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The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2002 6:27 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Riven's eyes darted around the room, looking for some sort of escape. There was not even a window. She looked back at Tanasril. Her eyes (Which had been a yellowish color of fear) changed rapidly to red.
"Get out," she spat at him. "Leave me be!" Tanasril sighed, then, with sardonic bow, he said "Your Highness." He smiled wickedly, and left. Riven stared after him, eyes blazing.
How dare he, she thought. How dare he! I am the heiress of Magicum! I...No, I'm not. That's why I left. What a fool I was! Why didn't I ever beleive he was real? How could I be so foolish? She looked around bleary-eyed.
The Gods help me - he said transformation. He's - he's going to change me! Just like he did to Sir Juster...What will he turn me into? I...I want... She sighed. It doesn't matter what I want anymore. There's nothing I can do. She looked around the cell again, yawning. The cot she sat on was hard, barley softer than stone. In the corner she saw a small bed of moss. Sighing, she crawled over to it, to tired to stand, and unable to. She put her head down on it, feeling herself drift off into the oblivion of sleep. Her last concious thought was that she felt the moss moving under her, spanning outward to encompass her whole body.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2002 10:39 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Riven dreamt.

The time for the transformation had come. Riven was strapped to a rack-like device. Tanasril was in fron of her, smiling in a maniacle way. Riven's eyes were wide in the britest of yellow, a color reserved for her utmost fear.
"Shall we begin then?" Tanasril asked savegly. He raised his hands, and started to work his magic.

Riven screamed. She could feel her bones moving, could feel new bones being created. She writhed, unable to escape the pain. Her eyes were a mixture of bright yellow and deepest black, the color of pain. She felt joints move in her back, felt searing pain in her fingertips. She screamed until her voice was lost. She tried to scream even then, her mouth open in silent torment. Tears of pain streamed uncheked down her face. Finally, her salvation came when her eyes rolled back and she fainted into blissful oblivion. She awaoke on a cot in the laboratory. Her entire body shook from the pain, her back and fingers convulsing. She opened tired eyes to see the teratoginator bent over her. He held something in his knarled hand. It was grayish, and bore resemblance to a wing. In horror, Riven realized she felt the touch. The wing was attached to her. She lifted convulsing hands to stare at them in utter horror and torment. They were no longer small hands, but elongated fingers, with retractable nails at the end. Riven's lip quivered.

She screamed. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed. She sat up, clutching at her hands, assuring herself that they were still human. She shuddered. Leaning against the wall, She buried her head in her arms. Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"I want to go home," she moaned. "I want to go home..."
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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 10:48 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

“So the Chaos began” Said the one of the three dragons as image of the arch mage flashed in the thin air, the light cased off the image, illumining the cave.
“It has never ended”, proclaimed another, flapping his winds, “Magicum lies within the center of Ardaina …”
“But, Master, The arch mage’s new creation might even be even powerful enough to withstand us.” The first dragon was quite worried; he swung his tail around, and placed under his massive feet.
“So, once more, the wheel is poised to turn!”

The three invoked ancient spell at the same time – the seal for prohibition. The seal activated, creating a field around the mage, causing spell of Tanasril to defect back to him.
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:33 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Lord Warder looked over the Black Valley. Beyond the darkness of the foul valley, it could see the treetops of the Dryad Forest.
"Well, Shadax," said Warder. "Lets ride!"
The Rohne horse thundered the down the Valley. The green lush grass soon disappeared into a dark, dry ground. Dead tree limbs and stumps stood in the Valley. Dark Magic could be sensed in the air.
Within minutes they came. Huge, wolf-like beasts. Long claws and sharp fangs. Dozens of them began coming toward the Rekc'Dar.
"NOW!" cracked Warder.
Shadax reared and began raising through the Valley. The wolfbeasts lunged, and many were cut down by Warder's magical fire. Shadax's hooves sent many flying. Then they stopped. In front of Warder was a large mount, covered with rows of rocks, all in a line and sticking straight up.
