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Walkthrus - Post them here
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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2003 4:38 pm    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

I had trouble following the walk-throughs because I originally believed that I had to keep punching "Market Days" so the markets would produce gold. Then I learned that they produced more gold if you never punch "Market Day."

Since Goldy only wants Walk-throughs here, I'll come back and delete this post next time, unless somebody has moved it.

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2003 2:07 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

The Wrath of Krolm
Apple’s Agrela-Ballista Trap
by Goldy_Bear

In this quest one must defeat Avatar either in combat or by destroying the 6 Altars to Krolm. Avatar will not appear until an altar is destroyed at which point he is unleashed along with RoK’ed Barbarians and various other nasty creatures. Each subsequent altar that is destroyed unleashes a stronger attack from Avatar and his RoK’ed creatures.

Meanwhile one is faced with limited starting gold of 8000, and limited means of making gold. Only one level 2 market and one inn are allowed which you get at the start of the game. You may build a blacksmith both to aid your heroes and to augment the gold you can earn. One must build one’s town while being visited at regular intervals by parties of 2-3 barbarians.

Common hero forces selected to win this Quest are Paladins, Healers and Elves. Many people go with Elves in this quest to double the amount they can make in their only market. Paladins are all around a good choice when backed by the Heal and Bless spells particularly if one is going for a victory through combat. This strategy suggests an alternate solution based on defense not attack.

As the title suggests this strategy uses Dwarves not Elves for its non-human race. The challenge in the first half a dozen days will be to defend the town until the level three blacksmith and Dwarven Settlement are in place.

Begin by placing the blacksmith and recruiting the 4 Rogues from the Rogues’ Guild. Set out a few 100 gold explore flags for the Rogues – only enough to make room to build your basic settlement. You will also want to research market day and healing potions at the market but gold is limited so wait on the protection rings for now.

Once the blacksmith is complete hit the upgrade button on the palace. It is important to keep the peasants building and not allow them to waste time by returning to the palace. Just before the palace upgrade is complete place a Warrior’s Guild. After the upgrade place the Temple to Agrela. Strategic placement of these two buildings is important but will vary depending on the starting configuration of your town. In general, you will want them side by side facing outward toward the map. You may want to place them in front of the market to protect it. You may also want the Warrior’s Guild next to a sewer.

Depending on the timing the Temple to Agrela will probably be the first completed. Immediately place a guardhouse in front of Agrela facing the map to protect the temple. It is critical that one have an arrow shooting guardhouse in place before the first barbarian war party pays a call. Characteristic of these Barbarian attacks is that they will almost always prefer to attack and attempt to destroy any Temple you try to build. If all goes well you may have 2-3 healers, a warrior, and 4 rogues. 200 gold attack flags is usually enough to encourage the Rogues to attack if your first warrior is not ready or decides to “flee in terror”. Hopefully, by the time the Warrior’s Guild is complete you will have been able to research the Blacksmith and be ready to hit the upgrade button to level 2.

At this point you will be waiting on gold to finish researching the blacksmith and upgrade it to level 3 and to upgrade the Rogues’ Guild. Poison is very handy for additional defenses in this quest. Again, you will need to wait on gold to place the Dwarven Settlement. Place it in front of Agrela in the way of incoming barbarians. Perhaps triangulate it with Agrela and the guardhouse. The result will be that visiting barbs will make a beeline for the Temple and the ballistas from the Dwarven Settlement will pick them off. You may want to add one or two more ballista towers to complete a defensive perimeter of your town.

That’s it. Apple’s Agrela-Ballista trap.

To finish off the game add a Wizard’s Guild. Upgrade it to level 2. Explore with a combination of Rogues, Warriors and Wizard Towers. Wait on gold. Destroy the Altars to Krolm simultaneously with lightning bolts. Or if you prefer fight it out with any combination of heroes you choose.
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 PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 7:33 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Day of Reckoning: Twang. You're dead.

First build a marketplace, a blacksMith, and a library. Then build two rogues guilds and a ranger's guild. Recruit, research and upgrade as fast as you can. Continue this archer strategy throughout the gaMe.

