Majesty 2
Majesty 2 official web site.
Paradox Interactive
Majesty 2 Publisher.
Majesty 2 Developer.
Majesty: Heroes of Ardania
A Majesty inspired text adventure game created by fans.  Lots of fun and it's free!
Majesty Palace

A comprehensive fan site dedicated to Majesty.

Arcane Journeys
Jim DuBois' latest online games.  Jim developed the original concept for Majesty and was Majesty's lead designer.
Kevin Manthei
Kevin created the music for Majesty.
George Ledoux
George was the voice of many of the characters in Majesty. 
Rob Caswell
Majesty's Producer. 
Tom Gale
Majesty's Lead Artist. 
Michael Clarke
Majesty Artist. 
Scott LeBlanc
Majesty Artist. 
Matt Skutnik
Majesty Artist. 
Sean Wang
Majesty Artist. 
Dave White
Majesty Artist. 

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