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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 12:42 am    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Alhana's head was bowed in thought. Her arms were crossed, and she kept glancing from her brother to his tiger. Jager's brow was furrowed, and he too was thinking hard. He wanted Auber back, but he realized the danger in letting this twisted archmage go free. I Tanasril had taken his lust for revenge as far as nearly killing himself, what would he do on his next chance? And if Alhana and himself were not around then, what would happen to their descendants? The mage lived for generations alread - how much farther would his life span go? And what could they possibly do if Tanasril attacked again, with a larger army? All these questions chased through the siblings minds, trying to find answers, yet circling back to where they started. Finally, ALhan looked up and stepped forward, flanked by her brother and her officers. Her head held high, she walked untill she was no more then two steps from the archmage.
"You drive a hard bargain," she said calmly. Her face twisted into a wry smile. "But-" she glanced back at Wodenthal, at Jager, at her distant cousin Erriathrillia. "-we accept. You change the Neo-wolves, Eldwarves, and Aergoblins back to their origanal state, and I let you go. Agreed?" After a moments hesitation, Tanasril nodded his head. Alhana stuck out her hand, fitting it inside the archmage's narled one. Their hands seemed locked that way for a moment, then there was a flash of light that passed so quick, people doubted they saw it.
"What have you done?" the archmage hissed.
"A binding spell, just as you said. It binds you to change your "creations" back to well as stay away from Magicum." She raised her hand and her voice to stop Tanasril's angry sputterings. "If you dare set so much as a toe on Magicumian land, you will be taken prisoner and executed. Understood?" It was a question, but spoken more as a statement. Tanasril snarled at her, unable to form words for his rage. Alhana turned her back on him and walked back to her friends.
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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 1:44 am    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Tanasril's face, twisted already, twisted yet more with the force of his anger. Tricked! He would now have to undo all that he had created, the work of many scores of years. At least he could go free. He would go free. He could already feel the bonds around him loosening. Whoever had stolen his spells now realized that he needed them to perform this "good" deed. He turned to face his minions.
"No!" howled Yquellar. "Don't hurt us! Let us be!"
"I must return you to the forms of your ancestors," said Tanasril sadly. "I am bound by magic to do it."
"Not him," growled Juster suddenly. The neowolf paced over to Devit and let his claw fall of the former Rogue's shoulder. "He chose this form. Let him die in it, for the treacheries he has committed."
"No! Mercy!" howled the neowolf. "I didn't mean it! I swear to be loyal to you, my countrymen. And you, Your Majesty!" He threw himself sobbing at Alhana's feet.
"Coward!" bellowed Grannok. "If I can be deprived of my wings, which are more than life to me, and see my Master humiliated, you can suffer justice at the hands of your countrymen!"
"No one likes a traitor," observed Thaman bitterly.
"Very well," rasped Tanasril, "I will not transform the Rogue. But you, my friends-"
"You need not, Sire!" shouted the Eldwarf with sudden inspiration. He leapt upon the broad back of Grannok; a knife flashed through the air, and the aergoblin launched himself, bearing them out of range quickly. Some of the other Eldwarves also pulled daggers from inside their coats, the wily creatures having hidden them within reach of their bound hands. Several more escaped, released aergoblins with them and flying off. Toberk shot an arrow, but it went wide of its mark.
"So, some of your minions have escaped," said Wodenthall. "No matter, they will be hunted down. There are still the rest to change." Tanasril flinched, and maoned the first of an incantation. Then he collasped sobbing to the ground.
"I cannot!" he gasped. "I cannot!"
"You must!" cried Wodenthall.
"They are my - my creations!"
"You must do it, man," said Toberk quietly.
Tanasril looked up with venom in his eyes. "You are right, archer. I must. But you will pay, for this. All of you will gasp and groan. If not you, than your descendants. I shall track your heirs to the fourteenth generation, and I will avenge my work!" He stood. He stretched out his hands. Then the awful words burst forth, words of corruption and defilement, of torture and foul magic. As the incantation went on, the archmage's voice become wracked with sorrow. Still the tones continued, though it seemed as though becoming more wholesome. Finally, the spell drew near a close. The remaining aergoblins, Eldwarves, and neowolves with bathed in a fluctating green light - all except for the gibbering Devit, and his followers. The final note was reached. The teratogenitor screamed in mental agony, and the subjects of his spellcasting screamed as their bodies shifted forms. Then, there was silence. The archmage's crooked shoulders slumped.
"It is done," he sighed wearily. "And now I am free to go." It was indeed done: the aergoblins had wings no longer, the good citizens of Windhaven stared in awed gratitude at their bare skin, covered only by rags of clothing, and the Eldwarves were no more - some were pure Dwarf, weeping as they felt their ears, and others were pure Elf, and they gnashed their teeth as they rubbed their chins.
"You are free," replied Wodenthall heavily. "Guards, release him!" The teratogenitor, after giving the Baron and his brother one last hate-filled glance, and after spitting a curse at the royal siblings, lurched off in the direction of his escaping slaves.
"And now," said the Emperor, "time to deal with the traitors." The weeping Devit was pushed forward, as was the unyielding Thaman.
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 3:00 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Then out of the shadows stepped a man. His cloak was tattered and blood covered his cloak, face, and hands.
"Warder!" exclaimed Alhana.
The Rekc'Art looked at the young queen and smiled grimly, Well, girl, I see you've done well."
"What happened?"
The Rekc'Art replied, "Draskar. I was going to continue to help in the fight the Verm when Draskar confronted me. You will no longer have to worry about Draskar for a while. Though he is not dead, I managed to break his power. It's possible the power will return, but not in the magnitude that it was. Draskar was the Rekc'Dar, leader of the Rekc'Art order. Now, he is nothing and I hold the Rekc'Dar Staff now."
The Emperor of D'Tar Mordin stepped forward, "What about the Rekc'Art? Will you rebuild the order?"
Warder looked at the Emperor, "I don't know. I have many things to do. Many things..."
And without turning back, Warder the Rekc'Art turned and disappeared into the shadows.
"An interesting man," commented the Emperor. "A very interesting and dangerous man."

