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Fight for the Thone Part III
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 PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 2:39 pm    Post subject: Fight for the Thone Part III Reply with quote Back to top

Day 2 (comparative to the days in part I and II)
5:04 am
“Your highness, please awaken!” It was the Royal Advisor attempting to awake the sovereign from his deep slumber. “Please your Majesty it is very urgent!”
“And what could be so urgent at an early time such as this? Has the treasury run dry again?” said the king very sarcastically, attempting to regain his sleep
“No!” said the Advisor, Gastal, almost losing his temper “A hero has just stumbled out of the northern woods, he says he must speak with you.”
“You handle it then! You know my mind works best when it is well rested!”
“Your Majesty Please!” yelled the Advisor
“All right! All right!” said the king as he took his feet out of the soft, warm bed and onto the hard, cold stone floor. “Fetch me my robe, please”
“Of course, your Majesty”

And so it was that in less than a minute, the King was talking with Karyl the Enlightened, a paladin who had been recruited at the local guild in the very town less than a year ago.
“And how many did you see”
“20 or so, I never truly had the time to count, I was more concerned with what they were speaking of” replied Karyl.
“And what were they saying?” asked the sovereign.
“I could not translate everything but it sounded like they were talking about plans, they mentioned East Cheswick and this very city, Ravenswood.”
The sovereign attempted to hide a huge yawn. “I am afraid I do not see the urgency here. Or the cause of waking me at the hour that it is.”
“Please, your majesty, send out rangers or something to scout out this enigma. I feel it in my very bones, that something is wrong!” Katyl said bending and begging.
“Do not beg Katyl, I have had enough of this today” he said turning to his advisor, who was monitoring the conversation, who looked slightly amused by this accusation. “You have been dismissed, Katyl, please return home, you are in need of rest.”
Looking very disappointed in the sovereign’s decision, Katyl left without another word.
“That was worthwhile,” said the king, very sarcastically
“Your highness, while I felt no need to interrupt at the time, I feel there is no logic in your decision. Please explain”
“Do you know of any heroes we can spare at the time? If there is anyone willing to venture north, west or south let me know!” said the king without another word and he returned to bed.
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Day 2
7:50 p.m.
That day passed without further interruptions, by delusional people, however the king was immensely bored with the advisors speech on the economy of Ravenswood, and was advising the construction of more inns and other local business’s for merchants to bring in new ideas and market goods. Afterwards the king returned to his room atop the donjon, patrolling the balcony was a guard by the name of Fenware, the king decided to join him.
The view from the highest point of Ravenswood was without question, the most spectacular sight since the fall of the old thrones two years ago. A bright and truly beautiful sunset lit up the western sky.
“Magnificent, is it not?” said the king slowly
“Indeed, your highness” replied the Fenware
“Oh, Do not call me majesty or your highness.”
They sat there admiring the view for hours until the sun had set and many bright stars littered the sky.
Even in the increasing darkness, Fenware managed to see something unusual in the distance.
“Look over there, a lone figure marches at this time of night, how odd?” said Fenware curiously.
“Indeed” said the king, seeing the man at last. But then he noticed something Fenware did not see.
“He is injured! Look! By the way he walks. He has been in some fight.”
“Is it any concern of yours?” asked Fenware
“It might be if he were to die. However if he is healthy enough to walk then he is fine, I will not let it trouble my mind, I should offer my assistance, find out who he is and bring him to good health.” Said the king, and with that he left.

He had taking no more than 5 steps out of his room, when up the stairs came his royal advisor, his expression was hard to read, but he was sweating quite profusely.
“Your Majesty! A local Ranger has just stumble out of the west side wilderness bearing VERY ill news, he wishes to speak with you!” the advisor’s emphasis on the word ‘very’ intrigued him so much that without further ado he said
“Bring him here!”
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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In the front hall, his Majesty waited, and in came the ranger, indeed he looked very terrible; his garments, including his armour were very worn and beaten, and the leather was cut in several places, he was drenched in sweat from running hard non-stop for 2/3 of a day. He had also seen many a fight for he was bleeding from various wounds and cuts and his from garments were covered in, not human blood, but that of goblins. But most obvious of all was an arrow still embedded in the back of his left shoulder; it had not seen any medical attention for a while.
“Good night your highness” said the ranger his breathing was sharp, and he was still gasping for breath.
“Perhaps we should sit down” said the king, slightly shocked by the appearance of this travel-worn spirit.
“Now who are you?” said the king jumping straight to the point, now that they were comfortably sitting down.
“I am Praul Huntswell from the city of Ravenswood.” Said Praul in a large dignifide manner.
“Huntswell?” said the king slowly, thinking hard. “Did I recruit you over 3 years ago.
“Yes.” Said Praul, very surprised that the king remembered all this. “I was recruited before the throne fell. I served your mother well, for the short time that I could.” Praul was amazed at his bravery in mentioning this, for it was a great nightmare for the king, at the age of 17 his mother was killed in the battle that lost the throne of Ardania, just 2 years ago, and this teenager, was the last of the bloodline.
“Gastal” said the king signalling his advisor, “This man requires medical attention, fetch the palace healers, will you.”
“Okay. Now for the reason you are here. This ‘Emergency’ must be important, Praul”
And with that Praul began his story. It started off normally. Less than 2 days ago Praul left the city of East Cheswick, heading north to do some scouting and travelling, when the as he was about half a days run west of Ravenswood, he stumbled upon a band of goblins.
“My immediate reaction was to hide, as it sounded like there were many of them, they emerged from the east of me, heading west, towards the coast, while it was my eventual intention to kill, I felt compelled to find out why these goblins were so far from there homeland. I tracked them all the way to the coast where I saw something to chill the heart…” Praul took a pause
“What?” said the king, listening as intently as a child to a ghost story.
“Goblins. Thousands of goblins were camp along the coast…there were so many the sky was almost entirely black from fires and blacksmiths. They are getting ready to launch an assault, from the east and now possibly from the west.”
The king sat there for a moment to absorb the shock of this imminent attack. The palace healers had arrived and began tending to the arrow.
“May I ask how you got that arrow, because I assume that you fled upon sight”
“Yes, I did, but not quick enough. I was spotted, just as I turned to leave, of all the luck, they gave a viscous pursuit, and sent many arrows, most caught my armour, or just nicked me, but this one” he gestured to the one in his back “found its mark.”
“So it is a goblin made arrow then” said one of the two healers sighing. Goblin-made arrows are notorious for being very hard to remove, it was the goblins that invented the double-spiked arrowhead many years ago and caused many brave souls to die slowly after battle. They were essentially regular arrowheads that had been given two more unsharpened spikes at the front, so whether it was pulled out or pushed out, if it caught an artery or a muscle, it would pull/push it out through the wound.
“If you have any bard guarders, it could solve the problem” said Praul in a slightly hopeful voice. Bard guarders were an invention to basically protect the bards (spikes on an arrowhead) while it was pushed or pulled out.”
“How did you escape?” asked the king, now very intrigued by this story, but also worried of the conclusion.
“After fleeing for hours I came to a recently abandoned camp, ravaged by goblins. I managed to hide, and once the goblins lost sight of me they split up, only 3 goblins searched the camp I was hiding at, I killed them and fled when I saw my chance”
“So the goblins abandoned the pursuit?”
“Of that, I am not entirely sure” said Praul looking worried “after I left the camp behind I did meet more goblins, I easily dispatched most of them however some could have followed me, I was to concerned about my destination.” The first healer had returned carrying what looked like two short pikes of metal, she then proceeded to insert them into the wound.
“Aaargh!” cried Praul, though not foreign to the use of bad guarders, this was supposedly a painful procedure.
“Got it!” said the healer, and moments later pulled out the arrow, indeed the arrowhead was covered in an arrow of nasty spikes, it was now also drenched in blood, now the second healers was examining the wound, no doubt looking for signs of infection.
“looks clean” she said standing up and with that the healers left.
“Please, Praul, I have a free guest room I would like you to use it tonight while you recuperate, and thank you.” Said the king, wrapping up the discussion “Gastal!” he shouted for his advisor. “What would you advise?” asked the king, as Gastal appeared
“I know not my liege, it is taking awhile for me to understand all this.