"What kind of thing would stop those monsters from attacking-"
The mound moved and rose into an enormous dragon-like creature. It was larger, and with only one eye. The wings were massive and a thick cloud of poisonous gas surrounded the dragonbeast's head.
It snarled at the sight of Warder and Shadax.
"Attack!" hissed Warder.
Shadax, trained as a war horse began moving at the creature. Warder's magic fire flashed from his staff, engulfing the dragonbeast's head. It snarled in rage and swung it's tail at them.
"Run!" cried Warder.
Warder leaped over the back of the Rohne horse as Shadax charged past the dragonbeast. The dragonbeast, seeing the fleeing shape, turned toward it and reached with its claws as it belched a cloud of toxious fumes at the Rohne.
Warder leaped into action immediately. He swung his staff at the neck of the monster, ripping open it's flesh, sending oozing blackish blood pour out. The dragonbeast turned and snarled again.
Warder saw it. Only for an instant. A large chain was bound around the creatures massive thigh. On a whim, Warder swung his staff at the chain. White fire met with a blackish magic, creating a thunderous explosion. The chain shattered and the dragonbeast fell to the ground. Warder turned toward it only to see that his suspicions were correct. The black hide was melting away like wax, exposing a beautiful golden dragon.
The big beast turned to Warder and bowed it's magnificent head.
"I am in thy debt, good sir," it rumbled. "I am Goldfire of the Gold Dragons. Thou hast freed me from the enchantment of the wicked archmage Tanasril."
Warder turned to Goldfire and bowed, "I ask nothing of you, good Dragon, except this: go back to your hidden race. Find what is left of them and unify them to fight against Tanasril. Then you can surely have your revenge."
"A worthy plan, good sir. I shall do what thou suggests. And what shouldst I call thee?"
"Lord Warder, Rekc'Dar of the Rekc'Art."
"Well, Lord Warder, thou shalt surely hear from Goldfire again! And so shall Tanasril!"
With that the Gold Dragon turned and flew off. Warder, whistling for Shadax, soon was out of the Black Valley, for Goldfire had been near the end of the Valley wall. In front of him stood his next task: the Dryad Forest. Then he had an appointment to make with the Queen of Magicum...
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:35 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Dragun sat with a tall Dark Knight, Sir Kradght, leader of the Dark Knights.
"What is the news, Sir Kradght?" inquired Dragun.
Sir Kradght looked at Dragun. He was a broad man, with two large, wicked-looking scars crossing over his face. At his side was a large broadsword and dagger.
"Everything is running just as we planned, General. My agent is in contact with the Traitor. Within two days the Traitor will have the Secret in his power. With it, we will make the Dark Knights invincible!"
"Keep in my, Kradght, that you work for me...thus you work for Tanasril."
"I do not want to get involved in this war of yours. The Dark Knights fight their own battles: not the battles of others."
"Indeed. The agreement is that you provide us with information and we provide you with future land, wealth, and power."
"You'd better," growled the Dark Knight.
"Oh, I will, Sir Kradght. I will."
Sir Kradght looked at Dragun long and hard and then chuckled quietly, "I'm sure you will."

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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:52 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Riven drifted in and out of sleep, dreaming of different forms of herself. They became worse, more unhuman. t became so bad that she couldn't sleep. Her arm throbbed painfully, the numbness having worn off. The arrow wound was bleeding freely, despite the bandage binding it. White linen was soaked red with blood. It seemed that the arrow had come dangerously close to peircing her artery. Riven was becoming dizy with the loss of blood, when an acrid stench made her nostrils flare. Her cell door opened, revealling a tall goblin, leather wings folded behind him. Riven shook her head, trying to clear away her confusion. The aergoblin carried a tray and a length of cloth. He set the tray down, that started toward Riven. In vain, she tried to shy away from him. He grasped her right arm, unwrapping the bandage. He dabbed at the wound with the already bloodied bandage, then wrapped the new one around her arm.
Pointing to the tray, he said, "Eat. It'll be gone by morning." He left. Dazedly, Riven inched over to the food. Her stomache rumbled, even though she felt sick. She ate the tasteless food, crawling back to her bed of moss. It was thick, much thicker than the small patch she had stared with. She was to sick to realize the phenomenon. Despite her efforts to stay awake, Riven was soon swept into oblivion.
