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Raistlin Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Things in Ardania were not as the once were. In that sense, goblin stronghold could not be expected to be the same. They had evolved, of course, thanks to their hostil takeover. Instead of numerous movable encampments, the goblins had creted several castles for themselves, thanks to the intelligence of captured architects.
A pair of murky green eyes stared out a window in one such building. These eyes were odd in several ways. For one, they were youthful, yet held the wisdom of many years. For another, their was no pupil. There was only green, surrounded by white.
Attatched to those eyes was the rest of a young, lithe, feminine body. Her hair was like liquid, dark in colouir. In the right light, it took on a green hue. Similarly, her skin was a soft, milky shade, and seemed comlpletely normal; until it was examined more closely, when one would notice a shimmering green tint.
The rest of her features were near perfection: long lashes, delicate and refined nose and cheekbones, full lips - she was a site to turn any man's head.
Her eyes left the view her window provided, turning to ovserve the speaker of her name. She said nothing but strode forward to greet the goblin shamman and champion.
"You have an assignment," the champion growled. He recived a reproachful look from his companion. The magic-user continued, sounding gentler even in their rough language. "A slave caravan never reached it's destination point - niether of the expected routes. A scout heard commotion in the pass in the Hellfires, near an old castle. He did not investigate further."
"Bleeding coward,"
The champion muttered. "He's been delt with."
The chaman continurf as uf uninterupted. "Grum-Gog has determined that you shall be the one to search."
Placing her hands on her thighs, she bowed low to the goblins. "As Grum-gog wishes," she murmered.

She halted her horse by the pass; there were bloodstains and the remnants of bodies that had obviously been attacked by wild monsters.
a normal young woman may have cringed away from such a sight, or been horrified. She only surveyed the ground with a cool, detatched eye. The horse was skittich, and she took a tighter hold on the reigns, wheeling him about.
Leaning low over her ride, she urged him forward, toward the abandoned castle. Dismounting, she ducked her head and hunched her shoulders, shooting fearful - perhaps even terrified - glances over her shoulders. Delicate, triangular ears covered by her dark hair, she moved meekly forwad.
"H-hello?" she called, the picture of innocent beauty. "is - is anyone hear? Please, I'm lost..." She trailed off, shivering. Closing her odd eyes, she leaned against a wall, as if trying to keep from sobbing.
In truth, Kari Watertreader was only an actress - she felt no emotion. The was routine, and likely to be borning. these assignments usually were.
Technically speaking, Kari was only twelve, by Ardanian years. She'd been found near the beginning of the goblins's reaign, al,ost seven years before. She'd looked five, then; now she had the body of a woman in her mid-twenties, and the mentality of one much older.
she had been detatched since the beginning - she had helped the goblins win many a battle, but only the priveleged few knew of her existence. she was, afterall, thier secret weapon. And what good was a secret weapon if it wasn't kept secret? Kari felt little, because to feel emotion would mean madness. she had lured many men to their death - she manipulated them, toyed with them until she was the object of their affection. she made them love her, and without detatchment, she'd have fallen in love many thousand times over, only to see them die.
Because, the secret that the goblins played closest to their chests was race. Kari Watertreader, the woman of otherwordly beauty, was a Siren. It was a secret the goblins kept even from Jari herself.
sliding down the wall, the young woman held herself tightly, and began to hum. the melody was soft, and utterly wonderful to hear. It had lured many males to their final resting beds.
but Kari had her own secret. From her place on the cold floor, she wondered - not for the first time - what it was like to love. Though she had been taught and conditioned, all through the period of her swift growing stage to keep herself distanced, she had made the effort to fall in love with one of her masculine puppets. When she had failed - the first time she could remember failing - she'd given up totally, submitting to her teaching completely.
The humming of the unknowing Siren faded sweetly, and she felt a shiver crawl down her spine.
"Please," she whispered. "Help me."
Raistlin Majere, Archmagus of the Hourglass Eyes

I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment. - Raistlin Majere
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 PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

It was a dark cool evening in the forests south of the Hellfire mountains. deep in these forests was a small Elven village that included a trading post, a large Rouges' Home, a lounge, and much Elven housing. A small army of Barbarians, Dwarves, and Rangers were slowly creeping in on this settlement brandishing their weapons with battle on their mind.

