Many game sites have had a chance to give Majesty a look and they like what they see. The following is a selection of some of the more notable quotes that we have found on the web. Links will take you directly to the reviews in question if you are interested in reading the complete text.

Game Industry News
Reviewer: Marie Flanigan
Rating: 4/5

"Rarely have I found a game so engaging as I’ve found Majesty to be. I was compelled to finish every level to the bitter end, and finishing some of them was quite bitter indeed. Still, in spite of the absolute obsession I had over Majesty, I do recognize that the game has its flaws. Nonetheless, no matter what bad things I might say about it, know this: I love this game."

" I encourage you to run, not walk, to purchase this game, and play it until you dream about it. "

(This was a review of the Mac version of Majesty)

Inside Mac Games
Reviewer: Tom Bridge
Rating: 9.0/10

"There's a great deal to appreciate: the graphics, the Connery-esque voiceovers, the complex gameplay."

"Majesty is much like Go, quick to learn, a lifetime to master. There's a great deal of complexity beneath its easily operable surface."

"MacPlay has done the Mac Gaming Community a great service by bringing Majesty over from the PC side for us all to enjoy. They brought a game full of great graphics, wonderful gameplay and a Sean Connery-style voiceover that completes the audio-visual component. The gameplay is fantastic, especially over the Network. The detailed interactions between characters and rulers are truly enjoyable, and the complexity that exists in Ardania is fantastic. It provides hours upon hours of fun, so go out and enjoy."

Reviewer: Bill Stiteler
Rating: 5/5

"And kick butt this game does."

"The interface is a dream."

"People don't use the word "elegant" as much as they used to when describing software, but Majesty has it in spades."

O'Donnell On Computers (Radio)
Reviewer: Tim McCarthy

"Definitely worth looking in to"

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Skewed Perspective
Reviewer: Dean Browell
Rating: N/A

"...I came to realize that this game was not some amalgamation of genre and game cliche's, but a living, breathing cool idea..."

"So here's the skinny: Majesty is very, very cool. And very, very different."

(This is a review of the pre-release Mac version of Majesty)

Family PC
Rating: 91

"Majesty introduces an entirely new gaming experience, which combines swords and sorcery roleplaying with SimCity-style strategy. The result is fast-paced and addictive, and suitable for ages 8 and up."

Computer Gaming World
Reviewer: Mark Asher
Rating: Four Stars

"Cyberlore, the developers, have done an exceedingly clever job of AI programming, making your kingdom's heroes seem like individuals rather than cookie-cutter units popping out of a barracks every 30 seconds."

"As a whole, Majesty is a fascinating and fun romp that's stuffed full of originality. If I could plant a gamer incentive flag on the store shelves, I would plant it right here."

Games Domain Review
Reviewer: Tim Chown
Rating: Silver Medal

"Just when you think that the last thing the gaming world needs is another fantasy real-time strategy (RTS) game, Cyberlore has managed to deliver one which simply oozes innovative ideas and gameplay."

"The Game interface is strong, making it easy to keep track of what's happening and where..."

"...the unique speech for each of the sixteen hero classes is also excellent, and adds lots of character"

"I'd think of Majesty as a delicacy. Some people might wolf it down in two bites, and look around wondering where the real beef lies, but I believe that the majority of gmaers will appreciate this rare treat amongst an otherwise bland set of gaming fast-food."


CNET Gamecenter.com
Reviewer: Tom Chick
: 8 out of 10

"If The Sims is a dollhouse, Majesty is a complete set of actions figures."

"It's the perfect real-time strategy game that succeeds where others fail."

"Majesty offers something different: a reason to play, an emotional connection, and something to watch beyond unit animations and explosion effects"

"It's the same unpredictable action and story that made so many of us avid Dungeons & Dragon players play Diablo for hours at a time: the drama of a hero's rise to greatness, battle by battle, magic item by magic item, level by level."

"…Majesty is one of the most important new RTS games in a long time. Cyberlore has keenly demonstrated that you can march to the beat of a different drummer and still give one hell of a parade."


Reviewer: Erik Peterson
Rating: 8.4 out of 10

" The success of Majesty truly boils down to the basics of great game design: polish, quality, and originality."

"..it's the perfect title for jaded RTS fans that need a breath of fresh air"

"Every aspect of Majesty, from the fantastic concept art shown in loading screens to the meaty and informative manual, is a mark of extensive time spent on the details."

"Something different is exactly what this genre needed. It may not be for everyone, but for gamers sick of the same stale formula it will be like drinking a cool glass of farm-fresh milk."


Reviewer: Neil Randall
Rating: 8.8 out of 10

If Majesty helps set a trend, then 2000 might go down in history as the year in which gaming changed forever."

"Majesty is one of the rare games that you won't want to stop playing until you find out what happens next."

"Majesty is truly excellent overall because of its simple but immensely effective system for getting your heroes to do their jobs."

"Majesty is original, fun, and challenging, and it's a winning combination of real-time strategy and role-playing elements."


Reviewer: Peter Olafson
Rating: 4 out of 5

" ..Majesty isn't quite like anything on the gaming map right now"

"… the Governing idea is delightful."

"Majesty is a game that could be king."


Reviewer: "Apache"
Rating: 88 out of 100

"The idea behind Majesty is brilliant"

"If you like The Sims, real-time strategy, or both, Majesty's a game that you won't want to pass up."