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Monks in detail

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 PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2001 2:14 pm    Post subject: Monks in detail Reply with quote Back to top

I read the topics here about Monks and played and watch Monks carefully. That will be and could only be a bit subjective as it miss in Majesty more detailled stats info about heroes.

I played some quest with Monks beside other fighter heroes but I notice it was hard to watch them with care. So I end in playing quests where I used only Monks as fighters.

So I played :
- An advanced Freestyle quest with settings :
* Life Givers (Beginner) + Sorceror's Legacy (Expert) + Minautors (Advanced) + probably 20000 Gold. I build a Market, Rectuit Healers, level 2 palace, one Monk guild and later another one, a Wizard guild with one Wizard and later another one, a Library, ...

That's a setting somehow easy, but still with some hot times including first Minautors hordes and few rock golems. Overall, monks perform well which was I waited for with minautors hordes. The few rocks golem was fight by at least two or three monks and required some Iron skin and Bless for the attacked monks plus few healing with healers was berzerk or not here.

- I also played Vengeance of the Liche Queen with only monks as fighters up to the end. Not even the Paladins not founded before the end. Could have been obvious but it's only then I understand why previously I hadn't monks performing well against Vampire. They need reach level 7 to have the Iron Will spell. And still require some care or babysitting until upper levels as 9 or 10. I also discovered that even if it's a pain, Monks can be lead to flags.

For testing Monks agaisnt dragons as a substitute for Priestress, I also played :
- An expert style quest with settings:
* Merchant Prince (Expert) + Sorceror's Legacy (Expert) + Dragon Raiders (Expert) + 20000 gold for starting with monks but I think 15000 is cool too.
- And the last but not the least, I played Tomb of the Dragon King with Monks instead of Priestress :-). Cool and easy change to the quest file that bring as sort of different quest.

For this post I'l focus on Monks behaviors in general, and the next post will be dedicated to Monks against dragons.

Take care that now I probably haven't watch with as much care any other fighters so the comparison with them could be sort of feeling. Also obviously I haven't seen yet some points and people wil disagree on some I compile. That's why threading is made for. :-)

- Monks require more babbysitting at first levels (roughly 1 to 5) than any other fighters except perhaps Barbarians (not sure don't know them well). But they progress somehow fast to average levels (roughly 5 to 7). Then they progress slower and slower but also require much less babbysitting.
- Even at average levels they require more care than real babbysitting because more than any other fighters they could sunddenly low down from a state that seems great to a desperate if not dead state.
- For higher levels (roughly 7 to 9) with few care and few babysitting when required they can face most monsters including Evil Oculus, Daemonwood, Vampire, Dragon and Rock Golem. Against Dragon and Rock golem, if you haven't the money for some support you'll need chance for having a Monk killing them. Two Monks could much more but still require some chance or support, and three on the same monster is a very strong power force with most chance to win and few support required.
- Level 7 is important against monsters with magic because the Monk has the spell Iron Will at this level.
- With a bit of money and in hot cases, a cool trick to bring a Monk at high level (6/7) is when in fight to use his temple spell Vigilance. It helps me a lot in few cases for bringing Monks at level 7 agaisnt Vampires of Vengeance of Liche Queen, and in very hot states in quests with many dragons.
- Even since average levels, Monks could flee in situations where they have most chance to perform well. This happen more than for all the other fighters except for Solarii that seems to have a similar rate/behavior of flee.
- On the other side, Monks become berzerk less than any other fighters except the Paladins. And they know to flee well when they have few HP, only the Paladins, Solarii and Adepts manage that better (their speed certainly help).
- At upper levels (roughly 9 to 12 - haven't seen yet a level 12 monk), monks progress few a bit like the Paladins but they become powerful strength. I can see only Paladins to match, and in my first opinion do better (I require an as intense watching of Paladins than I recently do for Monks. At these levels they are the best killer of monsters magic users. But there aren't many of them in Majesty. Even at these levels, they require few check or have a small rate of death roughly comparible to Solarii (equivalent levels are roughly 12 to 16) but not a match for roughly null death rate of Paladins and Adepts at upper levels.
- They have the best speed kill of any fighters (no fighters can compare to wizards) except probably the WoD at high level but WoD are very hard to bring to this upper levels. Barbarian with RoK are out of comparisons. WoD has instant kill which is very fun but seems to me very rare. On the other side Monks as critical hits more often. I saw a monk killing a full HP dragon in 3 hits and a full HP Oculus evil in 2 hits.
- They have the worse flag going than any other fighters appart the Adepts. Plus their low speed, this make them a tactical force very hard to manage. Particularely because unlike Adepts and Solarii they haven't definite roles.
- Monks never use the Fairground,this coud be a big problem in some quests. But they take profit of the Library in two ways. They learn the two wizard spell, one give them a starts range fight spell as have the solarii except it's not an area spell. The second add them even more defence. They also train their Resist skill in library increasing the base Resist of 5 points definitly. The best I saw was 40 for two training but I didn't check specifically this point among all the monks I used.
- Monks use sometimes the Royal Gardens, but appart bringing some very time limited enchantements, I haven't understand what this bring.