“Very well… I will send a rider to East Cheswick and tell them to flee the city and retreat to our walls. If they have the west side they could just as well have the south, I had best get to bed, it has been a long day, I pray that I shall sleep well tonight”
His prayers were not answered.
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Day 3
2:46 am

“My liege, please awaken!” it was the royal advisor.
“What now…? Are my shifts getting earlier?” asked the king sarcastically.
“Something terrible has happened!!!” leading the king out of bed and into the front hall where over a hundred people were cramped.
“what is this? Where have they all come from?” asked the king amazed.
“East Cheswick” said the advisor grimly.
“East…! Why!? When!? have they received the message already?” said the king, who was still slightly shocked. At that moment a wizard emerged from the crowd, heading for the king, he was not that old for a wizard; his beard barely made it to his chest (the length of the beard is to determine the wisdom of the wizard), however his grey eyes told many stories of courage from the wells of the bearer’s soul.
“We must speak at once, your majesty!” he said, his voice showed much urgency for a wizard.
“Very well. Follow me”

“so did you receive my message?” asked the king as they sat at the very place he was at a few hours ago with Praul, Praul was now asleep in the guest quarters.
“message? No we received no message recently” said the wizard sitting across from the throne room chair.
“then why are you all here?” asked the sovereign, gesturing to the main hall, across the room where all the sound of sobbing and crying children could be heard.
“East Cheswick is taken” said the wizard, direct and simple.
“what? I didn’t quite hear that” faltered the king trying to hide the truth.
“East Cheswick is taken” repeated the wizard.
“Um….uh…how…exactly” faltered the king yet again.
“it was a goblin rush. They came from the south-east side of the city.” Began the wizard, taking his time, to let it sink in on the sovereign. “the first building under siege was the warriors guild. They fled to the city and alerted us to the presence. At the start of the attack I was asleep from a battle the night before. I got there too late. The palace was taken. Have our men dead. I ordered a retreat.” The wizard tone was unusually expressionless, as if he had no emotion, but his eyes gave him away at the horrific battle that transpired less than a day ago.
“And, uh, how many fell?” asked the king slowly
“by the time I ordered the retreat. There were over 300 lifeless bodies of our people strewn across the city.” Answered the wizard in his expressionless voice.
“what is your name?” asked the king, even more slowly.
“I am Borador, student of Xxaxx, the master of magiks, who fell at the fight” said Borador, showing emotion for the first time, grieving the loss of his mentor, his friend.
“so you did not meet my rider” asked the king, requiring many answers to his many questions.
“I am afraid not, we met no one during our journey here.”
Without another word the king left.

The rest of the day passed very uneventfully, the king remained shut in his room and refused to see anybody.
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Day 4
3: 42 pm
Having barely spoken to anybody since the odd interruption two nights ago, the king was to be found roaming the castle, his mind wandering. The survivors from the battle of East Cheswick had been given housing for the past few nights, the streets were buzzing with the news of an ‘Apocalypse’ approaching in the form of a goblin horde. Last night the king met another survivor of the battle a warrior by the name of Ben, or something like that. He had given no notice to him, the king found himself easiest to think when it was quiet, and empty. Not when people were telling you the end is coming.
When the king was slowly coming to a decision when a lone figure strolled into the main hall, bringing heavy light from a glorious summer’s day. Even silhouetted against light the king could tell it was an adept. Having reached that conclusion, the king continued to pace the now occupied hall, giving, yet again, no notice to the intrusion.
“your majesty!” said the adept heading towards the king “I bear an urgent message from the east borders!” having reached the king, he extended his hand holding an envelope, which the king took without any emotions.
“Goblins?” he asked after a short while of staring at the cover, where nothing was written
“Uh…yes” answered the adept feeling slightly uncertain “how did you know?”
The king did not answer. He merely headed for the nearest door. Just before leaving however, he muttered “stay there”.
In the next room the king met with Gastal, the advisor.
“It is time to do something about these impending goblins, go out into the city and find me Karyl the paladin, she should be at the local guild, then find both Borador and that warrior I spoke with briefly yesterday. I will get Praul from the guest room, meet me back here in awhile.” Then they parted.
As said, the king headed for the guestroom on the second floor, two floors under the king’s dormitory. But Praul was not there. Typical of rangers.
So the king began searching the grounds outside the walls of the castle, and there was Praul testing his arm at the fairgrounds, which was currently closed.
“how is your arm?” asked the king as he approached. The wound from the arrow had been wrapped up. As Praul move around, it seemed a bit stiff to the kings eyes.
“It’s holding up” said Praul as he loaded his bow, and fired an arrow, which landed a few cm to the left of the target. Mildly impressed, the king began asking for his assistance in the throne room.
“Well, it is my duty, how can I refuse.” Said Praul, turning to the king and leaning on his bow, which bent slightly under the weight.
“It is merely a matter of knowledge for my part and co-ordination on your part” explained the king on the way back to the castle.
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Once they were inside the throne room, where a large table and a large scroll of parchment had been set, they met with Gastal, Karyl, Borador and the recently introduced Bren.
“Hold up for a moment, we are missing someone” said the king leaving the room, he reappeared moments later with an adept who was looking very confused about the situation
“Everyone this is…” said the king, inquiring for his name
“Lucius” answered the adept
“And Lucius this is Praul, Karyl, Bren and Borador” said the king gesturing to each individual as their names were called.
“Now that we are all introduced, let’s us begin” began the king.
“The reason I have summoned you all here is information, each one of you has discovered unusual goblin activities in the most remote places, in I must know where” at this the king unrolled the large sheet of parchment to reveal a map of Ardania the size of the table, and in the bottom left corner, the south-west side of Ardania showed the city of Ravenswood and the recently ruined city of East Cheswick. “Praul we will start with you, you have told me that the location of their camps were west of the city, along the cove but I need you to specify.”
“Well my exploration first began four days ago in the city of East Cheswick” began Praul, slowly wandering around the table until the map was right side up and he pointed at the dot that was East Cheswick “I headed north of the city until I was exactly west of Ravenswood” said Praul, tracing his journey with his index finger “I then began to cut through the woods, towards the shore, about an hour after this, I met a goblin patrol, at this point I can say I was 3/4 to the shore from Ravenswood. I continued tracking them all the way to the shore, and to the Cove of Pirates, it was there, that I was spotted and they gave chase. Once I was heading back, I was going faster than usual, and it becomes hard to tell where I am, but I can estimate that I found the camp a little more than halfway to this city. The last goblin I saw was 2/3 to 3/4 to the city from the shore.” At this point Praul’s finger stopped, as the king marked that spot with a quill.
“While it is not certain, we should guess that the nearest goblins are there” said the king pointing to the quill mark.
“Next I’d like to hear the story of Bren, it is my understanding that just before the siege of Cheswick, you were hunting in the southern or south-eastern area from the town” asked the king.
“Ah, Yes that is true, I was hunting a goblin party I’d seen on the edge of town, I followed them, I don’t know where, but I found them along with another camp, I killed the goblins and set fire to the camp” said Bren slowly trying to remember, as it had seemed unimportant at the time”
“YOU SET FIRE TO THE CAMP!” screamed the king, Praul, Gastal and Borador in unison.
“Why!? This act is no doubt what loured them to the city! I could arrest you for treason and other such crimes!” yelled the king, however Karyl noticed his threat as hollow.
“I for one do not think it was the fire that triggered these events” said the paladin “If you remember, your highness, I met some lone goblins north of here who were speaking of these goblin movements, and if my translations were correct, this siege was already planned for that morning, so I would not jump to any conclusion’s of sir Bren’s actions”
“Thank you, Karyl” said the king “Yes, this is not the place or time to lose any temper. We must stay on topic” the king now pulled out his quill yet again and asked Bren for a general vicinity of the goblin camp that was set ablaze.
“Now, Borador” spoke the king in resonating authority “There are many question that I would trust only you, for the answers”
“Indeed, where shall we begin?” asked the wizard
“It has come to my knowledge that you too, have also encountered wandering goblins, during some exploration periods, I would ask you to elaborate, please.”
