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The Minotaur
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2001 1:20 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

"Order, yourself, o clubed-one!" laughed a voice.
"ORDER!" boomed a voice.
One of the figures, a Cultist, sighed, "What is it, Krolm? Why have you called us up here to this bum of a place?"
Krolm looked at the Cultist, the god Fervus, "I have called us all together to give you grave news:
"Morkiorosiph has returned."
The gods and goddesses gasped, "Impossible," said Agrela. "I would have known."
Krolm held up his hand, "It is not like that. Morkiorosiph is neither dead nor alive."
Krypta scoffed, "That's impossible."
"No it is not. If he is neither dead nor alive where could he be?"
"The VOID!" gasped Agrela.
"But no one escapes the VOID," protested Lunord.
"Morkiorosiph can."
"If his son-"
"Son?!" exclaimed Dauros.
"Yes, son. Didn't you know that, o lawful one?" sneered Fervus.
"No, see here, Fervus!"
"ENOUGH!" boomed Krolm. "Yes, Morkiorosiph has a son. If his son is allowed to become an adult, he will take up the Sphere and free Morkiorosiph! With the Sphere in his grasp, Morkiorosiph be become even stronger than us!"
"Why not just go down there and destroy him?"
"The GOD LAWS forbid us. Yet, we can each select a Representative to stop Morkiorosiph. I have already selected mine, the Prophet. Others have already selected theirs, whether they know it or not."
"That is the only chance?" said Dauros quietly.
"The only chance we have to stop Morkiorosiph."
"What about the Minotaurs?" asked Helia. "Why are they suddenly aligning themselves with Morkiorosiph?"
Krolm replied, "Because Raut'Onim has returned and Morkiorosiph has granted him enormous power."
"Raut'Onim! I thought he was dead!"
"So did we all. Yet, by some evil power, Raut'Onim has returned and set us his evil Minotaur kingdom, the Mod'Gnik."
"So our Representatives will not only have to defeat Morkiorosiph but Raut'Onim and his Mod'Gnik also?" inquired the gods and goddesses.
"Yes. There is nothing else to talk about. Choose your Representatives well....those that can still chose.
"You are all dismissed."
The gods and goddesses disppeared. Krolm sighed and began sending a prophecy to The Prophet....
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2001 8:34 am    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

I am Raut'Onim. I am Supreme Overlord of Mod'Gnik, the Minotaur empire of Ardania. May don't realize that I can write. Fools! I am no ordinary Minotaur! I am Raut'Onim! I was born in the thunder and lightning of a storm that would have killed any lesser creature! I am the Conqueror of Ardania! I will be called "Master" by every living thing on this face of the earth!

Raut'Onim looked up from his writings. He was a massive, Minotaur, twice the size of any ordinary Minotaur. His body was encased in armor, while a large, helmet covered his massive head. He was in a large tower, called Re'Wot. It was a one room tower. His room was fairly small, its walls covered with the skulls and weapons of creatures that had wandered into the path of the Supreme Overlord. At one end of a room, sat a large table, covered with a map of Ardania and other notes. The map was covered with lines and scribbles-- battle plans. At the other end of the room sat another smaller table with a large chair. This was where Raut'Onim sat, writing in his journal. Behind his chair, one a large, wooden peg, sat L'Lik, the famed blade of Raut'Onim. It was the twice the size of a Minotaur battle ax. There were two blades on it. One was a battle ax blade and the other was a large, jagged, wickedly looking sword blade. At the top of L'Lik was a giant hook. This was the Dreaded Weapon of the Supreme Overlord. Raut'Onim went back to his writings.

I have secretly established my stronghold in the north. Soon that foolish king of Ardania will know that Raut'Onim, feared Supreme Overlord of Mod'Gnik lives!

I has formed an alliance with the one-time Warlock, Morkiorosiph, or rather his shade. The fool! He has offered me wealth and power, but I know the truth! He wishes to use!...Raut'Onim! Can you imagine? The fool!

But I will play this foolish shade's little game. He says that all I need to do right now is distract the king, while his idiot son matures. I will play his game of treachery and stealth... For I am stealth itself!
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 PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2001 2:24 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

In the distance, King Blastnord could hear the howl of minotaur. He was heading toward his secret outpost, which was underground. Only he, his advisor, and others so loyal not even a great Warlock could get them to say something that would jeopordize their master.

