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Box of Cookies

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Isk sat on his pallet, nursing a large bruise on his left cheek, ignoring another on his chest. He sighed, those rogues may not be as sneaky as they thought, but in groups, they packed a wallop. If not for Facafa’s timely arrival at the pub, he might not even have his small-clothes left. As it was, that bastard Jangar Pennypincher and his gang of thugs were all thoroughly bruised and in hiding. Sighing heavily, he roused himself and left the tent. Not 10 steps out the door brought an anxious looking novice to his side.

The gangly armed youth looked excited to be talking to a full fledged ranger, though he had to do it everyday, “master Isk, master Isk,” puffed the boy, “Leader Ladum wishes to speak with you.”

Isk gave the boy a quick pat on the shoulder and a thankful nod, and quickened his step to the guild leader’s tent, where he had been headed anyway. Once at the flap of the largest white tent in the camp, he walked inside without knocking, formalities and manners meant little to rangers when among others of their guild. Guild master Ladum sat on a low wooden stool, sharpening a long, thin dagger, “Ladum, you wanted to see me?” He took a seat on another low wooden stool in front of the large, grizzled man who was the highest-ranking ranger in the small farming kingdom of Chaydine.

“Yes,” said the man without looking up, “I’m sending you to Hilpho’s Point,” at this, the man looked up, studying Isk’s face.

Isk couldn’t stop his mouth from hanging open, but when it sank in…“what in the hell are you talking about, Hilpho’s point? That outpost hasn’t seen action in years, you can’t be serious.”

The outrage he was feeling must have showed on his face, because… “Is there a problem, 3rd guildsman Iskarithea?” his voice held a hint of danger. “if you absolutely must know your guild master’s reasons,” he paused, and when Isk said nothing, continued, “the apprentices assigned there have reported strange movements of the local troll enclave, they seem to be preparing for something,”

“Trolls… damn the trolls, any 2 apprentices could handle a group of trolls, there’s no need to send me.” He paused, “I insist that…”

“You insist? Be careful who you insist things of, guildsman Isk, remember who controls your fate in this guild.” He scowled at the ranger, “your father no longer runs things here, and you will not be coddled anymore.” He returned to his seat, from which he had risen, “I, and the rest of the council feel that the situation warrants the presence of at least a 3rd guildsman, and that is final.” He cut Isk comment short, “that will be all, you may go.”

Isk returned to his tent, where he lay down hard, gave a deep, angry sigh, and fell asleep from pure exhaustion.
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