“Yes, it is indeed true.” Began Borador “the day before the attack of East Cheswick, I was wandering around the country side North-west of the city, I kept exploring the land until my eyes found the sea, and the very bottom of the Cove. And my eyes saw more than water. They also saw the goblin camps stretched across the sand and rocks. Unfortunately my survey was short-lived; a few seconds after I reached the sea I was ambushed by a goblin archer. I was fortunate in that I sustained no wounds, but the fight took a lot of energy out of me. I returned home and collapsed immediately, that was why I was a little tardy reaching the battle” at this Borador hung his head slightly, admitting shame.
“No one blames you for the losses sustained at the siege of the city, in fact, had you ordered the retreat any later and none may have survived!” said the king reassuringly “However, I am not finished my questioning, there is a little more I must know. How many attacked the city, and how man goblins survived?”
“Our estimate was 6,000 goblins attacked the city, and another estimate of 4,000 survived, maybe less”
after a pause the king sent another question “And how many of our men survived?”
“at the start of the battle we had 500 strong at arms” here, Boradortook a deep sigh “less than half of them survived”
Despite Borador’s emotional release, the king asked yet again “I would like a specific number”
“175… most of them peasants, and children, a total of 75 soldiers survived” said Borador regaining his posture.
An eerie silence passed through the throne room, all remained quiet until someone would dare break the stillness.
“Let us move on” said the king slowly and quietly “I still have more questions, Borador. While you and the survivors trekked back to Ravenswood, were you ambushed by goblins?”
“Yes, but it was a band of only a dozen or so, what few fighters we had left was enough to dispatch them without casualty.” Respond Borador in a slightly more light-hearted tone than his other recent speeches.
“And where would that have been?” asked the king gesturing towards the map.
“I would estimate it was halfway between Ravenswood and East Cheswick.” Said Borador with conviction, indicating his finger between the two dots that marked Ravenswood and Cheswick. At this the king pulled out his quill again and marked the spot Borador was pointing at.
“Karyl, your tale is next, you told me a few days ago about your patrol of the northern area of these forests, I am sorry I did not listen that time, but will listen now”
“three days ago I was hunting in the northern areas between Ravenswood and the Great Lake, when my progress was cut short by a pack of twenty goblins, two of these were engaged in conversation, they ended of straying from the pack and I moved in for the kill, that position was about here” finished Karyl pointing on the map, where moments later the king mark with his quill.
“Now, Lucius, this is where you come in, you entered my palace moments ago, claiming a goblin rush, elaborate please.” Asked the king, bringing the left-out adept into the centre stage.
“oh, um, well my journey began as I was leaving the city of East Cheswick three days ago to patrol the border outpost near this city, mere hours ago the outpost became a hive of goblins, all the citizens fled, including the guards and soldiers, no casualties, however this means the hordes are mere moments away from the castle.” Replied Lucius very quickly.
“And that outpost was about here?” inquired the king making a dot with his quill not far from the dot labelled ‘Ravenswood’.
“Yes” said Lucius with the merest nod.
After all the quill marks were accounted for the king played a little game of connect-the-dots, to reveal a circle, which enclosed the city of Ravenswood.
“My god!” exclaimed Lucius “We are surrounded!”
“Yes” said the king “now we need to figure out where these monsters are and how many of them are going to attack. Karyl said the goblins patrolled this area 3 days ago, they would have moved twice as close since then. Agreed?”
“Agreed!” said Karyl, Praul and Borador
“The goblins that Praul saw last, 2 days ago would also have moved closer. Any ideas on how far?”
“I would think that they would not have moved as much as the first pack” said Praul “This lot did not seem keen to continue the pursuit, and even so the last real goblin threat I saw was a good distance further west, which would put their total displacement to here” said Praul indicating to a spot not quite as close as Karyl’s goblins but still at a dangerous distance.
“Borador and Bren where can you guess the goblins that attacked East Cheswick are” asked the king.
“About, here, given their movement rate as a large group” replied Borador for Bren had remained silent. Borador pointed to an area directly between Ravenswood and East Cheswick.
“and lastly, Lucius, yours is most debatable. Personally I think they would have not moved from that outpost in the last hour or so.” Said the king “What think you?” he added turning to the other.
“Tell me, your majesty. Can that outpost be seen from this city?” asked Borador slowly
“From the very tallest tower yes, but otherwise no” said the king, not quite understanding the purpose behind the question. But at this answer Praul and Borador engaged themselves in a whispered conversation, what was being discussed was a mystery to all, however the discussion did not last long.
“Praul and I both believe that the goblins at the eastern outpost would actually have recoiled slightly since earlier this noon after” said Borador, a disagreement broke out immediately.
“But that makes no sense!” cried Bren “If they have the advantage of numbers and strength then why would they recoil!”
“I agree” said Karyl “It is not reasonable, I agree that they may have held their position at that post but what logic is there in retreating?”
“Not retreating my dear, merely rallying” said Borador “These goblins have proven recently that they know how to act as a tribe, how to act as one, and they have also proven to becoming smarter and wiser, These goblins are ahead of schedule, and they know it, they will retreat back to their own lines, and most importantly they will stay out of sight until it is time”
“Very well…I shall call a vote” there were a total 7 in the room. Praul, Borador, Bren, Karyl, Lucius, Gastal and of course the king
“Who votes that the goblins here have moved forward?”
No hands rose.
“Who votes that the goblins here have remained there?”
The hands of Karyl and Bren rose
“Who votes that the goblins here have recoiled?”
The hands of Praul, Borador, Lucius, and Gastal rose
“Very well” said the king turning to Borador and Praul “Where do you suggest they are now?”
“Here, twice the length of the river from this castle” said Borador and Praul in unison. And with that the meeting was adjourned.
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Day 4
7:42 p.m.
Even after the heroes had left, the king was sitting in his chair, having barely moved for hours, he kept muttering to himself, and writing on the map which was still laid out on the vast table, the map now had two rings encircling the city, and minor calculations, nothing new seemed to transpire until the advisor strolled into the room.
“Been pondering, your majesty?” he asked looking at the map, the king did not answer
“been working on your math?” again the king said nothing
“The guards have been notified of the imminent attack, the castle is in full alert” and again there was no answer “I suppose I will leave you to it” said Gastal slowly making for the door, yet as his hand reached for the knob, the king spoke.
“48,000 goblins” was all he said
“I beg your pardon?” said Gastal
“I have made the calculations, and we are fighting against 48,000 goblins”
“How so, your majesty?” asked the advisor, making his way over to the chair next to the throne. The king, still, had not moved.
“Borador said that 6,000 or so goblins attack East Cheswick, that band of goblins was just a sample of many, according to more recent information, it is approximately 1/8 of the entire horde, I have concluded that roughly 12,000 will attack from the south, from East Cheswick and slightly more east of there. 18,000 will come from the shores, 6,000 from the north and 12,000 more from the east… do you know what this means?”
“the western side should be tighter?” guessed Gastal
“NO!” cried the king in frustration “This is not entirely bad news”
“I am still I the dark, could you elaborate” said the advisor
“If there is one thing I have learned from fighting in the goblin wars is that the goblin army IS limited in numbers, according to our latest spy reports, the goblin army is only 60,000 goblins strong, which means if we were to win… imagine 12,000 goblins stretched over thousands of kilometres. The war could be over. The central plains could be retaken! Their arrogance could be their downfall!”
“I have not seen you this excited in years your majesty” said Gastal “As much as I hate to tell you, but how will we win a fight against 48,000 goblins, even with a castle as grand as this?”
“I will reveal my strategy later, for now, however, inform no one of this and make haste back to my throne with the heroes who were here mere hours ago!” said the king and Gastal dashed off immediately. While the king headed for the tall tower.

“Welcome back everyone” said the king pacing the throne room, with Gastal, Bren, Borador, Praul, Karyl, Lucius and two guards of the castle, all of whom stood around the large throne table, where the map and all the calculations have now been removed.
