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Comcast DVR or TiVo DVR?

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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:24 pm    Post subject: Comcast DVR or TiVo DVR? Reply with quote Back to top

Comparing Comcast's Motorola 6400 Series model DVR and TiVo's 40-hour Series2 model DVR, I've noted each unit's advantages over the other:

Comcast DVR:
  • It's a dual-tuner unit, as opposed to the single-tuner TiVo unit. In other words, I can record two different channels at the same time and switch between watching either one, or I can simply record one channel while watching another.
  • Ability to record HDTV (unlike the TiVo). Though I don't have an HDTV, perhaps one day I'll win the lottery and buy one.
  • Though both units have S-Video capability, the Comcast DVR is also optical-audio capable.
  • No need for a separate telephone connection.
  • It's a digital cable box and DVR all in one unit.
  • With Comcast's recently-revamped onscreen menu guide (which applies to most of its regular digital cable boxes as well as its DVR's), the TV program appears in the upper right-hand quarter of the screen even when searching through the onscreen menus.
  • 30 hours of TV-quality recording capacity, as opposed to the TiVo's 11 hours of TV-quality (the TiVo's "Best Quality" option) recording capacity (the TiVo unit has several recording quality options, the "Best Quality" obviously being the best - the 40 hour listed capacity is for the TiVo's lowest quality option). However, various TiVo units have different capacities.
  • $9.95 per month addition to the cable bill, as opposed to the TiVo's $12.95 per month (not including your cable bill). No cost for the Comcast DVR box and remote themselves.

  • Onscreen program descriptions more detailed and informative.
  • The picture seems a bit more solid when rewinding and fast-forwarding, and you can jump ahead or behind in increments.
  • If you happen to move to a different residence, you can take your TiVo unit anywhere there's cable service, even if the new area doesn't yet offer cable DVR service.
  • Search options a bit more thorough.
  • Oftentimes, the TiVo unit gets extras like sneek previews and videos.
  • Easy to record saved programs onto VCR or DVD burner. I don't yet know if this is also true of the Comcast DVR.
  • Compatability between multiple TiVo units in the same household possible (though I believe that costs extra).

Did I miss any points for either unit (or both)? If so, feel free to add more. :)

So which one would you choose and why? Confused:

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