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Chapter 5: Rewards & Quests

Quests and rewards are at the heart of what makes life in Ardania interesting. They are the reason you want to attract and keep the best heroes possible in your kingdom. Quests define your kingdom's high-level goal. They are the challenge your kingdom must overcome to succeed. It could be to recover a long-lost, powerful magic item, or defeat some insidious creature that threatens your land.

Your quests will be made up of smaller challenges, which you coax your heroes to undertake. These efforts may include exploring some unknown region or defeating a menacing monster. To get your heroes interested in taking on these tasks, you use rewards for completing the job. As Sovereign, you can place Reward Flags on things your want heroes to attack or areas you want them to explore. Then you set the reward amount. Each hero will decide if your reward is temptation enough for them to respond to your offer.

Once a hero has successfully fulfilled one of your challenges, he or she will get the reward money, which has already been deducted from your treasury. Heroes can then use these funds to buy improved armor and weapons... or they can waste it all the Gambling Hall or Brothel. Eventually some of that money will end up back at the hero's guild, where you tax collector will take a cut and return it to your coffers.

Attack Flag
Throw one of these down when you want your heroes to charge in with weapons at the ready.
flag-explore.gif Explore Flag
Offering one of these to your heroes will help you peel back the unknowns of your growing kingdom. They're also handy for just getting heroes to a useful location.

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