The Elves died first. The Men and Dwarves split up and silently murdered the Elves one by one in their sleep. Drovin, the leader of the group, wore an evil grin on his face the entire time. Within half an hour, all the sleeping Elves were dead. The group then moved on to the lounge, and they opened the door to find many elves, a couple of scruffy men, and even a few goblins. They had been drinking and playing Skibs, an Elven gambling game that involved tricking the other players into betting too much. But all turned their heads at the intrusion. The goblins and men panicked and ran, but all were shot down by the Rangers. Some Elves attempted to fight back, but were killed easily. The lounge was ransacked and all the alchohol was taken. The trading post was found undefended and all the potions were taken for later use.

The last building was the Rouges' hideout, but all the fighting in the lounge had woke the men. They braced the doors and pointed their crossbows out of the windows on the second floor. An attack could be very dangerous, so Drovin called out to the inhabitants.

"Surrender now and we will lead you South to a land of gold."

A shout came from the building: "We will not surrender our cause to you and your imperialist beliefs!"

Drovin shook his head. He couldn't believe that men would join the side of the goblins. He ordered an advance on the building, and as they marched foward a barbarian was shot in the chest and knocked back, unconscious. It was a good thing they had found those potions. Just as they were about to tear down the door, they heard yelling from inside the building and thuds. A white flag then protruded from the window formerly sporting a crossbow. The door opened and a man exited with his hands on his head.

"I surrender to your cause, whatever it might be, under one condition: You must not ask questions of my life before serving you. The other men are tied up in a closet on the second floor."

Drovin welcomed the man and told him he was to join them in celebration. There was a great party with much drinking and dancing. All the buildings excepting the Rouge's home, for it was where the prisoners were held, were burned. A couple Rangers grumbled a bit about this, but no one else was bothered. Drovin didn't partake in the celebration, for he didn't drink. He guarded the prisoners and watched the burning Elven bungalows with a smile across his face. Little did he know that this burning would be his undoing.
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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

"Ach, that's a sight ye don't see every day," whispered the Dwarf watchman to his elven companion.
"Or every night," he agreed.
"what're we to do? We can't just leave her there!"
"No," answered the Elf dreamily. The Dwarf snorted.
"Now, don't go faling in love, pointy-ears. You go tell the Captain, and I'll make sure nothing happens to her."
"If you say so." The Elf gazed longingly at the young woman, sighed, and turned to go."

"Well, what's this?" Kentarra turned away from the crack. "A maiden wandering alone in the pass?"
"It is unusual," admitted the Elf, "but she's so beautiful. You can't just let her die."
"Quiel's right," grunted the Dwarf. "While it's probably a trap, it wouldn't be right to leave her."
Kentarra laughed softly. "Oh, I'm not worried. What harm can a girl do us, even if she is a Goblin spy? If I allow her in, she'll never leave to report our location. She'd better have some skills, though. I can't be burdened with a useless female."
"If she survived in the wilderness for any time at all, she can't be totally helpless," the Dwarf pointed out. Kentarra nodded.
"Right. Well, here goes."

The girl -- or rather, young woman -- glanced up as he kicked a stone across the rubble-strewn courtyard.
"Hello," he said. "May I ask what you're doing up here?"
She stared at him, frightened. "What - ?"
"I mean, it's not exactly safe." He smiled down at her, his hand on his sword. "And you don't look exactly like a hero."
"Who ... who are you?" she whispered.
"My name's Kentarra. And yours?"
"Kari." She gazed at him, and sighed. "Kari Watertreader. I'm - "
"Whoa there, not so fast," laughed Kentarra. "You shouldn't pass out your name so freely. I might be a greenskin spy."
"What if you were? I could hardy be worse off. Lost, alone -- being captured or killed is preferable to wandering foodless and shelterless."
"Uh." Kentarra drew his sword. The girl -- or young woman -- flinched, but he pretended to ignore her. He examined his blade minutely. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, I doubt if you'll be killed here. Captured? That's another thing entirely."
"Oh?" she said, her voice faltering.
Kentarra threw back his head and laughed. Then he fixed his eyes on hers. "Don't sound so frightened, girl. I'm not a Goblin spy, but a Goblin hunter. Welcome to Drusael's Company. I hope you can stand living with Elves and Dwarves, 'cause I'm the only human here, and you'll be staying for some time."
"Death awaits you!" - Maester Seymour, from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X[i]
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Raistlin Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

