Ardanian landscape. As Sovereign, you need to keep these creatures at bay as your kingdom expands. Some monsters will randomly wander into your towns, while other will attack, again and again, to defend their lairs from your encroachment. Yet other monsters appear more infrequently, but present enormous threats. The epic battles to subdue them become the stuff of future legends..

Below you will find a sampling of the creatures that can be found in Ardania.

Winged death! This fire-breathing beast is one of the most fearsome of the realm. Its armored hide makes it very difficult for even the most seasoned warrior to kill. To make matters worse, it loves the taste of humans.
I'm not bad - I'm just programmed that way.Dryad
The Dryad is rumored to seduce heroes into their lairs, rob them, and sacrifice them to their forest goddess.
Giant RatGiant Rats
Where there are sewers, there are rats - and in this kingdom they get BIG!
Giant SpiderGiant Spiders
Although you won't find them building a nest in that back bedroom, you will find them in ruins and forests. Watch out for that bite - it's deadly poisonous!
What they lack in strength, they make up for in numbers. Goblins hate humans and will gleefully attack or rob wayfarers and caravans. While they are often beset by bickering, their hordes can pose a threat to your kingdom during the rare moments of harmony.
Disease carrying bird-women who live to kill. It is said that they favor ruins and swamps.
Serpentine troublemakers that are rumored to have extremely high magical resistance. Medusae are notoriously responsible for the untimely disappearance of those confident heroes who stray a little too far from their guilds.
Huge bull-men who thrive on destruction. They can often be found in old castles in small numbers but beware the Minotaur hoard. They can quickly level an undefended kingdom.

Feelthy RatmenRatmen
More rodents of unusual size. While they share the sewers with their smaller brethren, they are more cunning and hate-driven than their four-legged cousins. Sometimes they are content to loot your unprotected buildings - more often though they will kill your henchmen and destroy your buildings.

Rock GolemRock Golem
Created by the magiks of evil wizards, Rock Golems are hard to kill. While they usually aim their destructive energies at buildings, they'll also pound you into the ground faster than you can spit if you give them cause. Luckily, they don't move very quickly.

Peculiar little creatures that roam in packs and swarm their prey with alarming ferocity. Rustspitters hop on their hind legs and spit blobs of acid from their snouts. This acid has been known to melt through even the best metal armor.

Spawned by necromancers, Skeletons can frequently be found spilling out of graveyards to accost the locals.
Opportunistic looters, Trolls have the ability to slowly regenerate from damage.
Humans who have been cursed with lycanthropy The only way to save their accursed souls is by their destruction. That's easier said than done, of course.
More playthings of the necromancers. Zombies are strong and dangerous in large numbers. They are attracted to the scent of life and will try to extinguish it wherever it is found.

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