Smash good!

The term "barbarian" bears with it a strong mental image: wild men, beyond the civilizing reach of society; fierce, primitive warriors driven by the ancient desires for battle and glory; a people given over to rimordial passions that those who dwell in cities do their utmost to suppress. Ardanian worshippers of Krolm embrace the term barbarian not only as an apt description but as an honorable title. Armed with axe and club and fueled by the boundless rage of their jealous elder god, woe be to any foe who crosses the path of a rampaging Barbarian!

The elder god, Krolm, is so offensive that not one of the other six known faiths will accept the Sovereign's offer to join a kingdom where barbarians have already erected their Temple to Krolm.

However, barbarians do feel a strong bond of brotherhood with Ardania's master woodsmen, the Rangers. This alliance dates back to the Battle of Ravenswood in KA 1205. Since that time, it has not been uncommon to find these two breeds of heroes supporting each other in their conquest of the wilds.



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