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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 5:24 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Alhana, Jager, Tarmyln, as well as the rest of the young queen's council were there. She was regarding Thaman coldly, refusing to even look at Devit.
"What did you hope would come to you of this?" she asked, her voice having an edge as sharp as her sword in it. "Surely you didn't hope to be king? Who would respect you? The people here love me, as I them. My family has taken care of theirs for years! They would rebell against you. These people are smart - did you hope to fool them with some story of a noble death of mine, naming you king? Who in their right mind would beleive that?" Thaman snarled at her. "I-" Alhana held up a hand, silencing him.
"You said before that you would be known as the savior of Magicum. The savior - by murdering me? By handing mine and my friend's lives to the archmage? Who would call you their savior? The palace is already half destroyed. Buildings beyond count have collapsed. Still more have been damaged. It is a wonder there are people still alive. Who would call you Savior?" she demanded. Thaman said nothing, only glared venomously at her. Alhana nodded her head grimly.
"Baron Daric Thaman, you are hereby stripped of your rank and title, you lands and servants. You are exiled from this thriving kingdom of Magicum. If you are ever found here, you will taken prisoner, and taken before myself and my council. We will give you fair trial. If you are found guilty of breaking the law I set upon you, you will be executed." Thaman's face was pale. Magicum was one of the strongest and most beautiful kingdoms in Ardania. Some say it was as bad as death to be exiled. "Take him away," Alhana told a guard. "He will be held in prison until tomarrow, when he will be given food, money, and clothes." The guard led him away.
Tarmyln, who was standing next to her, bent down slightly to talk to her.
"You are generous, young queen. Putting him in exile means he can come back with an army."
"As you said, emperor, I am generous. I do not fear him. Perhaps that is a weakness, but I think that when the rest of Ardania hears this tale, he will not be able to find an army." Tarmyln nodded. Alhana turned her attention to the weeping Devit. Her face softened somewhat, and she sighed.
What can I do with him? It seems he's been through hell already. What more can I do to him? Alhana crossed her arms as she thought.
What will I do with him...
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 2:24 am    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Devit, as if reading her thoughts, whined still more piteously.
"Please, spare me!" he cried. "I had no choice! I was forced! I, I, I tried not to hurt anyone! Don't kill me-"
"Why should we not, coward?" snarled Juster. Though his eyes were no longer golden but a pale blue, they still burned with a fierce hatred. Even though he had were a few bits of clothing, he still looked more menacing than the prostrate neowolf. "You betrayed us. Oh, you fought the aergoblins when they first attacked, though you stayed well away from danger. But later! In that cavern! He offered you command, and you accepted! And when we escaped, did you come with us? No, you stayed with that man, who destroyed us beyond hope of salvation, and who would have worked his foul arts on these poeple! You deserve death!"
"Deserve death?" said Wodenthall gently. "I daresay the wretch does. Tanasril deserved death. But he was set free. Why? Because Alhana gave her word. Those pitiful creatures-" the Baron pointed at the distraught Elves and Dwarves who had once made up Tanasril's engineer corps- "will be set free, because we cannot kill prisoners in cold blood. As for Devit, and his fellows" (for three other neowolves were left as well) "they will be set free. Their sins were cowardice and greed, and overweening ambition. These sins are in all of us, my cousin. Do we deserve death? Perhaps. Do they deserve death? Perhaps. But the gods in their mercy have seen fit to give us life. Would you, guided by your desire for revenge, do less?"
"I am no traitor!" snarled Juster.
"No," said Wodenthall. "But there are other crimes. Have you never done wrong, and repented?"
"His repentance is false!"
"Maybe, but who are we, to judge the soul of another? And he has done penance enough, and penance more will do."
Juster's face lighted with a sudden understanding. "Yes," he whispered. "I have been lycanthrope for so short a while. But he will be one forever."
"Then you withdraw your claims to justice?" demanded Alhana.
"They are already satisfied," replied Juster.
"Spoken like a true Silveredge," observed Toberk.
"Then, Devit," said Alhana compassionately, "I grant you your life."
"Oh, thank you, Your Majesty!" Devit rose to his knees. "How can I repay you? Surely there is some service I can do?"
"Not for me." Alhana smiled. "But perhaps you could help the Dryads. They have suffered from the war. You could help repair the damage. Besides, in your current form, I think you and your companions would be happier away from men."
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 10:34 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign II Reply with quote Back to top