"the Drusael Company." The murmered words were more for Kari herself than any other. What good was a spy with no memory? The young woman stood, slowly, brushing herself off. The dark blue dress she wore rippled around her, flowing. It fit her well, bu was not made for shielding against the cold. A matching coat covered her arms; but it, too, was not made for riding in mountain passes.
shivering again, Kari wrapped her arms around herself. The Siren opened her mouth, about to offer words of gratitude when the first howl could be heard. eyes widening, Kari turned to face the entrance, tripping over herself in the process. Tumbling backward, she caught herself on Kentarra. Instead of apologizing and stepping away, she leaned into him, afraid.
More howls joined the first, and a whinny could be heard from outside. The horse had turned and fled at the first sign of danger.
Kentarra reached across to shove the woman back. "If you can't fight, stay out of the way," he said gruffly. Sword already drawn, the man was joined b his companions. Among the many glances she was used to getting, one elf in particular seemed intent on her. when he caught her eye, the maile smiled dreamily, trying to tell her with his expressions that they would be alright.
Kari turned back to face the exit, hiding behind the himan. Growling and snarls could be heard, and the heroes advanced. the young woman drew a dagger that had been hidden in her boot. Her hand shook, and it seemed the weapon would fall from her numb fingers.
Of course, she was not truly afraid. The monsters - the "wild" vargs - were right on time. They were savage, dangerous beasts, but if this 'company,' as Kentarra called it, could be brought down by the animals, they were not worth her time. And of course, she could always lull the animals to sleep to save her own neck.
when the vargs at last pawed their way through the entry Kari had taken, the group leapt to meet them. Axes and swords flashed, bows twanging from nearby. One particularly brave varg had made a dash around the melle combatants, dodging arrows aimed it's way - and leapt for Kari. Her elven admirer lifted his bow and brought it down barely a foot from her. Taking up a stance next to her, the elf smiled, continuing to shoot. He was showing off for her. It was annoying.
But annoying or not, it did the trick. What was left of the pack had turned and fled. Trembling, Kari backed away from the dead monsters. This time she would feign a delicate horror at the site of blood.
"th-thank you," she stuttered, looking at each hero individually. The dagger had indeed fallen from her fingers during the fight, it's clatter unheard. Now she knelt to retrieve it. The knife was carefully unadorned; a simple blade, with an equally simple hilt. It had, however, been carefully crafter, madr for her hands. It was only a minute detail.
the Siren turned to the elf, still shaking. "I - I owe you my life."
Raistlin Majere, Archmagus of the Hourglass Eyes

I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment. - Raistlin Majere
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 PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Kentarra stood upon one leg, leaning on his sword, and observed the courtyard battlefield. It was littered with lupine corpses. Not a one of his own men were dead, but there was still time for that. Some of the Vargs had escaped. Sighing, he turned and observed the Elf and the strange woman. He blinked; for an instance, he could have sworn that the maiden's skin was tinged green, as though the moonlight and the nearness of the blue-skinned Elf had brought it out. But the impression left him, and he shook himself.
The impression, however, that the Elf and the woman were needlessly chummy did not escape. Quelling a strange surge of anger, he gestured the Elf over to him. Reluctantly, he came over.
"You, and you," said Kentarra, pointed at the fastest of the Dwarves, "will come with me. We can't take the chance that those were wild Vargs. We have to track them down before they can report to the greenskins."
"Why do I have to go?" asked the Elf, his melodious voice sulky. "someone else - "
"Oh, you're going, all right," answered Kentarra sharply, glancing darkly at the trembling woman. He made a note to ask her how she had survived in the wilderness when she could not even stand the sight of blood. "Drommel can take care of her."
The Elf muttered something inaudible. Kentarra rolled his eyes, thn turned nd vaulted over a pile of dead vargs and out the unstable arch of the castle gate. The Elf and Dwarf followed.

The hunt was over quickly. Some of the Vargs had been wounded, leaving a trail of blood behind them; this Kentarra easily picked up. The few remaining Vargs were nothing of a problem, and Kentarra and his little were just heading back for their base when they heard the jingle of chains.
"Hmm," said Kentarra, observing a faint flush above the eastern shoulder of the pass. "Looks like we're getting an early start."
"Goblins," growled the Dwarf, taking a firmer grip o his axe.
"They shan't get by me," vowed the Elf. Kentarra glanced at him, noted the dreamy look, and rolled his eyes again.
"Right. Well, remember no Goblin lives, and the slaves join us or die."