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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:57 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Tanasril was actually on his way to a meeting of his council when the dragons' magic struck him. He stumbled, and fell to the passage floor. Sir Maris, striding up the passage behind him, knelt anxiously and lifted the archmage up.
"Are you well, Sire?" he asked.
"No..." choked Tanasril. "My magic... gone! Help me to the council room." The Equestroden lifted his master and carried him gently up the passage.
"Well, well," mocked Dragun as Sir Maris pushed open the door, "so the 'Master' took a tumble, did he?"
"Silence, human," ordered Sir Maris with a glare. "Show respect, or I'll-"
"What?" sneered Dragun. "I'm too valuable for you to kill. I'm the only one of us who other people would even think of trusting. And you need my skills as a leader."
"There are other ways to chasten a fool," said Sir Maris darkly. He eposited Tanasril on the archmage's stool, and then took his own chair.
"What is the matter with him?" asked Ephinmor from his hood.
"My magic has been stolen," answered Tanasril, rallying himself. "Well, not precisely; it's worse then that. I dare not cast a spell, or it will rebound."
"How tragic," muttered Dragun.
"Who could have such a power over you?" asked Grannok in bewilderment.
"Only someone who had captured my old tower on the Isle of the Dragon King," replied Tanasril, "and with a great magical power of their own."
"We must investigate," said Xath. Terida nodded.
"Yes. But I think you should not go alone. Ephinmor will go with you." All eyes turned the shrouded figure.
"Ephinmor?" said Grannok, doubtfully. "What special powers does he have? I know you transformed him, Master, but to what? I've never seen his face."
"I know," giggled Yquellar. "I helped Master do it."
"So you did, little one," whispered Ephinmor. "But you need not reveal it yourself; I am quite capable." He stood, and tossed his head.
Two things became immediately apparent. One was his face, revealed by the falling cowl, and the other was his tail, revealed merely by standing. Both were covered in dark fur. Two green eyes burned out of a cat-like head, which was crowned with pointed, tufted ears.
"Like, and yet not like," said Grannok with admiration.
"What?" said Dragun, who had turned a peculiar shade of grey.
"Silly," said Yquellar with a malevolent grin, "he's comparing the magefels to the neowolves. Tha Master, as you can see, has a passion for lycanthropy, but he's open-minded enough to see that the principles can be applied to creatures other than wolves."
"That will be quite enough, Yquellar," said Ephinmor with a hint of a growl. "Now that we all know just what Tanasril has for magic-users, perhaps me and my Wizards can get on with our mission?"
"Yes, you may go," said Tanasril. "Be sure you don't fail. I will not be robbed of my vengeance."
"Before they leave," said Sir Maris, "I have some news. My Equestrodens followed the Rekc'Art - for he was one - to the very borders the forest that surrounds the presumed location of their Tower. I did not go further, but even now my fellow knights may have captured him."
"And they may not," said Dragun. "I suggest we start preparations to strike, before Magiucum can prepare itself."
"Very well," said Tanasril weakly. "Xath, Terida, go to the Isle. Ephinmor, you will go with them; take all your magefels except for Anathem and Cloxa. Grannok, Maris, and Dragun, ready my army. I will keep some aergoblins here, with me, as a guard."
"You are not going?" asked Yquellar in surprise.
"No, neither are you, little friend. I need your Eldwarves to start building me a fortress above these catacombs. We can hide no longer."

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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 7:09 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

On the Palace steps, in Magicum, Baron Wodenthall leaned on his cane as he watched. his cousins and his son go off to to Magicum's First Warriors' Guild. Lady Agapeta began crying quietly.
"Now, then," he said to his wife gently. "You know Drexel can look after himself."
"Against that horrible man?" she asked. "He is but a Warrior, and inexperienced at that. What can he do to harm so powerful and evil a Wizard?"