While the king was being transported in his cart, with numorous gaurds and heroes guarding that, he began to remember how his mother had originally constructed that outpost.

In a huge hole in the earth, there were peasants, loyal peasants, they would do whatever the queen told them to. They worked day and night to complete the building. When the outpost was finally finished, the peasants stood around and chanted songs in honor of their work and their queen.
The experience was short lived. A huge minotaur, with armour and a giant axe came and slaughtered all the peasants. There was great grief and--

"That's it!" the king exclaimed.
"What's `it` sire?" asked the advisor.
"The outpost. Remember the great peasent slaughter? The minotaur, the gargantuous minotaur? The outpost must have some significance, maybe it will give us a way to defeat this army!" the king explained.
"Uh, sire? What do you mean?" asked Ven.
"I mean that I am not your king, and I will destroy everyone," said the king.
"Excuse me sire? What did you say?"
"I said we need to get to that outpost," Blastnord started. Then in an angry voice, "so I can rule past the borders of Ardania, and, "back to his usualy voice, "so we can find out about that minotaur.
Ven could see that his majesty was losing his mind, he had seen it before. But this was different. He decided to take it up with the guildmasters.

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 PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2001 3:39 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Gallior was asleep. He distinctly remembered falling asleep. Why, then, was he standing in a castle talking to a Priestess?
"It is a dream," said the Priestess, answering his thoughts. She pulled back her hood. "I am Krypta."
"Goddess," Gallior said warily, unused to divine visitations.
"Danger has come to the land. A minotaur warlord, Raut'Onim, has allied himself with the shade of Morkiorosiph. The Warlocks still carry the Sphere of Power, and they seek to use it to restore their Master to bodily form."
"Lady Krypta, forgive me, but-what can I do?"
She smiled-a chilling thing to see. "The minotaur hordes of Raut'Onim are no stronger then the hordes you fought in the Warlock War."
"We had the help of Torash and the Ancients then."
"Torash still lives, and the Anccients still heed his call. Whether or not he will help, however, is more then anyone can say. Therefore, I have chosen you to be my Representative."
"No arguments. Take this sword." She held out a weapon surrounded by a red aura. "This, and only this, can return the restless spirit of my apotheistic son to his grave." Her smile was touched with a strange sadness. "Beware Raut'Onim, and the Warlocks. Farewell, my Champion."
"Farewell, Krypta," replied Gallior. He sunk back into sleep, and dreamed no more.

Awaking, he discovered that the vision was more then a dream. Across his chest lay a sword. It was sheathed in black and crusted with rubies. The hilt bore a bleached skull. Getting up, he buckled on the new sword. Then he drew it.
"I see you also received a gift." Drevis stalked moodily into the room. "Fervus gave me this during the night." The little thief held up a crossbow.
"It looks extremely heavy," Gallior said critically.
"It doesn't way an ounce. Neither do these." Drevis pulled an arrow from the quiver at his back. He stared at it disgustedly.
The "arrow" consisted of a stick bound with roc feathers. Its distinguishing feature was the knife blade tied to the end.
"All they all like that?" Gallior demanded incredulously.
"No, actually," was the sour reply. "They all different, except that they all have knife blades for tips. They're completely useless."
"I wouldn't say that." Gallior thought for a minute. "Why don't you test it? Shoot that barrel out in the yard."
Drevis, grumbling, aimed the crossbow. The arrow flew out for several feet, then pummetted to the groung. Before reahing the earth, however, the arrow spun up in a spiral. It described a backward arc, and landed out of sight on the inn roof.
"That's chaotic, all right," trembled Gallior, wide-eyed.
"It didn't even hit the barrel," Drevis pointed out.
There was a scuffling outside, and a giant rat poked its head in the door.
"Rats!" shrieked a woman from downstairs. "The place is infested with rats!"
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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2001 5:09 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Gallior drew his sword and brought it down next to the rat. The rat let out a squel. Then fled from the room.
"Nice miss," said Drevis.
"Shut up," replied Gallior.
"Look out the window!" cried Drevis.
Giant rats were storming the inn.
"Where are these guys coming from?" questioned Gallior.
Drevis took an arrow from his quiver. Then he looked at it.
"I'm not using this," he said. He took out a dagger from his belt. "I hate fighting with these."
"Too bad," said Gallior.
They left the room and started to run down the stairs. Suddenly, a rat jumped on Drevis's back. Drevis fell, rolled down the stairs, and bumped into a door.
The door opened. Out stepped a dwarf with a hammer in a robe.
"What's all this commotion?" questioned the dwarf.
"Pillar? Pillar Barnbuilder?" asked Gallior.
"Yeah. What's it to... HEY! Aren't you Gallior?" asked the dwarf.
"Yeah. Good to see you again," said Gallior.
"Uh guys. A little help would be nice!" said Drevis as he shoved the dagger up the rat's jaw.
"Oh sorry," replied Gallior. "Pillar, grab your hammer. We've gotta kill some rats."
"Right!" answered Pillar as he ran off to get his lucky hammer.
The wall next to Drevis suddenly burst apart and Drevis flew against a wall dropping his dagger and losing conciousness. In the mist of the reckage was a ratman champion with ten giant rats.
Gallior rushed the ratman champion. His sword clanged on the ratman champions "ax".
Pillar came and started to attack the giant rats. Drevis groaned as he came concious. He couldn't find his dagger.
Where is IT!? he thought.
He decided he had to use his crossbow. He drew an arrow that had a green dagger.
He decided to aim for a rat and hope it hit an enemy. He aimed and losed the shaft.
The arrow looked like it was going to hit on target, but then it flew straight up, did a loopty loop, turned right, and just fell.
As the arrow was falling, the ratman champion smacked Gallior, with the side of his ax, right in the head. Gallior's helmet flew through the air as Gallior slumped to the floor.
The helmet hit the arrow and the arrow fell into the ratman champion's shoulder.
The ratman champion hissed something and the whole attack stopped. The ratman champion took the arrow from his shoulder.
"Drevis," said the ratman champion. "I am Ssrine. Leader of the giant rat hordes. I work for you now."
"Must've charmed him Drevis," said Pillar.