“I would like to introduce you to Fenware” said the king, pointing to the familiar guard on his left “He is the Lieutenant of our armies, and Commander of Guards here. And this…” said the king turning to the man of his right “is Durren, Captain of the army and Head of Guards. Now I have summoned you all here to discuss the means to defend this castle when the goblins arrive” continued the king, and in a slightly grimmer tone he added “The numbers we face are approximately 60,000 able goblins!” There was an immediate outburst from the heroes, but not from Borador or any of the guards, Gastal moved to engage the king in conversation but the king quickly and hurriedly silenced him.
“60,000 that’s impossible!!!” cried Karyl, Bren and Lucius in unison.
“Even I agree we cannot repel that many without more soldiers” said Praul solemnly.
“That may be so, but that is not on our agenda” said Borador confidently “our objective here is to try, not to lose hope. What is your first concern?” he added turning to the king.
“My major priority was whether or not we should attempt to hold the outer wall” said the king
“How many long-range soldiers are capable of fighting here?” asked Praul
“If by long-range you would mean any fighter able to wield a bow or to cast magic, then I would assume a total of 500, we may have more, yes, close to 600 would be my final reply” said the king
“I say nay” said Karyl immediately “With a force as large as that, they would penetrate the walls eventually but quickly, and all our archers and mages would fall quickly by being cut off from reinforcements”
“I say why not? That is what it was built for, we should use it” suggested Praul
“I agree with Praul” said Bren “if we jam all our warriors onto the castle walls they become easier to target, we should spread out as much as possible”
“And get them all killed!?” said Karyl
“Know you nothing about war!” cried Bren “Yes many of them will be sacrificed, it is like fighting on the front lines, they would die, so others could live long enough to gain us a decisive victory”
“I will not sacrifice brave and valiant souls so that you or I could live! If that were the choice I’d go down there and fight them all head-on for all the good it will do” Though Karyl’s voice carried no end to the debate, Bren could find no reply in time.
“This bickering is pointless!” scolded Borador, and both Karyl and Bren came to their senses. “Your majesty, I believe I have a method which will grant us the ability to both conserve our forces and strike a gap in the hordes”
“If you have something of the nature, please tell us” asked the king politely
“I suggest we stage all of our archers along the wall, at the same time that the archers are firing, the goblins would proceed to file through the only two entrances which we will leave unblocked”
“Preposterous! We would lose all our defences!” cried Lucius”
“Please, let me finish” said Borador hushing Lucius down “At those openings we hide as many melee combatants as we can spare and spring a trap, which will buy our archers enough time to use all their arrows, at that time they will retreat, and then slowly but surely the fighters at the south and north entrance of the wall will also retreat, so at this time all survivors are in the main castle and our losses should be minimal, the same could not be said for the goblins, what do you think?”
“I’m afraid I don’t see the logic of leaving them unblocked” said Praul.
“It gives them the incentive to use the door instead of siege towers or ladders” replied Borador “Keep them blind to our archers by inviting them in.”
“well, I like the idea” said the king “however it is full of risk, if it fails early on, we would lose not only our archers but also many of our soldiers”
“Remember however that if it were to work, by the time our soldiers and archers are safely inside, we would have killed roughly nearly 10,000 of those vile things already. It would completely shift the tide of battle” Said Borador, attempting to persuade the king.
“What makes you think it would be ten thousand?” asked Karyl
“We have 500 archers, if each has a chance to get 20 arrows off that’s 10,000 plus the kills made by melee personnel, minus misfires. It is still roughly ten thousand.” Replied Borador
“It is the best plan so far… if there are no objections?” inquired the king. No one complained, but the look on the faces of Bren and Karyl told no lies. Although they did not like the idea, they had nothing better themselves. “So it is decided! Durren, inform the soldiers and local heroes of this strategy and make sure they understand the purpose of it, it is better to put their trust in something they can comprehend and believe in, then something they don’t”
“Yes, your majesty” said Durren, and he departed at once
“Well gentlemen that concludes the meeting, I bid you all a good nights rest” said the king, at his words everyone started to leave, everyone except Borador, that is. Gastal once again attempted to talk to the king in anxiety, something was truly pressing his mind. However the king said “Wait” before he even began, the king was looking at Borador, who had not moved from his spot. Borador himself was watching the door, obviously waiting for everyone to leave and when they did he turned to the king.
“So how many goblins are really coming” he asked, the king had somehow expected this from a wizard to pick up on his fib. Gastal stopped trying to talk and was now listening intently.
“48,000” he said, and he smiled as he added “so you picked up on that did you?”
“Oh, yes… you’re a terrible actor, and your friend here did not help much” said Borador pointing at Gastal.
“So, I am correct in assuming that you understand the logic behind it?”
“Yes I do” said Borador “and like my strategy here, the two combined make a huge risk”
“I just hope it pays off” said the king, sighing slightly “I suggest you get some rest, I have plans for tomorrow and I must get them ready” at his command Borador left swiftly.
“What plans might these be?” asked Gastal, his voice echoing in the great high-ceiling throne room.
“We need to keep the moral of our people up, and train our men, I think we can do it all at once. Begin preparing the royal fairgrounds…we’re having a tournament”.
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Day 8
2: 36 p.m.
The strategy of opening the fairgrounds for the first time in about a year was a daring yet successful move by the king. After the loss of the throne, many citizens and heroes fell into despair, being repeatedly attacked by goblins, and few heroes and other such fighters were participating in tournaments. Yet much has changed since then, for good or bad, but the high spirits of the citizens caused almost every being within city sights to watch over 1000 fighters compete.
This entertainment caused a relief in both fighters and spectators, fuelled with both revenge and amusement, the competitors gave it all. Which pleased everyone
A few heroes however, Praul included, took to either watching or doing more singular training. However, Bren, Karyl, Lucius and even Borador were all eager to have fun and improve their skills.
Day 1 of the tournament was fun and entertaining to those who appeared to watch. Many spectators had their eyes on a formidable and wild Warrior of Discord, who called himself Korrectus, the detached. On the first day he was unfortunately disqualified, for nearly killing his opponent, before anyone got seriously injured tournament officials were able to stop the brawl. Under normal circumstances the punishment would have been a ban of at least a month, however the king intervened on the officials. He, like many of the audience were thrilled by the warrior’s display of skill, and the king allowed him to return tomorrow. 1st place went to a valiant Ranger named Zugon who demonstrated excellent marksmanship and dodging abilities, 2nd to a courageous Paladin named Satrina, who wield her sword as if it were a part of her arm, and the bold Bren took 3rd place.
Day 2 of the tournament held good promise for Korrectus, after his shame of yesterday, he battled countless foes and won outstandingly, he even fought against Bren and Karyl, Bren manage to hold him longer than many others but eventually had to give up from exhausting fatigue. Karyl who was normally a passive fighter, fought very aggressively, no one blamed her and many expected this even from a noble paladin. They both fought very offensively, and eventually ended the fight in a stalemate, with each other’s weapons at the others neck, had it been a real fight, they would have killed each other. Bren once again took 3rd, Karyl and Korrectus tied for 2nd and a powerful priestess by the name of Sister Verdasha, stole 1st, though many agreed she should have been disqualified for reason that will remain untold.
On day 3, Praul decided to join in and quickly became a presence to not be taken likely. Praul and Zugon ended up tying for fourth place, and were bested by a local elf named Perthus who took 3rd. Praul could have done better but his shoulder had not fully healed yet. Korrectus managed to win all his fights except one, he lost to Karyl in the last fight, who took 1st and Korrectus took 2nd.
Day 4 of the tournament was an uneasy one, there was a weird vibe in the air, an almost ominous feeling, the tournament continued nonetheless.