"He is not alone," Wodenthall consoled her. "Toberk is with him; his advice will keep him out of unnecessary trouble - how I will miss it myself - and Juster, too; Juster knows the madman's weaknesses. Then there is Treven, and he is not Guildmaster of the finest Warriors' Guyild in Ardania for lack of skill. Never mind these two heroes chosen by the Queen; I am sure they are both skilled archers. Even the greatest of archmages can be felled by a single arrow."

Drexel looked around in reverence as he entered the ancient courtyard of the First Warriors' Guild. This Guild had been founded by the first Silveredge to enter Magicum, Sir Platinius, and had continued to be governed by their family to the present day. Sir Treven, the current Guildmaster, came out to meet the party.
"Well, well, well, this is a surprise," he said, smiling. "Uncle Toby, and young Drexel! I think I can guess what your errand is."
"If it's that we've come to pick you up, and take you with us to hunt for Princess Riven, then you're correct," said Toberk, smiling in return.
"Actually, it's not really a guess," said Treven. "Some others were here before you, and told me." He waved towards the stairs leading up into the main hall of the Guild, and out of the door stepped a man dressed in brown and green. Behind him came an Elf. "May I introduce Remeth Greenleaf and Quillan Longstride, who will accompany us. Ranger, Elf, here are Toberk and Drexel Silveredge, one Advisor to the Baron of Castle Silveredge and the other his heir."
"It is easy to tell which is which," said Quillan, smiling.
"Well," said Drexel, rather breathlessly, "now that we are acquainted, may we go?"
"By all means," said Treven, and the little party styarted from the courtyard.
"Wait!" said a young voice from up the street.
"Why, Lord Tomass!" said Treven in surprise. "What are you doing?"
"Aunt Alhana said I could come with you," he said, coming even with them.
"She did, did see?" said Toberk, arching an eyebrow. "Well."
"Well?" said Drexel impatiently. "Off we go!"
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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2002 7:38 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Lord Warder soon arrived at the Dryad Forest. It was a massive forest, the tress towered above the land. The Forest was enchanted by the Dryads.
"Ride, Shadax," he whispered.
The great Rohne horse snorted and started off through the forest. Soon a voice replied, cool and calm, "Halt, sir, or we will kill you."
Warder turned around and saw a Dryad standing behind him, arrow raised.
"You will let me pass," Warder replied.
The Dryad replied calmly, "No, we won't."
Out of the trees like wraths came other Dryads, bows all raised.
Warder replied quietly, "You will let me pass. You have no choice. I bring news that concerns Magicum and all of Ardania--including the Forest and all the Dryads in it."
The Dryad scoffed, "And who are you that you would have this information?"
Warder glanced at the Dryad for a long moment, studying her with his piercing eyes. "I am Lord Warder, Rekc'Dar of the Rekc'Art order, Queen."
The Dryad smiled, "You are a man with sight, sir. But the question is: are you who you say you are?"
Warder glanced away impatiently, "I haven't the time for this, Queen Erriathrillia! You test my temper, which you shall regret-"
"How so, sir?" demanded Queen Erriathrillia. "You are surrounded. There is no escape. Before you would move arrows would-"
"ENOUGH!" thundered Lord Warder.
He raised his staff and it thundered to life with a powerful green flame.
The Dryads assembled gasped in shock. For, you see, the Dryad Forest was enchanted with powerful magic. This magic wouldn't allow any fire to burn the Forest to the ground. But there was an ancient magic that could: the green fire.
Warder pointed his burning staff toward the assembled Dryads, who were staring in shock at the green fire burning from the staff.
"I am who I say I am. You WILL let me pass and you WILL NOT delay me any longer! There is only one order in all of Ardania who has the knowledge of the ancient green fire. NOW LET ME PASS!" Warder thundered.
The Queen of the Dryads nodded once, a sign of respect among Dryads. "It shall be has you say, Rekc'Dar."
The Queen of the Dryads waved her hand and said a magic phrase. The trees spread apart and a clear path could be seen through the normally-dense Dryad Forest.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2002 5:09 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

"Yes, let's." Tomass's voice was a strange mixture of excitment and gravity. He rested a hand on his titanium knife. Quillan bowed,putting a hand to his chest in an elfin sign of respect.
