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For honor of dragons

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 PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2001 3:26 pm    Post subject: For honor of dragons Reply with quote Back to top

The dragon leaped into air, leaving the ruin of the village to smoke. He glanced back with content as the plume of black smoke slowly dispersed into the morning fogs. The rays of sun shine onto his black scale. “Pathetic creatures” he hissed, as he recalls the futile resistance human put up during his overnight assault.

The dragon on Ardania can be divided into four races, the gold dragon- the great guardian of heavens; the ice dragon- myth of north; the black dragon- the avatar of underworld and finally, the wild dragon- pride of the forests.

No one knows exactly when it began, or when it ended. The war between dragons has become an everlasting arcane struggle between gods, man and these beasts of fire and wind.

In this deadly struggle, gold dragons found themselves fight alongside Dauros and under his flag of justice, black gold dragons allied themselves to Krypta become her most appreciated minions. At the same time, the ice dragon and wild dragons allied with each other to overcome their enemies.

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 PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2001 12:14 pm    Post subject: For honor of dragons Reply with quote Back to top


The sun slowly crept over the country-side, almost in a lazy manor. As it hit a quarter of the way across the land before it, the sun seemed to gain new strength and burst across the land. As it did so, it glinted off of a large metal object in the middle of a gully, surrounded by trees and enormous stones.
The object moved a bit, stiring up a little dust. A large reptilan head lifted up to blink at the light. Its giant maw opened to reveal a row of gleaming pointed teeth and a long red tongue, which forked at the end. The mouth clamped shut with a smack and the tongue escaped out of the lips to taste the air. The massive frame of the creature shifted a little to let a pair of wings spread out into the sun. The land in the gully was bathed in a golden light as the rays passed through the membranes of the wing. Golden scales lifted up from the body, to collect the heat in the spring air. Huge talons dug into the ground, gathering the moisture from the earth.
The mighty golden dragon looked around. A breath of air escaped its lips, like a sigh. The dragon looked around impatiently. Suddenly, a dark shadow fell across it and a large beast flew from the heavens. Four large smacks followed as four dead cows hit the stones. The dragon smacked its lips as it looked at the tasty morsels.
" Thank you," game loud but soft voice from the dragon.
" Well, I would have been here sooner but someone burned down a village south of here. I helped some of the villagers to the Sovereign's castle. I think it was a dragon attack."
The golden dragon in the gully arched an eyebrow, as it swallowed a cow whole. " Really? Did you recognize anything?"
The golden dragon landed on the stone, almost a duplicate to the dragon in the gully, except twice as large and it had a white underbelly. " I did not recognize the attack, but I am thinking it could be Yetiel the Dark Ember from the south. I have seen him from afar but I could not be sure it was him."
The other dragon shook its head. " I am afraid they are getting bolder these days. Something is up."
" I think you are right. I have not spoken to Dauros in a while. Maybe it is time we have a word with him." The dragon swallowed a cow. " But after a little breakfast."
The two dragons ate quickly, have two cows a piece and swallowing them whole.
" How are the eggs doing?" the dragon on the rocks asked.
" It is almost time for them to hatch. I can feel them scraping the shells." The dragon rolled over to reveal six eggs. They all had a golden shell, but one had a white mark on it.
" Hmmm... it seems this birthmark is going to continue to live."
The mother rolled back over. " I do not mind. It makes you special."
The other dragon smirked. " It makes me look funny."
Suddenly, another dark shadow fell over the two.