1 dirgo: This is easy. Just let your heroes kill theM.
2 the witch king: Don't kill hiM until he starts killing your units. The giant spiders give lots of XPs.
3 black phantoMs: Black phantoMs are just another Monster to archers.
4 the liche queen: Wait until she gets to your kingdoM. By then her escort has wandered off. then bounty her for 500 and you heroes will gladly kill her.
5 rrongol and More blackies: Still easy.
6 vendral, url shekk and dragons. when they get to your kingdoM, kill theM with lightning storMs.

General advice: Get lucky and find the elves, dwarves, and gnoMes early. Build ballista towers to defend every teMple, and especially the Dwarven SettleMent, because that's what lets you build theM. Build trading posts near all teMples to double the defensive ability.

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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:11 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Here are feldegast's Urban Renewal strategies....

Originally posted by feldegast:
About Urban Renewal.

There are two good ways of beating it that I've found. Either you can attack with your own heroes or you can get the enemy to help you.

Attacking with your own heroes-
Krypta is really good against Elves and Rougues, and the skeletons help alot. Build 2 Krypta guilds immadiately and fill them. Upgrade mp to lvl3. Build at least one inn, 2 or 3 is good. Balcksmith isn't necessary and will help enemies upgrade their armor and weapons. Research tonic of speed at bazaar. Fire balm will help the elves and rogues so don't bother. Wait a couple of days before attacking, as long as you don't attack they won't attack. Your priestesses will level up against random monsters and lairs. You will also earn some gold during this time so you have enough to flag the guilds. Once you have enough gold to start flagging, 2000-3000 will do, start flagging guilds and lounges. Only flag one section of the enemy town at a time. This will concentrate all your 8 priestesses and skeletons to the same town area and together they're almost unstoppable. Replace any lost priestesses and continue to take out one section at a time.

Using the enemy (the ugly way, hehe)-
To do it this way you need a strong economy. Get 4 rangers to explore the whole map. 2 lvl3 mp's, amulets researched. A couple of inns, and trading posts behind enemy town settlements. I've used 2 tp's. Build an Abode and upgrade it to level 2. One section of the enemy town has three statues, one earthquake one them will take them out. Once they're out of the picture, the elves and rogues will be really helpful in taking ouit their own buildings. As in the first strat you can wait several days till you're ready to attack. In this case make sure you have a lot of money before attacking, because after your tax collector's will have a hard time bringing in the money. So after nuking the statues start flagging guilds, lounges all over the city. Raiding parties will arrive and attack your palace, so you have to be lucky in keeping your palace intact long enough. This can be hard and doesn't always work. Chain lightning works a bit, but the rangers will be dead pretty quick.

Another and maybe better way, but more expensive is to build a wizard's guild and lightning the statues and then lightning storm enemies attackin the palace. Should work very well if you have the money to support it.

Any of the strats will take you down to 13-15 days, and under it with a bit of luck. I must try using the wiz guild strat again and see if I can lower the score even more. But I think the first strat when you attack with the priestesses is a more funnier and noble way to win.

I will post my scores soon, have to lower some more quest times so I'll get a decent total. I'm just under 300 days, but my Spires is still at 78 so if I can cut off quite a bit of days one that one I will be a lot happier.

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Your Majesty

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 PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2003 1:26 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

I'm no writer, but thought I'd dig up my old walkthroughs for a few quests. Here's The Bell, the Book, and the Candle.
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Twylah Skye

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 PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2003 1:22 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Bump up
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Your Majesty

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 PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2003 3:11 pm    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Here are all my old walkthroughs. This does not include the Northern Expansion.

And please forgive the bad writing, as I'm not a writer.
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Twylah Skye

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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Bumping up for Murky
"She who wields the skillet rules the world." ~ The Forum Mommy
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 PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Hmm. Just got Maj Gold, so I thought I'd take a bash at this.

The Siege (Walkthrough.)

There are two ways to win in this quest, but pursuing either exclusively is probably a bad idea. Starving Borjin of his Gold is technically the easier way to win, but as he'll heal his caravans en-route, you have a sort of chicken-egg situation here. Later, once some of his guilds and temples are down, more of the map is explored and his heroes are tied up, you can intercept the caravans and cripple his economy. (Also win.) So leave off the caravans to start.

