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Master of the Dragons
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Son of the Dragon King

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 PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 4:15 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Malick hummed a chant as he waved his hands over a small twig he took from a tree. The twig grew longer and straight after every note the wizard hummed. He summoned his magic as he transformed the twig into a long metal quarterstaff. He smiled as he picked up the weapon. "Two can play at your game, Melar, two can play your game."

Weeks passed as the Golden Swan sailed through the Arnyth Ocean towards Ardania. Kal practiced his sword or talked with the sailors. Silvia and Rifka Talked of the oceans and the creatures within, the two Unicorns slept below deck ond rarely peeked out on the deck. Malick summoned wind to give the ship a quock voyage as he stood in his quarters studying old maps and books. Soon they reached the Ports of Valmorgen, Silvia walked to Malick with her staff and book. "Any knowledge on the location of the first artifact?" Her voice was so calm it took Malick by suprise.
"I will have to speak with an old friend first, then we shall see." He led the group to an inn and went inside.
"I don't want to waste time Malick, I have responsibilities." She warned.
Malick shrugged her off as he went to an enourmous innkeeper. "The winds of the east are blowing colder each day." Malick told the Innkeeper.
"True, but the Fires of the Heavens bring warmth here." The Innkeeper Smiled. "It's good to see you again, what brings you back to Ardania? I thought you ere sent to the Ter Elia lands."
"Yes, that is where I have been." He sighed. "I need the ring again, Jo'Hertia. I will be travelling in our lands."
"Here you are Malick, be careful rumors has it that the prisons of the two are decaying."
"That bad? Well I hope the Mentoris finds the Hiers soon. May the Dragons Guide you, and the ancients favor you." He left the Innkeeper and walked to the Water Sage. "We'll need horses and supplies. It would also be wise not to bare your weapons in public." He looked at the two unicorns and shook his head. "Ardania is not a land two shrug off new creatures so easily. Take these pellets if you want to live long enough to report back to your masters. These will transform you to elves, which I am sorry to say is the only way for you two to be seen as. As for you rifka, try not to reveal your fangs, the people may think you are a vampire. As long as you keep them hidden, they may think you are a Sea Elf. And Sivia, I would recommend not claiming to be Ter Elia. There are Mitari eyes everywhere and may put a knife in you before you finish your sentence."
Silvia glared at him, "I lead the party, not you. I'll claim myself as who I wish. And you will know me as Lady Alenia, you two are my body guards and the rest of you" She smiled eyeing the unicorns and the Siren. "Old friends."
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 PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 8:58 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

"Restrain yourselves for one second." Havotor tossed his head angrily. His horn glowed, as did that of Cryzalana - though, actually, it was to maintain their health; the motion of the ship made them both ill. He glared at Malick and Silvia in turn. "I take orders from none. And I am tired of transformations. I go as I am, or not at all."
"You have my permission to stay on the ship, then," snapped Silvia. Cryzalana stamped a hoof on the deck.
"Enough! Havotor, mind yourself. Of course we shall accompany you, Lady Alenia, but certainly not in our true forms." She sighed then. "However, I fear there is a problem with your proposed plan. Unless your pellets were specially made to overcome a Unicorn's natural anti-magic defenses, they will have no effect on us."
"You were, um, disguised when you came into the Arcanis' study," Rifka pointed out. "Couldn't you-?"
"Do that again?" asked Cryzalana. She shook her head. "Nay! We have not the power to hide ourselves in such a manner."
"Then how did you do it in the first place?" demanded Malick impatiently.
"You know less of our kind then even I might have suspected," said Havotor haughtily. Cryzalana rolled her eyes.
"There is a breed of Unicorn more powerful than either white or chestnut," she said. "Daryvith, the only black Unicorn in our herd, cast the spell on us. But he is many weeks travel back over - that." She swung her head to indicate the sea.
"Then we are at an impasse," said Kal.
"Not quite," said Havotor. The others looked at him in surprise, his cousin not the least. He smiled. "I can show some sense, Cryzalana. If we combine our magiks, we will be able to contact him, and he will be able to cast the spell on us from a distance." The white Unicorn looked at him in alarm.
"Are you mad? Such a feat would incapacitate us for days! I am sure that our hosts' quest will not permit of delay."
"We have wasted too much time already," said Malick pointedly.
"Well, I have a solution," said Rifka. "If our horned friends can't be disguised magically, then I propose more traditional means."
"Such as?" asked Havotor disdainfully.
"Surely the people in this land have masks for horses?" asked the Siren. "We could fashion ones to make your horns look like part of the masks."
"A possibility," said Cryzalana.
"As you wish," said Havotor to his cousin. "However, even if you expect to disguise us as horses, do not expect to ride."
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Son of the Dragon King