Nearly an hour later, after Devit had been led to the Dryad Forest, and the others had gone to help repair the damage, Alhana was seated in her study, her brother, Darius, and Alcarioth around her. Alhana sighed, staring out the window.
"Did I do the right thing, my friends?" she asked quietly. The others were at a loss for words. Alhana sighed again.
"Never mind, I don't beed an answer. But I can't help but wonder...we let what was possibly the strongest mage in Ardania and Magicum's biggest enemy walk free. You can beleive he wont be gratefull. We made him reverse the spell holding his creations together. I shudder to think what he could do - would do - if he were able to get a learger army. Some of his creations got away as well. This could start a new threat to the kingdom." Her face drained of color. "What have I done?" she whispered. Jager was the first to assure her.
"You did the right thing, my Sister. You showed compassion to even your enemy. I can imagine no greater ruler than yourself."
"He speaks the truth, Your Highness - Alhana," Darius told he fervently. "The people loved you; they love you still. This proves your greatness; even through times of war, your people have relied on you."
Alhana sighed again. "Thank you for the compliments. Wich reminds me, I'll have to give a speech to thank the people, as well as His Imperial Majesty. Jager, would you help me to write it?"
"Certainly." The advisor and his son left with a bow.
"Are you allright, Alhana?" Jager asked, concerned.
"How "allright" could I be? I've just let our greatest enemy get away."
"You did the right thing, Alhana. No ruler is as compassionate as you."
Alhana turned her back on him, looking out the window.
"Do you remember father?" she asked quietly. "Or mother?"
Jager was silent a moment. "A little."
Alhana laughed lightly. "I remember father teaching Mother tried to teach us the Magic...But I was such a horrible student for her, just as you were horrible at swordplay." She grinned at the thought. "You should be a mage. You'd be good."
"I suppose. You're already a warrior?"
"Yes. Been one for a few years now." She tried to quiet a sob. "I miss them," she whispered. Jager walked over to her and embraced her.
"Don't cry," he whispered. Then he laughed.
"What's so funny?" Alhana demanded. "And I'm not crying."
It was a moment before Jager could talk again for his mirth. "I've been denied my right as "Older Brother" for at least thirteen years now. And, suddenly, only the first day I've met up with you, I've taken that responsibility back again. It's great." Alhana laughed as well.
"I'm glad you're happy."
"Come on. Let's go."
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The Archmage

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An excerpt from Warder: Guardian of Ardania by Regigaest the Scholar

"I confronted Warder, asking him about the experience. I knew that there was more to the story that what he told the humans. I knew that because it was during this time that Warder freed us from that god-forsaken globe. I finally managed to get the story out him: the story of what had happened that fateful time when the Verm was loose on Ardania and monsters crawled the lands. That day that Warder disappeared. I knew that this was the only time he would tell it so I hastily took notes. So here it is, told in full, the story:"

