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Wizards, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2000 2:44 pm    Post subject: Wizards, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em Reply with quote Back to top

OK, I've seen quite a few flames regarding the Wizard class, and I do agree that they do die easily and wander around in dangerous areas alone too often. However, I did try a freestyle game (Sorcers Legacy with Minotaur wandering monsters) and I was determined to test out Wizards and Wizards alone. I started with the Wizards Hold Starting Forces (Wiz Guild, 2 Towers, Library), and built the blacksmith and marketpalce in that order (gotta get that 5% off). I then placed a few guard towers around my palace as well as a few Wiz towers (Upgraded Wiz Guild to Level 2). The key to early Wizard survival is to have other targets for the monsters, hence the multiple guard towers (4 I think) and the Wiz towers. I also upgraded my Market very quickly, because the Wizards need those rings of protection to stand a chance in any fight. In the beginning, my guards, upgraded towers (the extra 75HP for 475 gold is worth it. The peasants always seem to get there too slowly to save the building if they only have 200HP) and Wizard towers took care of the first wave of Minotaurs. They only down side is that no one was able to collect the gold from the fallen Minotaurs (Although on occasion my Wizards "stumbled" into the gold, I placed the Market very close to the Wiz Guild, and sometimes the Wiz returning from the Market was close enought the they dying Minotuar to get the gold) I also placed a few 100GP Explore flags very near the Wiz Guild to give them some free money, which they promptly went to the market to but more healing potions. By throwing them more gold (25GP per healing potion I think) you can actually give low level mages that coveted ring of protection. Using the Invisibility spell while they are in close combat is another great way to increase the chance that they survive. If you choose to have Wizards, you will spend gold in any event, you either buy more or try to coddle the ones you have until the reach higher levels. When on finally reached 3rd Level, he actually started responding to my attack flags on monsters, and since they were already attacing my guards and guard houses, they got in free attacks and got all the gold. No one else was using the market, so I used market days to buy another Wiz Guild, and then things got much easier. I built those lovely healers, so I could get the 3rd Level palace, and then came the FairGrounds. Setting it to Magic tournaments only, I rapidly saw my lowly Wizards gain levels. My highest Wizard ended up being 22nd Level, and with his teleport amulet and spells, he was very powerful hero. All my other Wizards were at least 10th Level as well. I also upgraded the Library very quickly and I was astonished at how very little the Library was used as the game went on, even by the Wizards. My 22nd level hero didn't even pick up FireBlast or Meteor Storm until 20th Level!!! (Too busy at the FairGrounds, I guess) So focusing on Wizards takes a major commitment, but I found it very enjoyable indeed!

I thank CyberLore for a great game, and hope they continue to evolve it to something more!
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