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Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES
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 PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2002 12:48 am    Post subject: Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES Reply with quote Back to top

They all were memmerized by what had been told. Now knowing there race they looked on others in a different way.
" As u have now learned, u can come to know things from my race, and by making a alliance we can help eachothers greatly. Do u expect our offer ". The big ratmen looked at them all appealing.
" None of us here have any power in the goverment, all of us our guild masters, and are words would carry greatly in the courts of Ardania. So yes we expect your alliance ". Dalrary spoke.
" It is in my culture that we say of what clan we are and our name then make blood promise. This is the highest promise of all, being broken would anger the gods it is said ". He then put his paw out. " I, RUHHUN, FORMER CHIEF OF THE BLOODPAW CLAN, AND NOW KING OF THE RATMEN, PROMISE FOREVER FRIEND SHIP WITH THE HUMANS ", he boomed. Dalrary then put his hand out, placing it ontop of the ratmens one. " I, Dalrary the Genius-Minded, Guildmaster of the First Wizard Tower in Jaysville expect your offer ". Then Alrick came in. " I, Alrick the Swift-Slaying, also expect your offer ". They all said there " blood promise ", till Kayya was left. She put her hand up, then back down. Then she spoke. " U have shown pride, honor, humility, and friendship greater then I could of imagine Ruhhun. So ", she put her hand on top. " I KAYYA THE JUSTIYING, EXPECT YOUR OFFER ".

It was late during the night that Link woke up telling them that he had to leave now, something to protect Thallis from a invasion. He promised to meet them all in Dtar Mrodin, 2 weeks from now. " Do not worry humans, he will not break his promise and he and his dragon will come to Dtar Mordin, and WE will meet him there again ".

They were on the road now, going to Dtar Mordin, with a small troop around them, only that this time there werent prisoners. There numbers were no match for the group of goblins they met though, but there power which they were about to wield were far more.
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 PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2002 11:01 pm    Post subject: Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES Reply with quote Back to top