"Yes, young Master," he said, his voice (as most elfin voices were) serious. His face was clear of emotion, save his eyes. The irises were golden, the color of a sunrise. They showed excitment, and thanks for being chosen to help on a quest of such importance.
"Perhaps we should go quickly. This quest is of dire importance."
"Yes, Young Prince," said a gruff voice. The party looked back at Remeth. His face reddened slightly under their stare. Callused hands gripped his long bow a little tighter.
"Let's go." He waited for the others to walk in front of him. He and Quillan brought up the rear, with Drexel and Toberk in the lead, Treven right behind them. Tomass was a pace ahead of Remeth and Quillan. The elf and ranger kept watch behind them, eyes darting around frequently. Tomass often glanced back at them, noticing that they both seemed to fall farther back, yet always keeping the group close. They didn't seem to like staying around people. Tomass wondered idly if they were loners, but averted his thoughts from them soon. He tried to listen as the Silveredges talked, but was only able to catch parts of their conversation.
"-if she's still normal, we'll find her-"
"-Tanasril...what if he's done the transformation already?"
"She'll fine, she has to be-"
"-hope you're right."
Tomass bit his leaping, fearing that something had already happened. What if Tanasril had already done something to her? What if he did something so that they wouldn't be able to track her? What if she was sick? Or worse? So many questions, no answers. Tomass shook his head despairingly.
By the Gods, let her be all right...
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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2002 7:17 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

In a forest north of Ferring, there stood a certain tree. Earlier this morning, a man had vanished into it. Now, in the late afternoon, it was surrounded some a half-score disgruntled Equestrodens.
"Well, where can that blasted Rekc'Art be?" demanded Sir Seras of no one in particular. "Even one ao powerful as he cannot completely disappear. Perhaps you have the scent wrong, Sir Yll."
"Not I," said the short, dark creature. "It goes right up to this tree, and stops."
"Sorcery of some kind is at work," commented another. The leader of the party gave him a scornful look.
"Astute observation, Sir Eurid," he sneered. Sir Malmael, the Knight Captain of the group, was both larger and smarter than most of his comrades, though not enough so to challenge Maris. He was the ideal creature to send on this mission, both because of his own skils and the use he made of his followers. Now he looked around and sniffed. "We will wait for Daedoth and Slemin to return. If they haven't found anything, then we'll cut down the tree."
"We didn't," said Sir Slemin, as he and his companion riding into the camp. "Neither sight nor scent of him or his horse."
"I could have told you as much," said Sir Yll with sour satisfaction.
"Then we must get out our axes." Malmael walked over to his mount and drew out a battleaxe. He grimaced. "I hate to have to use these things on wood."
"You won't have to," said a voice. The Equestrodens stared in amazement as a figure appeared in their midst, astride a towering steed.
"You!" said Malmael. Recovering from his surprise, he drew back his arm and threw the axe. Eruthac caught it deftly in one hand.
"Not bad for a rat," he said, and leveled his staff at the Equestroden. Sir Malmael was struck by searing flames as they jetted from its head. The Rekc'Art turned his attention - and his staff - from the burning Knight Captain and to the others. The fire hit the two mounted Equestrodens, knocking them from their steeds. Out of the corner of his eye, Eruthac saw a bright form dashing towards him. Turnng his mount in amazement, he saw Sir Malmael coming at him, holding a lance, and covered with flames.
"Die!" hissed the rodent as he he rammed the burning wooden lance into the Rohne's flank. Thunder reared, snaping the lance and bringing his hooves down on the Equestroden's head. That was enough; Malmael slumped to the ground, moaning as the flames burnt deeper. Eruthac urged his horse onwards again, twisting in the saddle to fire a lightning bolt at his foes. To his further surprise, one of them snapped his shield up - and the magical electricity ricocheted off and hit the tree upon which the Rekc'Art's teleportation spell had been based. Not wasting time on his emotions, Eruthac sped out of the clearing.