After finding the traces of the Verm, I knew that Draskar must have freed it. There was no alternative. There were only two people at the time that had that kind of power, for the other Rekc'Art were of course still trapped in the globe that the treacherous Draskar had designed. And since I hadn't done anything to wake the creature, I knew that it must have been Draskar. I was determined to find the monster and destroy it. Then I would return to deal with Draskar. Foolish I know...going to fight that Verm, but I had no choice at the time. But as I was tracking, Draskar appeared. I cannot tell if it was an accident or intentional, but he appeared in front of me. I raised my staff to defend myself. The Traitor laughed.
"Well, well, well... My old friend Warder. It's been a while, hasn't it?"
"You have no idea how eager I was to meet with you again, traitor," I replied.
"Traitor? I'm the Traitor now, huh, old boy? Fitting name. It has a nice ring to it."
"You freed the cursed Verm, Traitor. Why? Did you forget what it caused before?" I asked. You might find it interesting that we weren't fighting, but as you know Draskar and I always had a "proper" way of doing things. The fighting would come later.
"Actually, I didn't intend too, old friend. Oh, yes, the Rekc'Dar does make mistakes."
"Like taking the Staff-"
"Oh, you don't want to get into that discussion again, do you? Such a boring discussion, wouldn't you agree?"
"Shuttup!" I snarled. I was through talking. It was time.
"Testy, testy. Deep breath. Don't want to over excite yourself, do you?"
"The only time I'll over excite myself is when your treacherous body is laying under my feet!" I retorted. He laughed of course and raised the Rekc'Dar staff at me.
Then we were gone. We landed in the Tower. Why, have yet to figure out. What Draskar's motives were, I have yet to determine. Perhaps to show me that he was in control. I don't know. As it will turn out, it would be is most fatal mistake. If we had fought in the forest, the outcome would have been drastically different.
Anyway, we started to fight as only Rekc'Art could fight. Complex spells and simple spells were used. I realized suddenly why my Master had us learn those silly spells. They were indeed the foundation for the more complex ones. I won't go into great details on the battle itself for I cannot remember. It was more my reflexes that were fighting that my mind.
However, as we fought I became extremely tired. The power of Rekc'Dar Staff was indeed strong. And powerful. I knew that I couldn't last long.
Then I saw it. The globe. It was sitting on a podium in the corner of the room. An idea began to shape itself into my mind perhaps...
Too late. One of Draskar's lightning shards smashed into my chest. I fell the ground. The pain was intolerable. I nearly died right then and there except for an inner will. I grabbed my staff, dodged another shard and send on of my own magic bolts directly at...the globe. It was my only hope. My hope what the globe would shatter. It would have except that Draskar screamed in horror at what I had done. He lunged at the globe and caught it. He touched the globe. The very globe that held the other Rekc'Art in it. He gasped in astonishment at what he had done. Anyone who touched the globe part, would be placed in the globe...and the ones inside would be freed.
"No!" he snarled. "Noooooo...."
Gone is Draskar now. I told the humans that he power has been hasn't. But he has. Draskar is gone now. And you, Regigaest, were freed along with the rest of my order. I took the Rekc'Dar Staff then, and became the Rekc'Dar, leader of the Rekc'Art. Draskar is gone, but there is much work to do, like I told the humans. I must now fix that Draskar had done to the Tower and the balance of magic. Much work, I told the humans. Must work indeed.

"And that is the story...short, I know, but it does shed some light on what happened. We of course excepted Warder as the Rekc'Dar, which is excepted, but only at our strong influence. Ahh... The Tower is in good hands once more. But like Warder said, there is much work to do..."

