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Daughter of Power
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2002 7:34 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

It was easy enough to creep out of Solace. There weren’t many guards out, and most of them dozed in the time of peace. Once she was past the Crystalmir Lake, she felt home free. She was so elated that she ran, ran through every town she came across. He strength kept up far longer than it originally would have, but she was too happy to be out of Solace.
Her first problem came when she reached New Sea. She found the captain of the only ship sailing across that night, asking if she would be allowed to go across. Thankfully, the captain was a kindly man, and let her aboard after having her promise to do work on the ship. She agreed, and soon found herself on the shores of Caergoth. Smiling happily, Rivin roamed the town, trying to find someone who would sell her a cheap map. When she finally came upon a seller, though, she was turned away, finding that the few steel coins she had weren’t enough to buy her anything. Luckily, she came across a Kender who was willing to part with a detailed map for a handful of Rivin’s spell components. Studying the map, Rivin found excitedly that she need only cross through two more places before reaching Palanthas. Her strength anew by the fact, she began running again, so fast that most she passed remember only a blur of red. She soon came to Solanthas, passing through with not so much as a glance around her. It was how she came upon Palanthas, seeming to be racing the wind. She stopped at a hill outside the city, starring down into Palanthas, and the Tower of High Sorcery. She smiled, and finally felt as if she were returning to a home long awaited.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 7:42 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Dalamar felt the presence of the intruder before he saw her. He made no move to stop whoever it was, assuming the Live Ones would dispatch of the problem. But quickly a Live One appeared before him.
“What is it?” he asked crossly. “I’m busy.”
“Excuse, master, but there is someone in the Grove.”
“I am well aware. Dispatch of whoever it is.”
“What is it?”
“She has a charm. We cannot touch her without your permission.”
Dalamar was silent. “Do you know her name?”
“I will find out.” The Live One faded from sight.
Dalamar looked thoughtfully into the distance. Has she decided so quickly? He thought.

Meanwhile, in the Grove, Rivin had started to run through, towards the tower awaiting. She was nearly at the gates when she felt an icy hand grip her hand, whipping her around. Her eyes widened curiously at them sight befallen her. A man – almost – stood before her, holding her arm.
“Who…you?” the being struggled to make words.
“I am Rivin Majere. I am here to-“ but she stopped her sentence as the thing let go of her. Curiously, she noted that the thing let go the moment she said her last name. A strange place this is, She thought. One I could get used to.

“She called herself Rivin Majere, Master.” The Live One said upon returning to Dalamar’s study.
“I thought so. Allow her in. I will meet her at the doorway.” With a word, he disappeared.
An interesting day this shall be, He thought.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2002 4:57 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

When Rivin reached the front gate, it opened unhesitatingly before her.
She stepped into the threshold, about to knock on the door. But Dalamar appeared in front of her, an interested smile on his face.
“So, your faith wavers so easily?” he asked, amused.
Rivin blushed. “I never wanted to wear the White. I have dedicated myself to Lunitari.”
“And your parents let you? I find that hard to believe.”
Her blush deepened. “I…I ran away.”
Dalamar looked at her in mild surprise.
“Truly? Well perhaps you should not be here than. They will search for you-“
“And no one will be able to reach me here. It’s the one place I won’t be found. You offered me an apprenticeship; that’s what I’ve come for. I’ve heard you will teach people of the Red or Black. So here I am.” She finished lamely.
Dalamar nodded, an amused look upon his face. “I shall be honored if you would be my apprentice.” He gave her a mock bow, gesturing to the door. Rivin’s cheeks burned, as much from anger as humiliation. She did not take kindly to been made sport of. However, she walked inside, head held high. She was greeted by the curious stares of other apprentices on the stares. Most of them were Black Robes, all far older than Rivin. She surveyed them silently, noting that they were all male. Dalamar glanced up at them.
“This is Rivin Majere, my newest apprentice. And shouldn’t you all be studying for my test?” There was a mad scramble as they all rushed for their rooms. Rivin laughed softly at the site they made. Dalamar beckoned to her as he started up the stairs. Rivin hefted her small bag, climbing after him. It wasn’t long before the dark elf veered off into a corridor, the one the boys had raced into. She could hear noise coming from one of the rooms.
“That’s where the males sleep. You’ll be staying in here.” He opened a door right across from the boy’s room. Rivin stepped in, surveying the room. It was lavishly decorated, though it seemed dark in a sense that only the Tower could impose. She walked casually over to the bed, lying down her small bag. Dalamar shifted uneasily, remembering a time when he too unpacked a small package in his new home. After a moment, Rivin turned to him.
