Chapter 1: Heroes and GuildsChapter 2: Town and CommerceChapter 3: Palace and HenchmenChapter 4: Monsters and LairsChapter 5: Quests and Rewards
Chapter 3: Henchmen & Palace
The Palace is the seat of the Soverieign's power. While adventuring heroes get all the glory, it's the henchmen who play the vital roles to keep your kingdom running. Without the Tax Collector to gather up your share of the accumulating wealth, or without Peasants to build new structures, your kingdom can not continue to grow. Your henchmen are your kingdom's working class. They don't go out on quests and their names shall never be remembered, but without them, your kingdom can do little to better itself.
Wagonnnns.... HOOOOoooh! Caravan
Caravans transport goods within your kingdom, between your Trading Posts and Marketplaces. They are the life's blood of your kingdom's internal trade routes.
Take that...and THAT... AND THAT! City Guard
City Guards are warriors without that thirst for adventure. They're happy to sit back in their Guard Towers waiting for danger to come to them.
Palace Guard
Palace Guards are similar to City Guards but they call your Palace home. They swiftly respond to any threat coming too near the Palace.
Halt in the name of the Sovereign!
Build a Temple over here... build a tower over there... we gotta form a union! Peasants
When the Sovereign decides to build a new structure, it is the Peasants who build it. Without their diligence, your kingdom would stagnate.
I love my job! Tax Collector
Arguably one of the most important henchmen at the Sovereign's disposal. The Tax Collector travels from building to building, collecting the Sovereign's portion of their income. He then brings the collected wealth back to the Palace. If the Tax Collector doesn't survive the trip back to the Palace, then that income is lost...

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