You start off with two rangers and two warriors, and with a blacksmith in place, upgrade to lv2 palace at once, while pumping healers from your temple, and another two rangers from the camp. There's no real need to encourage exploration.
I went with dauros/agrela/helia/elves. In a war of attrition, cheap to free healing is useful, as is what's technically called "frickin' great huge buttloads of moolah," and Resurrection returns your heroes safely to their home guilds, which is ideal, as they'll not have been in comfortable spots to begin with. In contrast, Borjin wastes collosal amounts of capital on reanimation spells that leave his heroes in the midst of a throng of opponents, at half health. And when they try to flee, I use change of heart. Evil is delicious. Although adepts would be useful for rapid defensive response across the map, you'll spend most of your time on the offensive and caravans are easy prey once you amass the firepower. Plus, helia fills the role of offensive spellcaster this lineup is otherwise lacking in.
You could try Krypta/Fervus instead, but upping the rate of damage exchange may exhaust your treasury sooner than Borjin's before you can establish a strong economy. Krolm more so.

My build order was to place two marketplaces right off the bat, an inn, and an elven bungalow, but simply upgrading the one marketplace to lv3 may well have been more economical. Pick the positions of your marketplaces with care to minimise the odds of sewer entrances popping up in awkward spots- with 5 guardhouses already in place, adding more is costly.

As cash flow permits, add the temple to dauros and upgrade to lv2 agrela temple for stoneskin and blessing. Go for 2/3 lv3 marketplaces, adding the sorcerer's abode and temple to helia (in any order, though I tend to give my priority to cash.) Don't bother with much commercial research, your heroes won't have any time for window-shopping. You may also care to add a mausoleum, though as your heroes will be pretty high-level, resurrection is often cheaper.

The 3 perimeter guardhouses are ideal locations for trading posts, so upgrade them as finance allows, starting with the central guardhouse where Borjin's heroes will first arrive. (I tossed in two inns nextdoor for fleeing heroes to bounce between until they stood and fought, as defence here is important.)

I flagged enemy heroes with about 100 gold for every two levels, (rounding up, capped at 400,) and removed bounties on fleeing heroes, to prevent premature calls on Borjin's wizards' guild. As combat unfolds, however, you'll probably work your way toward the enemy bungalow/warriors' guild compound. Take this out if you can. By now, healers should have joined your warband, so you should pay next to nothing for healing. Permablessing renders paladins and monks so damn close to invincible it's not even funny, and critical strikes are great for thwarting Borjin's attempts to heal. There are two additional settlements you can tackle on the edge of Borjin's territory, one contains a fairgrounds and temples to Lunord/Krypta, the other a library, magic bazaar and temple to Fervus. Any of these could be in range of Borjin's wizard spells, so tackle with care.

Back at the settlement, recruiting some solarii, I tossed in elves for good measure- At this point, especially if you've knocked out a couple of Borjin's guilds, although your heroes can probably handle a direct siege, it's rather less hassle to go after the caravans, while keeping the enemy forces occupied. In either case don't let heroes pursue caravans or enemy heroes within range of Borjin's wizards' guild, he'll cast lightning storm on the pursuers, and no good can come of this. By the time he can't afford lightning storm, he's on the verge of defeat in any case, but should you insist on a frontal assault, by this point your heroes will probably have enough hit points/potions to weather the wizard spell. Usually.

(I've tried using earthquake, but while it can be useful when besieging a peripheral settlement, the cooldown is prohibitive for regular use. I saved cash for chain lightning on peasants, and skeletons, and priestesses and cultists, and low-level wizards, and anything else that happened to irritate my heroes. It's as cheap as sun scorch and much more effective. In the cooldown, as neccesary, helia spells can still be employed.)
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 PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 9:40 pm    Post subject: The siege Reply with quote Back to top

I think the siege is winnable by simply mass ballista tower and market place. At one point you will be able to Earthquake Bojin to the ground and use sun scorch to prevent any and all repairs. Once you quake down the market place and the fairground it’s just a matter of time before Bojin surrenders.
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 PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I think the siege is winnable by simply mass ballista tower and market place. At one point you will be able to Earthquake Bojin to the ground and use sun scorch to prevent any and all repairs. Once you quake down the market place and the fairground it’s just a matter of time before Bojin surrenders.