“So, when should I wake in the morning?”
“You need to have breakfast before eight. The Live Ones spirit away the food by then. You will be in the classroom or laboratory by ten past eight. I’ll tell you the day before which it will be. Almost everyday we will stay in there, breaking for only a quick lunch and a break of thirty minutes or so. We study until late, then stop. You have the choice of taking dinner in your room or in the dinning hall; most take it in their rooms. You sleep whenever you do; stay up as late as you want. Just remember that there are consequences for being late to class. And, if you so desire it, going across the hall to visit with your classmates is fine as long as you keep the door open.” Rivin’s eyes flashed angrily. Dalamar didn’t seem to notice. He gave a quick glance around the room. “I’ll leave you with that.” He left. Rivin smiled. The schedule was no worse than she had had at Theobald’s school. It was better, in fact. Quickly she unpacked her things, placing her soft leather boots near the door, and putting her red robes (They had magically changed just as her first pair had) in one of the drawers. Finally, she took out the necklace. She had found it one night in Raistlin’s Room. She had taken it with her when she left. She took note of every mage who went in there, checking what they left. She had never seen the pendent before, and knew that no one had left it. So she took it with her, thinking that perhaps it was a gift meant for her. It was the same necklace she had worn her first day to Theobald’s school, the hourglass with a sword through the middle. Setting the pendent on the night table beside her bed, she walked over to the window. Starring out, she saw it was dark out. Very dark. Solinari’s light was not welcome in the Shoikan Grove, leaving only Lunitari to shed it’s light; except for those who could see the Dark Moon, shedding it’s dark light in their path. Rivin smiled. The Tower would prove an interesting home.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2002 9:16 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Rivin awoke early, wanting to be ready for the long day of class. She dressed quickly, pinning up her hair under her red hood. She pulled on her boots, and finally pinned the necklace about her throat. It hung just above her neckline, glinting in the low light in the room. Grains of sand trickled from the top of the glass to the bottom. Finally, Rivin started to leave the room, glancing at herself in the mirror. Pulling her hood low to cover her face, she left.
Wandering through the halls, Rivin looked for the dinning hall. It wasn’t long before she found it; she felt as if she had known this tower, been there before, or as if someone were guiding her through the winding halls. Once in the dinning hall, she found food on the table. She sat down, not knowing why she bothered. Grabbing a blood red apple, she bit into it, and waited for others to come in. The first was an older Red Robe. He was yawning, and looked disheveled. Seeing Rivin, he stopped, staring at her, looking surprised. Walking over, he sat down besides her.
“I’m normally the first one up,” he said by way of greeting. “And here you are, not even looking tired.”
Rivin smiled wryly. “I’m used to being up early. It used to be the only time I had to myself.” She looked sad for a moment, but quickly shoved the emotion away. “I’m Rivin Majere.”
“Majere? As in…Raistlin Majere?”
Rivin frowned. “Sadly, no, I’m not his daughter. Caramon Majere is my father.”
“Ah, the eldest daughter of one of the Heroes of the Lance! I remember hearing about you know that I hear your name.”
Rivin’s eyes narrowed. “You’ll excuse me, sir, but I prefer not to talk about my…family.”
“Very well. I’m Mero Jendth. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” They shook hands, then pulled away. Mero went about his breakfast, while Rivin stared ahead, turning the apple in her hands. Her hand slipped and touched a part of Mero’s sleeve. She gasped, and went ridged. Eyes wide and out of focus, she cringed, seeing something only she could see. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out the image, to no avail. She swayed on the bench, seeming about to collapse. Mero watched her, eyes frantic. Quickly, he got up, and steadied her on the bench. Just as he touched her, though, Rivin’s body went slack, and she slumped over onto the table in a dead faint. Mero ran out of the room, calling for Dalamar.
He came soon enough, with nearly the entirety of the household, minus the specters. Quickly, he pulled her off the bench and laid her on the ground, kneeling beside her. Harshly, he told his apprentices to stay back and give her some air. Putting a finger to her neck, Dalamar felt for her life beat. It was racing. Surprised, Dalamar arched an eyebrow. Placing his hand over her heart, he gave her a magical jolt. Gasping, Rivin’s eyes snapped open and she sat up, looking around in horror and fear. Her eyes fell on Mero, she took a sharp breath.
“You, you-“ She shook so violently she couldn’t speak. Dalamar glanced at the others.