Wizardness to the MAX!
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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2001 12:13 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Jadel Swiftstaff, the little brother of Torash, awoke in the night sweaty, and breathing heavily. He had just had...either the most realistic nightmare possible, or a premonition of some sort. He thought about what he had seen...

There had been heroes of every sort fighting a minotaur or two, everywhere. One could not see past his own opponent. The black forms of burning buildings arose in the very back of everything. Buildings he recognized. Jadel hadn't been fighting anyone, it was almost as if no one noticed him. In fact, no one seemed to recognize his existence. He walked as he pleased, right next to some, right behind others, and none could apparently see or hear him. He saw several people he recognized, his brother Torash taking on a pair of large opponents, a couple warriors he had known were taking on three of the monstrosities, and, oddly enough, a wizard he had known, called Xxaxx of the Tower, was spitting his magic at several dwarves! This was the most startling thing at that point in the vision. He then looked up when a building exploded in a huge fireball. When he did, he saw two ellimistical figures floating high in the night air, watching the chaos from afar. One he recognized as the hunter fiend, Rrongol, the other, he was not entirely sure, but appeared to be the one called Morkiorosiph. But both of them were dead, he was sure of it. He walked up to them, and listened to their conversation. Well, after this battle, everyone here will be dead, and no one will be capable to go after your son until he is an adult, I assure you spoke the deadly hunter. You're probably right, but still, I kept 16 Minotaurs of strongest breed to protect him for the time after the battle replied the other. Jadel couldn't believe his dream ears. Had he heard that Morkiorosiph had a SON?!. His dream then suddenly snapped to another place and time. To a woods not far from the city. Several large minotaurs, including one in chest armor plating and greaves, were pummeling at several heroes. He recognized one as his older brother, beaten badly but not close to turning back or being defeated. Others he did not recognize. There was one that was called Prophet by the others, and one healer who seemed connected in some way to his brother. There was a Priestess, animating any dead Minotaurs to aid them. He couldn't catch her name. There was a man called Gallior, and apparently his friend was a man called Drevis. He wondered what all this meant for a long while, and the battle raged on. When he looked up, he saw a young teenager being guarded by the last few minotaurs. He looked incredibly angry and also a little frightened, and new not what to do in this situation. One of the figures he had seen before, Morkiorosiph, he believed, stood, or floated, behind him. Then, flash, he reappeared at a different place again. Several warlocks, over half a dozen, he counted, were huddled around a sphere of glowing power. They were all chanting something Jadel couldn't make out. This took place for several minutes before one of them, apparently called Naman, rose and held the sphere over his head. When the energy began to swirl around it like so, Jadel realized this was Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere of Power! He could clearly hear what Naman was saying to the sphere, "Now, Sphere of Power which I hold, give the master his body back, with all it's glory, strength, and eternal life!" After he heard this, Jadel was taken to another different scene. The one called master by Naman was crouched over a body. But Morkiorosiph was in flesh and bone this time! He grabbed the body by it's neck and lifted it up, high, up. Then Jadel realized the body was none other than Torash! The one called Gallior then attacked Morkio from behind, but Morkiorosiph simply smite him with one hand, and he flew back and hit a tree, looking unconcscious from that far away. He continued to strangle the struggling body of Jadel's brother until with one final breath, the body went limp.

