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ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls
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 PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 9:28 pm    Post subject: ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls Reply with quote Back to top

Tales of Forumia: Northern Expansion Quests

(Team) Darkness Falls

Cast List (in order of appearance):

Clarely Insane
(Ex-Paladin/Member of the EDDNA)
Venn Fairweather (Royal Advisor/Sean Connery look-alike)
Jay Adan/Loud Voice #1 (Cyberlore play-tester/Sovereign of Forumia)
Loralty the Talkative One (Monk/Falotar alter-ego)
TaleSpinner the Mildly Insane (Warrior of Discord)
Nobody Bond (Dwarf/Member of the Cooker Semi-intelligence Agency)
Cooker (Megalomaniac Dwarven Wizard)
Veti Insane (Cultist/brother of Galen)
Galen the Insane (Warrior of Discord/son of Clarely Insane)
Bob the Insane One (Ex-Monk/Top assassin for the EDDNA)
DragonWizard (Warrior/husband of Clarina)
Clarina, Holy Reporter (Paladin/Top reporter for Trumpet of Dauros)
Eleanor the Vigilant (Paladin/Head of the Forumian Chapter of the DDN)
Seth Spaulding/Loud Voice #2 (Royal Rat Catcher)
Alfryd, Disciple of Krolm (Barbarian)
Trog (Barbarian)
Shifty Coindrop (Forumian Rogues' Guild Guildmaster)
Ytfihs Pordnioc (Rogue)
Cherik of Keldurn (Rogue)
Sister Gloom (Priestess/CNNF newscaster)
Gunthor (Barbarian Chief/Zombie)
Raistlin the Not So Powerful (Wizard)
Disembodied Voice (A disembodied voice)
Count Sanguivorus (Vampire/Officer in the U.U.U.)
Corporal Bones (Skeleton/officer in the U.U.U.)

Special Guest Stars:

Shadobesto (Shadowbeast/member of Team Darkness)
Styx (Tundra Giant Barrow Wight/member of Team Darkness)
Stones (Tundra Giant Barrow Wight/member of Team Darkness)
Witch King (Boss of Team Darkness)
Krolm (I forget . . . what was he again?)
Vulpix (Fire Pokemon)
Mew (Psychic Pokemon)
Suicune (Water? Pokemon)

Special Thanks to our sponsers and the following organizations:

Cyberlore Discussion Forums
(Long live Cyberlore!)
Team Darkness (Soul-stealing gangsters . . .)
Ex-Dauros Divine Network Agency (EDDNA) (Is this really a good idea? The Rogues might advise us . . .)
Nintendo of America, Inc. (I hope borrowing the Pokemon won't make them mad . . .)
United Undead Uncles (Now we know what the "Unc." stands for.)

Day 0

*In an unexplored part of the terrain, a somewhat battered-looking woman, dressed in ancient, cast-off Paladin armour, is humming and skipping merrily through the misty darkness.*
Clarely Insane: La-dee-da-dee-da-dee-dum . . . *Trips over a greyish lump.* Oh!
Greyish Lump: Watch where yer goin', missy!
Clarely Insane: Oh! Sorry! I didn't see you! My name's Clarely - Clarely Insane, but everyone calls me Clare, especially those snobs in the DDN, who didn't seem to approve of my last name -
Greyish Lump: *cuts off the impending autobiography* My name's Shadobesto. I'm a Shadowbeast. *Stretches out to display his ridge of horns to their best advantage, which is lost on Clare due to the darkness and the fact she isn't paying attention anyway.*
Clare: Nice to meet you, Shadobesto. Mind if I call you Shad? Tell me, have you seen my son? His name's Veti, Veti Insane, that is -
Shadobesto: No, I haven't, but I'll help you look for him if you help me do somethin'.
Clare: What?
Shadobesto: Well, ya see, I'm a buildin' inspector who works for da Sovereign. It seems dere's a pair of buildin's - perfect safety hazards - in dis area that are needin' to be torn down. Unfortunately, I don't have da manpower. Would you assist?
Clare: Sure!
*Shadobesto leads Clare to a sinister-looking building with huge bones and horns grafted into its structure.*
Clare: Oh my! It looks perfectly dreadful!
Shadobesto: If ya would be so kind as to begin . . .
Clare: Right. *Begins hacking at the structure. Within minutes, it is reduced to rubble - thanks to her Weighty Two-Handed Sword of Building Demolition.* Do you like my sword? I got it at the gift shop in the DDN Hq. It's called the -
Shadobesto: I'm sure it is, but time's a-wastin' . . .
Clare: Right. Let's move out.
Shadobesto: *Snickers to himself as the darkness seems to coalesce behind them.*