" Gods, there everywhere ", Jonat said as he watched as the plains ahead of them were litered with goblins. It wouldnt take them that long to realize that they were there, since most of them were using metal in somekind of way.
" Maybe we can go around ", Alrick said, but with little enforcement.
" They'd see us any way, there dragons are patroling now. See ", he pointed at the green things slowyly rising above the ground.
" We should fight them anyway, and rid here of this unholy infection ", Kayya said eagerly.
" I agree ", Seersha said also.
" Someday, me and u are gonna have a nice long talk about moraltiy...very long one ", Jonat said, as he watch the 2 women ready there weapons.
" Kayya stop, there too much.....Kayya!! ", Dalray said, as she did her shield of light spell. A white glow went around her, casing her in already more armor, probelm was it was so bright that the goblins say.
" KAYYA ", they shouted at her.
But then something else happened, her amulet glowed, then her armor seem to tighten, and it went on to her skin like clothing, but it still had that shiny glint metal had. Her sword also changed, as it was now even bigger and glowed in a white light, so bright it almost hurt to look at.
" What the- ", Kayya flinched almost droping her sword. " My armor it feels...wieghtless ", she exclaimed.
Jonat the quickest catching on, muttered a spell, " Good thing I always go to the libary every week ". A fire shield came upon him, but then suddenly his weapon changed, it was made out of metal, and looked like a tube. " Instresting, but yets see when we press this trigger ". Then it made a sound like it exploded, then a smoking thing came out, heading for the goblins. It spinned in circles then finally came to the ground, killing goblins in a great number. Jonat stared at it in amazement, then laughed and kissed, then pressed the trigger again, raining explosions on the goblins.
They now all catched the trick muttering a spell, all expect Cranin, who looked a little cressfallen. " What is it Cranin ", Lyha asked.
" I know no spell ", he said almost sadly. She frowned for a second then smiled, " thats ok Ill cast one on you ", she spoke he healing spell on him, since she was looking on him she say everything, change in weapons, armor coming on him, but most of all she suddenly say intelligents in his eyes.
" I KNOW THINGS ", he shouted in pride. " AARRGGHHHHH, DIE GOBLINS ".
They all unleashed there powers, though the most impressive had to have been Hergins and Dalrarys, as Hergin changed in a ROCK GOELM, smashing thing by accident by walking. The goblins looked scareder at Dalrary who was unleashing spells in el masse as thunderbolts rained from the skying incinerating the goblins in there strikes.
Yet desptite there great power they would evenuallty be over whelmed, even with the helping ratmen, but then a meteor shower from the sky came, though it wasnt made of meteors but of pure bright fire, the goblins seeing this spell broke there nerve, even there dragons had a look of fear in there huge eyes. " Its not me " Dalrary shouted. Then rising from the ashes, a being came, a being as big as a palace, her presence could be felt by all of them, as they all felt the aura ratiating from her. She screamed her warcry, they very earth she walked on burned. Helia used a mace in one hand, a mace larger then 2 men, and appeared to be issuing spells in the other hand. The goblins ran but many where burned from fire that came from no where.
" Dont you people know how to stay out of trouble ", she yelled at them in a huge voice.
Seersha, all wide eyed, went straight to the ground, blabbering what appeared to be a prayer. Buharr, charged at her, then dissappeared, and came in at her in the air his staff up high, he looked like he was about to raise a crushing blow. Helia smiled at him, though fiercly, and stepped closer welcoming the blow, as the staff just melted 3 feet away from her, showing how much fire was coming form her. She then let out a war scream and raised her mace, Buharr couldnt do anything, as he was in somekind of stasis. But just as the weapon was about to smash him, a long dark object came in the way, as Lunord stopped her. " Why dont you fight someone bigger then you sis ", he said smiling at her. " She screamed at him then let out a fast fury of blows, but not one touched him. He then raised his had at her, and a wind seemed to fly her into the air, but with a flick of her hand it stopped. They kept fighting neither one seemed stronger then the other. Buharr had crawled back to them, though he was weak from trying to attack Helia, Lyha was healing him. Jonat lit up some elfweed, took a puff, then spoke. " This is better then a play. 700 gold on Lunord ", he added, smirking at Seersha.
" You never told me u had elf weed man ", Alrick said. " Well you, never asked ".
They were still watching as the two gods fought not knowing what to do. They werent attack with weapons now, but rather with spells. Hands, lights, faces, and other things they couldnt imagine came. But then golden rings appeared, then once again Krolm stepped out, unlike his children he was about the size of a average man. He was in a robe and looked angry as his children watched. He raised his hand then suddenly both were knocked down, as if hit by some heavy blow. " YOU WERE INSTRUCTED TO HELP THESE HUMANS, NOT FIGHT EACHOTHER ". Then he turned to them. " Whats taking u to get to Dtar?, do u need some help or something ". Alrick, who had a habit of being brave at stupid times said " well my grand high ship, we, well.... yes we could use a help, as everytime we go a mile something happens "
Krolm looked at him, then laughed. " U want help mortal, ok then ", he raised his hand. Nothing happened. Then he put it back down. " When you see Dtar Mordin, the spell will pass "
Dalrary looked like he was about to speak, but suddenly 3 colored ring stood where the three gods had been.
" How did he help us, i dont need anything faster ", said Clald.
" Maybe he misunderstood ", said Dalrary.

They were on the move again when then suddenly knew how Krolm had helped them. A terrified goblin was " running ", he had his legs up, his clothing flying behind him. The only thing weird was that he wasnt moving.
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 PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2002 10:44 pm    Post subject: Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES Reply with quote Back to top

Just thought I'd bring this story back up.
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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 4:13 am    Post subject: Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES Reply with quote Back to top

The H Knight has come back to grace u all with my words, and new name...again. This story is really messed up so I think Ill make a new one on this.
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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2003 2:30 pm    Post subject: Greatest of Quest : Part one, WAR OF THE EMPIRES Reply with quote Back to top

DUDE HOW IS IT MESSED UP? I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! i just cant believe you left us for sooo long. anyway, keep the plot and characters!!! please
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