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Rangers are the eyes and ears of the kingdom. They scout the uncharted territories looking for knowledge and adventure. They are cunning and quick, and prefer the great outdoors to the dank caverns of a dungeon. Employing the bow in combat, Rangers rely on the lighter of the armors so they may remain swift and agile.

The Ranger's Guild is their base of operations. It is nothing more than a large camp. This keeps it mobile so that it can be relocated at any time should the Sovereign decide that this is in his best interests.

To get a taste for dangers of Ardania's wilderness, peek at an excerpt from one of the Ranger's journal below..

The camp.I see adventure in the distance.


The Ranger's Tale

From Torden Woodsworth's Exploration Journal:

6th Day of Samral
For three days I've traveled ever deeper into unexplored territory. I am fueled by the thrill of these unknown realms! The wildlife has been rich, keeping my belly full and thus helping my journey remain swift. I'm not sure how much deeper this wilderness extends, but I'll keep pushing on.

7th Day of Samral
The terrain has turned mountainous. From this peak I can almost see back to the region of the Sovereign's stronghold. Fewer animals roam this region. In fact it is strangely quiet. No birds fill the trees or skies and nothing rustles in the underbrush. Nature is not in balance, here, though I've yet to discover why.

8th Day of Samral
I am being pursued. I'm not sure what it is, but it has been chasing me for hours. It is a hunter like none I've ever seen. This shallow cave from where I write is probably a temporary hiding place, at best. This creature - it's fast and clever. It can smell fear and hear a beating heart from miles away! I sunk three arrows deep in its chest, but it didn't even slow down! I must cease this entry and resume my vigil. I have no doubt it's coming for me.

9th Day of Samral
I have not slept in two days, but no matter. I must keep moving the incident at the cave made that clear. I was very lucky to escape that encounter.

My stalker has a name: Rrongol. The creature speaks, but only in order to terrorize its prey. I am almost out of arrows. I've lost count of how many have found their target, only to have little effect. I still have found no game - only stripped carcasses left from Rrongol's hunts. With but a handful of Fire Berries in my gut and no rest, I'm sure my stealthy flight will begin to fail.

10th Day of Samral
Not much time to write. I have doubts I'll evade my hunter much longer. My hope is that this journal be recovered and serve as a warning and guide to others. I feel weak and I'm crashing through the underbrush like panicked tenderfoot. I'm sure my ultimate confrontation with Rrongol is imminent.

11th Day of Samral
Rrongol's roasted flesh was a little gamy, but a full stomach helps to bring the world back into focus. I was certain my fate was sealed. The hunter had chased me into a swamp. Convinced of his kill, he slowly approached my position, toying with me as cat plays with a mouse.

Suddenly I heard a commotion and an inhuman scream, then the slosh of something wading directly towards me through the knee-deep swamp. From the mist emerged my guildsmen, Sylves and Elris. By luck, their explorations had brought them to my location. The two refreshed Rangers handily defeated the wounded Rrongol. At last I can sleep, though at the Sun's first light, we must return to the village. The Sovereign has summoned our guild to gather. My tale of battle with the this great hunter may be lost in the shadow of a greater threat...

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