*Some time later:*
Clare: Well, that's that. *She stares happily at the mound of rubble that is all that remains of the second structure.* Now, will you help me find my son?
Shadobesto: Nope.
Clare: *angrily* I thought we had a deal! *Threatens the Shadowbeast with her sword, only to discover he has vanished (the sword is only effective against buildings anyway, but she is unaware of this fact).* Hey! Where did you go? What am I supposed to do now?
*Cue eerie music as two tall, black shapes appear out of the darkness.*
Unfamiliar Masculine Voice: I would suggest that you . . .
Unfamiliar Feminine Voice: Prepare for trouble!
UMV: And make it double!
UFV: To protect the world from rationalization! -
UMV: To unite all peoples within our nation! -
UFV: To denounce the evils of life and light! -
UMV: To plunge this land into eternal night! -
UFV: Styx! *Draws two long, slender blades which flash in their own light.*
UMV: Stones! *Twirls a gigantic hammer in the air.*
Styx: Team Darkness takes you in the dead of night!
Stones: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Shadobesto: *suddenly popping out from nowhere* Shadobesto, dat's wight! Barrow wight, dat is!
Clare: Uh-oh. Double uh-oh. Id better warn the Ex-Dauros Divine Network Agency about this! *Runs off.*
Styx: Ha! Soon the world will once more fear Team Darkness!
Stones: At least we're out of these tombs. They gave me the creeps!
Shadobesto: Ah, stop yer whinin'. I promised to get ya out, didn't I?
Styx: You sure took your sweet time, Shadobesto.
Shadobesto: C'est la vie.

*Meanwhile, in Forumia . . .*
Royal Advisor: Majesty, have you heard the legends of the evil Wights, Styx and Stones?
Loud Voice #1: No, I can't say that I have.
Royal Advisor:
Then you'd better start boning up on your lore, Your Majesty. The pair of them are loose, and there's no telling what devastation they might wreck!

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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:38 am    Post subject: ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls Reply with quote Back to top

Day 1

*Early the next morning, the door to House #450 opens up, and Loralty comes out to pick up the morning paper.*
Loralty the Talkative One: I do not truly see why I maintain my subscription to the Trumpet. Clarina hates me, and she is their top reporter. Oh my! What in the name of - ? *Reads.* "EVIL BARROW WIGHTS RELEASED. Tombs found destroyed."
According to a bulletin posted in the early morning by the Sovereign Public Relations Committee, the tombs containing the legendary Barrow Wights, Styx and Stones, have been destroyed. It is speculated among leading scholars that this has resulted in the release of the undead Frost Giants, who in life worked for a nefarious organization headed by a mysterious figure which was rumoured to be the Witch King."
Researchers are working frantically in the Libraries in an attempt to gather more information, but due to the lack of upgrades available they have had little success. see our related story, Wizards' Guild petitions for Third-Level Library"
It is unknown who the culprit is precisely, but agents of the Dauros Divine Network, when interviewed, said they had a pretty good idea of who was responsible. To quote from Eleanor, head of the local chapter: 'Look deep enough into every disturbance, and you'll find a Rogue at the bottom of it.' She went on to elaborate about which Rogues she meant, and their proper punishment. See related article, DDN gears up for war - Clarina, Holy Reporter."
Oh. Oh dear. I am afraid Shifty and Company are in for it. But, I wonder. *Loralty withdraws inside and sits, pondering the issue.* The fiendish Three are not stupid, nor evil enough to unleash such hideous monsters as what these sound like. I fear that once more the Network has made a mistake. Alas! I fear that there will be only one who will see to it that Justice is served. *Looks up at the roof, as if pleading with an unseen power.* Why me?
*He is answered rather unexpected.*
Loud Voice #1: Actually, you're not going to be the only one involved. I'll need all my heroes to combat this. First off, you'll need to explore the surrounding terrain. I've posted Reward Flags.
You know Monks do not respond to Reward Flags.
LV #1: This is the Expansion. Your AI's been revamped. Speaking of Vamps, I'd like you to come to the Palace. That goes for the rest of you -bleeping- reprobates as well. You'll need a debriefing on the power of this new threat.
Loralty:[/b] You refer to the Wights?
LV #1: Who'd you -bleeping- think I was refering to, your -bleeping- aunt? Now move!
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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:19 am    Post subject: ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls Reply with quote Back to top