“Go to the classroom. Study. I’ll be given a quiz on raising the dead when I come. Be prepared.” The others fled the room, all but Mero. He lingered, worried. Dalamar glanced angrily at him, asking: “Is there anything you wanted, apprentice?” Mero nodded and left. Dalamar turned back to Rivin.
“What happened?” he asked gently. Rivin quivered, unable to speak. Sighing, he lifted her limp form and carried her upstairs to her room. Unlocking the door magically, he laid her on her bed. She curled in upon herself shuddering.
“What happened, Rivin? I need to know.”
“I-I saw Mero. H-he was dead.”
“Dead? What do you mean ‘dead’?” Dalamar asked sharply.
“He was hit by a spell…in a room. There were potion ingredients on the walls…skulls, and diagrams. He was-“ Dalamar heard no more. Speaking a word of magic, he left the room, appearing within the classroom. Mero’s unmoving body lay on the floor, and the rest of the apprentices looked horrified - and guilty.
“What happened?” Dalamar asked dangerously.
One of the Black Robes stepped forward. “Mero and Ruofus were arguing. The next thing any of us heard was a loud crack, and a sizzling sound. Ruofus was standing over Mero. Then…he left.”
“Where did he go?” Dalamar spoke softly.
“He left magically. I have no idea where he went to.”
“Get to your rooms. Now!” They all left. Solemnly, Dalamar bent down to feel for Mero’s life beat, although he knew there was no point. The young man was dead. Sorrowfully, Dalamar called for some of the Live Ones. They lifted the man’s dead form and spirited it way to Wayreth with a note Dalamar had quickly scribbled to Justarius. The Red Robe would take care of Mero; he was, after all, of the same Robes as Justarius. Sighing, Dalamar spirited himself to Rivin’s room. Knocking, he went in to find her lying on her bed. It looked as if she hadn’t moved at all.
“He’s dead, isn’t he.” She said it as a statement, not a question. Dalamar nodded sadly.
“Tell me, Rivin; how did you know?”
“In the dinning hall, I touched a part of his sleeve. Then…Then I saw something. A-an image, I guess. Mero was lying on the floor, and there was another man standing above him. I…I didn’t know what to do. And it made my head ache horribly. I…I think that’s why I fainted.” She blushed, ashamed for fainting over a mere headache.
“Tell me,” Dalamar said casually. “Was there anybody else in your family beside your brother and uncle who had magic?”
Rivin frowned, thinking. “I…I think my grandmother had it. But people thought she was crazy. She saw things from far way places, I heard. She died, eventually, having lost herself in those images.” Dalamar nodded.
“Has anything of that sort happened to you before? Anything like what you just saw?”
“No. Never. Why do you ask?”
“I think you may be a seer, Rivin. I trust you know what that is?”
“Of course. ‘A seer is one who sees or predicts futuristic events.’ Are you serious? I am truly a seer?”
“Certainly I’m serious. I’m going to add in an extra class to your schedule, after the others have eaten. I hope this is all right with you?”
“Good. And I don’t want you telling anybody about this, understood? This could make an excellent surprise to the Conclave one day.”
“All right.” Dalamar stood to take his leave. “Wait,” Rivin called.
“Yes, apprentice?”
“May I…May I call you Shalafi?”
“A rare smile touched Dalamar’s lips. “You may. I’ll let you stay in here today; I dare say this is a tragedy to us all. However, I expect you in class tomorrow.”
“Yes, Shalafi.” Dalamar smiled and left.
Rivin shook her head.
I’m a seer, she thought. A seer…

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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2002 1:54 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Weeks passed within the Tower, and Rivin became more powerful with each passing night. Dalamar knew this. He also knew, with a growing certainty, that Rivin could not be the daughter of Caramon and Tika Majere.
“Justarius, it’s so obvious! Rivin cannot be directly related to them! It’s impossible!”
“Dalamar, She’s lived with them since she was a baby. What else are we supposed to think?”
“You’re supposed to think that maybe she was adopted!”
Silence answered him.
“Dalamar, I think it would be wise of you not to ask her about it.”
“No, Dalamar. You will not question her.”
“Very well.” Dalamar stood to take his leave, disappearing and re-appearing in his tower in Palanthas. He sat down on his bed, rubbing his eyes, thinking.
Dalamar… Dalamar snapped up, glancing around warily.
Dalamar…Apprentice…. Dalamar’s eyes widened. He knew that voice.
Sh-Shalafi?” He asked incredulously.
Dalamar…Go to…my laboratory…
Amazed, Dalamar stood and walked to the place. When he was there, he turned about, looking for something…Or someone.
