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The First Aren

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Venstar Trailblazer

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 PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2003 9:16 pm    Post subject: The First Aren Reply with quote Back to top

Sir Zen Fairfield
I woke up bright and early. I had to train at the guild again, the Soveriegn says that his fortune teller has been predicts large amount of crisis for the next ten years. So, we have to obey our aregent, new, Soveriegn.
Upon arriving at the guild's main area, I gazed upon the face of my best friend, Owen Trailchaser. "How are you on this fine morning?" Owen said, cheerfully. "Great. I've got to train though. Why are you here?" I replied. "Well," he said, "I'm starting to learn hos to sword fight. If that messed up fortune teller is right, I have to be prepared." "Don't call him messed up in public. They could have you executed!" I snapped.
"They don't do that. You know that, don't you? That's only a threat for disobedient to the idiots in the palace." Owen replied.
I shot him a look, and kept walking to the training grounds, followed by Owen.
"Good morning, lazy fools!" yelled the instructor, "let's start with parry exercises. Wait a minute, what is a ranger doin' in a warrior guild?" "Well," said Owen, "I wanted to be ready if what the Soveriegn said was true." "Smart answer, boy! Let's start with getting you a sword!" shouted the instructor, showing Owen to the blacksmith.
"Let's do that parry practice he told us to do!" I shouted to the group. "Are you insane? Ardania will never need an army! Monsters are a rare sight nowadays. Anyways, they always hibernate in the winter time." shouted one of the warriors. So, I let them do what they wanted to do, as I went off and practiced with a dummy.
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 PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2003 7:21 pm    Post subject: The First Aren Reply with quote Back to top

Drugfor the Exile

The village blazed behind me, the only brightness in an otherwise bleak landscape. It had been exhilating while it lasted -- two Temples to Fervus, with all the Cultists and animals they could hold, and no life-sucking Priestesses to mar the sport -- but it only lasted so long. After having slaughtered all the fighters, setting fire to the houses and toppling their stone structures was a let-down.
I came originally from the South, where the Greyfall Clan lived on the Central Plains. But monsters were scarce and getting scarcer, and did not provide even a distraction. So I began in secret to waylay the King's Heroes. After wrecking a treasure Caravan travelling from the Forest city to the Marsh City, massacring the the score or so of Guards and a dozen Warriors, the Clan found out and expelled me. Disgusted by their lack of spirit, and bored by the tame monsters and increasingly weak Heroes, I worked my way north, until finally I crossed the mountains.
Here, at least, there was a challenge. But as I grew stronger, even entire villages -- like the one I had just razed -- no longer proved difficult to take down. I needed something more.
I marched on, heedless of the biting wind, the blood in my veins still warm from the battle. I came to a line of sharp hills, almost a ridge. I might have stopped or turned aside, but I thought I saw smoke drifting above the crest of the hills.
Where there's smoke, there's fire, I reasoned, and where fire, people. I felt exceedingly lucky. Two battles in one day, and if the people beyond the hills felt secure enough to light a fire in this hostile borderland, then they must be worthwhile opponents.
Eagerly I attacked the slope before me. At several places it became sheer, but here I hacked hand- and foot-holds with my axe, using my other hand for leverage. Soon I arrived at the top, and looked down.
I discovered that the valley, which was little more than a mile-wide bowl in the keen-edged ring of hills, was covered entirely in tiles which mad sinuous patterns in black, red, and yellow. In the centre of the bowl a huge pit had been delved, and then lined with broad steps or seats. About it tall twisting pillars had been planted; in the middle was a altar from which the smoke rose. On the ledges about the bottom of the pit coiled the hideous forms of Medusae, nearly a hundred or so, I guessed. Before the altar were two more snake-women, larger and more brightly-coloured than the ones watching. And, most glorious of all, a Dragon lay curling about the pillars on the far side of the pit from my vantage point. Chanting came to my ears, and the smoke changed colour from grey to red.
I smiled. I drew out my club, and changed the grip on my axe. Raising them both, I sent a piercing shout out across the sibilant chant. All the serpents turned and looked at me; a lone fur-clad figure on the border of their valley. The snakes in the centre by the altar pointed at me, and I saw their lips move, though too far to hear what command they gave even if I could have understood. It didn't matter anyway; the meaning was clear enough. Fully half of the assembled Medusae left their places and came slithering over the mosaic to meet me.
I tossed my head, and charged down the slope. Laughing, I hewed off the head of one of the serpents and sent another crashing back into their ranks. I cut my way through, for before the battle-rage completely fogged my mind, I knew I had to deal with the Dragon.
I saw very little besides red until I came to the altar. There I met the two great snakes. They pointed they wicked blades at me and hissed a phrase. I felt my limbs begin to stiffen, but paid no heed. I charged forward, and when my heavy limbs proved unable to give me enough momentum to simply bull over the altar, I smashed it apart with my club. Then I cut down the serpent-women, shook off their spell, and charged up the other side.
The Dragon had taken wing. It circled as I reached the pillars, and breathed flame down upon me. I dodged, and survived with only a singe on my forearm easily ignored. With another yell I hurled my axe at the flying serpent, tearing a wing. The creature bellowed and shot another gout of flame at me. This time I ducked behind a pillar. When the fire dissipated, I jumpedout and threw my club. The steel-bound oak hit the monster squarely between the eyes, and it snapped its head back, and thrust with its wings to gain height. But the damage wing couldn't take the sudden strain, and the rip opened wide, causing the creature to list precariously in the air.
Then the Medusae, regrouping after my first charge, attacked again boiling up like water unattended in a cookpot. I grabbed a couple, tied their tails together, and swept them all back down into their pit. then I turned my attention back to the Dragon.
It had recovered partially, though still slightly unbal;anced. It roared as it fixed its burning gbaze on me again, and shot another stream of flame. The pillar cracked in the heat, and I caught the upper half as it fell loose. Heaving, I thrust the capped stone at the monster, creating something like an air-borne ram. This time the Dragon took the blow in chest, and did not take it so well. The pillar half shattered, but so did the monster's keelbone. Shrieking in death-agony now, the creature plunged towards me, trying as its last act to crush me.
But I was too good for that I uprooted the rest of the pillar, and deflected the dead hulk down into the pit, crushing at least a score of the Medusae with it. I threw the pillar down for good measure -- and was inspired by that. I began running around the pit, pushing all the pillars over and rolling them like logs down on the helpless snakes. Only a few managed to straggle out from this avalanche of stone, and these I easily wrung the necks of. Then I settled down to skin the Dragon and make myself a fine new coat of armour.
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Venstar Trailblazer