(TaleSpinner the Mildly Insane wanders around and suddenly stops as he sniffs the air. About five highly specialised neurons light up in his AI brain.)

TaleSpinner: Ooo..! Reward flag!

(The WoD heads unerringly in the direction of the Explore reward flag. Black uncovered map winks out around the WoD as he finally arrives at the blue Explore flag hovering about six feet off the ground. Underneath it, there is a strange little yellow creature with a tail like a little black thunderbolt.)

TaleSpinner: (Looking at the flag) Mmmm... 100 gold. Oh well, all in a day's work (suddenly notices the little yellow creature beneath the flag) Uh.. hello? What're you?
Little yellow creature: Pi-ka-choo!
TaleSpinner: Bless you. Sounds like a nasty cold you have there!
Little yellow creature: (jumps up and a tinkle of gold is heard as the reward flag vanishes and the 100 gold reward pops above the creature) Ooo..! Choo-choo!
TaleSpinner: (waves blade-stick angrily) HEY! That was MY reward flag!
Little yellow creature: Eeppee! (makes a gesture that is best not described)
TaleSpinner: (outraged) Why you little... (reaches towards the creature)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Loralty is walking towards the Palace just as a screaming, blackened TaleSpinner crash lands in front of him, making a slight crater in the ground.)

Loralty: Oh my goodness! (squints at the WoD) It is TaleSpinner, is it not?
TaleSpinner: (gets up. Remnant electric bolts sizzle around him as his eyes attempt to focus on the monk. Loralty notices that his eyebrows are singed off.) Oh.. hi, Loralty..
Loralty: What happened to you?
TaleSpinner: Urr.. umm.. (tries to think) Can't remember..
Loralty: Well, no matter then. You'd better follow me - our esteemed Sovereign has called a hero's debriefing at the Palace.
TaleSpinner: Oh.. okay (tries to smile, but stops when it hurts too much)

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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:54 am    Post subject: ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls Reply with quote Back to top

Cooker and Nobody appear out of a cloud of foul smelling green smoke.
Nobody *In Australian explorer outfit”: “Who is funding this study again?”
Cooker *in professor’s garb*: “Demon 666, how many times are you asking?”
Nobody: “I really need a new job.”
Cooker: “No you don’t.”

Nobody and Cooker walked onward to the palace.
Nobody: “What is his thesis on?”
Cooker *Taking out of a scroll in demonic, with a translation to Ardanian attached*
“An in-depth study of the Dungeon Ecological system and forcibility of preservation, by demon 666.”
Nobody: “Even demons are going green these days.”
Cooker: “when aren’t they green …?”

The group has almost arrived at the palace …
Nobody: “Why are we painstakingly here, there are many dungeons that we can study to south.”
Cooker: “666’s last paper was on undead; he has being studying undead physiology as undergraduate. I suppose he is really into it …”
Nobody “Big surprise …”
Cooker: “666 said the there are some very particular undead specimen active in this region, we are to capture them and Ardanian Postal service will take care of the rest.”
Nobody “I feel bad for the mailman …”
Cooker and Nobody started to enter the palace for the briefing.

