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The Prophecies of Taldedrin

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Cry In The Night

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“Damnit to hell!” Iathu cursed as he urged his horse on in its gallop. He knew Thunk was tired, but he had to be hard on the horse, he had to be hard on himself. He was so close now, so close to his goal. Only another half day, and his journey would be over, another right in front of it.

He’d been on the road for four days now, pushing his horse hard, sleeping little, only long enough for his stallion to regain lost strength. It had been a hard road, this was the first space between the rains since he had started out from Ficsher’s Point.


He thought back to four days ago, He had been out in the fields, his muscles already up to a healthy heat, when he’d been called in by his wife.

When he’d entered the house, he’d found the chancellor, and his old friend Etelm Danvorest, sitting there sipping tea. “Etelm my old friend, what is it you wish of me?” He said it somewhat gruffly. He had, after all, been pulled from his work.

The old man eyed him, studying his expression, “Uessa my dear, would you excuse us?” he said, turning in the direction of Iathu’s wife, “I’m afraid I must speak with your husband in private.”

Uessa curtsied her way out the door. “Well,” Iathu mumbled, “what is it?”

“Ia, my friend, I-We, the council, need you to take a message to Mayhew.”

“Mayhew,” Iathu said flatly, “Is a seven day trip.” Why would I take a seven day trip to deliver a message?”

“Because, I am asking you too, and I am telling you; this is a very important message. It must reach the council of Mayhew as fast as possible.” The man held Iathu’s gaze, his eyes pleaded, and demanded at the same time.

Iathu sighed, he knew his old friend would not ask this of him if it were not exceedingly important. “When do you need me to go?”


He was now a half day from Mayhew, and cursing every mile between him and his destination. He had not been told what was in the letter, and it was sealed. He didn’t care, he would know at least what he had removed him from his fields. On the first night, he used a hot knife to open the seal and read the letter.

Since that time, he had been pushing Thunk harder than he ever had before.He was going to make record time to Mayhew, he had to, the message had to get there very soon.

Councillors of Mayhew

April 12, 347

Sirs, I write this letter in the hopes it reaches you in time, the town of Ficsher’s Point has come under the eye of an unknown force. No one here yet knows save the town council. We know not the size, disposition, or origin of this force, only that messengers have been sent here to demand a surrender and submission to the armies rule.

We have stalled them, saying we must take time to consider, they have given us fifteen days. The people of the town do not yet know of this threat, and they shall not for ten days. Fear breads panic, and panic is the enemy of these situations. I bid you send help immediately, lest the town of Ficsher’s Point be lost to this unknown force.

First Chancellor,
Etelm Danvorest.

Cursing the distance before him, Iathu urged Thunk on.
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