That was when he had woken up, in his room at the Temple to Lunord, in a town half a day's travel from Torash's town. He had immediately gotten ready and began towards the town of Torash's living.

Rishad LunarStaff~

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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2001 8:03 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

"What happened?" Gallior sat up, rubbing his head.
"Torash!" screamed Namia. "He's gone!"
"Gone?" said Gallior, dazedly.
"Our dear friend Morkiorosiph kidnapped him." Drevis was staring disgustedly at his arrows. "These stupid things were no help at all."
"Forgive me, but Morkiorosiph is DEAD. How could he kidnap anyone."
"His servents used the Sphere to reanimate him." The voice which echoed from beneath the red hood sounded familiar to Gallior.
"Krypta?" he said in disbelief.
"The same." The goddess pulled back her hood.
"Mistress of Death!" Namia pulled forth her dagger, in the grips of religious fervor.
"Hail, sister's daughter." Krypta turned her deathly stare on the Healer. Namia let the knife fall. "Well met." Then the goddess vanished.
"Namia Teylanoll Swiftstaff!" said Drevis, shaking the much taller Healer. "That was a goddess!"
"I know," replied Namia. She sank to the ground and began to cry.
"Master!" Naman cried in rapturous ecstacy. "You have returned!"
"Yes." Morkiorosiph sat upon his Throne, which had been restored to its former grandeur. "And I am the stronger for my sojourn in my mother's realm."
"What is thy first command, O Master?" It was Gorgonantis, who tended to be formal on these occasions. Morkiorosiph sat and considered this offer. A cold smile broke across his face, and he spoke.
"Go, my Warlocks! Inform Ardania that Morkiorosiph, Master of the World, has returned! Proclaim that it is I, not the Gods, whom they must worship now. For I will claim my birthright!"
The Warlocks, their faces transfigured by this awesome command, filed out of the makeshift hall they had constructed.
"Wait, Naman!" commanded Morkiorosiph. "Deliver into my hand the Sphere of Power."
"Here it is, Master," cried Naman. He pulled out that orb, and handed it to Morkiorosiph.
"Now, bring to me my son. I will have words with him."
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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2001 10:30 am    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

"Gallior, are you sure you are all right?" asked Drevis.
"Yeah. Just a little groggy," replied Gallior.
"C'mon. We've got to get to the palace, so we can warn King Blastnord," said Namia.
They walked throught the town of King Blastnord. Everything was really quiet. The shutters on the Beer F' All were flapping against the wind.
"Were is everybody?" asked Gallior.
"I don't know," replied Drevis. Then Drevis rubbed his hands together and said, "At least we can go looting. He ran into the nearest marketplace. Sounds of him throwing stuff around could be heard. Then he came out shaking his head.
"Nothin' there except thirty gold," he said.
They walked up to the palace and knocked on the big doors.
"Heeellllloooooo!" yelled Namia up to the towers.
They saw an adept patrolling the streets.
"Hey you!" cried Gallior. "Adept!"
The adept stopped and ran up to them.
"Where is everybody," asked Gallior.
"Why they left town," answered the adept."I'm here making sure no one is still here. So I suggest you move along."
With that the adept ran from the town.
"Strange fellows, those adepts are," said Namia.
"Then why did you marry one?" asked Drevis.
"Oh shut up," said Namia.