The Goblins were arguing -- as Goblins are wont -- over whether they should continue travelling during daylight, or camp. The prisoners looked on, half-asleep and not caring.
"Why don't you make camp?" interjected a new voice into the debate. "Permanently."
The Goblins looked up, annoyed, and saw Kentarra smiling at them. One, a Goblin whose skin was more grey than green and whose hair looked like silver wire, turned n even paler shade.
"Its 'im!" he croaked. "The Goblin Hunter! 'E'll kill us all!"
"Right the first time." Kentarra swung his sword up, and charged them. There were but ten, and one was already dead with Quiel's blue-feathered arrow in his heart. The other Goblins, except for the old one, attacked Kentarra in a swarm, but were all slain with two slashes of the human's scimitar. Then the last one fell, a dagger protruding from its back.
"A Cultist?" Kentarra asked the dagger.
"No," said a strange voice. Kentarra turned, and out from among the mass of slaves there emerged a wild figure. Covered in leaves and tangles of thorn-rent thread, the apparition carried another dagger poised to throw and a strange gleam in his eye. "I am Uther, a Ranger."
"Well, Uther the Ranger," said Kentarra pleasantly, leaning on his sword, "how would you like to join me and kill Goblins?"
"I would be delighted," answered the wild Ranger. He chuckled eerily. Kentarra ignored him and turned to the wretched band of slaves, this time human.
"That offer goes for you, too," he said. "Join up, if you want to kill greenskins!"
He was met with a cheer. As noted earlier, the humans had not taken well to enslavement.
"Good," he said, nodding. "Hert! Come over here and break these chains!"
The Dwarf trotted over and demolished the iron restraints with several blows from his axe. Then he produced a whetstone, and began re-honing the blade.
"Right," said Kentarra, "back to the castle. I hope you'll all adapt."
"Death awaits you!" - Maester Seymour, from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X[i]

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 PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

The celebration after the elves' slaughter lasted well through the night, but eventually everyone calmed themselves and went to rest up for the journey of the next day. No doubt a goblin war party would soon pass through here and be enraged at the destruction of their outpost. Drovin was satisfied though, and not worried the least bit. He let a barbarian take over guard duty over the rogues after a couple hours and fell into a deep sleep on some softer grass under a tree.

He dreamt of an army of goblins laughing and dancing and chatting endlessly in the despicable goblin language. He saw a map on the wall with tiny moving dots: green, red, black, blue, grey, and brown. The grey and red were running into one another and disappearing, and with every one of these there was a shout of approval. He dreamed of an old fortress that flooded men outwards. These armed men marched unknowingly out off a cliff, falling to their deaths. He dreamed of the hellfire mountains. Within these mountains there was great work being done. Something was building, growing, coming to power. But just as he was about to see what it was, Drovin was awoken by a wide-eyed ranger.

"Sir Drovin! I have terrible news! I was out scouting out the area to see the best way to travel southwards when I spyed a very large group of Goblins. There were over fifty foot soldiers not including five overlords. They're definately straight on the way here and will be here within the hour."

Drovin was shocked and enraged.

"Which of you let a goblin escape from the camp! I gave specific orders that no one was to survive!"

"I don't believe it was a runaway that lured the army, I believe it was the smoke from the burning buildings."

Furious and flustered, Drovin noticed his mistake. He had been so intent on a huge victory that he overlooked a huge signal that practically was a neon sign to the goblins. He knew he couldn't take the casualties that such a battle would cost. They would have to retreat. But an army of goblins would easily track down and catch up to an army of Dwarves and Barbarians! How could he get this army to safety without being caught by the goblins?

It was then that Drovin looked up to see the large Rogues Guild in front of him. It gave him an idea. It was a longshot, but it was an idea. He called the army together and instructed them to take the rogues' arrows and stick them in trees and in the ground around the camp. They dug under the rubble of the burnt bodies for unscathed bodies. These were dragged out and planted with arrows. Drovin went into the guild and unbound the rogues. He told them they were free to go as long as they stayed in the building until the army left. For some insurance a ranger used a special mixture to mortar the door with that kept it shut while looking like there is nothing wrong with it. Drovin heard a yell come from inside the building,

"We know of the evil you have bred in the north; You are foolish to think your intent will go as planned!"

Anger welled up inside the Dwarf, but he held back. They would be dead in a matter of minutes anyways.