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 PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 9:53 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

"Very well then, Havator." Silvia smiled. "You twocan be the Packhorses. Now as for you Rifka, If my knowledge on sirens serve me well, you cannot stay away from water long, and even now you show signs of it. Malick, do you know of a place for her to... Regenerate?"
There is the royal gardens, if it isn't occupied, or the bay we just left from, or the river two miles off."
"I'll take the bay." Rifka smiled.
"Very well meet us here in the evening, by then we should have the supplies and horses we need.
Come you four, we need to gather those supplies."
Malick watched Rifka head towards an abandoned part of the docks as he followed the the others to the market.
"I'll get the horses we need, the blacksmith would swindle outlanders to some very poor mules."
Silvia gazed back at him "Very well, just don't take long, I need you over at the markets."
Malick headed off to the three story blacksmith just beside the inn. I'll get the horse, and be back in time, Silvia, but I require a sword.
"What do ya want?" A burly blacksmith called out over the noise of his hammer.
"I need four strong horses and the best sword you have."
"Horses, eh?" He smiled, a devious glint in his eye. "Ain't got none, stranger. only a few mules and maybe an old wagon."
"Don't try to swindle me, Jacor. I know you have horses, I can smell them from here. Or do you want me to prove it by tearing your shop to ruins?"
The blacksmith's hammer swung down, missing the lump of hot metal, his eyes wide in shock. "There be a few good horses, it'll cost you, but they're a facy pair o' warhorses."
"War horses are, by law, four hundred gold Jacor. Don't try to raise the price, and I want them shoed and saddled, if you try and trick me again, I'll use that hammer on you!"
Jacor grumbled as heleft for the horses, leaving the elf to observe and study his swords.
A while later Malick approached the blacksmith and dropped a pouch. "You will find the amount of gold for the horses and sword, Jacor. Be grateful I haven't decided to take them as gifts for the Tower."

He left with the horses, his new sword strapped to his back, heading to the markets
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2002 4:23 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Rifka sighed audibly as she dove into the water. Her skin stopped crawling, and she was able to relax. Diving down to the ocean bottom, she sat, and held her arm in front of her, trying not to float up. After a few moments, her body became heavier, and from her arms sprouted fins. This process done, Rifka struck out, swimming a bit deeper into the bay, hair streaming out behind her in a green cloud. Soon she reached the place where bay met ocean. She stared out longingly, wishing again that she could turn back. Sighing, she turned, and swam up, coming to the abandoned dock again. As she stepped out of the water, her fins retracted, her body growing lighter. Her fangs (which had dropped down the second she reached the water) pulled back up. Rifka waited a moment as her clothes dried on their own. Then, looking at her hair, she sighed. Even if she were to tell people she was a Sea Elf, sooner or later, someone would see signs and understand. Sirens were not known in this land; if she were to be discovered, she could put herself - and her kind – in terrible danger. They were often thought of as hostile, even in the land they had first inhabited…the land the humans had taken over…
Pushing the thought from her mind, she headed toward the rest of her “companions.”
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 PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2002 9:37 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