Wizardness to the MAX!
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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2001 9:32 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Jadel Swiftstaff woke one morning and stepped out of his makeshift tent and took a deep breath. The wind was blowing with him, he could feel it. Then a horrible odor entered the air, and the wind blew his staff to his hand. He took a defensive stance, and looked around cautiously. He was a fairly new Adept, and hoped with all his might it wasn't anything too powerful. The odor grew stronger, and he heard an almost thundering foot step followed by a snort. "An ill wind blows near," he said to caution the approaching beast. A giant axe flew from a grove of trees behind him. It landed on his tent, destroying it and everything inside, which luckily wasn't much. Jadel jumped into a tree, to try and stay hidden from his adversary. When it walked into view, it was a large minotaur. It picked up it's axe, and looked around for the fleet-footed human he hadn't had the strength in his arm at the moment to hit with his axe. A strategy of sorts formulated in Jadel's mind, and when the beast turned around to inspect behind him, Jadel leaped onto his back. The beast was startled for a moment, and the moment of fear and hesitation gave Jadel the opportunity to pluck him in the eye with the end of his staff. As the beast reached up to get him, he leaped off it's back and landed in front of him. With it's arms up, it's belly was unprotected, and Jadel jumped up and did a missile-drop kick, plus jabbed fiercely with his staff. The minotaur fell on the ground, and Jadel leaped the whole length of the behemoth to land on it's snout. He whacked it twice with his staff before jumping out of reach of the beast's hands. The minotaur had dropped it's axe and it lay by his leg. Jadel ran over and picked it up, and used all his strength to lift it far enough to throw it at the beast's stomach. The bladed end landed squarely in it's abs, and a ferocious roar screamed in rage at the pain. Jadel ran into the woods, hopefully to lose the monster. He called upon Lunord to blow the winds carrying his scent the wrong direction. He heard the monster's footsteps get fainter and fainter until he heard silence. He resumed a slower pace and kept on track for his brother's home-kingdom.
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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2001 10:44 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Jadel walked. After a while the horror of the minotaur's attack began to fade, and he broke into a run for the sheer glory of it. Then, suddenly, his spirit died. A wave of coldness swept over him. He nearly dropped his staff. Confused, he looked around for the source of this piercing chill. And a saw a tall man wrapped in a black robe and cowl.
"Hail, slave of Lunord!" spoke Fervamort, holding up a bony hand.
"Who-" began Jadel, but Fervanort smoothly cut him short.
"I am a Warlock, and I can understand your misled devotion to the wind-god. Once, I was similarly devoted to Chaos, hence my name-which, by the way, is Fervamort."
Oh, no! Jadel thought. This is one of the men who kidnapped my brother! Aloud he said "What do you want with me?"
"Only to take you to my Master's camp-have you heard of him? No matter, you will-where you will be converted to his worship." The Warlock stretched out his hand.
Quickly, Jadel murmured a prayer to Lunord. The result was that he was trasported several yards away from the startled Warlock.
"What?" said Fervamort, glaring around until he spotted Jadel. The Warlock's eyes narrowed. "you'll pay for that," he hissed. He extended his hand; a blue light began to glow at their fingertips.
"Give me speed, Lunord!" gasped Jadel and dashed away, without waiting to see the result.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2001 9:38 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Jadel ran, ran for all he was worth. He could hear Fervamort's footsteps die away, then stop compleatly. Jadel stopped running, tired even for an Adept. He leaned against a tree, then sat under it. Torash, he thought. Where are you?

He traveled on until he came to a large oak tree, and looked out at the feild before him. There was a teenager-no, an adult, gaurded by five minotars. The adult, Morkiorosiph's son, Tavelokatis, stood up, standing taller then all the minotars. Fervamort appeared right ouside the ring of minotars. Jadel ran to the nearest tree, and climbing up, he had a clear veiw and could clearly hear what the two were saying.
"Tavelokatis, your father wants words with you."
"Fervamont, I am Morkiorosiph's only son. You think I don't know this? I am all powerfull, as strong as my pitifull father. Infact, I am stronger. I am also telapathic. Why did you not kill that Adept?"
Fervamont looked at Tavelokatis in shock. Weak? His father? Stronger? How? "Th-the Adept? He-he ran away, I couldn't catch him."
"Well obviously, you filthy ignoramus! I'm am not stupid. And, if you wish to redeem yourself, the Adept is in that tree right there." Tavelokatis pointed to the tree Jadel was perched in. He had no idea what to do; so he jumped, and ran. Ran straight for Tavelokatis.
"You- you-ABOMINATION!!!!!" screamed Jadel. The minotars were still surounding Tavelokatis. He hit them with his weakest power, and they fell dead to the floor.
"You dare challenge me? Fine! We will fight!"
Jadel's eyes glowed, blazed rather. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" roared Jadel. He threw powerfull fireballs at him, while running around Tavelokatis, hoping to confuse him. Tavelokatis stuck out his arm so quickly that Jadel didn't have time to react. He was hit in his stomach, falling over Tavelokatis' arm. "Oof" He fell over onto his back. Tavelokatis picked Jadel up by the throught, saying, "Hahahaha, you dare challenge me!? Hahahaha, did you honestly think that you could win? Hahahahaha! You will dye right before your brother, wouldn't you like that? Haha, my father will kill your brother slowly, making him pay for the agony your brother put him through!!!"
At the mention of his brother dying a slow, painfull death, Jadel litrally lost his mind. He hadn't been able to actually get to know Torash. Torash was in exile most of Jadel's life. His parents had died while Jadel was still a baby. He was given to the Temple of Lunord for raising. Jadel couldn't let Torash be killed, not now!
Jadel litrally exploded in light. He stood, still blazing with the fire of Heilia in his skin. He made a humungus fireball, gathering strenghth and energy from everything around him. When it became larger then himeself, he threw it at Tavelokatis.
"I can't let you live!!" cried Jadel. When the fire cleared, Tavelokatis was slumped on the ground. Jadel took out his telaportation amulet, and thought of his brother, hoping that the amulet would transport him to where he was. In a moment, Jadel was gone, traveling across thousands of miles, speeding towards his brother.