The voice sounded fuller, more solid. Dalamar jumped when he felt a touch on his shoulder. He spun around, and was face to face with…

Raistlin Majere.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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Raistlin smirked.
“Surprised to see me, Apprentice?”
“I think we’ve established that, Dalamar.”
“But – you – the Abyss – how-?”
“This isn’t exactly me. If you look closely, you can see that I’m a bit blurry. I am merely an image of my former self. I am here to speak with you. Follow me.”
Raistlin proceeded to climb the stair leading up to the laboratory.
“Shalafi, wait-“
A transparent pair of eyes floated in front of the door.
“Halt. None may pass into this room.”
“I am Raistlin Majere, Master of this Tower. You will step aside.” Dalamar was about to tell Raistlin of the order he had given the eyes long ago; but, as he watched incredulously, the eyes floated aside. Raistlin opened the door.
“Come, Dalamar.” The Dark Elf followed silently. Raistlin shut the door behind him.
“Now,” Raistlin said, gazing around. “On to business. You recently apprenticed a young lady, one Rivin.” Raistlin paused a moment. “Majere. She told you she was my…twin’s daughter, did she not?” Dalamar nodded. “Forget it.”
“What? Shalafi, I don’t understand-“
“Rivin Majere is not Caramon or Tika’s daughter.” Raistlin took a deep breath, as if it took all his strength to say the few words he wished to.
“She is mine.”
Dalamar stared at him, dumbfounded. Then, “I knew it! I told the fools at the Conclave that she couldn’t be Caramon’s-“
“Shut up, Apprentice!” Raistlin hissed. “She doesn’t know! She grew up with them. She still thinks that they are her parents. And she needs to keep thinking that. At least until she takes her Test.”
“But, Shalafi, she’s been banned from taking it-“
“I am aware. But, she will take it. She must take it. And you will help. Your idea for my nephew’s Test was a good one; you will continue with it. However, my daughter not be accompanying you. She will leave the Tower at Wayreth. Once in the Forest, I will conduct her Test.”
“Yes, Shalafi.”
“Good. Now, I believe you have lesson to give her.”
“Yes Shalafi” Dalamar turned and started to leave.
“A word of caution, Apprentice,” Raistlin called. “It is very possible for Rivin to lose herself within her magic. It is ten times worse for her than any other mage, because she is a seer. She can go mad, if she is not taught how to understand her boundaries. My…my mother went mad because she was not shown how to control it. She died from that.” Raistlin took a step closer, looking menacing. “If my daughter is harmed because of it, I will blame you. And I will exact my revenge upon you.”
Dalamar’s eyes were wide in fear. “I understand, Shalafi.”
“Good.” Raistlin’s form started to shimmer, and fade away.
“What is it, Dalamar?”
“Who is her mother?”
Raistlin paused. A thin smile spread across his lips.
“Her mother,” he said, even as he bean to disappear. “Is Crysania of House Tarinius.” He was gone. Dalamar stared at the spot he had just been in. Then he started laughing. With a word, he left the laboratory.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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“Rivin, you have to be able to control your magic. Now, you already know how to do that, but you still can’t control your power as a seer very well-“
“But that’s just it, Shalafi; a seer’s powers aren’t supposed to be controlled. It’s a wild magic.”
“But, Apprentice, you must realize that you need some power over it. If you do not, if you cannot control it, if you decide to shirk your discipline to learn how to control it, you’ve signed the contract of your death. Do you understand, Rivin?”
She nodded slowly. “I understand, Shalafi. But I can’t control it; it happens randomly; if I touch something, I might or might not see something.”
“You aren’t able to control what you see. I’m not asking you to learn that. I’m asking you to control the reaction your body gives. You faint. You get headaches. You can control that, if you try.”
“You just need to focus on staying awake. You have told me that you feel a strange pounding in your head just before a headache comes; what you need to do is take a hold of that pounding, and push it away from you. Keep it out of your head. Keep it out of your body. Now, touch something here.” He indicated a group of miscellaneous objects. Rivin touched them all in turn, but saw nothing. Finally, she came to a piece of torn cloth. It was a part of one of Dalamar’s velvet robes. Rivin touched it. Instantly, she felt the pounding. Viciously, she mentally grabbed a hold of it, and was able to push it away before the image came.
But when the image came, she forgot completely about anything around her. She was aware of only the velvet in her hand, and the picture in her mind. When the image had faded, Rivin’s face was reddened in embarrassment.