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(Back, inside the Burger Sovereign, where they were last seen, Galen the Insane and Veti Insane continue their conversation.)
Veti: Like I was saying... I know who our mother is and I know what she does.
Galen: Out with it!
Veti: Her name is Clarely Insane, and she is in service of the Ex Dauros Divine Network Agency. She is one of the head Paladins there, but don't get me wrong, it's not just Paladins there. Bob the Insane One, our final brother, is the head assasin there. I hope you like what you have found.
(They are cut off by the guy at the cash register)
Guy at Cash Register: Your Sovereign needs you!(He presses a button. Galen and Veti's table disappear and their seats shoot them up into the air.)
Galen and Veti: Team Insane blasting off again!(Their voices trail off)
(In an unknown location in the Hellfire Mountains)
Clare: They are alive! I was tricked!
Dark figure: So... how ws your walk,. mother?
Clare: Can't you tell, Bob? I was tricked into leting Styxe and Stones out, combine with the Sadowbeast the tricked me, they make Team Darkness!
Bob the Insane One: You sound like you were doing something, not just taking a walk.
Clare: I was looking for Veti again.
Bob: Again! I will have them dead before you can find him, or the other one. May I remind you, they are the reason we had to hide from the DDN.
(Bob and Clare walk off to warn the others)

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(DragonWizard the Warrior Scout, Clarina, and Eleanor appear infront of the Warriors' Guild.)

DragonW: Every time we sit down to eat were called back to the guild. Well, I might as well get the 500 gold I owe his Majesty.

Clarina: Why do you owe him 500 gold?

DragonW: For changing me back to my old class. (Walks into the guild to retrieve the gold. After a minute he comes out holding a big bag of gold.)

Eleanor: Ready?

DragonW: (Tying the bag of gold to his waist were it shrinks to a size that can be carried easily.) Yep!
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(Galen and Veti plumit towards the ground. They land on Loralty and TaleSpinner)
Galen: Nice to see you guys again. What does the Sovereign want this time, to try a new curse word he found on us?
Loralty: No. But that does sound like him... Actualy, the legendary Wights, Styx and Stones, have been released. And to make things worse, the Holy Trumpet is blaming Shifty and his crew.
Galen: Shifty?
Loralty: You know, the rouge... He is head of the Forminian Guildmaster.(Loralty stops, noticing that nothing is going to remind Galen.)
TaleSpinner: So, have you guys found you mom yet?
Veti: No.
(Everyone starts to look at Galen, because he is looking off into space, with slobber pouring out of his mouth.)
Loralty; Is he alright?
Veti; Feel lucky. Last time he did this, he was foming at the mouth.
Galen: Did somebody call me?
TaleSpinner: It's time to go and see the Sovereign.
Galen: Oh, ok.(The group starts to walk into the palace, but Galen stops in the doorway and looks at Loralty) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I know who you are talking about.
Loralty: Could you be any more stupid?
Galen: I can try.
(The group continues in)

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(The group walk out of the palace)
Veti: So Styx and Stones do exist. And everybody said I was Insane.
TaleSpinner: I think they were refering to your last name.
Veti: Well.. that does make a lot of sense.
Galen: Oh, so they were refering to my last name...
Cooker:(rolling his eyes) No, you're just Insane. Period.
Loralty: So where do you think we can find Styx and Stones?
Galen: Don't look at me, I was hoping you would know.(Everyone sighs)
(Back in the Hellfire Mountains, EDDNA HQ)
Dark Figure#2: So, Styx and Stones are free, and you let them out?
Clare: Yes, miss leader person.
Dark Figure#2: I could care less. Next topic!(Looks to Bob) Are you ready for your next mission?
Bob: Yes I am!
Darik Figure#2: Here he is. He may not be an Agent of the DDN, but he still poses a threat.
Bob:(Looks at the paper of info on his next target.)(wispering)Well, well, well, Loralty the Talkative One. You better say your lst goodbyes.(laughs evily)
Clare: Who and what is it.
Bob: He is Loralty the Talkative One, a Monk.
Dark Figure#2: Loralty is a tuffy, you better take your mom for back up.
Bob and Clare; That's fine with us.
(Bob and Clare start to walk down the mountain, not knowing what trouble they were about to get into.)

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(Clarina, Eleanor and DragonW walk to the palace only to find the heroes leaving it.)