'I am the great Dragonlord... bow down now or be burnt down!' ~ Dragonlord Arcaus
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Athermine the Northerner was immensely proud of his appearance. He was considering his reflection in a frozen pond, as it was his usual occupation for most of the day. His crystalline, white and blue scales mirrored the winter sun back into the sky.
Although smaller then the other dragons, ice dragons had a reputation for being just as difficult to slay-if not more so. Their icy breath could freeze a platoon of Warriors or a squad of Dwarves. And Athermine was the greatest of his kind-or so his fancy made him.
A brown shadow crept through the snow. Athermine eyed it, his nostrils catching the disgusting odor of rat.
"Isss it you, Rrrassstilllya?" he hissed.
"Yes, Lord Athermine, it is I." The ratman straightened. He was tall, and considered handsome by the others of his kind. He was an aspiring Champion. Long ago-for him-he had made a pact with the ice dragon, agreeing to be his eyes and ears in the land of humans. In return, Athermine promised him the position of High Emperor of the Rats, a position last claimed by the late and unlamented King Rhoden. He still reeked of the sewers, however.
The dragon lifted his head away from the offending smell. "Ssstand downwind frrom me," he commanded. The ratman obeyed with alicrity, the frozen corpes of other creatures providing him an example of the dragon's ire. "What newsss have you fforrr me?"
"A black dragon razed a town in the Southlands." The Champion squealed with fright at the ice dragon's response. Athermine sprang into the air, his lethargy vanishing.
"A BLACK DRRAGON! THAT'SS IMPOSSSSSIBLE! THEY ALLL WENT TO THEIRR GODESSS'S ARRRRMS LONG AGO!" Settling back to the ground, he eyed the ratman with a cold stare. "You arrre lying, arrren't you?" he trilled.
"No, Mighty One," quavered Rastilya.
"YOU ARRE LYING! YOU MUST BE!" Athermine snatched the shaking ratman into the air. "TELLLL ME YOU ARRRE LYING, AND I WILLL RREWARRRD YOU!" The great beast seemed about to lose his grip on sanity.
"I can't help it!" Rastilya shrilled in terror. "I saw what I saw!"
Roaring and hissing with rage, the dragon flung his spy at the pool. The ice broke, and the unfortunate ratman plunged deep into the icy water.
"Ssso endss the High Emperrorr of Rrratkind," spat the dragon. Fanning himself with his wings, he summoned an image of Rastilya's second-in-command: the Shamaness Droesil.
"You arre now my Chieff of Essspionage," he informed her. "Rrassstillya met with a littlle acsscident."
"I understand, Mighty One." She bowed in acceptance of her promotion. "What is my assignment?"
"Go to the forrmerrr town of Slumberrvilllle, and await me therre."
"Former?" queried Droesil.
"A black drragon dessstrroyed it."
"Ah. Shall I bring the Company?"
"Yesss... prreparre them forrr the worrssst; ifff the black oness arre ssstirring, it isss a ssign that the Warrr hass heated up."
"So shall it be done, Your Mightiness."
Athermine dismissed her image. Taking off, he prepared himself for the flight south-and battle against the other races. He felt quite sure that he would triumph.