Even at the first fight between a wizard named Phenn and Borador, every one could tell that all the competitors would fight as if it were their last. The battle between Borador and Phenn exploded in a daze of light and fire. Borador’s first attack was a small fireball, aimed for the torso, Phenn countered with a fire shield and a large fire blast. Instead of dodging the blast Borador tried to absorb it, he was mostly successful, as he remained unharmed but his robes ended up on fire, using a fire shield himself he was able to dissipate it. Phenn was ready again and launched a huge fireball at Borador. Using a new technique, a Magic Resistance aura, he managed to extinguish it before his eyes, at the same time he geared up for an even newer attack. He raised his hands above his head, and began collecting as much matter as he could, and compressing it into balls, some larger than others. Noticing that Phenn was regaining himself, Borador began launch some of the smaller particles at him, most of them missed, some incinerated by his fire wall, a couple manage a direct hit. Either way it kept him busy. By now the matter was well formed and began to combust and burn with fiery red flames, and now Borador started throwing much larger chunks of the rocks at Phenn, again many missed, however several were direct hits and at last the largest one of all come crashing at Phenn’s feet causing a large explosion which propelled Phenn back slamming him against the wall. He was unconscious, but okay. And with that fight, the rest came. Praul met with Ravandel the Aged, it was no contest, Ravandel got hit 3 times with Praul's fake arrows before Ravandel got his second shot of. Karyl battle an Adept named Zed. The battle lasted long, almost every attack made by either Karyl or Zed was parried and countered, only Zed, who was not heavily encumbered by armour, managed to stay on his feet and Karyl eventually lost, succumbed by fatigue.
Bren fought against a stern and sturdy Dwarf named Oovento, who took many hits but stood his ground, Bren found it hard to parry the hammer as it was a very heavy object. But Bren managed to use some quick attack katas to end the fight. Lucius’ first opponent was a ranger named Avalin, Lucius demonstrated excellent staffs wielding abilities and Avalin left the grounds with many bruises.
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As the day waned and the tournament began its final fights, the heroes remaining were: Bren, Praul, Korrectus, Borador, the adept named Zed (who defeated Karyl in an earlier fight) Lucius, a local elf named Herrnava, and a local dwarf named Zemm. The first round was Bren vs. Zed, Zed used strong and wild attacks, and Bren found it a good strategy to avoid and use his shield rather than parrying. Bren won the fight
Next it was Praul vs. Lucius, while Lucius’ staff attacks were fast and powerful, Praul’s aim was too good, and Lucius lost.
Then it became Korrectus vs. Herrnava. Even though Korrectus took more than ten direct hits from Herrnava’s bow, his defence was too weak to repel Korrectus’ fierce attacks, and Korrectus won the fight.
Borador vs. Zemm was an unusual fight, Zemm got attacked with a dazzling display of fire, to no effect, and while Borador was obviously the better fighter, Zemm emerged victorious.
The first fight of the second round involved Bren and Praul. As the fight began, Praul immediately started drilling Bren with an array of arrows, most hit Bren’s shield, rebounding harmlessly. Bren, though slow, was used to long ranged attacks and kept moving forwards. Once he caught up with Praul, Bren executed a number of oriental quick attack patterns, which put Praul on the defensive. However, in an unexpected move Praul used his bow to quickly trip Bren, and in a matter of seconds had an arrow drawn mere millimetres from Bren’s face. It was over…and Praul was the winner, very sportsmanlike he lowered his weapon and helped Bren to his feet.
Next round was Korrectus vs. Zemm, the dwarf that defeated Borador, while Zemm had an advantage against Borador, it appeared he was no match for Korrectus’ wicked blade, and the match was a very quick one.
The fight for 3rd place was between Bren and Zemm. While Zemm was masterful at magic resistance, it appeared he was too ill prepared for melee fighting and once again the match was quick, as Bren took 3rd place.
The battle for first place fight was much more entertaining, as the enormous Korrectus entered the fighting ring, the applause from the full crowd was gargantuan, and when the enigmatic Praul entered from the opposite side, the applause was just as loud, if not louder.
Korrectus and Praul faced each other, Praul gave a noble bow to the Warrior, Korrectus returned it with the merest nod. Then they fought.
Korrectus began a charge immediately, flailing his blade-stick ferociously, Praul only had time to get one shot with his bow and it missed, just before Korrectus lunged, Praul dove mere inches from the warrior and loaded an arrow in mid dive, his body skidded along the ground for a few seconds and when he stopped Praul launched the arrow right at Korrectus’ back. It was a direct hit. However, Korrectus merely turned and shook it off, and began another charge. This time however, Korrectus dove just before he reached Praul, and before reaching him, he sliced at the ground in front of Praul, knocking his feet out from under him. Praul landed heavily on his front side, gasping as all the air left his lungs.
Korrectus stood over Praul and attacked, Praul parried from the ground with his bow and tripped Korrectus. 300 pounds of muscle and bulk hit the ground with a tremor, while Korrectus tried to recover, Praul was over him with arrows drawn… the match was over.
The king him self entered the ring to greet both Praul and Korrectus with a hearty smile.
“Well done sir Korrectus” said the king happily, helping the figure to his feet (which was no easy task) “you fought strong and fiercely”
“And very well done Praul Huntswell, I would very much like to honour you with a medal for combat skills such as yours”.
As they left the ring and the tournament behind them, one of the palace guards advanced on the king.
“My lord, a lone figure approaches from the south west!” he said. The king immediately started running through the town to the outer wall on the southern side, with Praul behind him.
Upon reaching the outer wall of the city, the king immediately saw a large figure approaching the city at a somewhat slow pace
“Is it a goblin?” said one of the nearby guards who was also watching the progress of the strange figure, it was indeed hard to tell what it is for the sun was beginning to set upon the western horizon, and the glare was blurring the shape as it trundled it’s way up to the city.
“It’s a man on a horse” said Praul, catching up with the king along the wall, suddenly the kings eyes widened in horror and surprise. He suddenly began running to the south gate
“OPEN THE GATE!!!” he shouted
“Why?” asked Praul “we don’t know if he is friend nor foe”.
“It’s Sarion!” said the king, his eyes attached to the horse rider, as the sound of the opening gate was heard.
“Who?” asked Praul.
“The messenger I sent to warn the dissidents of East Cheswick” said the king
When the rider finally made it to the gate, the king went to greet him. At first glance the rider appeared to be unconscious or asleep, as he fell from the horse shortly after entering the gates, however three viscous looking arrows protruding from his back told a more frightening truth, at that time Borador and Lucius arrived at the scene
“Goblins” said Lucius “I’d recognise those arrows anywhere” Borador went to inspect the wounds, a grim look dawned on Borador’s face as he closed the eyes of Sarion forever.
“These wounds are too fresh!” said Borador “Your majesty…”
the king looked at Borador, and Borador spoke a few troubling words
“They are close”
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The Battle of Ravenswood
Day 12
8:04 p.m.
Everything and everyone was all ready for battle by late evening, no shred of a goblin had been seen or heard since the death of Sir Sarion earlier that day. His body was entombed just out side the walls in the city graveyard, along other such names as Xxaxx, the mighty wizard from Cheswick.
The king was sitting at the profusely long table, where the only other companion was Gastal, who sat next to the sovereign. The events of that day had left the king feeling emptier then ever. First his father, then his mother, now his best friend, Sarion, who he had sent needlessly to his death.
“Your highness, please eat” said Gastal, looking very concerned “You have hardly touched your rabbit stew…”
“I am not hungry” said the king flatly.
“But it is your favourite, I had it cooked especially for you under these dark times.” Pleaded Gastal.
“What good is rabbit stew against 50,000 ravenous goblins?” said the king.
“Well…uh?” sputtered the advisor, unable to counter the kings depressing words “Do not despair, your majesty, tomorrow is a new day” and with that he left.
The king let out a huge sigh, which echoed against the high ceiling and stone walls, in the long, empty dinning room…

Day 12
10:26 p.m.
“Your majesty they are here!!!” Cried Gastal, storming into the king’s room. And for once the king was not being awaken from a blissful teenage sleep, he was wide-awake at his desk writing something of little importance.
“Goblins have been sighted along the horizon in massive numbers!!!” Screamed the advisor. The king stood up, and took action
“rally the guards and fighters, prepare to defend the castle, I put you in charge of the defenders” said the king calmly. As soon as Gastal left, the king headed for the tallest tower. Upon the mighty perch he met Fenware again who was looking mildly sick from the sight to be seen…
Even though I was pitch black, thousands upon thousands of lit torches were in plain sight along the horizon and even though the goblins were barely in sight, the air was full of gleeful cackles and gibberish coming from the filthy mouths of the vile goblins. The light from the tiny torches spread out over the vast land, surrounding the castle, which now seemed little more than a pile of old stones
“Get to your post” the king shouted to Fenware, who after a slight hesitation left at top speed.