The dwarves and men rushed out of the town very quickly, and mere seconds after the last ranger left the clearing, the first goblin entered it. Drovin and his company moved on hearing the shrieks of bloodlust from the goblins and then human screams of agony. The rogues were paying for the party's sins. The plan had worked perfectly, and now they were on their way to find the great river to Lormidia.
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 PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 4:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Taron approached the abandoned castle wearily. It seemed a bit to out in the open for any hide away's home base. A women came out shakily.
Taron straightened himself. This women was beautiful. She somehow managed to look very unruffled despite the chaos in the world.
"Oh I'm sorry. I was looking for a friend. His name is Kentarra."
"He lives here. He was kind enough to let me stay with him."
A strange sense of jealousy washed through.
"I'm sure he won't mind if I let you in," she said gesturing him inside.
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The company fled through the forest, making as little noise as possible. The rangers made it their duty to cover their tracks, making sure the path created by a couple dozen men and dwarves lumbering in flight through a forest was as inconspicuous as possible. They didn't speak a word for hours, just kept pressing on. They were never entirely sure that they were safe, what if the goblins found that they had been tricked? Surely they would be able to track down the party and a deadly battle would ensue. So they pushed on until finally a ranger said it was all madness and that they needed to stop to rest. Drovin thought this was a relief. Though he had not spoken out, he was very tired. He sat down under a large skeletal tree that wound up around itself until it touched the sky. It was here that the old predicament came back into Drovin's mind: Where in Ardania were they? Though he refused to admit it, he was lost. He vividly remembered the river they were to follow running through the forest, but as of yet they could not find it. They had been serching for very long too, but still no sign of the river. He couldn't afford to get lost on this trip and accidentally stumble into the wrong area and be attacked by something even more dangerous than goblins.

Chon the Victorious must have have sensed the internal struggles inside Drovin, for he took a seat next to him and stared off into the treetops. Though he said nothing, it was reassuring to know this powerful leader was by his side. Drovin had almost opened his mouth for some small talk when a Ranger appeared in front of him with news.

"In scouting the surrounding area I have found the edge of the forest. It lay not an hour's walk south of here," The ranger motioned behind him, "I believe you will be delighted at what you find once we reach the end," he added with a smile.

Inside, Drovin panicked. The end of the forest? But he remembered so well that the river ran through the forest. How could he have missed it? It wasn't a small river, but a great river flowing from the greatest lake in Ardania. One could not miss it! But he didn't show any emotion externally. He simply called for the man to lead him and the party out of the forest.

The trip took less than half an hour, and the forest thinned out rapidly. But it was not until the very end that Drovin understood the term "edge" of the forest.

All the trees stopped at a small six foot cliff overlooking the vast Central Plains of Ardania. It was a sight to behold, miles and miles of grass and few trees speckled across the land. Not great large healthy trees of the forest, but small and undernourished. He looked out upon the cradle of human life when he spied his savior. Far out he could see a great river flowing hard and steady across the plain. It was the great river, he knew of it, and his men were delighted. They all ran the entire way to the river. All the soldiers, grown men and dwarves, threw down their weapons and jumped into the river fully clothed. They splashed and played and swam, the current nearly sweapt them away. The river symbolized their return to their homeland. It symbolized the end of the years of arnarchy and hell brought upon them by the goblins. They were nearly sweapt away by the current, but they payed no mind. They could worry later. Drovin could think of explinations for why the river didn't run through the forest later. He could find out why it was running north to south rather than west to east later. He could disregard the amount of noise they were making even though a goblin could hear them a day's march away. At that moment, for the first time in seven years, he could just live.
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Kentarra, Quiel and Hert had decided among themselves to remain in the pass for the night. The Varg attack had made Kentarra nervous, and he did not want to lead a goblin spy straight to his lair. He did not sleep that night, spending his time scouting while the Elf and Dwarf kept watch over the exhausted ex-slaves. When the Sun rose, however, Kentarra had found no evidence of any other Goblin agents, and determined it was safe to return.
He whistled as he led the ragtag group back to his castle. It was quite a start. If things kept up like this, he'd have to expand his base. He couldn't repair any of the surface rooms, of course, but maybe he could have some of the Dwarves dig into the mountain surrounding the cellars. He should probably do that anyway, seeing that, if it ever occurred to the Goblins to send in a search party, he'd rather be able to hide than to fight.
The trail was in sight. It was a bit clearer than before, and Kentarra frowned as he noted that he'd have to do something if he didn't want a beaten track to his door. Then they were in the courtyard. To his surprise, and displeasure, that young woman was standing in the courtyard.
"Hello," he said, staring at her, "what - "
"I'm so glad you're safe!" cut in the Elf rapturously. He dashed over to her, and took her hands in his. "I was afraid something might have happened to you."
"Something might have, if she's been out here all night," observed Kentarra drily. He stepped out of the ruined gate, allowing Hert to lead the recruits down into the hideout.
The woman blushed. Hastily she withdrew her hands from Quiel's and stepped around him, to face Kentarra. "I- I wasn't out all night," she said. "But I couldn't sleep, and just now I heard someone calling your name. Ildrielle, who was on watch, sent me out to see who it was. It was somebody who claimed to be your friend; he said his name was Taron - "
"Taron!" cried Kentarra. He relaxed. His consternation over the unwanted presence of the woman in the courtyard was replaced with jubilation. Besides, he knew that Ildrielle was a sensible female Elf, and he could guess her motives. Probably she had had an arrow trained on the woman's back, in case it had been a trap. "He is a friend of mine, indeed. Taron! So, he's decided to arrive. Well." He shook himself, then fixed a glare on Quiel. "Go on, Elf. Report to Rithael. I'm going to have a talk with the woman."
"Her name is Kari," said the Elf, glaring back.
"Whatever. Just go. Hm, wait a minute. You can escort Kari to my quarters. I've got to see someone else first."
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Drovin, son of Thorin sat beside the river on a large rock looking down on his men, who were settling down after a couple hours of celebration. Some of the men were laying on their backs and floating in the water, resting and basking in the sun. Some of the men had chopped down a small tree, the only one in the immediate area, and used the wood to make spears to catch some fish with. By the end of the day they would have enough to feed the whole group. Goblins couldn't catch fish very well because they feared the water. Being much shorter than a human and never learning how to swim had definately contributed to this fear. And now that there were few human fishers, the river was choked with these fish.