When Jadel had gone, Fervamont ran to Tavelokatis.
"Master! Are you all right?"
"Get AWAY you dolt! Of course I'm all right! Where did he- ah! There he is." Tavelokatis disapeared, leaving Fervamont alone.

Raistlin, Archmagus of the hour glass eyes

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I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.- Raistlin Majere

The blade must pass through the fire, else it will break.-Par-Salian

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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2001 7:27 pm    Post subject: The Minotaur Reply with quote Back to top

Fervamort stared around the burned clearing, taking in the dead minotaurs and the charred remains of cloth. Muttering to himself, he held up his hands in an attitude of prayer-
-and appeared in the Throneroom of Morkiorosiph.
"Master!" he gasped.
"Yes?" The founder's cold eyes roved to his Warlock's gace. "Where is my son? I wished to speak with him."
"He went off, chasing an Adept. Odd, you know-the Adept was shooting fireballs at everyone. Sort of like a Solarus."
Morkiorosiph hissed as he drew in his breath. "Torash! But he's in my prison, awaiting his fate. A brother, perhaps? Did he injure my son?"
"I-I think not, Master." Fervamort had regained his composure. "In fact, he said he was more pwoerful than you."
"Did he?" A slow smile spread over the Head Warlock's face. "When this campaign is over, and Ardania is mine, I believe I will prove the folly of those words. Speaking of campaigns, bring that oaf of a Minotaur Warlord to me."
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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Jadel appeared in a dark gloomy tower, and looked around, wondering where he was. He looked around, and saw cells, all with bars, and prisoners in them. As he looked, he saw his brother, chained in the back of a prison.
"Torash! Where are we?"
".....Jadel?...W-we're in Morkiorosiph's tower. Jadel, can you free me? You should be powerful enough to break the chains..."
Jadel nodded, and raised his hands to form a small but efective fireball. He blew away the bars, then the chains confining Torash, taking care not to burn his brother. With Torash's arm over his shoulder, Jadel helped Torash limp out of the prison, using his adept speed, even with his brother's waight. He saw a door, and started heading toward it. THen he heard a low cackle that made his blood run cold. Jadel turned to see Tavelokatis standing behind him with his arms crossed.
"Hehehehe. So, we meet again Jadel. Ah, this must be Torash, killer of my father. I don't beleive we've had the pleasure of meeting." said Tavelokatis smoothly.
Torash glared at him, and said, "What pleasur? Your just like your father, power hungry and insane."
Tavelokatis's eyes narrowed, and he raised his hand, uttering the words, "Kalrey mortey." raw energy flew from his hand at Torash.
"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Torash. he slumped from his little brother's grasp, falling to the floor.
Jadel just stared, as he saw his brother's body fall. "No," he whispered. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He ran at Tavelokatis for the second time that day, roaring in his rage, he hurled bolt after bolt of fire at Tavelokatis. When the smoke cleared, Tavelokatis was stooped on the ground, and Jadel thought he had won. He bent down to lift his brother, when he heard a much deeper chuckle.
"So. I assume that you are Torash's brother?" asked the evil Morkiorosiph.
Jadel looked defiantly at him, daring him to attack.
"And that would be your son on the floor, crumpled like a-" he was cut off as Tavelokatis started laughing himself, as he slowly rose from the ground.
"Crumpled? I think not." he said. Jadel's eyes widened as he stared in horror at the two. Torash, he thought. I hope you're alright. Because I have a feeling I wont be.