The king was left to survey the kingdom that he had sculpted in the 2 years of his reign. through the darkness he could see many little lights leading to the castle, that would be the women and children, seeking refuge in the palace, for they were obviously not staying in their houses. Other torches were heading in an orderly and co-ordinated way towards the outer wall.
As the king stood and watched the scene unfold, a figure emerged from the tower staircase.
“They would expect a speech before the end” said the feeble voice of Borador, there was no urgency in his voice, it was as if he was letting the king decide rather than give an order. Borador was remarkably calm for being on the edge of the human apocalypse, the king supposed after fearing this for so long, seeing it in person was not as terrifying.
The king gave no answer, he merely nodded to the wizard, who left the tower shortly afterwards.
“DISSIDENTS OF RAVENSWOOD!” Cried the king, as loud as he could while retaining his regular voice, a voice of calm authority. “It is I… your king…” the king took a moment to let the eyes of thousands catch him in the small but sufficient torchlight. “I will not lie! I am afraid…More afraid than I have ever been! And I know you are afraid too! Do not be ashamed to admit it! for fear can be a strength as well as a weakness, if it can be conquered! And it can! And it will!” the king took a deep breath, almost afraid at what he was about to say “Again, I will not lie to any of you…You will die today! You Will Die Today! Most if not all! But before you die, you are going to kill at least 25 of those retched goblins first,! Bring them with you! That is all I would ask of any of you! Remember though! Those goblins are also afraid! What makes us better is we can conquer and overcome our fears! THEY CANNOT!!! They are more afraid of you! Than you are of then! Remember what victory holds for us! Remember what they risk! Tonight they are risking their conquest! We are risking our lives! IT ENDS TONIGHT! For one of us! It is up to you to decide which one! FIGHT HARD! FIGHT WELL! FIGHT WITH DIGNITY AND WITHOUT FEAR OF YOUR MORTALITY! AND I WILL PROMISE, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! A safe and peaceful journey to the arms of Krypta! Remember before you go, take 25 goblins with you! WE DO HAVE A CHANCE TONIGHT! We do! Slim though it may seem! It is possible! Very possible! Should we rise to snatch victory from the very real jaws of defeat, we can rise back to our rightful place and banish the Goblin king to an eternity of suffering!” the king surveyed the horizon. The goblins were close. The king needed to make it short.
“Forget not where you come from or where you are going! But fight in the here and now! Do not forget our opportunity! They fight for Ardanian enslavement! We fight for our homes and for all the needlessly lost lives, remember your ancestors, we fight for them too! Should this be our end we will give them hell, the same hell they gave me, the same hell they gave you, THE SAME HELL THEY GAVE ALL OF US! I ask for no more than 25 goblin heads! Will we ever surrender?” Cried the king “I say NAY!!!”
“NAY!!!” cried a thousand voices, raising their weapons as if in victory
“Will we ever forget our pride!”
“NAY!” chanted the crowd
“And will we ever forget what they are and who we are”
“Then prepare yourselves to defend your land and your lives, I wish you all the most luck I can spare!” and with that the king exited the tall tower and returned to his quarters where Gastal stood waiting with his royal armour, once worn by the original king of Ardania when danger struck his own lands. It was a luxurious looking vest of both plate armour and chain mail, unfortunately the young king could not support the plate armour, so they only put on the chain mail and the king’s vest overtop, an intimidating looking shirt with the colours of blue, purple and red and the Ardanian coat of arms in pure gold covering the heart, the chain mail was made by the dwarves, very fine, and forged from thousands of mithril rings. The whole suit was slightly too big for him but the king fit in it well enough to fight.
“Good Gastal” said the king checking all the buckles “Now head to the inner courtyard and rally our close range fighters, when I give the signal, take them to the south and north outer entrances, and stay out of sight, when I give the second signal, tell them to spring an ambush.” With only a nod, Gastal departed at once.
The king returned to the tall tower in time to see all the archers and other such long-range fighter rush to the wall. The goblin hordes were almost to the castle, as the rate of ascension was slow but persistent.
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Praul was among the few to lead the others to the wall, he stationed himself a few metres to the west of the south gate which was, as ordered, open. Praul ended up standing close to Zugon, the ranger from the tournaments, they were sharing a merlon on the top of the battlements, the merlons were about neck height, to allow easy viewing but also good protection. Fenware was the commander on the west side of the outer wall, Durren was commanding the archers on the east side of the wall, not far from him was Borador, at least he thought it was Borador, even for a ranger it was hard to tell in this light and long distance.
Along the wall all the archers stood waiting silently behind the battlements, carefully watching the goblins inch closer and closer… waiting until they were in range…waiting…waiting… waiting.
At last, receiving the signal from the king, Fenware shouted along the wall “Prepare to fire!” just as Durren said the same on the opposite side of the town. Smoothly and quickly Praul and all the others had arrows ready to fire, they were still hiding behind the battlement merlons, unaware of how close or far the goblins were. In the distance the other short-range fighters were making their way towards the gates, ready to launch the ambush on those goblins stupid enough to use the door.
“FIRE!!!” Shouted Fenware. Praul, Zugon and all the others emerged from the battlements arrows and magic hands drawn. Within less than a second, Praul saw his target, it was a helmetless goblin bearing a short scimitar with a crude bow slung over his back at the front lines, Praul took aim and fired! As did all the other archers. The air was filled with the sound of the bows singing and of the arrows swooshing, here and there were the ethereal sounds of magic blasts. Praul’s arrow found it’s mark, the arrow became embedded in the heart of the nasty creature which fell limp to the ground, as did over hundreds of other goblins as the wave of arrows past.
“FIRE!!!” shouted Fenware again, Praul found another mark, it was a goblin carrying a rough wooden ladder. Praul took aim again and fired, unfortunately the arrow merely bounced harmlessly off the ladder and into the goblin crowd. Praul said to Zugon as he loaded another arrow “Aim for the ladder carrier!”. As Praul looked to find another mark, his lack of attention nearly cost him dearly, just as he scouted for another target an arrow came speeding up from the crowd! Praul managed to duck behind the merlon but it could have been much worse, after regaining his posture, Praul searched for his would-be-assassin, and found him, it was a goblin archer who was looking at him with malicious eyes, in less than a second Praul aimed and fired! The arrow caught the goblin right between the eyes.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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Bren and Karyl were a part of the group of soldiers heading for the north gate of the curtain wall, Lucius and the other half were heading to the south gate and Korrectus were among the few that remained at the castle, before arriving they slowed down their progress so as not to be seen by the goblins heading in their direction. Gastal who was with them for the time crept over to Karyl and told her that when the king waves his torch in and “O” shape they were to spring the attack, after that he left. Once they reached the gate, they began to hide behind the numerous houses that were there. Then they waited…

Lucius and the other fighters were on their way to the south gate when Gastal approached them from behind he spoke to a warrior who was supposedly leading the rush to the gate, after a brief discussion they departed, the warrior returning to the group of fighters and Gastal heading back to the castle.
Once the warrior returned he introduced himself as Sir Aragondor recently appointed Sergeant of ground infantry.
“We are ordered to hide amongst the house and other various buildings, wait for the king’s signal, then spring an ambush on the goblins. They arranged themselves in position then waited…

Borador was waiting at the wall watching the goblins approaching slowly, he was standing next to Durren, who was advising on certain aspects of commandment. Shortly before the goblins would be in range of their bows, they heard the many warriors and fighters make their way from the castle to the gates, Borador’s plan was unfolding. Through the crowd of fighters heading to the north gate he distinctly saw the figures of Bren and Karyl moving at the head of the pack. In the band heading to the southern gate, Borador saw Lucius amongst others such as the courageous and somewhat brutal Sir Aragondor.
Turning his attention back to the front lines he noticed the goblins were almost in range. Durren turned and asked “How soon should we open fire?” he said
“As soon as possible” replied Borador, coming from a wizard this did not sound quite like wisdom, but it was smarter than waiting.
“PREPARE TO FIRE!!!” shouted Durren, every archer along the wall followed his command as for a brief second the scratching of wood on wood, was heard very audibly, even the tension in the bow strings could be heard through the ear-splitting silence. Borador raised his hands before him in concentration.
