You really should paint the palace blue!

Elves are a blessing and a curse. None can dispute their abilities to help defend the kingdom. Their bows and cunning will help keep your peasants safe and your coffers full. They also add a sense of style and culture to your kingdom which can help the economy. Unfortunately where elves go, vice follows. Elves insist on having an Elven Lounge nearby to keep them happy. If you also have a Rogues Guild then the elves will go into partnership with them and start a Gambling Hall. The Elven Lounge and Gambling Hall are open to all heroes and many will find that spending time (and money) there is more fun than defeating a Goblin menace - or searching the nearby Ruins. This might be more palatable if the kingdom got a piece of the action, but Elven Lounges and Gambling Halls are tax-exempt.

The Elven Bungalow is where the elves call home. Each bungalow can house two elves in style and comfort.

Below you can find elves out on the town and having a good, elf-like time.


The bungalow.I don't know why we put up with those silly humans.


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