“Rivin? What is it?” Dalamar asked. Rivin didn’t here him. She was still thinking of the image. It had shown her. With Dalamar. In his room, on a bed. They had been making love.
Blinking a few times to clear away the redness she saw, she glanced at Dalamar, and immediately looked away.
“Rivin? What did you see?”
“N-nothing, Shalafi.”
“You are a horrible liar, Apprentice. Now tell me what you saw.”
“I…I’d rather not say. It’s…it’s rather…personal.”
“Ah. And who am I to interfere with your personal life.” He stood up. “Very well then, Rivin. You are dismissed. Go scavenge what dinner you can.” She made a small bow to him, and turned to leave. She didn’t see the hungry look that followed her out the room.
Dalamar shook himself. What am I doing? He thought, rubbing his eyes. She’s more then…what? Fifty years younger than me? I must be going insane. He sighed. But, damn it, I love her.
Rivin was thinking much the same thing. Forgetting about getting dinner, she went strait to her room. Flopping down on her bed, she covered her face with her hands.
By the gods, she thought. I’m crazy. Something’s finally snapped. She sighed, shaking her head. Eventually, she fell into a peaceful sleep. She dreamt – extensively – of Dalamar.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2002 8:00 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Days passed. Still, Rivin’s thoughts focused around Dalamar. She studied hard, doing her best to please him in their sessions at night. She wanted him to be proud to have her as a student. The other students seemed to resent her for having the extra class with Dalamar. Every one of his apprentices wanted to be the favored. They all worked diligently, hoping one day to be one of the most powerful mages on Krynn. Rivin’s fellow apprentices envied her; they had all taken their Test. And there she was, the youngest of them all, the only one who had not taken the Test, and she could easily best them.
One day, far into a cold and treacherous winter, the students were given a free day. These didn’t come often, so the apprentices used them to their fullest, often going into Palanthas. This day, however, they could not go out. They were snowed in, and anyone powerful enough to just appear in town was in danger of being blown halfway across Ansalon. So tension rose as the day dragged on indoors. Rivin spent the time her room, studying. She left the door open; a roaring fire had been lit in her room, and it was getting hot. Eventually, she fell asleep, growing tired of endless hours of reading small print in the dim light. She dreamt.

She sat in the mists, her back against a wall. Tiredly, dazedly, she stood, checking immediately to make sure her components were still hanging about her waist. Assuring herself they were all there, she looked around. Mist covered everything, not allowing Rivin to see far.
Where in the…? She thought.
Rivin,” a voice called from the mists. Rivin whirled, searching for the disembodied voice.
“Who’s there?” she called out defiantly.
“Rivin,” the voice called again. “My Rivin…”
“Who are you?” The voice laughed; it was high and piercing, sending shivers down Rivin’s spine. The mists parted ever so slightly, revealing a thin man in black robes.
“Let it suffice to say that I am a relative.” Rivin could see a golden tint beneath the velvet robes.
“Uncle – Uncle Raistlin?” she asked softly. He smiled beneath his hood.
“You could use that title,” he said under his breath. Hesitantly, Rivin took a step toward him. Than another, and another. Soon she stood in front of him. Placing his hands on her shoulders, Raistlin said, “I’ve waited a very long time to speak with you, child.” He said quietly. “A very long time indeed.” He sighed. “But my time here is short. You awaken. I will speak with you again, my child.” He stepped away, back into the mists.
“Wait!” she called. “Please!”
“What is it, my child?”
“Don’t leave,” she whispered. “Please, don’t leave.”
Raistlin looked pained. “I must, Rivin. I will speak with you soon. Goodbye.”
He faded away in the mist. Rivin sank to her knees, head bowed.
“Don’t leave me,” she whispered into her hands.

“Don’t – Ah!” Rivin awoke with a start. She was in a cold sweat, and breathing heavily. Glancing at her door, she saw a few of her fellow apprentices watching her from their room. Quickly they turned away, shutting their door. Rivin ran a hand through her hair.
What was all that about? She wondered. She stood and walked to her window. Looking out, she frowned, rubbing her eyes. She glared out at the snow.
If I don’t get out, I think I’ll go crazy. She thought. Lifting her chin stubbornly, she uttered a single word of magic.
Seconds later, she found herself in the streets of Palanthas. Shivering, she pulled her robes closer around her, and started to trudge toward the marketplace, head in the wind. Reaching the marketplace, she turned down a shadowed alley where she knew there to be a man who sold mage ware. She came to a stop in font of the door to his small store. Stepping in, she took no time to wait for her eyes to adjust to the darkened light; she could have navigated the shop blind-folded.