In the background was an old bard's song of Sydrian and his quest against the Witch King being played by a ranger who had turned some of the tree's wood and some extra bowstrings into a small harp. During this song, Drovin was talking with Chon the victorious, the lone rogue from the Elven village back in the forest (turns out his name was Snide of Chenswick), and a couple rangers. One of these rangers had taken some parchment and ink from the elves and was keeping a record of the quest. Everyone was in high spirits and Drovin finally told of his great plan for the invasion of Valmorgen, the fall of the Goblin empire, and his plans for the land after Grum-Gog and his minions were defeated.

"Back during the reign of the second great King of Ardania in Ardania's golden age, there was a great siege on the stronghold of the mad King, Borjin the Conquerer. Borjin was bent on conquering the entire North, and if he had done that, where would he hit next? My uncle fought in this great three-month siege because he believed in Ardania. He loved his land so much that he have up his old home to some Elves," the word 'elves' contained a bit on animosity, "to go live in a small castle just because the King told him to. He even tore down a large tower armed with an archer single-handedly, and he didn't even ask for a reward. We need to fight like that in Valmorgen. We need to tell the goblins that this is not their land, and we must push them out of it and kill their leader, lest they kill us. And after we take Valmorgen, we will create a United Ardania. From the Hellfire mountains and north will be the land of Dwarves headed by a great Earl of Dwarves, maybe even I, all south of that will be the land of men headed by a great Duke of men, such as Chon here. And we will be united under one strong leader..." Drovin's voice trailed off after he noticed his mistake.

"Who would this leader be like?" The ranger keeping the records inquired.

There was a second of silence and Drovin uttered slyly, "We shall ford that river when we come upon it."

The circle seemed satisfied. Drovin faked being tired and asked for a bit of sleep. The others dispersed, going in their seperate directions, and Drovin called out to tell them that they should eat up and get some rest, for tomorrow they were to move on downstream to try to find Lormidia and amass a larger army. He lay down thinking of this "meeting" between him and his men. He had seen the ranger draw a sketch of Ardania and the line that would be the future border of the great land's two sub-empires. He had seen how the ranger was surprised that the Dwarves got so much land for such a small race. It seemed that this ranger didn't believe the story that the goblins had cut down many trees so this river was all alone on the plains rather than in the forest. Oh well, he didn't need to worry about this one ranger. He is just one man.

It was then that Drovin smelt a peculiar smell. It was familiar, but he hadn't smelt it for so long, he couldn't put a finger on what it was. He sat up and saw a ranger cooking a fish over a fire next to the river. He looked up to see the sun falling low in the lightly clouded sky. The men and dwarves ate fish at dusk and they were merry and drank the last of the liquor. Drovin reminded them all that they would be moving tomorrow, but only half-heartedly. He lay down on the soft grass of the fields and fell asleep seconds later.
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Quiel threw a final glare at the human before turning on his heel and striding back to the woman. Offering her a sweet smile, the elf took her hand and bowed over it. Kari returned the smile, blushing softly. As he led her away, the Siren glanced at Kentarra from the corner of her eye. He was resisting, she thought. Well; she'd just have to try a bit harder.
As the elf led her through the old castle's halls, Kari watched the floor as the went, using the corners of her eyes to see where they went. When her escort stopped before a door, Kari looked up from beneath her eyelashes at him. "Quiel? I, ah....Do you...." She hesitated a moment longer, looking up to see the elf's questioning face. "You like me, don't you, Quiel?"
The elf blinked a moment, blushing lightly. He smiled at her again, white flashing strangely against blue skin. "Is it that obvious?"
The Siren blushed, looking down to hide the roll of her eyes. He was sweet. And it bordered on nauseating. "It's just that....Did I do anything...Have I - have I offended Kentarra, at all?" She'd spent a day here - she doubted it. But he did seem unaturally cold to her - she didn't much like it.
Quiel shrugged; he did not much care that she would bring up their leader. Opening the door to Kentarra's rooms, he held it for her, smiling and placing a kiss on her knuckles before leaving. With the door safely closed, Kari sighed, and made a face. Folding herself into a chair, she leaned back, beginning to hum, before beginning the lyrics.