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The two gold dragons looked up, to see the green scales and reddish wings of one of the wild dragons. The golds watched warily as the dragon settled on one of the outcroppings above them.
"What do you want, Kildremn?" asked the male. The female arranged herself in a more aggresive stance, though still protecting the eggs.
"Oh, do not trouble yourself for me, dear Auricem." The wild dragon curled himself comfortably around a rock spire. He glanced lazily at the female. "Eggs doing well, Milady?"
"Keep your snout to yourself, Kildremn," she hissed back.
"There is no need to be uncivil. I just stopped by to see what had disturbed old Yetiel. I thought the blacks, like the golds, had been drawn from the field by their respective masters." He pronounced this last word with an audible sneer.
"Krypta is unpredictable," replied Auricem evenly.
"I see," said the wild. "Well, I'll leave you to your nesting. I must return to my treasure; if the blacks are about, that only means added threats to my horde." The dragon unwound himself from his spire, dipped his head in mock servility to the female gold, then launched himself into the air.
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 PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2003 2:30 am    Post subject: For honor of dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Athermine spiralled around the frozen peak of Krolm's Hammer. It bore little resemblance to the named implement; rather its name came from the fact that it towered above the desolate plain known as Krolm's Anvil.
Athermine was not there to research nomenclature, however. Krolm's Hammer housed one of the slyest and most devious of all the ice dragons: Luminys. Her icy air of superiority and calculating manipulations had earned her the nickname Chillheart among the other ice drakes and the mortals she dealt with.
Athermine desired her help. He did not think he needed her, particularly, but she was famed for her diplomatic skill. Also, she was his mate. If he did not offer her a place at his side, she would assume he meant for her to assume a place opposing him. He did not wish to deal with the nuisance that would cause.
He landed on the snow-laden side of her mountain, He peered into the dark entrance of her cavernous home, lit deep within by a frozen light.
"Luminys Chillheart," he intoned in the crystalline language of the ice dragons, "I summon thee forth." To his surprise, he was answered almost immediately; Luminys had doubtless heard the news.
"Who doth summon me?" she hissed back in the ritual. She knew him quite well; no-one, Dragon or otherwise, ever forgot that vain trill.
"I, Athermine the Northerner, thy mate, do summon thee. Come out!" he fanned his wings, blowing snow into her cave. A sign of impatience, and also of authority - or disrespect, depending on the standing of the Dragons involved. Luminys, who had little regard for her split-tailed lover, chose to be insulted.
("Split-tailed" is a term common among ice dragons for over-weening pride, similar to "swell-headed." It derives from the fact that the stronger an ice drake is, the more tails he will develop. Ambitious Dragons will sometimes split their tails prematurely, giving the impression that they are stronger than they are.)
"I know'st whom thou art, Athermine," she snorted, still within her cave. "I recognized thy arrogant manner. The centuries have not changed thee. What do'st thou want?"
"To offer thee a place at m side as ruler of a new order," Athermine replied, restraining his impatience. "The blacks stirreth in the South. The golds, also are stirring, unless I miss my guess. The War will soon begin anew. And, possibly, the gods will become involved. In which case - "
"In which case, Athermine, thy petty schemes will avail thee naught." The cold light condensed into two piercing ovals slit by blackness. "still, it is not ill conceived, if thou had a more capable mind."
"That is why I sought thee out," Athermine replied.
"Flattery worketh well on mortals, dearest; not on Dragons." Still she was pleased - with his tct, if nothing else. So the centuries had changed him. "Very well. Accompany thee I shall. Where ought my agents meet thine?"
"In the charred desolation of a village which named Slumberville," said Athermine, smiling. Luminys slid out of her cave, gave him a cool look, and cast a spell of communication, informing her agents of the turn of events. Then both she and Athermine took off again.
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A company of four incongruent figures stood above the dying embers of a ruined town. As athermine had learned from a covert mind-probing of his erstwhile spy, it had once been called Slumberville. A most fitting name, mused Droesil, seeing that now its inhabitants would now sleep forever.
The Shamaness was there, along with the other high-ranking spies which formed Athermine's Company. One was Noctoir Razorwhip, a deadly-handed Rogue who sood aloof from the others. The third and most imposing figure was the grey-robed, black-cloaked Wizard Ulimdar, who paced impaitently around the ash-choked hillside. Standing attentively beside him was the slightly altered Goblin Ruust, Ulimdar's lacky and early test subject.
"How long are we to wait?" snarled the Wizard, turning to fix the Shamaness with his angry eyes. She met his gaze calmly.
"Until the Dragon arrives, Ulimdar," she replied. "He summoned us, and he expects us to be here. If we are not here when he arrives, he shall be extremely angry. And you know his anger."
"Yes, I am familiar with the Master's tantrums." He resumed his pacing. "That is, I gather, how Rastilya met his end. Not that I mourn his loss. He was too high and mighty, especially for a Rat. Much like you."
"Jealous, human?" Droesil asked, smiling. "You should work harder to win Athermine's favour if you want my post."
"I am not a Ratman lickspittle," he retorted, "to whine and cringe even for my lord's pleasure."
"Shut up, both of you," commanded Noctoir. Though technically he always was outranked by the shaman, she always obeyed him when Athermine was not present. The Rogue did not take orders, but gave them, and his skill made sure things stayed that way.
Silence fell on the party, save for the crunching of cinder beneath the Wizard's boots. Then Ruust pointed excitedly northward.
"Master, I thinks I sees the boss comin'!" he cried.
The other three turned to look. They saw the silvery speck on the horizon. As it drew nearer, it split in two, and they soon realized that Athermine was being acompanied by a smaller ice dragon. Things were beginning to get very interesting, mused Droesil. Very interestng.
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A storm Shrouded the ancient northern city of D'Tar Mordin. Clouds wreathed the towers of a Palace; lightning flashed among houses and markets. a large bolt struck the pinnacle of the Mordine Wizards' Guild, lining it in bluish light. The turmoil in the skies reflected the turmoil which had built the city and the empire it represented.