"Well," said Sir Yll, as he mounted his demi-horse, "we must pursue him."
"Aye," said Sir Seras, staring at the chared corpses of his fellows.
They set off, their mounts keeping pace with Eruthac's - for the fanged, clawed demi-horses were as fast as any natural horse, and had much greater strength and endurance.
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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2002 7:49 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

The Magnate Thordin Barthaenian, together with Lord Iohcarael and the escort of heroes, had arrived at Magicum at last. The King and Queen of Magicum walked out to greet him.
"Welcome, Magnate," said the Queen as she bowed in respect to him. "It is a pleasure having you here."
The Magnate bowed in return saying, "I am honored to be here at this marvelous place. You cannot imagine how enjoyable it was for me to come here again." The Magnate's face went grim, "However, I must express my sorrow at the situation of your missing daughter. I, and all of New Volencia, grieve with you."
The three rulers (and Lord Iohcarael) had arrived in a guest room where they took their seats. They wouldn't meet today, but would talk instead about other things. Tomorrow the meeting would begin.
"Thank you, Magnate Thordin Barthaenian," replied Alhana. "I have sent out a small company to find my daughter. It is my high priority that she will be found-"
"That, I'm afraid, will soon be changed."
Alhana spun around and saw that the door had been opened quietly and that a tall man, dressed in a cloak, was standing there.
Lord Iohcarael was up at once. "Who are you, man, that you can interfere with the private-"
The cloaked man looked at Lord Iohcarael and replied calmly. "Drop your sword, fool. There will be no violence here."
"I'll drop my sword when I'm good and ready to drop my- AAGG!"
Lord Iohcarael's sword was sent flying...and so was he. With a wave of the staff in his hand, the figure sent Lord Iohcarael spinning into the wall, stuck there by some sort of magic.
Alhana looked at the figure hard and asked, "Warder?"
"Lord Warder."
Now the Magnate was up, "Look here, sir! The Queen of Magicum deserves more respect than that-"
Lord Warder waved the Magnate off, "Be quiet, fool. What I'm about to say concerns you as well."
"You are a-"
"SHUT UP!" cracked Warder. "There isn't any time to play games and all time is precious. Queen, you must summon a war council at once. Messengers must be sent to all allied cities as soon as possible. An army must be assembled as soon as possible."
"But what is going on-"
Warder cut the Queen off. I will return in two hours for the council. Have it assembled. All of Ardania rests on how fast you move...and how quickly we make amend your mistake."
"My mistake-?"
But Warder was gone out the door.
The Magnate stood up and rushed to Lord Iohcarael who had fallen down to the floor. "Your Highness," the Magnate said. "We can't believe this fool. We don't have enough information to-"
"No, Magnate. That's where you're wrong," the Queen said quietly. "That's where you're wrong. We have no choice. A war council must be assembled at once!"
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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2002 2:55 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Lord Warder and Todth of the Sword sat at an inn together. Lord Warder was updating Todth on the situation.
"So," Todth said quietly, "what will happen now?"
"I do not have the time to participate in the war council of Magicum right now. The Queen's messengers will not make it to D'Tar Mordin in time and the Emperor is the most powerful ally the Queen has. D'Tar Mordin is vital to destroying Tanasril. I myself will ride to D'Tar Mordin and inform the Emperor of the present situation. You, my friend, must stay here for the time being. Go to the war council and give them the information that they need. Tell them that they must send an offensive force to stop Tanasril before all his plans fall into place. I've also sent Eruthac north to scout on army of Tanasril."
Warder sighed, "If only there were more of us. There are nine total, but six are at the secret training grounds. That leaves only the three of us to stop this from happening."
"There's always-" started Todth.
Warder cut him off, "No. I will not ask him for help. We can do this.
"Now, I must ride if I am to reach D'Tar Mordin as soon as possible. Rally the forces of Magicum and surrounding area. We must send an offensive force before Tanasril strikes. It's the only chance we have."
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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"Order!" Alhana waited for the members of her war council to settle down. She suddenly looked far older than she was, weary and desperate.