“Hello, Jale,” she said quietly.
“Miss Rivin? What can I do for you on this…uh…lovely day?” Jale smiled slightly. He was an elderly White Robe who made his living off of selling his wares. Unlike other White Robes, he sold to Red and Black Robes, albeit reluctantly.
“I was wondering if you had any new books in, Master Jale. Specifically any on the history of…Raistlin Majere.”
“I’m sorry, Miss Rivin, but you’ll have to go to Astinus if you wish to read history.”
Rivin nodded. “Thank you for your time, Master Jale.” She turned and left. Heading through the snow and sleet once again, she made her way to the Great Library of Palanthas.
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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2002 10:05 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Bertrem tread silently through the Library to Astinus’ study. Taking out a handkerchief, he mopped his bald head with it, wiping away the perspiration. No matter how many times he went in there, he never failed to be nervous. He stepped inside the study.
“What is it Bertrem?” Astinus didn’t even bother to look up. Bertrem stepped in front of the desk and said, “Master, the Lady Rivin…Rivin Majere is her to see you.” His voice fell to just above a whisper. “What – What should I tell her, Master? Should I show her away-“
“Send her to my private chambers. I’ve expected her.”
In the book he wrote in, he sketched something new:
This day, as above Darkwatch rising 29, Rivin Majere arrives to question her past.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2002 10:32 pm    Post subject: Daughter of Power Reply with quote Back to top

Astinus strode quietly into his chambers. He stopped short when he caught sight of the young lady who awaited him. She sat perfectly still, not even her red robes rustled. She stared straight ahead, not glancing around, not tapping her foot, not checking the candles that measured the time. Everything the young lady did (Or rather, didn’t do) was proper. Astinus didn’t stop because she was doing something wrong. He stopped because she bore an uncanny resemblance to Crysania of the House of Tarinius.
Regaining his composure, Astinus walked into the room.
“Lady Rivin,” he began by way of greeting. Rivin turned slowly to look at him, nodding her head as she did so.
“My Lord Astinus,” She stood gracefully, hands folded within her sleeves. “I am sorry if I’ve arrived at an improper time.”
“Not at all. Please, be seated.” He himself drew up a chair to sit in front of her.
“So. I see you have chosen the Red Robes.”
Rivin laughed slightly. “Come now, Lord Astinus; surely you knew before me.”
Astinus smiled lightly. “I had my suspicions.” His face darkened, as if a shadow had fallen across it. “I also have more suspicions, my dear.” He said softly.
“What do you mean?” Rivin asked sharply.
“Nothing, nothing at all. Now as to why you are here.”
“I…I wanted to know if I might be allowed to read some of your Chronicles.”
Astinus was silent. Then, “Under most circumstances, I would say no. But, seeing as you father did the same, yes you may read what you wish. Except for a few volumes. I shall take them out so as that you will not be tempted.”
“Certainly, my lord. But what do you mean ‘my father did-“
“Come. Do you want to read, or do you want to talk?” Rivin blushed slightly, and followed him out of the room, into the library.
Astinus pulled out a key and unlocked the door. Rivin stepped in behind him. The man pulled out two volumes of his Chronicles, and said: “Everything else here, you may read, although I don’t recommend it. I will be back with five hours. Use your time wisely.” He left. Rivin went to the rows of books, looking for a certain date. The date of her birth. Finally coming to the right era, she searched.
Where is it? She thought. Finally, she came to a book with the right date on it. Pulling it out excitedly, she scanned through the pages, looking for the right page.
She read through the book three times, looking for anything that would tell her of her birth. There had always been things Caramon and Tika refused to tell her about her childhood. She could not remember much of it; only a feeling of a divine presence, and a higher place of being. And then a downfall of that state of living. She had no idea what any of it meant. And now, when she couldn’t find anything about her birth, her suspicions rose. Astinus recorded everything, from every birth to every death. While there wouldn’t be anything extensive about her, Rivin was positive that it would have at least her birth written down! Sighing, frustrated, she snapped the book shut and Flopped into a chair, thinking. She had used up at least an hour already, and was no closer to anything then where she started. Closing her eyes tiredly, Rivin rested. While Astinus’ print was easy to decipher, it was small, and to be reading it over and over was tiring. With out realizing it, she drifted into sleep.

“It has been a long time since I saw you last. Twenty-two years, to be exact.”
“I could not have known you twenty-two years ago.”
“You young mortals; you forget so quickly.”
Twenty-two years ago…
Twenty-two years ago…
Twenty-two years ago…
Twenty-two years ago!