Once, long ago, D'Tar Mordin had been the stronghold of a subterranean race known as Dwarves. During his fight with the Dragon King, the elder god Krolm had struck a deal with the Drawven queen: their assistance in his battle for the strength to survive on the surface world. there had been a mass exodus as Dwarves left their underground kingdom for new lands. Only a handful remained. Thus, when an enterprising band of colonists from the distant city of Garuta arrived, the Dwarves could not hold off the invaders. A brief battle was fought, and the Dwarves were subdued.
Centuries passed, and Garuta died in the cause of its patron, Lunord. D'Tar Mordin survived, absorbing refugees from the more civilized southern lands. Then it first was that Tarithor I declared himself the Emperor of D'Tar Mordin, lord of Dwarves and Men alike.
It was a barbaric realm, constantly engaged in fighting off monsters small and great. The Emperor's reach did not extend far beyond the walls of his Dwarven-fortified city. But times changed.
In the south a new power rose up: the Sydrians. The Wandering King drove back the darkness, allowing civilization to thrive as it had not done since the days of Garuta and its rival. The light of this dawn was obscured by the Hellfire Mountains, but even in the frozen Empire the weakening of evil could be felt.
The Empire grew stronger. New Gods appeared, announcing their existence in the North as well as the south. And, while the south favoured Law and Life, the North followed the Empire's lead in worshipping the Lady of Death and her mad brother.
Then came the fateful day when Gavinal Sydrian, recently acclaimed High King of Ardania, surmounted the mountainous barrier dividing South from North, and began the process called the Northern Expansion, bringing Southern ideas and culture into the hostile Northlands. This was the situation when Emperor Tarpharason took the throne.

Tarpharason rapped his fingers on the scarred ash table which served him as a desk. Scattered across it were multitudes of letters and reports. He did not like going through the mass of requests and statistics; most of it he considered unimportant drivel. His thoughts were bent on one thing, and one thing only. And this daily session of reading petitions never brought him closer.
"Sire?" asked his advisor nervously. Lord Jacaal knew his sovereign's aversion to paperwork, but saw that today he was particularly impatient. "Your Imperial Majesty, is something troubling you?"
"Yes," snapped Tarpharason, "yes, there is. That upstart from the South. In less than two years he has swept the North with his authority. Curse Sydrian to the Pit! He has usurped my place as the greatest monarch in the North. No-one respects the Empire anymore. Even in this very city there are mutters against me. The Dwarves are agitating for independence. The Temples press for more power, the power their southern counterparts have. Compared to these problems, what do these scraps of parchment matter?" He picked up one, a report from a spy in the South.
"See this? This a letter from one of your stupid agents. He reports that a Southern hamlet has burn burned to ashes. Does he think I care about the fate of some obscure Southern village? And you! You are responsible for filtering the letters which come to me. I wonder you didn't burn the lot!"
"Pardon me," said Jacaal, coushing discretely, "but these do serve a purpose.'
"What purpose besides tinder?"
"Take the letter you hold. Note what destroyed the town."
Tarpharason glanced back at the paper. "A Dragon. Somehow that fails to excite me."
"A black Dragon, Sire." Jacaal was pleased to see Tarpharason jerk at this. The Emperor did scan the letter again, than crumpled it up and threw it at his Advisor.
"A lucky chance, Jacaal. For once something of interest comes to my desk." He stood up, streching. "I am off for the library."
"But Sire," protested the Advisor, "what about the rest?"
"Haven't I told you already? Burn them."
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Athermine's Company was not the only group staring at the wrecked village from the charred hills. Almost opposite to them stood a trio of white-garbed, silver-trimmed people studying the ruins and skies as impatiently as the foursome.
"Well, daughter, sense anything?" asked a elderly man with a long silver beard and the white robes of an archmage.
The girl, dressed loosely in shorn tundra fox-fur, sniffed the air. She shrugged, causing her snow-white hair to ripple.
"Only ash and that strange Dragon, Father," she replied. "Nothing else."
"What, lost our odour?" asked the third mockingly. He was draped in a silvered cloak; long hair of the same colour flowed across his shoulders.
"No, bird-brain," she retorted, flashing small, pointed teeth. "I just thought Father wouldn't be interested in knowing the obvious."
"Seems to me that's what you told him anyway," said the boy comfortably. He stretched his arms and his cloak shifted.
The girl glared at him. He returned her gaze. The sunlight reflected pale gold off both pairs of eyes.
But the Wizard raised his arms in a gesture of peace. "Enough, Vixen, Peregrine. Let us not quarrel among ourselves. Our mistress is coming, and we must not disappoint her with meaningless bickering."
"Yes, Father," they both replied, meekly.
"Now keep your senses open, as I will keep mine." The old man closed his eyes, concentrating on the ether winds. Peregrine scanned the northern skies, while Vixen flicked suddenly pointed ears towards the North.
"Waiting for someone?" asked an entirely different voice. The three spun around, glaring at a red-haired stranger who stood, with a small smile, looking down on them.
"Who are you?" demanded Peregrin.
"And where did you come from?" added Vixen.
"Downwind, obviously," he replied. He turned his laughing eyes on the old Wizard. "A family reunion, Uncle, and you did not invite me?"
"Amaru!" he cried in shock. "How did you - "
"Evade your mind-detection? I have learned a few tricks since you left me in the Mountains of Doom." He did not need to add, "to die." The Wizard knew about the Dragons infesting the region; he had hoped that his troublesome nephew would meet his end there.
"So. Why have you come?"
"Oh, I came out of curiosity." His smile broadened the faintest bit, and he pointed north past their heads. "I believe that is Luminys. You were awaiting her and her mate, were you not?"
The trio glared at the unwelcome relative, then turned. Whatever his reasons for coming, if they crossed those of the Dragon, she would soon remove him. If not, she would make use of him as they knew she used them.
The old Wizard smiled. He had been unable to break his nephew's spirit. Watching him try to fight a Dragon's will would be the most rewarding experience of his life.
Amaru smiled, too, but if he guessed his uncle's thoughts, he did not say.