"My Queen, what has gone so wrong that the Council must be summoned?" Baron Wodenthal asked.
"I cannot answer that. Luckily, someone here can." She stepped aside as Todth stepped up to the podium to speak. He surveyed the council for long moments before speaking.
"Tanasril's forces have risen." The Rekc'Art waited for the explosive outbursts to stop before he continued.
"You must ready yourself. You must attack him quickly. If he strikes first, your kingdom will be lost!"
"But magic disallows him to come near Magicum!" Alhana cried. "He could not have broken-"
"Do you underestimate him that much?" Todth nearly had to shout above the crowd. "He is a madman! He'll do what he can to get what he wants. And he wants revenge."
There was complete silence in the room.
"How long do we have?" Darius asked quietly.
"Not long. Assemble your armies quickly."
"I'll send for a sector of my army," The Magnate Thordin Barthaenian offered. "Let me help you."
Alhana nodded to him. "Thank you, Magnate. Send for them, as quickly as possible. I'll send a message to D'Tar Mordin-"
"Don't bother." The COuncil looked sharply at Todth. "Your messenger won't reach them in time."
"But we'll need their help-"
"My Lord Warder has already gone to summon them. He will get there faster than your messengers."
Alhana nodded. She looked back to the COuncil. There was a representative from every guild in Magicum, giving the council an array of ranged fighters.
"Assemble your guilds for inspection quickly." she told them. "Keep novices and apprentices to the back of your lines. Have the experts up front. Warriors, Warriors of Discord, and Paladins will make the front. Have them all carry sheilds; I don't care what the Paladins and Warriors od Discord say - it's for their saftey. Next have anybody who can use a sword, knife, hammer, ect. After them, line up the archers. They will be able to cover the others. Arrange the Healers all through out the ranks. If someone is hurt, I want a Healer there to help them. Go!"
The Council left quickly. Alhana turned to Todth.
"Thank you for this warning, lord." She bowed to him in thanks.
"Magicum is forever in your debt." Todth nodded, then left. Alhana watched him go, shaking her head. I'll never understand the Rekc'Art, she thought with a smile. She left to get her own sword and armour, readying herself for the inspection.
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Far, far north of Magicum and its surrounded, above the Hellfire mountains, lay the mighty Empire of D'Tar Mordin. Built originally by Dwarves in the distant past, the capital city and its vassals were now ruled by a human Emperor. That Emperor was His Imperial Majesty, Tarmyln III.
Tarmyln was an old friend of Alhana. Normally he would have aided her and her kingdom had he known of their situation, but even trouble had come to his own doorstep, and he had no need to go South to look for it.
"Where are they now?" asked Tarmyln. He was seated in his war room, in the New Palace. Beside him, on his right, sat Empress Rearia. On his left sat Chief Imperial Advisor Erineth Calliar, and further left Lord General Torvin Davar. Across the table sat his three sons, Tarmyln, the oldest and his heir, Tarfulth, the middle son, and Tarmoran, youngest and with a knack for Wizardry. The Emperor was looking past Calliar at Davar as he spoke, and the Lord General answered.
"The mercenary army is skirting the edges of Grov-Urtat. There can no longer be any doubt that they mean to attack us."
"I wonder," said Calliar thoughtfully, "who it was that hired these mercenaries? It must take great expence, to outfit an army in the Southlands, and then send them against us."
"Great expence, indeed," said Rearia drily. "I am in charge of finances, and I should know."
"You are also in charge of information," said Tarmyln, turning to his wife. "Have you learned nothing?"
"Patience, my dear," she said. "Sooner or later, one of my spies will infiltrate their ranks."
"I rather doubt it," said Tarmoran. He loked to his father, who nodded. "If they have Wizards in that army, then they will more than likely interview any recruits they might pick up."
"The lad's right," said Davar, nodding. "My scouts report that they have seen a large tent, with magical symbols and devices on it."
"So have my spies," said the Empress. "I'm confidant, though, that one will get through."
"And if they don't? asked Calliar.
"Then," spoke up the younger Tarmyln," we shall fight them without knowledge of where they originated. I, for one, do not care whither they came from."