She awoke with a start.
“Twenty-two years!” She jumped up and rummaged through the shelves, looking for a date far older then that of her own birth; or her supposed birth. Coming to a space where one of the books had been taken out, Rivin stopped, confused.
“It should be right here,” she murmured aloud. “Why did he take it out then? What reason would he have? Unless…Unless he didn’t want me to know about my birth.” She thought silently about what she had just said. “But I’m only fourteen! My birth wouldn’t have been recorder then,” She sighed. “But then…I’m so confused.” Sitting down, she held her head.
She got up and left the library, thanking an Aesthetic as she walked by, asking him to thank Astinus for her. With a word, she was back in her room, sitting on a chair in the darkness.
Why am I being lied to? She asked silently. What is it about me that I haven’t been told?

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Weeks passed. Rivin’s fifteenth birthday came. It was a pleasure-less day, however. She was given the day off; every apprentice was allowed to do as they wish on their Day of Life Gift. Riven toyed with the idea of going to Haven; she had heard they had a good mage ware shop. In the end she decided not to go. It would be a long journey, even if she used the help of her magic. She didn’t want to be too tired for class the next morning. The night before her Day of Life Gift came, she was still indecisive.
Maybe I’ll dream about something to help, she thought. Raistlin had not appeared to her in weeks. She found that her powers as a seer had grown, so much that at times, when she was asleep, images would come to her in dreams. She had hoped for weeks for Raistlin to visit with her again. She had so many questions to ask…

“Hello again, Rivin.”
She twirled around to face Raistlin. “Hello,” She said softly.
“Your Day of Life Gift is on the morrow. What will you do?”
“I don’t know. Perhaps I should just stay here and study. My birthday means nothing-“
“No.” he spoke so quickly that Rivin looked up curiously at him. “You don’t want that. Don’t put aside everything for the magic.”
“You did.”
Raistlin didn’t answer.
“That’s what I want. I want the power, the feel of the magic. I want to be…like you.”
“Don’t sacrifice family for magic. Don’t sacrifice the chance for love, or happiness.”
“When I cast, I am happy. The magic is my love.”
“Stop! This is not what I want for you. This is not what your family wants for you.”
“Well, I knew that. Father and Mother must hate me now. I never even wrote.”
Raistlin was silent for a moment. “Go visit them tomorrow.”
Rivin’s eyes widened. “No, I couldn’t. It’s…It’s a long journey. I wouldn’t want to miss class the next morning-“
“Go, my child. It will be for the best.”
Rivin thought, head bowed. “But…but what if they’re angry with me? They might throw me out…or keep me from coming back!”
“I doubt my brother will throw you out. And if he tries to detain you from your return...If you’re as powerful as I think you are, you will have no trouble with that.”
Rivin smiled slightly. “Very well. Ill…Ill visit my family.”
Raistlin nodded. “Good. Now I must go. Goodbye, my child.”
Rivin nodded in farewell. When he was gone, however, she frowned.
“I was going to ask him about my birth…” she said softly. “Oh well. Perhaps Father will tell me more this time…”

She woke up early in the morning, and readied herself to go. Scribbling a quick note about where she was going, she sent it via magic to Dalamar. She knew he would be up already. Closing her eyes, she whispered two words.
When she opened them again, she was standing outside the Inn of the Last Home in Solace. Taking a deep breath, she walked inside.
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There was a sound of breaking glass, then a gasp.
Rivin?" Tika rushed over, examining her. She had forgotten to put her hood up. If she hadn’t, Tika wouldn’t have recognized her at all.
“Mother.” Rivin greeted her mother calmly.
“Caramon! Children!”
“What is it, dear?” Caramon’s voice came form the kitchen.
“It’s your daughter! She’s home!” Rivin blushed as the eyes of those sitting in the inn turned to her.
There was silence, and then the heavy thud of feet.
“Rivin!” Caramon embraced her in a bone-crushing hug.
Gasping, Rivin cried, “Father, stop! You’ll crush me!” Caramon’s booming laughter filled the inn. When he had stopped smiling, he looked at her. His brow furrowed.
“I see you’ve changed your robe.” Rivin nodded, looking at him defiantly, daring him to say something rude. Caramon nodded once, then turned to the stairs.
“Children!” He hollered. “Come down here!”
“What is it, Father?” Rivin heard a familiar voice from the stair well. A smile lit her face as she saw Tanin and Sturm emerge.