“FIRE!!!” Cried Durren, and immediately the twang of the bows, the whoosh of the arrows and the thud of the many successful impacts instantly shattered the silence and hundreds of goblins along the front lines fell, wounded or worse. Borador unleashed a series of fire oriented attacks to sear through the goblin hides, it was almost painful to watched the shrieking of the goblins as their very skin melted from the heat, who’s cries almost muffled the constant bow fire.

Praul kept on firing as many arrows as he could, he knew he must be running low but the goblins were pressing up against the very wall, for the few goblins who hadn’t realised the gate’s portcullis was wide open, some goblins that reached the wall had managed to raise ladders and were scaling the wall, the battle on the wall walk slowly shifted from long range fire to short range melee, and they started taking their first casualties. From a ladder a few meters to the right of Praul, several vicious goblins leaped onto the wall and hacked down the surprised archer who fell from the wall and onto a house on the inside, two of the goblin came for Praul, Zugon took one down with a whack from his bow then threw him over the ledge back into the goblins, Praul shot the other one down with an arrow. During the time that Praul was facing towards the middle of the west wall, he noticed that it was being swarmed by many more goblins who had managed to breach the wall with many ladders, he told Zugon who decided to help them, Praul thought it would be best for him to stay here, there were many goblins that were now racing through the open portcullis, they were totally oblivious to the fact that they were secretly surrounded. Praul took a few quick shots at a few goblins running towards the palace, at the same time the goblins started firing arrows set ablaze over the wall, they landed on the hay riddled houses which soon were engulfed in licking hot red flames, they illuminated the scene.
“RETREAT!!!” shouted a voice from somewhere on the west and east wall, Fenware and Durren had seen the signal from the king, who was standing atop the donjon waving a large torch in an “O” shape. All the fighters including Lucius sprung the trap. Many of the leading goblins were now cut off from the host, most were still blind to that. Making for the nearest stairs, Praul gave pursuit to those goblins as he headed for the keep, while all around him many combat fighters were emerging to stem the flow and allow enough time for the archers to retreat to the castle.
As Praul gave chase, firing arrows, one of them eventually turned and saw Praul hunting them down and they charged, as Praul reached for another arrow he realised he was out! Improvising, he grabbed his bow with two hands and began wielding it like a staff, the first goblin attacked in a direct front slash, dodging it Praul gave the goblin a precise hit to the back, winding the goblin, who fell to the ground. The next three charged all at once, even good at fighting as he was he could not stop three goblins at the same time! Just before they teamed up on him, Lucius sprung in front and made short work of the goblins, which moments later lay unconscious or dead on the ground.
“Get to the keep and reload!” he cried “I have to hold them a little longer!” and he went back to the fray.
Praul did as he was told.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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Shortly after the action on the curtain wall heated up, a few goblins finally seemed to realise that the portcullis was wide open, few seemed cynical, and thought this was an invitation to victory, and they charged in by the dozens. Bren was becoming almost impatient after the first goblin passed them, then two, then four, then many dozens.
“Where is the signal” he said turning to Karyl, they were hiding behind a house, they could see other fighters in hiding waiting for the king’s signal, impatience also crossing their faces “Why do we not go?”
“He is waiting for at least a hundred to have pass” said Karyl, looking at the king atop the donjon.
“Why a hundred?” said Bren inquisitively.
“So that when we strike we will cut them off, then we can take them down separately.” Replied Karyl
“ah…and that is good? Right” Asked Bren
“Yes Bren, that is good” said Karyl staring unblinkingly at the sovereign still waiting atop the donjon. Then suddenly the king began the signal, waving the torch frantically in the “O” shape.
“CHARGE!!!” screamed Karyl, and all the hundreds of fighters took the many, many, many goblins by total surprise!
Bren charged and sliced the legs clean off one of the goblins before his foe even saw him, then Bren took the next by neatly stabbing him in the dead centre of his chest, the third goblin was a little more prepared for the attack, as the surprise slowly wore off, it only took Bren three parries before the decapitated goblin lay motionless on the ground. Unfortunate it was that the element of surprise lasted a mere seven seconds, then the goblins started their own retaliations, and they began losing fine and valiant soldiers.
Karyl was easily handling five goblins at once with remarkable skill in reading her opponents next moves and those attacks she couldn’t calculate were mere deflected by her fine armour. However as the plan was meant to be they were only there to buy their archers enough time to get back to the keep, unfortunately Bren had forgotten that minor detail and was on a furious advance into the raging hordes, only once Karyl managed enough time to get him out of there did he remember that.
“Come, we must finish them!” cried Bren as Karyl dragged him off
“That is not the plan” replied Karyl.

Lucius was waiting next to Sir Aragondor, one of the few survivors of the battle at Cheswick. He was the one placed in charge of the 2nd company and the ambush at the south gate.
Shortly after their arrival and pre-emptive hiding, several goblins passed through the portcullis, followed by many, many more. Unfortunately however, many of the goblins took to the stairs, and climbed to the wall walk, where the archers stood firing their arrows. Aragondor who was busy looking at the king hadn’t noticed this and the king gave no sign or signal. Lucius decided to take these matters into his own hands, instead of revealing his position, he concentrated his mind and soon found himself atop the wall facing the many goblins, with this initial surprise he completely knocked out the first two goblins with a hard hit to the head and sent the third flying over the wall, to a drop of 25 feet. The next four were not much harder to take care of, a good kick in the stomach and the whole lot of them fell like dominoes down the stairs.
“Charge!!!” screamed Aragondor from behind the library and all the other fighters emerged from hiding to ambush the goblins who were taken by complete surprise. Lucius making up his mind very quickly teleported into the very middle of the fray. Just as the other fighters had done the goblins were once again completely surprised, as the figure of Lucius pounded on several goblins with deadly well executed moves, and also several attack kata patterns, some of which sent the goblins flying.
When Aragondor caught up with Lucius he asked something only he could say in this sort of chaos.
“Where did you go?” he said rhetorically.
“To help out a few friends” Lucius replied “Look out!!” he said as a goblin champion came bearing down on Aragondor from behind. Pushing Aragondor aside he ducked under the vile creature’s swing and brought his mighty staff into the fleshy belly of his would-be-assassin, finally ending him with a crack to the head.
“Thanks” said Aragondor as he rejoined the fight. Through the crowd Lucius caught a glimpse of Praul making his way to the castle, a second look revealed that he was chasing downs some separated goblins that were quickly bearing down on him, and what Praul wasn’t aware of was that he only had one arrow left. Too exhausted to attempt to teleport, he realised he only had a few seconds to fight his way to him. Charging into the pack ahead of him, he jumped right between four goblins that were eager for some blood. But before they had any chance Lucius performed a series of spins and kicks to knock them back. The goblin on Lucius’ right was the first to regain his posture, it charged at Lucius with twin blades held high, using his staff to block both at the same time, they became locked in a battle of strength, the goblin continually pressed down on Lucius, who could feel his muscles begin to weaken, Lucius looked over at Praul, he was holding his own with the goblins but it was obvious he would not last long, at that moment two of the other goblins had made it to their feet and charged at the defenceless Lucius. Just before they reached him Lucius broke the parry and tripped both the other charging goblins who fell face first into the nasty knives of their own comrade. Sensing his chance, Lucius broke through the crowd of fighters to finally reach Praul. And just in time, four more goblins were about to gang up on him.
Lucius intervened and quickly dispatched the unwary foes.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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The action on the east side was becoming very violent, many hundreds of goblins had mounted the wall successfully and were engaging the archers in fierce and ill lost melee fights, and many archers were caught blind and swiped from behind. Borador completely diverted his attention from the crowd below and was preoccupied in holding the raging hordes that were heading in his direction in the dozens, even his best magic could barely stem the tide. They would need to retreat very quickly if they were to keep their casualties at a minimum. Durren had ordered a ‘fire at will’ command, as he too was very preoccupied in keeping the curtain wall free of goblins, it was not easy, many of the archers resorted to either cowardice and fleeing the wall, or suicidal attacks charging against the odds to their demise.
“Durren!!!” cried Borador across the wall to the commander “We must order an early retreat!” across the wall Durren was busy tackling three goblins at once, he managed to send the first two off the wall to either side, and with a quick stab the third buckle. He turned to Borador and ran a little closer.