Eleanor: (pulling Galen aside) Did we miss it?

Galen: Miss what?

Eleanor: The meeting.

Galen: What meeting? (everyone stares at him for a moment when he finally realizes what they're talking about) Oooooooooooooh that meeting. Yep. (He runs to catch up with everyone else.)

Eleanor: Well, we know basically what we have to do so...(She follows Galen with Clarina and DragonW following.)
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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2003 8:11 pm    Post subject: ToF: (Team) Darkness Falls Reply with quote Back to top

(The Market.)

Vendor: "Small caustic newt for sale! Doubtless possessed of many rare magical properties once ground, dried and salted! We wouldn't know! Only 50 gold sovereigns!"
Customer: "Okay, let's take a look at the dearie..."
Critter: "...Char-mander!"
Customer: "...isn't that sweet? Don't you simply love that rabid gleam in his eyes."
Vendor: "Yes, of course, we're all very attached to this... fine... animal, but we're willing to see him go for, oh well, let's call it 20 sovereigns."
Customer: "Well isn't he adorable... in a feral sort of way.
Critter: "Char-mander!.."
Vendor: "Sure, sure, but plenty more... where he came from. Infestation of some kind. Whole nest of those electric yellow vermin." (he twitches uncomfortably.) "Could you just take him off our hands? Free to a good home."
Customer: "I'm a furrier."
Vendor: "I'm sure you're humane."
Furrier: "Aw, will you look at that, he's just trying to claw my eyes out. Who's a bitsy pookums..."
Critter: "Char-mander!
Vendor: "I'll give you 85 gold if you take it and go."
Furrier: "You're a charmer, charm-ander, yezz 'oo ar... yezz 'oo ar. Who's a bitshy pookumsh... 130: up front."
Vendor: "Done."
Furrier: "Cute thing, too."

(Away from the market.)
SovJay: "We seem to have a new item on our building list, Seth."
Seth: "What's that? click help."


The Coffee House:
Raises speed and intelligence of your heroes at the price of bladder control and circadian rhythm.

Poetry recitals give manic-depressives a chance to vent their anguish in a comparatively harmless fashion.

Permits recruitment of Smug Aesthete Bastards, proficient at manipulating adversaries through fatuous sophistry and misleading credentials.

Alfryd and Trog have been sent as business representatives from the vice-chieftains Ladvyr and Deftan in an attempt to further cement financial relations with the sovereign. Ladvyr sends his profound regrets that he may not appear in person, thanks to need for 24-hour anti-magic shield protection from the Lost Veegas wizard's guild. Eyebrows have not regrown since his 'recent mishap'. Trog is also hoping to meet up with his better half, Mop'bal, while living in perpetual terror of an encounter with miss Veri. Voluptuous. Hush. The local APS delivery service adepts can always be counted on as regular customers.

Needless to say, all elven vice structures's are henceforth 40% taxable. Playbarb(tm);
"We put the XXX in executive!"


Alfryd: "Hey, Jay. I notice you note our expanded operations!" Alfryd waved from the vista beneath.
Trog: "Trog vice-executive of beverage distribution!"
Trog: "Me bring coffee!"