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He bowed, Narrowly avoiding a foot thundering over his head. The solid jump kick was sure to knock him unconscious if it connected. He then twisted his body with a reflex that would impress Lunord and grabbed the other foot out of the air and threw it against a far wall.

The result is spectacular. The stone wall was shattered on impact, sending pebbles onto practicing mat below. Healers immediately rushed to rescue the dwarven monk, lying so hopelessly near the crater he has created seconds ago.

The fallen monk struggled and succeeded in standing back up just before the healer reached him and cast healing repeatedly, almost paranoid. Their work was proven needed, as the man fainted and dropped to the ground a moment later.

Fu’lin Smiled for a split second after his opponent felt. Then he walked forward, staggered, and then felt face first onto the mat.

Face of the arbiter tightened as he read another report. Since dwarves entered the great temple to Dauros at Valmorgen, Casualties has multiplied, The dwarves does not know their limits and would fight Stubbornly in practice, Often result in severe injuries, though no death has occurred, the Arbiter is not taking his chances. Healers now lined the great practice hall, and heal anyone, specially a dwarf at a moment of notice.

Two of the Newest Initiates, Fu’lin and Mor’lin, were amongst the worst of concerns. The brothers are known to have grown out of misery on a dwraven settlement near Hellfire Mountains. And a few years ago, they were found unconscious, in the dead of night, on the steps into the temple. As soon as they were initiated into the rank of Acolytes, they trained without rest. They were know to go back to practice as soon as they are healed. They refuse to speak about their past or their motive, but the arbiter somehow knew the reason behind it.

A few month an ago the diviner at the temple received a warning from Dauros himself regarding increasing tension between sovereign power of south and those across Hellfire Mountains. And Soon it temple dragon informed The Arbiter that dragon was unleashed by all temples against each other. A few weeks ago the Headlines on royal papers confirmed his suspicions, as an anonymous attack carried out by a black dragon razed town of Slumbervill and a temple to Agrela still under construction.

Currently, what troubles him most is that His sovereign has send word to request permission to unleash his dragon on Northern City of D'Tar Mordin in exchange for significant amount of gold and a seat in his court. He knew power of his temple would increase significantly if he do so, but the motivation behind his majesty troubled him. The Sovereign of City of Heroes is a well respected and wise, and he avoids confrontation with other Kings and Queens as much as possible, an order from him to render an innocent city to ash is most unsettling.

The Arbiter fumbled, the sovereign might have done so because of a fit of rage or some misleading intelligence. But he decided it’s about time for a visit to the palace. he prayed, gathered his robe, and walked out of his room into temple courtyard as healers hastily carry a pair of monk out of the practice hall.