Joined: 27 Apr 2003
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 PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 6:04 pm    Post subject: The First Aren Reply with quote Back to top

I must continue on. I must avenge the death of my people.
It was not but a few days ago that we were attacked. It was a filthy group of rangers, followed by a group of warriors, we had not harmed them, but I know their reason. My name is Drocen, I am from a clan of vampires, we are some of the first to join into clans. I was the leader, I had a vast army of vampires and vargs. Our plan was to march north to open the tomb of Grumgrog, Rrongol the Hunter, and Url Shekk. We planed to unleash them onto the ardanians while we hid in the mountains, after a week we would destroy what remained of ardania. The plan was flawless, but, when the group of men attacked, there were not even fifteen of us. In other circumstances, we would have been able to destroy that group, but they had caught us off gaurd.
At this time, I am marching to Valmorgen, were I will threaten the king with my plans. Then I shall march to the tomb myself!
I am only ten minutes away, and I know for a fact that Valmorgen will have little gaurd, and thoughs that are on duty will most likly be training.
There! I see it. It's the city, and as I thought, there are no gaurds. Hahahahahaha!
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 PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 10:09 pm    Post subject: The First Aren Reply with quote Back to top

Grhovr Drou

It had been a long day. But, at last, night was drawing close. In my den, I lifted my snout and sniffed at the wind. It was time to hunt again.
I stretched, working the little stiffness from my legs. Then I roused my packmates and subjects, for I was their Alpha, leader of the last Vargs on the Valmorgen Coast.
My own mate had died some time before, shot with a Rogue's poisoned quarrel. Now my pack was down to ten, less than a dozen, but Yrdri was in the last month of her gestation, and I looked soon for pups to swell the pack. Difficult to deal with, maybe, but necessary if our pack was to continue.
Not all my Vargs felt the same. Waryelf, especially, thought nothing of the future and sought only to spill the blood of Men.
And he was at it again that morning. As I cuffed him awake, he snarled at me.
"Why disturb us?" Of course, he did not express himself in words, for apart from sound we use other means of communication, but for your sake I will translate and transcribe as best I can.
"It is time to hunt," I snapped back.
"Hunt! What, Elves, Dwarves, Men?" I cuffed him again.
"No, fool! If their Alpha discovers humanoids slain by Vargs, his 'Heroes' will hunt us down and slaughter us all."
"Maybe that is preferable to this skulking existance," cut in another Varg, Krrau. "I, for one, do not like cowering like a Rust Spitter."
"The Rust Spitter has at least the sense to defend its ground," I growled in reply. "You have obviously never hunted them, if you speak of their cowering. True, they do not raid the humanoids, but they fight fiercely if some creature trespasses against their territory or family."
"The young Alpha is right," said Thargro, the oldest member of the pack. "Once we have strength of numbers, we will take our revenge."
"And when will that be?" demanded Waryelf.
"In time. Have patience."
"Times change, pup," I growled. His ruff bristled, and I bared my teeth at him. "Do you question my ways? You have the right to challenge me."
He shrank back, his fur settling. He would not dare challenge me, as I knew well enough. I was as big as he was, and far more cunning.
Suddenly, from outside, there came a howl. It was Ekera, our sentinel.
"Alpha!" she cried. "There is an undead on the plain below!"
"Be quiet!" I snapped. "Do you want to alert the entire Coast?" But I could not help my ears pricking in curiosity. I wriggled out of the lair, and sat next to the young she-Varg.
I looked down, and saw a tall guant humanokid shrouded in dull red robes. I sniffed the air, and a faint odor of dark magic and forestalled decay came to me.
"Vampire," I muttered. "What does he mean to do?"
"Shall we attack?" asked Krrau, poking her nose out of the den. "The human Alpha will not care if we take down a Vampire."
"Will the dust of his demise fill our bellies? I growled. "No. Anyway I am curious."
"Are you a cat or a Varg?" she asked. I cuffed her.
"Shut up. I am leaving Thargro in command. I will investigate this bold undead."
So saying, I jumped down from the ledge outside the lair and bounded down the hill.
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