"Packhorses?" snorted Havotor in disgust. "Packhorses?"
"It was your idea that no-one should ride us," Cryzalana reminded him. Her silvery voice sounded amused. "It is this, or staying behind on the ship."
"I would prefer the latter." The chestnut Unicorn watched Kal suspiciously. The Elf had been left with the task of crafting masks that would, hopefully, disguise the fact that the Unicorns' horns were part of their heads.
"You are being foolish," she replied. "We have to leave the ship in order to learn anything. And we certainly cannot reveal our true natures to a city of Men."
"True. The shock of seeing something truly beautiful would probably drive them off their senses." Havotor's golden voice seemed corroded by a sort of acid. Cryzlana shook her mane irritably and paced over to Kal.
"That is quite lovely," she said, bending her head down to look at the masks. In the process she laid her horn across his shoulder. Kal flushed.
"Why, uh, thank you." He quickly recovered his natural Elven grace, though. "In fact, yours is ready. Would you like to try it on?"
"I would," she replied in assent. She lifted her head, the rising horn giving the impression that the Elf had just been dubbed. He took the mask from the deck, and carefully began fitting it over the Unicorn's head.
It came down to her mouth, where it was tied under her chin. It was made primarily of leather, which the Elf had spent the voyage working into an intricate pattern. His hobby now proved useful. Down the middle he had run a band of silver, both as a backbone, and as the way to make the gleaming horn seem a part of the mask. After he had strapped it on, he affixed two long ropes to the nose of the mask. Cryzalana stared down her face, alarm showing faintly in her eyes.
"What is that for?" she asked.
"Purely decoration," the Elf quickly assured her. "It's fortunate that you're not disguised as riding-horses after all, since that would require a abit -"
"What travesty is this?" demanded Havotor, stepping up the deck. He glared at his masked cousin.
"Our disguise," she said patiently. Kal knelt down on the deck again, fixing Havotor's mask. He held it up.
"Well, there you are." It was similar to Cryzalana's, save that its centre beam was of some rare brown wood inlaid with gold. Havotor's ears laid themselves back.
"You do not mean to force that thing over my head," he said. Cryzalana stamped her hoof, drawing Kal's attention to its cloven nature.
"Of course he intends to put it on you, you arrogant stallion." She rolled her eyes, then caught sight of Kal's expression. "What troubles you?" she asked, concerned.
"Oh, nothing. It's just that you still don't look like horses."
"I should hope not," grumbled Havotor. Both Cryzalana and Kal shot him glances.
"Your hooves are . . . split. But perhaps I can hide that with some black ribbon."
"Mind that Havotor does not kick you," said Cryzalana, smiling mischievously.
"I would never do such a thing!"
Soon enough, the task was done. Kal put his hands on his hips. He looked at the two majestic creatures, horns protruding from the masks and black ribbon tied to hide their cloven hooves.
"Well, all I can is, I hope Malick finds some pretty impressive mounts. Oh well. There's Mortax, or Silvia, or Alenia, or whatever her name is, on the docks. I suppose she'll want to inspect you." He gathered up the "leading" ropes.
"Hold," said Havotor imperiously. "If you intend to . . . guide us, we shall need to communicate without speaking."
"Huh?" said Kal, looking over his shoulder.
"We wish to speak . . .' Cryzalana trailed off, searching for the right word. "To speak telepathically with you. It is one of our gifts. But we would never try to communicate via thoughts without your permission."
"Uh, permission granted." The Elf jumped as he received his first message in that manner.
Move yourself, said Havotor, his message shot through with impatience.
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Son of the Dragon King

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 PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2002 10:22 am    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Kal jumped as the Unicorn's voice echoed in his mind. Gathering the reigns he approached Silvia Mortax, who as staring out at the ocean. "The, um, Horses are, um ready." He hesitated, trying to find the right words.
Silvia smiled as she caressed Havator's neck.
"Oh don't blame me for your current position. Your firebrand of a temper brought this upon you.
The Arcanis never told you to take your form, child. You did. Thus you have become what you are." She turned to face the soft sound of hoofbeats aproaching them."As for you Malick! I only gave you leave for the horses, not to spend your time playing with swords."
"I didn't waste my time, Lady Alenia." He smiled. "What was I to do? Stand there while the smith prepared the horses? No, I need a sword to protect you. And you know as well as I do that my old sword was..." He smiled. "Stolen by a crazy old demon."
"Curb your tongue or I'll curb it for you!" She hissed.
"Speaking of wasting time. Alenia. Why are you still standing here? It's been almost an hour since I left, you could have gotten, the supplies alrady."
Silvia glared at him.
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