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The Emperor Tarpharason tore apart the Royal Library, searching for books of Dragon lore. all other patrons were debarred from entiring the structure. The excuse was that the Emperor could not be disturbed in his research, but the truth was that the restriction was meant to preserve the citizens' health. The Emperor had scattered books all over the building; it caused quite a hazard. Also, as he failed to find what he sought, he grew into a towering rage.
But at length the Library, which had been issuing forth expletives and invective against the designers, grew silent. The lantern light stopped moving about from room to room, and settled in one of the towers. Thus it was that Jacaal dared approach the building with another report.
He found his Sovereign engrossed in a slender volume.
"What is it that Your Imperial Majesty finds so engrossing?" asked Jacaal after waiting several minutes for the Emperor to recognize him.
"Dragons and the Divine, by Makkat," replied Tarpharason. "It was of the few documents he wrote, and the only one preserved. Although filled with religous drivel about his 'new gods,' he does make an interesting mention of gold and black Dragons. Apparently they became associated with Dauros and Krypta."
"I have something to correlate that, my lord," said Jacaal. "A report that traces the Dragon back to the Krypta-dominated city of Ashenford. It would seem that the creature had been living there!"
"Interesting," muttered the Emperor. "I wonder . . . could the gods be making a move for dominance against each other? This is unprecedented. But Makkat's book does seem to indicate that the Dragons' feud existed before the new gods. Hmmm." He got up and stretched. Jacaal watched him nervously.
"May I ask where His Majesty is going?"
"To the Temple to Krypta. I would commune with the goddess."

King Erephon, lord of Valmorgen, sat in his throne. The throne he occupied was small and, although ornate, was carved of wood and not of metal. He was in his Private Audience Chamber, awaiting the arrival of the Arbiter of the Grand Temple to Dauros. He had a matter of great urgency to discuss with him.
"Father Calsine, Arbiter of the Grand Temple of Dauros," announced the herald as he ushered the Monk into the chamber. The Arbiter bowed to the King, and Erephon bowed his head in reverence for the great religious figure. The King gestured to his herald, and understanding moved a large chalkboard to stand before the King and beside the Arbiter. Then the herald bowed and stepped outside.
"You know why I have summoned you?" asked Erephon. The Arbiter nodded. "Good. Then what do you answer?" The King watched as the Arbiter wrote out his answer. "'I do not know your reason, Sire. Enlighten me.' Ah, Calsine, you are right to rebuke me. However, I have not been seized by madness. Slumberville was razed by a black Dragon, and D'Tar Mordin is both dedicated to Krypta and jealous of the South. 'But how can you be sure it was D'Tar Mordin? Should you not make certain ere you commit such an irrevocable act?'" Erephon leaned back on his throne. "True enough, Arbiter. However . . . my spies have reported this: D'Tar Mordin apparently has no Black Dragon, or any other, in its Temple. But Tarpharason is canny. If he had a Dragon, he might not keep it in the Temple. He might - what's this? 'The temples control the dragons, not the Sovereigns.' True, though I sometimes doubt even the Temples . . . never mind. But I put my request to you again: will you lend me the creature's aid? If it will reassure you, I will warn Tarpharason before I launch the strike. And, remember, there will be a reward for aiding your kingdom like this."
The Arbiter was irresolute. He lifted his chalk a last time, then bowed and left the Chamber. Erephon read the message.
"'Allow me to commune with Dauros first.' Very well, but I expect your answer - or his - within two days' time. I - and the High King - cannot allow more time to elapse, lest the Mordines catch us once again unprepared."
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Upon hearing the resounding gong of many temples from below, Yetiel the Dark Ember began his slow decent into the perpetual darkness surrounding the black city of Ashenford. Solid column of smoke rose from many fires to join the great black cloud eternally hovering above the city. Cracked grey land surrounds the city of the dead, and long since anything truly alive step enter the fable city of the dead, until recently.

Yetiel enjoyed ghostly lights that danced below him as he continued his sturdy decent towards the great temple complex below. Unlike other temple of its kind, the Massive temple complex spawn several miles in each direction, and its many bells seemed to fill the air will chill. Yetiel slightly altered his cause of approach, before finally making a smooth landing atop one of many great spires that seemed to rise into the black cloud itself.

An army of Undead arrived punctually. Some of them immediately began to clean off ashes from black scales of Yetiel and starting polishing them until they reflects light, the rest brought him food – immerse rats, the best livestock this dead land has to offer. Undead minions who failed to satisfy their draconic master neither took a craw on the chest to plunge down and shatter on the city below, or be incinerated on the spot.