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*Inside the Palace.*
Loud Voice #1: Is this all the heroes I can expect to respond to my summonds?
Actually, I am the only one who is responding to your summons - the others just happened to drop by.
LV #1: Drop by? Since when can a Hero get off the ground? I'm checking the -bleep-ing manual . . .
While you're at it, could you find out what zapped me? It might be a Rogue Wizard.
Royal Advisor:
Calm down, Yor Majesty.
LV #1: Shut your -bleep-ing mouth, Venn. But yeah, I guess the manual can wait a little. Boys, we have a problem.
Shouldn't you refer it to Houston?
LV #1: When I want your -bleep-ing opinion, WoD, I'll -bleep-ing ask for it. Actually, it's in regard to the legendary Wights, Styx and Stones.
*humming* May break your bones - *Is promptly zapped by a Standard Wizards' Guild Lightning Bolt.* Ouch!
TaleSpinner: Join the club.
LV #1: Now that I have your complete and undivided attention, I'll outline the -bleep-ing situation. Styx and Stones were once Tundra Giants that served the Witch King as head of his armies. Fortunately they were defeated, as was the Witch King. That's the legend, for what it's worth. In game terms, that's not much - Seth! Where are you going?
Loud Voice #2: Uh, just putting this away?
LV #1: And what in the name of holy -bleep- is that?
LV #2: A converter for Game Boy/console/computer games?
LV #1: All right then, as long as you haven't messed up Majesty. The system's buggy enough already. Now, where in the -bleep- was I?
Royal Advisor:
*coughs tactfully* Styx and Stones, Your Highness.
LV #1: Oh yeah. Well, some -bleep-'s released them. For some reason they're likely to attack us- game programming, I guess. *Mutters to himself.* Why can't they make a Quest where I do nothing except rocket-launch Rogues? Anyay, here's how you fight them. You've got to explore the map, find them, and destroy them. If you don't kill one right after the other, the first one'll resurrect in a set period of time. Got it?
Actually, I'm just getting over my pangs of loss . . .
Yes, sire. I am sure we do.
LV #1: Good. Dismissed.
Well, at least we know what undead to look for.
Cooker: Excellent. Now both the Sovereign and the Demon will reward us for their capture.
Nobody: Um, I think the Sovereign wants them dead, not captured.
Cooker: I'm positive we can work out a deal. After all, I do own the controlling interest in our partnership.
Nobody: Whatever you say, sir.
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(The scene switches to a relatively state of the art electronic surveillance room within the Forumnian Rogue's Guild. Arranged with monitors connected to cleverly hidden cameras inside and outside of various Locker Rooms throughout the kingdom of Forumnia, it was also clearly the place where those infamous dirty videos were compiled and edited. Shifty Coindrop and Ytfihs Pordnioc are listening into what was clearly a bug planted in the Palace Conference Room.)

LV #1: Good. Dismissed.
Shifty: Rocket Launch? Oh I'll show him... (Starts to get up with indignation)
Ytfihs: (He pulls down on Shifty) Calm down… we’ve got bigger issues ta deal with, like a pair o’ Big Dead Things busted out of their tomb and the DDN’s blamin’ us fer it?
Shifty: All right. (Takes a deep breath and exhales) If it wasn’t for the bug we installed a long time ago we’d be flying across the countryside already. Once more Ytfihs my boy, we have to prove to a thankless and hostile populace that this time we really didn’t do it.
Ytfihs: It’s all part a being a Rogue man. Have ta take the lumps with the loot.
Shifty: True. Now let’s drop this sappy drama and get on with business. Where’s Cherik anyways?

(Cherik of Keldurn shows up at this point, entering the surveillance room with what looked like a red PDA in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-sized category.)

Shifty: What the hell is that thing?
Ytfihs: It better be a gaming console if ya spent some of our coffers for that Cherik.
Cherik: Before I tell you Sirs, may I point out that Forumnia has been lately plagued by strange, disturbing yet adorable lifeforms the likes of which have never been seen before in the entire continent of Ardania?
Ytfihs: Well they are kinda cute and fuzzy at times. I might consider getting me one.
Shifty: (Smacks Ytfihs) So what if we’re being overrun by a horde of killer Beanie Babies?
Cherik: Well, I’ve been doing some extra-long research and discovered that these new organisms are referred to as Pocket Monsters.
Shifty: Pocket What?
Cherik: Monsters Sir. Pocket Monsters.
Ytfihs: (Rubbing the back of his head) And what the ‘ell are these Pockymons exactly anyways?
Cherik: Nobody knows really Sir. The most popular theory is that they are descended from bioengineered weaponry designed to remorselessly slaughter billions and billions without tiring. But what we see roaming around Forumnia today have had 99% of their aggression bred out. Now this Pocket Index (gesturing to the large device he’s carrying) basically is a field guide to the many variant species out there.
Shifty: So you bought yourself an overgrown and overpriced bird manual. Brilliant.
Cherik: Not quite Sir. It is also a primer on how to care, raise and train these creatures.
Ytfihs: What!? Raise and train those buggers!?
Cherik: Yes. It seems that in distance lands, children capture these disturbing yet adorable lifeforms and raise them as pets, not to mention place them in competetions that are basically cockfights with big prizes and fame for those involved. There are even actual facilities and cultures that cater to these Pocket Monsters, and it says so right in the Pocket Index.
Shifty: Prizes and fame, really? Cultures that cater to them? (His eyes dilate and take on the lustre of a Gold Sovereign as he gets up from his seat and scoots towards Cherik and the Index. A faint cha-ching! can be heard.)
Ytfihs: Oh fer the love o’ Fervus, he’s got that glaze in his eyes again Cherik. (Following Shifty now)
Cherik: Yes, I can see.
Shifty: Now let’s study this Pocket Index shall we? (Hands rub together before reading commences.)


