Instructions for Download Files

Here you will find notes on setting up wallpaper, screen savers, playing MP3s and other useful advice for using our downloadable files. If you have questions about using any of these files and you don't find your answer here, please e-mail us.

Majesty Music
The sample of the Majesty score provided for your listening pleasure has been saved in MP3 format and zipped. After you have downloaded the file it will be necessary to first unzip the program (using a program such as Winzip) and then load it into a player that can handle this file format. Win98 and later operating system will be able to recognize and play the file with a simple double-click. Older systems may need to have a special program to play it. We recommend trying one of these players - winamp or Music Match .
Screen Saver
After downloading, the screensaver will need to be unzipped using a program such as Winzip. Save the file in your windows directory. Then, from the display properties dialogue (right-click on your desktop and select "properties" to get there), select your new screen saver. You can also modify the settings for the screensaver from this window.

Wallpaper must be saved in .bmp format, yet this format cannot be displayed on a web page. For that reason, many browsers such as Netscape and Explorer have the option of selecting an image that you see in the browser and turning it into wallpaper. To do this simply put your pointer over the image that you wish to turn into wallpaper, right-click on it. A menu will appear. Select "Set as Wallpaper" from that menu. The image that you had selected will now appear on your desktop. If you want that image to tile (repeat itself over and over) you'll have to go into the display properties and click the little "tile image" box near where you select your wallpaper.

If you want to use a .bmp image as wallpaper you just need to put it into the windows\system directory. Then, from the display properties dialogue (right-click on your desktop and select "properties" to get there) you can choose that wallpaper from the list already included with your system. Don't forget what the file was called because that's what you will be looking for when selecting your wallpaper.