Yeah, but where's the fun in that?
Now, one point where mass ballistas are useful is in Spires of Death (-though you can still win without them.)

Spires of Death- (Walkthrough)

The main problem in the early part of this quest is picking the right hero class to defend your settlement without losing buildings from irate, hastened goblin waves, before building to lv2 palace. The Spires will adjust the strength of their attacks to match the strength of your forces, so until you have a solid economy, spells and static defences in place, it's best to recruit as few heroes as possible.
Warriors can be recruited immediately, but as their guild is expensive, and you'll want to save space for paladins/WoDs later, I avoided them. Also, they're slow to react to assaults on the wrong side of your settlement.
Rogues are cheap, fairly speedy, and easily directed, but have a tendency to die.
Rangers are probably the best choice. They're speedy, explore the surrounds for free, giving you some early warning of attacks, and survive well, into the later stages of the quest.
Whatever you choose, have at least two guardhouses positioned somewhat in front of your delicate economic structures, by the time the first invasion arrives.
Take note of where the first invasions arrive from, as it marks the spires' positions, and place defences accordingly.

The invasions from the spires rise in strength accordingly:
Goblins (archers, fighters, priests,) hastened. 3-4 per spire.
Goblins (as above, +overlords, double the numbers.)
Giant Spiders, Skeletons. roughly 3/2 each per spire.
Werewolves, Vampires. roughly 3/2 each per spire.

That's as bad as it gets, with 12+ experienced heroes. The following occur only once you start demolishing spires. The spires respawn, one at a time, after a day or so, and also auto-repair.

Goblins (as before, +stoneskin and anti-magic shield,) 15-20 per spire, once the second spire is demolished.
Ice Dragons, Yeti. Roughly 3/3 each per spire, 3rd or subsequent spire demolished.

Having arrived at palace lv2, any temple combination will probably work, but avoid wizards. They tend to kill themselves with distressing frequency when faced with the vampires you'll likely encounter. Also, since you'll be playing the call-to-arms+gate trick with the abode, you may wish to eschew Krolm for WoDs/Paladins, (though RoK is awfully darn useful for mopping up monster waves.)
As for elves/dwarves/gnomes- hah, imagine that! Gnomes!- ballista towers are a lifesaver once you demolish some spires, since the goblin waves are granted a version of anti-magic shield that gives 80% resistance and lasts for-bloody-ever. Wizard spells financed with elven gold are utterly useless, but they have no special defence against ballistas, preventing them casually razing your settlement. Yeti/ice dragon waves are more easily handled.
Going with dwarves, delay hero recruitment until you have a strong economy, using a ballista or two to fend off the early, feeble, monster waves. With elves, cash flow is assured, so you can pile on recruits immediately. A technique you might try is to use elves to build up commercial infrastructure and cash reserves, then demolish the bungalow, get dwarves to install ballistas, and even revert to elves again.

With a strong economy, and a full roster of heroes, the worst the spires can throw at you unprovoked is easily handled. Feel free to get as many heroes as you like, and provide them with all the amenities at your disposal- magic bazaar, library, blacksmith, wizard's guild, the works. You have all the time in the world. Try to get two warriors' guilds, and, if you like, a fairgrounds within range of your abode, though by the time gate is called for, very few of your heroes will be free to attend.

The first two spires go down easily enough, but what you should aim for is to alternate bounties to bring each down to under 50 hp or so. Use change of heart to discourage further assaults. Unfortunately, they can't be zapped with lightning bolt, and although earthquake does affect them, it can't recharge fast enough to keep up with respawning thereafter. Your heroes will have to finish them seperately.
Take out two spires. While most of your heroes are afloat in the sea of goblin, maintain bounties on the remaining spires, and pick one to gate your warriors/WoDs/paladins/fairground-attendees to. It should be difficult for your heroes to otherwise access, and temporarily clear of monsters. You may have to repeat this trick 2/3 times to pull it off, but gate's cooldown should allow for this before the spires respawn, if their hit points were low to begin with. Win.
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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2005 6:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Vigil for a Fallen Hero.