(Hours pass by…)

Shifty: All right, so how do we manufacture these thingies?
Cherik: Well, we could contact a Wizard’s Guild and have them commision a bunch or promise them a cut of the profits.
Ytfihs: Newsflash you idiot. The nearest Wizard’s Guild belongs to Cooker.
Cherik: Point taken… (A bulb lights up above his head) I know the next best thing!
Shifty: What is it?
Cherik: Do you know of any particular people who specialize in capturing wild creatures and making them into pets?
Ytfihs: (Snaps fingers) Of course! Fervus!
Shifty: So we can get the Loonies to work on the thingies. In exchange for some kind of cut on the whole project.
Cherik: Now that we have that major obstacle out of the way, there’s the final problem of venture capital.
Shifty: Don’t worry lads, I’ve got that one all figured out.


(The scene switches to the Conference Room inside the Palace. The room is dark and the Forumnian Rogues are standing at the edge of the long table.)

SovJ: This better be worth my time, or I’ve got three Launchers primed and ready for you [Bleep]s.
Cherik: I assure you Your Majesty that there will be no need for a Palace Rocketing once you hear our proposition.

(A light comes on, from a computerized projector on the table which casts animated images of the numerous critters that infest Forumnia.)

Shifty: As you may know Ada… er Sovereign, Forumnia has suddenly become host to an assortment of strange, disturbing yet adorable creatures never before seen in Ardania before.
SovJ: True, true… they do kind of look familiar… (Glances towards Seth who’s hiding his converter with his back briefly) But how are these [Bleep]-ing [Bleep]s going to help clog up my coffers!?
Ytfihs: Research has shown that kids in other lands capture these things and make them into pets… and hold cockfight tournaments with them that come with big prizes and lots a fame.

(A click, and the picture changes to that of a pair of kids and their Pocket Monster pets having a duel in a big arena filled with crowds and confetti complete with a short film that loops over and over.)

Shifty: And we have organized a plan that will cash in on this addictive craze and put your gold supplies well past the bar. Never again will we have to hear Fairweather blabbing about how your Treasury’s allmahst emptee.
Ven Fairweather: I resent that remark Your Majesty.
SovJ: But he does have some points there Ven. (Ven sulks quietly, glaring at the Rogues.) All right then, what is this plan of yours Coindrop?
Shifty: It is our plan Your Majesty. Yours, mine, Ytfihs and Cherik’s.

(Another click on the projector button. This time the picture is of a grotesque monument to shameless commercial brand exploitation and greed. An amalgam that can be clearly recognized as a Fairgrounds, Temple of Fervus, Temple of Agrela, and a Hall of Champions meshed together and topped by a giant red and white sphere. It looks like what would happen if The Thing decided to absorb Ardanian buildings instead of people.)