The globe was were Draskar trapped all the other Rekc'Art using the powerful magic. More details are in The Sovereign.
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Tanasril plunged through the undergrowth of the forest like a falling boulder. He mumbled to himself about the revenge he would extract from that pitiful town. The accursed, treacherous binding spell could not hold him forever. He would break it. Every so often he would glance up at the sky, looking for signs of Grannok or another aergoblin. While he was such engaged, he caught sight of a shadow moving through the treetops. He stopped.
"Show yourself, whatever you be!" he snapped impatiently. He did not have the time to waste on some foolish denizen of these woods.
"You!" snarled a figure as it landed on the path. It was a fearsome looking man, with a long curved blade held in a tight two-handed grip and a mad fire in his eyes. "You're the teratogenitor, aren't you? Don't try to deny it! You created that Thing! You are responsible for destroying my army!" He swung the sword over his head. Tanasril put up an arm to shield himself. The man brought the blade flashing down. Tanasril lowered the arm, ignoring the wound which cut to the bone.
"Who are you, boy?" he cackled. "Am I to be waylaid by an insane ruffian? Has the law of this precious realm fallen so far?"
"No ruffian," growled the man, raising the sword again. "I am Dragun, the Conqueror, and you shall die for creating that worm!"
"Worm!" howled the old hunchback with maniacal laughter as he dodged back from the sword. "The Verm, you mean! Yes, I created it, and I'm glad it did something useful before it died! I don't give two pins for your army, fool, but if you persist in delaying me, I shall take great delight in killing you!"
"You kill me?" Dragun gave a ragged laugh of his own. "You ancient wreck!"
Before he could say more, Tanasril was on him, hands around his throat.
"Ancient wreck, am I?" he snarled. "Not so much a wreck as my army, which lays scattered at the doorstep of that brat's kingdom. Revenge is it, you seek? But my revenge would have been far sweeter, and it was denied me. But it will not be denied me again!"
"Wait!" gasped the man, struggling now to keep the madman's hands from his throat. "You say - that Thing - is dead?"
"Killed by that brat and her allies," confirmed the archmage, squeezing tighter. "And I can assure you, I was not responsible for freeing my Verm. It wrecked my own camp, though poor Garelstramin drove it off before too much harm was done." Suddenly Dragun succeeded, throwing Tanasril away from him. Both men stood.
"Perhaps I was wrong in hunting you," murmured the man.
"Perhaps," replied the archmage. "I bear you no personal animosity. But I am in a hurry. Stand aside now, or I will kill you."
"I think not," said Dragun, retrieving his sword. "You took me by surprise before. But maybe there is no need. I am destitute now. You have robbed me of my one purpose in life. The Verm is dead, and I will not kill you now. And I have no idea where this 'Draskar' may be found. So, I think I might be willing to take up with you. I do not know, however."
"Follow me," ordered Tanasril. He found the sword's point at his throat.
"Don't try to command me, mage. I am not your slave now, nor will I ever be."
"All right, all right," said Tanasril irritably, pushing away the blade. "But you would be best advised to follow me to my minions' camp. There you may think matters over."
"We'll see," muttered the pirate darkly. "I am not a fool."

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Life slowly returned to normal in the twin realms of Magicum and the Dryad Forest. Erriathrillia set her Forest to rights, healing the damage wrought by the wanton aergoblins and Eldwarves. She also took special care with the five battered neowolves, who had indeed been truly reformed, and now helped her faithfully. Alhana, aided by Alcarioth and Wodenthall, restoered her ruined city. As a reward for the long and steady service of his family to hers, Alhana awarded the Royal Advisor with the confiscated lands and title of Baron Daric Thaman. Thaman's Point was duly renamed by its new Baron; Alcarioth called it Alhania in gratitude to his Sovereign.
"It makes me feel most peculiar," objected the Queen.
"But, Your Majesty," said Alcarioth in wheedling tones, "your name will thus be preserved for all ages."
"He does have a point, sister," said Jager, grinning.
The next year was one of many weddings. In the forest, the redeemed Devit wedded the fallen ex-Paladin Ursula, by the power of Sylvestra. They took "Magisraen" as their surname, to show his undying gratitude to the Queen's family. Alhana herself was married - to Darius. As the happy father said, "My boy, when I die you will hold three titles: Baron of Alhania, Royal Advisor, and Prince consort!" word also came to them from D'Tar Mordin that Tarmyln had also married, and that the Imperial line was in no danger of dying.
Be all that as it may, shadows still loomed. Both the Conqueror and the teratogenitor were at large in the world, and their power steadily grew. Even more threatening, if they had known it in Magicum, were the events in the nearby kingdom of Ferring.
"A visitor to see the General," announced a herald stiffly, saluting. General Thaman was still consolidating his hold on the city of Ferringburg, and he enforced a stern discipline.
"Who is it?" he demanded.
"He claims relation to you, sir!"
"Send him in!" The guards hastily threw back the doors, and in walked an emaciated man. He still stood straight as a board, though, and his face was proud.
"Cousin," he said, neglecting to bow. "I am Daric Thaman, late of the realm of Magicum."
"What are you doing here?"
"I was exiled when I tried to save my country from destruction. I will tell you the details later. Suffice it to say that the honour of our family has been insulted. Cousin, when I heard of your victory here, my heart rejoiced. Here is a chance to avenge our name, and bring the Thamans to their rightful place in Ardania!"
"Indeed." The General rose from his throne. "Come, Cousin Daric. We shall discuss these matters further in private."

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