Where did they come from, indeed? As Tarmyln, his family and his councilors pondered that and how to defeat them, the man who sent them stood on the parapet over the Ferringburg Palace gates and surveyed his army. General Errias raised his hand, and several hundred heroes and ten times as many henchmen halted their murmuring and looked up.
"Men!" he cried, his voice carrying far. "You have been summoned here, from every village and hamlet in the United Kingdoms, for a single purpose. Many years ago, before I joined Thamos and Ferring, my cousin was a baron under one styling herself Queen Alhana. This 'Queen' was little more than a child: unexperienced, inefficient, and incompetent. Baron Thaman could see that his beloved country was on its way to ruin. He knew in his heart that the time of the Magisrays as royalty had come to an end, and that the time had also come for the ascendancy of House Thaman. His opportunity came when a mad archmage attacked the city. My cousin's plan was to join him, overthrow the brat-queen and her minions, heal the damage of the war, and bring Magicum to greatness. Through the blindness of the archmage and the intervention of the Emperor of D'Tar Mordin, these plans were laid to nothing. The foolish girl let Thaman go, though smearing his name with the title of traitor. now the time has come to repay that insult, and to claim what is ours by right: the throne of Magicum!" Here the assemblage broke into cheering; Errias raised his hand. "This time, there shall be no interference. Another cousin of mine, Quivour Thaman," he frowned as he pronounced the name, "has hired an army of mercenaries to distract the Emperor of D'Tar Mordin. The archmage, Tanasril, is in hiding. The realm of Magicum is in chaos with the kidnapping of its heir. We shall strike, now, and before the week is out, Magicum will have joined the United Kingdoms!" Again the cheering broke out. This time, Errias bowed and withdrew from the balconey. The gathered force - several thousand City and Palace Guardsmen, a hundred each of Warriors, Rangers, and Wizards, an elite corps of thirty Monks and thirty Paladins, and some eighty Priestesses, and well as a scouting division of fifty Adepts and fifty Solarii - began to break up, the natives going to their respective Guilds and Temples; the foreignors repairing to inns. No Rogues had been present; though Errias certainly made use of them, they were not under his direct authority. That was Quivour's sphere, and the gaudy spymaster was elsewhere.

Old Ramthol sat in his little office in the Outpost of Alhania. His was the Steward for Darius; as the latter spent most of is time in the capital, Ramthol was left with the management of the barony. He was not, perhaps, a good choice; for in his heart lay a secret yearning after the old days. The days when Alhania had been Thaman's Point.
His reminiscing was interrupted by a knock on the door. The old scribe shuffled over and slowlyopened it. To his great surprise, he saw a man in expensive tunic and breeches and a long waxed moustache.
"May I come in?" said the gaudy stranger.
"Why, er, of course," said the old man. He moved back to his chair as the stranger strolled in and took another seat on the opposite side of the esk.
"Nice little castle you have here," observed the stranger. He pout his feet up on the desk, and Ramthol found himself blinking at two wel-polished, but slightly dusty, travelling boots.
"Thank you," he said. "Er, what brings you here? Have you business for the Baron?"
"Not presicely," said the stranger. "I have business from the Baron."
"From the Baron?" repeated Ramthol, puzzled. "I don't recall seeing you in Darius' employ."
"Not Darius, old fellow," said the stranger, "but Daric." Ramthol choked.
"D-daric?" he stammered. "But, he was exiled! Banished! Who could you-?" His eyes narrowed. "It's a trick," he said with suspicion. "You're from the Queen. Youn think I'm not loyal! Well, I'll call the guards-"
"Easy there, old boy," said the stranger. "I'm not a trick. I'm a cousin, in fact."
The stranger swung his legs off the table and made a flamboyant bow. "I am Lord Quivour Thaman, Chief of Intelligence for General Errias Thaman and spoymaster extraordinaire. Daric's cousin."
"Oh, but you're so unlike the Baron?" said Ramthol doubtfully.
"So they say. But perfectly real, nonetheless. Now, I have a few things to discuss woith you."
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