Ytfihs: We call it… The Pokédrome!
SovJ: [Bleep!] It’s fan-[Bleep]-ingtastic!
Shifty: It has every facilities to cater to nurturing this craze properly. A venue for the competetions. (Points an executive stick at Fairgrounds) A shop where children can start their own monster-catching hobby. (Points to Temple of Fervus) A place where information on the creatures can be found and trading of the critters established. (Points to Hall of Champions) And even a place where beautiful health care for the buggers can be found. (Points to Temple of Agrela)
SovJ: I never thought I’d ever say this, but you [Bleep]s are finally onto something!! All right, I’ll approve the project!!
Shifty: (Bows) Thank you Your Majesty. (And again his eyes glitter like gold coins, the cha-ching! sound echoes over and over in the Conference Room as he starts to giggle.)
Ytfihs: I think we’ve created a monster.
Cherik: Indeed Sir… and as if that was not frightening enough, think of this. What if the children decide to capture native Ardanian lifeforms and train them for this craze as well?
Ytfihs: Ya mean Medusees and Trolls slugging it out in the arena?
Cherik: Exactly Sir.
Ytfihs: Good Fervus, what have we unleashed upon the world?

(And Shifty’s triumphant giggle expands into a maniacal laughter as the scene fades to black.)

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(Bob and Clare are still walking down the mountain)
Bob: So, why do you think the boss wants this Loralty dead?
Clare: There are a couple different possiblities. Like... he could be after us... or maybe he works for the DDN... or(Bob cuts her off)
Bob: A)He does not work for the DDN. And B)The boss would have told us if he knew about us.
Clare: How do you know.
Bob: She tells me everything I need to know about the person that I am about to kill.
Clare: That would be reasonable, but I've been around longer then you have my son.
Bob: And I've been doing this job longer than you have mom.
(The two continue to bicker, until they run into something.
Green Creature: Balba! Balbasaur.
(Before they could do anything, the Green creature had them cought in its vines.)
Bob:(Slashing at the vines with his dagger made of bone.) Get off of me you little (beep!)! Stop it! That tickles.(Starts to laugh uncontrolably) Stop it!!!(finaly cuts himself loose.)
Clare: Cut me free. (Bob does what he is told) Good boy. Now, finish this creature off!
(With hearing that the Green creature runs for his life.)
Bob; Well I think we handled that well.
Clare: Now for this Loralty guy.

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(Eleanor, Clarina, and DragonW continue walking when they stop by a market.)
Clarina: (Excited by the idea of shopping) Look at that dress!!

Eleanor: We don't have time for shopping.

Clarina: But it would look so good on you...

Eleanor: (having a change of heart) Okay, we'll go shopping only for a few hours. DragonWizard go on ahead. We'll catch up later.

DragonW: I don't even know where to go.

Clarina: Just explore for a little.
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*Speaking of exploring, Loralty had decided to test his new programming by going after a bounty.*
Loralty: Two hundred gold. That is not too high. I do not want to be thought greedy.
*So he set off, leaving the other heroes by the Palace.*
Loralty: Actually, I look forward to this. A nice walk, without lunatics, fanatics, or grammatical monstrosities anywhere in sight. Hello, what might this be?
*He stoops down to look at a Relic Case. Retrieving it, he examines the item found within.
Loralty: Hmmm, it appears to be a ball of some kind. Ah, writing. "M. B. Prototype - SILPH CO." Interesting. Well, I suppose I - *The darkness unfurls to disclose a Creature Den. A growl comes from inside.* - Oh. Oh dear. *Assumes defensive stance. A small, dog-like creature covered in orange-and-black strips with a white ruff and tail pops out.*
Dog-thing: Grrrrr! Growlithe!
*Loralty suddenly happens to notice a dialogue box hovering in the air overhead.*
Loralty: What in the - ?
Dialogue Box: Wild Growlithe appeared! Sovereign Jay chooses Loralty!
Loralty: Indeed. *To the Growlithe.* Back down!
Growlithe: Growr! Growlowr! ROAR!
Dialogue Box: Growlithe used Roar! . . . But, it had no effect!
Loralty: Good Heavens! Are my actions to be narrated to me? *Attacks the creature.*
Dialogue Box: Loralty uses Karate Chop! . . . Critical hit! Enemy Growlithe fainted! Received sixty gold! *Dialogue Box vanishes.*
Loralty: *immensely confused, he barely has enough wits to appreciate the coin circling his head* Indeed. *Notices that the thing - the Growlithe - has disappeared.* How odd. *Proceeds to demolish the lair, then continues on to and collects the reward. Unnoticed by him, a little white creature with a tufted tail hovers along behind him.*
Creature: Mew?

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