"I follow the night,
Can't stand the light.
When will I begin,
To live again?

"One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday.
What more could your love do for me,
When will love be through with me?

"Why live life,
From dream to dream?
And dread the day
When dreaming ends.

"One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday.
Why live life,
From dream to dream?
And dread the day,
When dreaming ends.

"One day I'll fly away,
Fly, fly, away."

This song was among the few lyrical ones she enjoyed. Which was strange - it was the total and complete opposite of every one of her feelings. Shew as not ready to be done with love - she wanted to experience it, if only once. But, perhaps it was that contrast that made the song so appealing. And, in any case, it passed the time while she waited.

(OOC: The song is from Moulin Rouge - "One Day I'll Fly Away".)
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I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment. - Raistlin Majere
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"Hey, Drommel," called Kentarra, walking across the disentegrating floor of the main cellar, "have you seen a human? Name of Taron."
The Dwarf looked up from the barrels he was inventorying. Drommel was the tallest of the Dwarves, over five feet, with a long golden beard. He was also the most charismatic of the Dwarves, with a gifted mind and a flair for leadership. Kentarra's chief lieutenant, he was in charge of the day-to-day oversight of the camp, and de facto leader if Kentarra should be away.
"Aye," answered the Dwarf. "I put him down in the treasury -- y'know, the room we opened up yestereve. He's sleepin' like a babe after a good meal. 'Twould be a shame to wake him."
"Yeah, guess so," agreed Kentarra. He considered, then nodded. "Right, then. Tell me when he wakes. Oh, and Drom, keep an eye on Quiel, will you? He seems to have fallen for that stranger-girl."
"I don't blame him," said the Dwarf, grinning. Kentarra stared at him.
"Not you, too?" he demanded. Drommel snorted.
"Ach, no; she's far too sweet for any Dwarf. I'fact, I can't help but wonder why you took her in."
"Hmph. Well, we'll see what we can make of her."

Kentarra thrust open the door to his room. A faint smell of apples wafted out to him; this had been the best constructed of the cellars, and the aroma of its former contents still lingered.
The girl, or woman, stood in the centre of the room. She started when the door creaked open, and spun to face him. He smiled reassuringly at her.
"Well, Kari -- have I got it right?"
"Yes." She nodded, and took a hesitant step towards him. He waved at a barrel that had been transformed into a pair of rough stools.
"Please, sit." He obeyed, and he walked over to sit opposite to her. He leaned back against the damp wall of the cellar. "Well, now; shall I begin, or shall you?"
"Begin what?" She said, frowning.
"The questions. I'd like, very much, to learn how you got here -- and where you came from. I'm sure you have some questions two."
As he talked, he found himself gazing deeper and deeper into her eyes. They were very deep, but there seemed to be something wrong. Something was missing from that gaze, which should have been there. But the beauty of the eyes was disruplting his thoughts, so that he couldn't focus on finding out what it was. Finally, he wrenched his gaze away, and stared at the ceiling, whistling tunelessly while waiting for her answer.
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Drovin the Dwarf opened his eyes to see the sun shining directly overhead. What a beautiful sun...he could sit there and gaze at it until he went blind. And what is blindness anyways but something to bolster your hearing and smell? It was indeed a wonderful day...

But wait. The sun was directly overhead, meaning that it was noon. He had been planning on moving his men foward right after sunrise! He sat up and looked around to see all his men still asleep, sprawled across the field right next to the river. He yelled angrily to wake them all and before a group of Dwarves armed with razor-sharp axes could fell a tree, the party was on their way down the river, on the way to lormidia.

Drovin ordered four rangers to explore in each compass direction and scout out the land. They would report back immediately if a group of goblins was spotted, and if not they would tell of what they saw twice a day, once in the evening, once in the afternoon. Their "scribe" was not one chosen, for Drovin felt he needed to keep an eye on this one. They marched until sundown, when a ranger returned with urgent news.