That's all I found to compile about Monks. But there's one thing I didn't take care of, what's the use of Monks on a tactical/strategis point of view? I fell them cool fighters but because of their low care to flags plus no real roles I feel them hard to use on a tactical point of view but they are cool on a Sim point of view.

The next post about Monks against dragons could be an answer, I dunno.
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Joined: 04 Nov 2001
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 PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2001 4:31 pm    Post subject: Monks in detail Reply with quote Back to top

Originally posted by DBD:
...The next post about Monks against dragons could be an answer, I dunno.

So this post is about Monks against dragons.

In my testing of Monks, I tried quests with dragons:
- An expert freestyle quest with settings:
* Merchant Prince (Expert) + Sorceror's Legacy (Expert) + Dragon Raiders (Expert) + 20000 gold for starting with monks but I think 15000 is cool too.
- And the last but not the least, I played Tomb of the Dragon King with Monks instead of Priestress :-). Easy change to the quest file that bring a sort of new quest.

A) Expert freestyle quest with dragon raiders
The first tries I did with Monks agaisnt dragon was through the expert free quest mentionned above. I also gave few tries with random expert, but not enough money to start with dragons instead of priestress. It's not the Freestyle quest with the most dragons that I still have to try. Anyway, the freestyle quest described above had been a cool challenge for a first try of Monks against dragons.

I started with gnome for faster building at the beginning of the quest. Then Rangers up to 4 rangers, perhaps a sort of error, Rogues could have been a better choice. Then recruit 4 rangers and build Market. Palacel 2, Monks guild and start of recuiting 4 monks. I had in parallal Market upgrade Building and Healer temple building when the first wave arrived, a dragon. The dragon take care to peasants and buildings when the first Monk arrived at him just followed by another. I help the first monk with a Stone Skin spell the both monks level up quickly and the two other monks arrived at the dragon when the first two was still alive. They finish the dragon without any death.

After I had the Healer temple and another Monk guild but without Monks yet. then the second dragon wave arrived with three dragons. There, as in most later waves, Healers much faster was first on the dragons, becoming berzerk and disturbing them from buildings or peasants. Then during the time Monks arrive and start fighting the dragons and progress fast for the low level monks.

This works very well because Healers progress very fast, one level up per hit to a dragon and have a very good dodge. I think I lost only one Healer through the whole quest.

Once a Monk start hit the dragon and the curently attacked Healer die to be reborn then the Mank is attacked by the dragon. also some times a dragon wasn't disturbed by a Healer and directly attacked a Monk. It's where great monk defence prove to be very efficient agaisnt dragon as soo as they have reached level 4 or 5 and/or have some support, bless, Stone Skin, Healing.

I lost some low level monks only very few higher one and didn't used many speel. So my economy become stronger and waves of 3 or 2 dragons didn't prove to be disastrous well stopped. Even some more hot times was well managed, as an attack of some Minotaurs just followed by few dragons or a rock golem making flee all wandering monks during his aproach to town.

All in all, the quest was not so tough to overcome once he first waves overcome. in this quest waves or dragons was only 2 or three dragons sometimes just one. This wasn't enough to put in danger the Healers and Monks helped by an economy becoming stronger and stronger.

I'll put the in the next post the quest about Tomb of Dragon King.
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