After enjoying his stay at the spire, Yetiel dropped gracefully to the ground below and made a solid landing near his nest. Undead minions are already carrying gold into his hoarding. To his surprise, a pile of dragon bones unearthed and formed into a skeleton before him. Yetiel was about to incinerate the dragon lich, but his mind held him back.

“I have acquired addition minion and gold for you as a reward to your admirable work, Yetiel, It has being long since anyone in service of the lady has your share of courage.”
Yetiel was not impressed by the statement of the devious lich, so he replied quickly, in equally chilling tone.
“To the point, lich, you certainly did not dig yourself out just to congratulate me.”
“Haste will benefit you not, child” The lich replied with its customary calmness “A few weeks ago, The long entombed high priestess planned reanimate herself with the gold the Lich Queen sent for your service, and plotted to take over the city for herself. The Lich Queen was no fool, neither, and orders almost all her minion to “escort” the gold into the temple. What ensured was a battle that still rages at this very moment. With each passing second we gain more strength and freedom as they weaken, and it will not be long before we can overthrow them both and prove ourselves to the lady of death.”
“Very well, and remember, if this is another one of your twisted plots, I would not hesitate to turn you into ashes.” Yetiel was less then happy to hear what he heard.
“So we have a deal” Said the dragon lich, as he disintegrated into bone dust and was carried away by a strange wind
“We have a deal”, Hissed Yetiel.

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Study of the High king is a place that easily matched its class. Grand paintings of past victories line its marble walls and proud banners bearing the coat of arms of the royal family hang from the ceiling. 2 rows of white marble tables run down the side of the room, royal advisors diligently preformed their duties on these tables.

The high king sat calmly on a throne at the end of the room. Before him lays a table fashioned out of a single piece of granite. Symbols of Every Great Ardanian Deities have being carved into the side of the table. There are never many documents important enough to grace this table; this certainly made live easier for the palace servant who maintains its impeccable order.

The high king is fumbled over a letter. It came from the treasure minister. The letter is not about depletion of the treasury, yet it’s even more troublesome.

Your Royal Majesty:
I have recently received a letter from the Keeper of Royal Museum on Island of Sydrians. He has informed me of a potential theft. A few months ago, his servants informed him that all five Authentic Fraud of The Rubies of Death displayed in the Royal library was replaced by equally convincing Frauds. The fact no breach is detected on the magical ward encompassing the entire Museum keeps him up at night.

As known to your majesty, the ward was set up by the arch mages of wizard guild of the capital; No spells known to man could put a dent on it, much less penetrating it without detection. The guild master said a powerful spell was detected recently in close proximity recently. And the spell appeared to be necromantic in nature. Since temple dragon Auricem is not in town, I fear I can not wait for his advises. We must act quickly and with great care if the real rubies are to be kept safe.