Raistlin, Archmagus of the hour glass eyes

A mage's soul is forged in the crucible of magic-Antimodes of the white Robes

I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.- Raistlin Majere

The blade must pass through the fire, else it will break.-Par-Salian

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Curse the Shade! Does that Shade even think that he can outwit me...Raut'Onim, Supreme Overlord of Mod'Gnik Empire!

Now he has been "resurrected"...or so they say. The Shade's Son is supposedly more powerful than the Shade himself.

But the Shade has made a mistake... He has forgot about Raut'Onim. He has left Raut'Onim sitting in the dust while he and his son begin the takeover of Ardania!

No more! I have formulated a plan. Let the Shade and his son forget about Raut'Onim. Why let them take take over Ardania and gain all the power in the universe? What if the Mod'Gnik Empire suddenly became instead of an "ally", an "enemy"? What if the Minotaurs suddenly turned against the Warlocks of the Warlock Lord? After we defeat the Shade and his son, then he could turn against the King. That is the plan. Nothing can stop me...!

Raut'Onim looked up.
Tarvent, the Lord Commander of the Mod'Gnik army, came in.
"Yes, Overlord?"
"Impliment TURNCOAT immidiately."
"Yes, Overlord."
"Soon," the Supreme Overlord said quietly, "Soon, Shade, you will find out that you are messing with a different kind of enemy...!"
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Meanwhile, the heroes had tracked a minotaur to the new Tower of Morkiorosiph. It was dawn, and Gallior was standing watch. Hearing a shuffling, he turned and saw tat it was Drevis, struggling out of his bedroll.
"Why do they make them so large?" He asked in a plaintive voice.
"Why didn't you buy one that fit you?" retorted Gallior.
"Buy?" exclaimed Drevis. He sniffed. "You hurt me, Gallior, you really do. Do you think I would really stoop so low as to buy anything?"
"Whatever," replied the mercenary, hiding a smile.
"Did you see any beasties during your watch?"
"Not a one." Gallior frowned suddenly. "What is that?"
Drevis sucked in a huge breath, and whistled through his teeth. "I didn't know that many cattle existed," he said quietly.
"Shhhh," hissed Gallior, "listen."
"Halt! Who goes there?" cried the Warlock at the gate.
"Raut'Onim, Minotaur Warlord, and his bodyguard!"
"Bodyguard?" whispered Drevis, eyes wide.
"His Celestial Majesty will see you now," came back the guard's voice.
"Celestial Majesty?" breathed Gallior. "That's the title for a god!"

"Have these fools taken to the Magic-Users' Dungeon," said Morkiorosiph, gesturing at the fallen bodies of Torash and his brother.
"Yes, Master." The acolyte Warlock bowed, and beckoned to the guards. Morkiorosiph and his son stood looking at each other.
"Well?" said Tavelokatis when they were alone.
"Well, what?" Morkiorosiph sneered. "Can you not read my mind? Why ask these foolish questions?"
"Do you want the truth?"
"Perhaps you should try it before you abandon it altogether."
"Then," said Tavelokatis, "then, to be truthful, dear father, I cannot read your mind."
"Ahh," said Morkiorosiph. His sneer deepened into a wicked smile.
"Your thoughts, dear father. And do you know why?" He paused.
"Melodrama is not my favourite pastime."
"Because of the Sphere!" said the son, ignoring the jibe. "Whenever I try to probe your thoughts, all I see is that accursed orb, twiling and spinning!"
"Perhaps it is all I think about," said Morkiorosiph. Tavelokatis frowned, thinking over this information. His thoughts were interupted by a breathless guard who stumbled into the chamber.
"Celestial Majesty! Highness!" he gasped.
"Yes?" asked Tavelokatis, turning.
"His Mightiness, the Warlord Raut'Onim, seeks audience with you!"
"Bring him in!" commanded Morkiorosiph. "And you, dear son, will come with me to the Throneroom. If your telepathic powers are still good, you will be highly useful."
"They are, old man," muttered his son. "You can stake your soul on that."
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