“Ri-Rivin?!” Sturm gasped. Laughing, he and Sturm crossed the room in three big strides, and lifted her from the ground in a bear-like hug. Rivin laughed, and started to return the embrace, but stopped the moment she touched them. Jerking away, she stared wide-eyed at her brothers, whispering “No, no…”
“What is it, Little Sister?” Sturm asked worriedly.
“You – no, It can’t…It can’t happen that way…” She muttered to her self. She stared, horrified, at her family. Closing her eyes, she shook her head vigorously, trying to rid herself of the image that had appeared in her mind. The picture showed her brothers – dead. There was someone in strange armor standing over them, holding a bloody sword. Blinking, Rivin looked up in time to see Palin ascend from the staircase. The sibling’s eyes locked for the time period of a moment. Palin frowned, examining his sister closely. Rivin’s eyes widened as she stared at Palin.
“No,” she said softly. “I – I must leave.” Stepping back, she muttered a word and disappeared. The last thing she heard before she was gone was Caramon crying out, his wife and children following suit.
She materialized in the Tower, outside of Dalamar’s study. Breathing hard, she rapped on the door.
“Enter,” Dalamar called softly. Rivin stepped in and shut the door behind her. “What is it-“ Dalamar started. He looked up and saw the look on Rivin’s face, and stood up, coming to her side.
“What’s happened?” he asked. He recognized the look; she had worn it after Mero’s death. “What’s wrong?”
“I was in Solace,” she began. The tears she had been fighting to hold back poured down her face. “And I had a vision. About my brothers-“
“No. Tanin and Sturm. They-they were dead.” Sympathy clear on his face, Dalamar took her into his arms, muttering soothing things in her ears, letting her cry. Rivin leaned against him, sobbing into the soft velvet of his robes.
When she gained control of her emotions, she took a deep breath, and gazed into Dalamar’s face. She laid her head back on his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against the velvet.
Gods, he thought. She’s beautiful…I’m a fool. But…
He leaned down, and kissed her. She answered almost immediately, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. His eyes burning with passion, Dalamar pulled away only long enough to utter a word of magic. They appeared in his rooms. Stumbling, they made their way to the bed, tearing at each other’s clothes as they went. Rivin sat on the bed, her robes hanging from one shoulder. Breathing heavily, she drew Dalamar down to the bed, submerging her hands in the soft velvet of his robe. He pulled the rest of her robes away, leaving her bare. She pulled at the strings binding his robes together, soon tearing them away.
“Rivin,” Dalamar said, his voice rough with lust. “Rivin, if you don’t want this, tell me now while I still have the strength to stop.” She answered him with a kiss, pulling his head down, flitting her tongue between his lips.
So it was how they spent their night.
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A thread of light penetrated the Shoikan Grove the lay across Rivin’s face. Stirring slightly, she opened her eyes to see Dalamar, still asleep, lying beside her. She breathed deeply and smiled faintly. Moving closer to him, she laid her head on his shoulder, draping her arm across his chest. He stirred slightly, but stayed asleep. Rivin smiled, closing her own eyes. She nestled her head closer into Dalamar’s shoulder, breathing his smell deeply. She stayed that way for what felt like hours. Eventually, Dalamar awoke. He came to slowly, gazing at Rivin for long moments. She had drifted off into a slight sleep, and Dalamar watched contentedly as she slept. Sighing, Dalamar shifted slightly, transferring Rivin’s head from his shoulder to a pillow. Thankfully, she stayed asleep. Dalamar rose and dressed quickly, and made his way to his study. Summoning one of the Guardians, he bid it tell his other apprentices that class for the day was canceled. The Guardian bowed and left.
Dalamar sighed and rubbed his eyes. He knew he couldn’t leave Rivin there, but he wasn’t quite willing to go back just yet.
I’m an idiot, he chided himself. Such a fool. But, Takhisis knows, I’ve waited for the chance since the day she arrived. A night of her in my arms…Ah, it was sweet! The gods know, it was sweet…
Shaking his head, he uttered a word and reappeared in his room. Rivin still lay asleep, curled into a tight ball in the center of the bed. Smiling faintly, Dalamar sat on the bed and took her head into his lap, stroking her hair. Slowly, she awoke to the gentle touch. Sleepily, she gazed up at him, then smiled. She laid her head back down on his thigh and sighed contentedly. She began to fall asleep again.
“I love you, Rivin.” Dalamar said softly. He had thought she was asleep. Stirring, Rivin opened an eye to look up at him.
“And I you, Dalamar,” She smiled, then fell asleep. Chuckling, he sat there for many hours, happy to simply stroke her hair.
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