"Down the river about a day's trudge from here there is a group of about twenty goblins, including five archers and two overlords, marching a group of about fifty blindfolded and chained men. I recognized one of them as one of my bretheren from Ravenswood."

Ravenswood? Why would they take a group of slaves from Ravenswood north in such a roundabout manner?

Drovin was curious,"Do you believe we could beat this army in battle?"

"Conventionally, I don't believe so. But I have a plan in case your ears are open."

"They are as open as the mouth of the Hasir Dm."
The next morning, Drovin made the announcement of his battle plan.

"Within hours, we will meet a group of twenty goblins and fifty imprisoned men. We will meet them, destroy them, and free the men. But we shall not foolishly prance into battle. No, we will wait in the tall grass while one brave man or dwarf will run in and kill their archers, then surrender himself as a slave. This man will spread the word to the prisoners that once we attack, they run to the river and hide there, where it is too deep for the goblins to enter. Then we can cut them free and give them the swords I have saved from my old home, and finish the filthy goblins. Now which man or dwarf will volunteer for this dangerous mission?"

There was a deafening silence. Then one barbarian stood up.

"For the sake of freedom, I will go," Chon the Victorious stated loudly.

The crowd burst into cheer and Drovin took him aside and spoke to him.

"Are you sure you wish to risk your life? I'm pretty sure another man will go."

Chon simply nodded and walked to the front, leading the men and dwarves down the river.

They marched for about two hours, until a ranger returned urgently telling them to take cover. They all did, and Chon went into the water. This was his idea, a little icing on the plan to induce more fear into the goblins' hearts. The only thing goblins fear more than water is creatures from the water. Right after everyone was in place, the slave line came into view. The ranger's numbers were right, but no amount of detail can prepare you for the shiver that comes down your spine after seeing the green bubbling skin of a goblin and the pure hate living inside its eyes.

Chon jumped out of the water covered in water plants, and the goblins first reacted with shock. Some of the smaller ones ran back about twenty steps, but after Chon had killed a couple archers, the overlords pulled everyone back into battle. It was amazing what this barbarian could do. Like a machine he cut down smaller goblins, but no one can truely prepare for battle against an overlord. He was never able to make his surrender, for an overlord, one of three, came behind him and delt him a large blow to the back of his head. Chon was hardly concious when the goblins were binding him and the overlord who had just knocked him down uttered four terrifying words.

"What in Krypta did he just say?" Drovin demanded of his translator.

The dwarf shuddered, then reluctantly answered,

"Tonight we eat manflesh."
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Kari smiled softly, standing to walk around Kentarra. Standing to the side, and just behand him, the woman leaned against his shoulder, hand resting at the nape of his neck. "You'll forgive me, but, you're not much of a whistlerer, are you, sir?" Her smile widened, and she folded herself onto the barrel next to Kentarra. Hair fell forward over her shoulder, and slim, pale hands came up to toy with it. "You must have a better ear than that, Captain Drusael."
She did not want to answer any questions; in fact, she would have rather liked to avoid it. "I really don't have any questions," she murmered, seeming to lean closer without doing so. "You told me what I wanted to know when you first found me. "You're against the goblins; and you'll keep me safe." Now she did lean forward, pressing her lips to Kentarra's cheek. "Thank you."
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I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment. - Raistlin Majere
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Kentarra shuddered violently, as if from a chill. He flinched away, as though the woman's touch was imparting some dread contagion to him. Given the feelings of heat and weakness which were sweeping across his system, it might have been true.
"What's wrong?" said Kari, her eyes widening. Kentarra stood up and faced her, unconsciously backing up a step.
Krypta's teeth! he thought. What's going on? This is getting way out of hand!
"Uh, nothing," he answered. His hand rose involuntary and touched his cheek where her lips had. He found himself staring at her eyes again, those enthralling, yet strangely repulsive, eyes. "I'm just not used -- look, this is not the time, okay?" Suddenly angry, he drew his sword and slammed it down on a barrel. Doing so cleared his head, and as the echoes of the shattering wood died, he focused once again on his task. Meeting her gaze, he steeled himself against its enchanting effect.
"Look, girl -- Kari -- these are dangerous times. I don't know where you've been living for the past couple of decades, but you've gotta realize that trust has to be earned. I'm not gonna take you to hear- urm, take you at face value. I've got to have some answers: so, where did you come from?"
"Death awaits you!" - Maester Seymour, from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X[i]
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