“The king will give us the signal! We should wait!” he said, and before Borador could reply his concern a goblin attack Durren in the ribs, piercing the armour. Durren collapsed against the side of the battlements, holding his ribs with one hand and his sword in the other which he stabbed into the gut of his would-be-killer.
“Durren!!!” Cried Borador “Are you all right?!”
“Yes” said Durren getting back on his feet “Perhaps we should order that retreat” his breathing was harsh and he appeared to be gasping for air. Suddenly Durren saw the king frantically waving his torch, ‘finally’ thought Durren. Standing in an embrasure on the battlements he shouted the command.
“RETREAT!! PULL BA--” Durren’s order was cut short as a goblin archer surging from the crowd embedded itself in Durren’s chest, completely penetrating his armour, he swayed for a moment looking down at his wound, then losing his balance entirely he toppled of the wall, and onto the grassy ground where he lay motionless.
Those who looked up in time to see it, were stunned, some managed to bypass it and follow their commanders last orders, others remained rooted to the spot, Borador needed to re-hinge them.
“You heard him!” He cried at the remainders who shortly regained their conscience. “Pull back!!!” Borador remained on the wall to see his archers off safely. Once it was time to go the goblins were now swarming the wall on both sides, blocking the stairs, there were too many to try and fight his way, Borador made a quick decision and made the jump from the wall. It was a sheer 15 feet but Borador was magically apt enough to use magic to slow his fall, but it wouldn’t make the landing much softer. Borador hit the ground and his knees immediately buckled and he fell face first into the ground, a few paces away lay the body of Durren laying face up but from his position he could not see his face, resigned to the fact that there was nothing Borador could do, he got up and sprinted for the castle.

As the king surveyed the oncoming goblins, over 60 feet above the ground, many thoughts swirled through his head, none more prominent then that of his parents and the hardships they went through as king and queen. They proved themselves worthy and so would he!
“Gastal!” shouted the king at his advisor, who was atop the palace walls “Get the 1st and 2nd company to the gates!”
“What of the 3rd company?” asked Gastal
“They remain here, for backup” replied the king. Gastal set out immediately with the 1st and 2nd company at his heels, after exiting the palace walls they split up, the 1st heading to the north, the 2nd heading south, wending their way through the maze of houses and other variance buildings which looked very ghostly with no lights or fires lit within, and the closed marketplace gave an indescribable sense of foreboding.
The king kept his eyes on his advisor who had now left the 1st company and moved towards the 2nd. It was not that the king did not trust his advisor, but there was not much else to keep his eyes on, the goblins, though close, were still far out of range.
Once Gastal finished his conversation with the leader of the 2nd, he returned to the castle…
…mere moments later he emerged from the tower high atop the donjon, he carried with him a semi-ceremonial torch which he handed to the king.
“You delivered the strategy to all?” asked the king eyes fixed on the surround.
“Yes, exactly as you requested” replied Gastal
“Good, now return to your post upon the wall. Gastal bowed very low to the king and departed.
The king’s gaze scanned the sky, the clouds that could be seen were pure against the dark ceiling behind them, the king thought to himself ‘what a perfect day to die’.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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The goblins were now in range of the archers and the first shots could be heard in the distance along with the howls of pain created by the goblins. The goblins were not going to make this fight easy and the king expected as much, the goblins had archers of their own, and they to pelted the wall with heavy arrows, fortunately most either missed or the archers managed to get behind their merlons in time, however the was the unlucky few that made the ultimate sacrifice, and were soon lying dead upon the wall. The king was still slightly sceptic at Borador’s plan, he always felt the risk of defeat was not entirely worth the chance of victory, only time would tell whether it was good or suicide.
The king began to notice a few goblins slipping through the portcullis. Good, the sooner they see that the sooner he can pull back the archers. But he would have to wait longer for this plan to be more effective.
As the king turned to watch the fight on the east wall, he saw an army asunder. Hundreds of goblins managed to scale the wall and were brutally ravaging the near defenceless archers, upon the wall he noticed the valiant wizard, Borador, selflessly defending the archers from the tide of goblins, upon that wall they were losing more lives than all the others combined, if they were not taken out of there soon they would lose all.
Returning his attention back to the gates, the king felt the time had almost come to give the signal to those near the south gate, more than two hundred goblins had passed through and waiting any longer would be foolish. The king grabbed the torch held it high over his head, making sure no one on the north side could see, he swung it very vibrantly in an “O” shape. Immediately the sound of a huge cry was heard as all the fighters revealed themselves and the archers started their retreat, most managed to make it to the stairs, but some were blocked by goblins and either had to fight their way out or jump to the ground, unfortunately some chose the latter and made the leap of 15 feet, a few walk away from the impact but others crushed their legs in the landing and lay writhing, an act of desperation almost painful to see.
Turning to the north gate he saw only a hundred or so had passed the gate, but he needed to pull those along the east wall out. Making a life or death decision he signalled the fighters hiding amongst the houses to emerge and emerge they did. Quickly surprising their enemies with quick and aggressive attacks, the goblins were simply slaughtered!
Quickly turning to the real problem he signalled to Durren to order the retreat. Scanning the wall he noticed that something caused them to remain still. Then through the silence the voice of Borador rant the air, and all seemed to awake and flee. Everything was going slightly askew…
But the plan was still working nonetheless, the archers and other long range combatants had fled successfully and were now reloading and prepared, positioned atop the great palace walls that stood at least 35 feet high, the problem was now faced by the fighters holding the goblins at the gates, as valiant as their efforts were, they would undoubtedly be much harder to pull out successfully, as they were scattered in the thick of the action.

Bren and Karyl were fighter in the scuffle closest to the castle, and were much easier to pull a retreat however there were many fighters holding their own, fighting close to the open portcullis, one of which was a defiant Priestess, who, with the her staff and the divine death magic that flowed within her, sent the goblins straight to the god of death. Karyl recognised her as the priestess Verdasha from the tournaments. Any goblin who ventured to close to her was instantly crumpled by her death spells. Another was the solarii Ignitia, she was also fighting with spiritual grace as she wield both spells and mace against her foe.
“Bren, were pulling out!!” cried Karyl, who just dispatched a number of large goblins
“Okay, but what of those who cannot make it” said Bren looking hard at Karyl
“I am afraid we cannot help them… RETREAT!!!” screamed Karyl
“Are you mad” said Bren grabbing Karyl’s arm “We can help them!”
“No, we cannot, now let go!” cried Karyl as others began heading to the castle.
“No! now help me get them out or we both die” said Bren defiantly.
Karyl had to resign to Bren’s demands, even she knew that it was the right thing to do “Okay, you get to her and I will pull her out”
Bren turned and began hacking ferociously at the goblins, barely leaving room for parries and defence, Bren was soon heavily wounded, but he kept charging, he was only a few feet from Ignitia. Karyl meanwhile was heading from the other side to make a cut between Ignitia and the goblins. Finally Bren reached Ignitia, he pulled her arm and signal to her that it was time to go, with no goblins between her and the castle she sped off. Karyl and Bren were now working as hard as ever to reach Verdasha, but with Ignitia gone and all the others in the castle the goblins were swarming harder and faster then ever. Karyl conclude that it was now impossible.
“We can’t make it!” she screamed to Bren who had re-entered the brawl “She’s to far away! We need to pull out!”
“NO!! just keep fighting!” said Bren, who simply would not accept it.
“Bren! We must pull out!” and with that she left, fighting her way back to the castle. By now even Bren realised it was a lost battle, and, resigned to defeat, he to left.
Verdasha was left abandoned on the battle field, and she knew it, yet, she felt no concern, she was to busy having the time of her life. With each goblin that charged, she continued to please her god. ‘They should call me Soulstealer’ she thought as she added another goblin to her count. The goblins were now giving her a wide birth, for fear. The goblins began pacing around her in a circle, close enough to be menacing and taunting, but far enough from her range of spells, they seemed to be exhorting her to make the first move, in a loud voice, Verdasha gave her answer.
“My souls is prepared. How is yours?” and with that she charged against all odds.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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