Signed and Sealed
Your most humble servant
Royal Treasury, Island of Sydrians

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"Ssssssso." Athermine hissed out the word. He, Luminys and their respective spies were all gathered together on one of the hills to the southeast of the town. "Can you identify the Drragon, Luminys?"
"It is a Black," she replied, twitching her tail. "What more do you want to know? I have not made the slaves of Krypta my especial study."
"Look out!" cried Peregrine suddenly. "We've got company!"
"A fire Dragon?" Luminys narrowed her eyes. "This area seems well populated by our cousins. I wonder what he has to saw."
The green leviathan circled lazily, then landed on the slope below them, fanning his wings. "Well, hello," he practically purred, eyeing Luminys. "The fabled Chillheart, I think. Your fame has spread south beyond the Mountains."
"And her mate," said Athermine with a touch of jealousy. He had not come here to be upstaged by some muscle-roped fire drake! The green turned his eyes to him, and grinned.
"Ah, then you must be Athermine. I have heard of you also - though not, shall we say, with the same happy connotations."
Athermine shrilled. Luminys shook her head angrily. "Enough, you two!" She hissed. "We are looking for a Black. Have you seen one?"
"Indeed. He flew off to the southeast. Strange things have been happening in those parts."
"Indeed." Luminys glanced around, her cool gaze sweeping spies, charred village, and the two male Dragons indiscriminately. "Well. Any more information you can give me?"
"My name is Kildremn."
"That is not what I meant!"
"Oh very well. There are a pair of Golds laired in this region - they might know . . . more." Kildremn's voice trailed off. He was staring at a tall, red-haired man standing behind Luminys' agents. The Dragon's eyes widened. "Amaru!"
"So, you recognize me as well." The man nodded.
"What do you mean?" demanded Jahram, the Wizard in charge of Luminys' group. "Who do you know my nephew?"
"Most of my kind do." Kildremn was watching Amaru warily, as if he might suddenly turn into a Dragon. This attention focused on a mere human did not please the ice drakes.
"Well, take uss to your prrecious Golds then, if they know so much!" Athermine's vanity was suffering badly, and his voice rose to show it. Kildremn flicked his gaze back to him.
"All right, Your Highness. Follow me." He launched himself into the air, athermine following in high dudgeon. Luminys swept the mismatched group one last time with her icy gaze.
"You, Shamaness and Jahram, head southeast. Set up camp before midnight. We should catch up with you by then."
the she-Rat and the Wizard bowed as the Ice Dragon launched herself after the males. Then they led their respective parties down the slope and into the valley, Amaru following behind.
"This is getting serious," he whispered to himself. "Moreso than I foresaw."
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Auricem pulled himself to his feet, fanning his wings in preparation for flight.
"I am going," he said. "The Sydrian humans have summoned me, and I sense they are indeed in need of my assistance."
"Be careful," warned the female. "The Blacks might try to hinder you -- and you know they would not be out at all without their mistress being active again."
"Krypta? I do not think she will take an active hand in this. Fear not, my love. I shall return as soon as I have sorted out the humans' problems." He launched himself, circling until he caught an updraft -- then he hung there, motionless. Suddenly he came swooping back down.
"What is it?" asked the female.
"Visitors," replied Auricem grimly. "It is that fool Kildremn and a pair of Ice Dragons.
"Ice Dragons? What are they doing so far south?"
"We shall see."
Within minutes, the glittering shapes of the three Dragons could be seen gliding towards the valley. Another minute, and Athermine had landed, followed by Kildremn and Luminys.
"My lords and ladies," said Kildremn, grinning in draconic mockery, "allow me to introduce you. The Golds are Auricem and Pyreia, and the Ice Drakes are Athermine and Luminys. Of course, everyone knows me."
"Too well, Kildremn," growled Auricem. "What do you want?"
"I desirrre to know where the Black Yetiel iss," snapped Athermine. "I am loossing patience with thesse games, so be quick!"
The two Golds looked at each other.
"We do not know where Yetiel is laired," answered Pyreia at length.
"He used to dwell in a Kryptan town called Ashenford," said Auricem. "But that town was destroyed some time ago by the human noble who once ruled these parts, and now even he is gone."
"Sso you ssay," hissed Athermine. "But where Krrrypta iss concerned, what was once dead may not be sso any longer. Where iss this Ashenford?"
"Down the river, to the southwest," answered Auricem. "I would that you stay away from there, however. If the old town is infested by undead, then you will get nothing but death there."
"Why so solicitous of our health?" asked Luminys.
"Not yours, Ice Dragon, but ours. We do not want to have the Blacks stirred up more than necessary. However, I will not try to stop you. I have pressing business of my own away south."
"Then we shall not detain you any longer," said Luminys. "We have no quarrel with you, nor with the Black for that matter. We seek only information."
"Information is a valuable commodity," replied Auricem. "Yetiel may not part with it as easily as have I."
"We shall see." Luminys dipped her head to the Gold. "Fare thee well on thy journey, Lord Auricem."
"Aye, farewell," said Kildremn. "I think I shall be going too - "
"No, you shan't," said Athermine dangerously. "I don't trrust you, Fire Drake, not as much as I could burn you. You'rrrre ssstaying with me, where I can watch you."
"As you wish it," said Kildremn, but he looked as though he was beginning to rue making an enemy of the male Ice Dragon.
Then the four Dragons took off, all heading temporarily in the same direction. But their destinations were quite different. The lone Gold Dragon was making for the safety and beauty of the fabled Isle of Sydrian; the other three were heading for the camp Luminys had instructed her underlings to set, and then onwards to the uncertain fate which awaited them in Ashenvale. As Athermine had said, what was once dead is not likely to remain so where Krypta is involved.

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