This is a dumb quest. I would call it difficult, but that would suggest there is some element of skill involved, and in many ways this quest illustrates the essential flaws of this game. No matter what you do, how much thought and effort you apply, heroes will probably die pointlessly through no fault of your own. And you could easily lose them all. It is winnable with very few casualties, but patience is more a factor than anything. I'll turn the game speed down to minimum most of the time.

You start off with 12 heroes- one of each class, excepting gnome, paladin, WoD and solarus. You can't build anything except inns, royal gardens, guardhouses, blacksmiths, statues, marketplaces, trading posts and the hall of champions. There are 3 other settlements you can discover.
Sorcerer's abode + magic bazaar. This is toward the map centre.
Outpost + library + statue + inn, and Outpost + trading postx2 + inn. These are toward either side of the map.
Discover these reasonably early, in particular the abode/bazaar, but only once you have the cash to fortify and support them. The sorcerer's abode spells are the only sovereign spells at your disposal, and can often spell the difference between life and death, while your monk in particular needs provisions from the bazaar to assure his survival. If your wizard survives long enough, he can also avail of fire blast at the library. But monster invasions may wipe out a settlement discovered prematurely.

The first monster invasion, day 1, consists of 4 greater gorgons. You have the game speed down to minimum, right? Flag bounties next to any hero that looks threatened and pray.
Perhaps a week and a half later, minotaurs will drop in. You should have a decent economy and commercial infrastructure by now, and perhaps the abode at your disposal.
By day 18, waves of shadowbeasts. If you survived the minotaurs, these will pose no difficulty. There are no further invasions.
The map itself has 9 ancient graveyards that I recommend you clear, as they litter the countryside with skeletons and werewolves that distract your heroes from doing your bidding. These release vampires on demolition. There also 3 Yeti to make life interesting, which might turn up on your doorstep. And, somewhere on the distant borders of the map, the Abomination has marked out a small territory for itself. Thankfully, it won't come calling.

Since the heroes you start with are all you have, a few notes are in order. Obviously, you should keep all of them alive. That said, you usually can't, due to lack of cash, lack of cooldown, or lack of hero support/interest. Prioritise.

* Adept. This guy is invaluable. Once he purchases a ring of protection and potion or two, virtually nothing can stop him. He will respond to threats on the far side of the map, defending distant outposts and heroes in the wilderness.
* Monk. Without permablessing, his inability to purchase blacksmith upgrades or marketplace items leaves him vulnerable, but he's still one of your heavy-hitters. Do try to look out for him.
* Barbarian. If he survives long enough to pick up potions and a ring of protection, his defensive stats are formidable and his wizard/ranger entourage will destroy just about anything. But he probably won't survive that long, dragging followers into whatever mess he gets into. Don't waste much attention on him.
* Warrior. Too slow to respond to most threats, but do whatever you can to keep him alive. Hook him up with a healer and use hefty bounties to direct him to the heavy-hitters on the map- the Yeti, and Abomination. Did I mention hefty bounties?
* Priestess. Her skeletons will provide free exploration and cannon-fodder, and her ability to self-heal gives her much greater longevity than your wizard. You may also have the good fortune to see a charmed vampire or two roaming the map.
* Healer. She'll follow the wizard, which is all well and good, but not close enough to heal the barbarian *he's* following, which is not. She'll follow your warrior, which is wonderful. But mostly, she follows tax collectors, which is excruciating. At least she requires very little attention, but give her what's due.
* Elf. High firepower, smart enough to purchase the latest in combat accessories, easily swayed by rewards. Take care of him/her/it.
* Dwarf. Robust, but too bloody slow to be useful in the endgame. Keep him at home and let him tool-up. May be handy for dispatching a vampire or two.
* Cultist. Speedy, greedy, will purchase what's needy. Decent hp in bear form. May charm some medusae or werewolves, so keep an eye on him.
* Rogue. Will do anything for money, except survive. Too weak in combat to merit the same attention as the elf, but otherwise similar.
* Wizard. Will wander about the half the map in a moronic stupor following and supporting your barbarian, who pays no attention whatsoever. In this state, his first encounter with a monster will be his last. If you avoid this, there will be vampires. Generally a lost cause, unless you can find the abode early enough.
* Ranger. Smart, fast, hangs out with men in loincloths. Won't require too much babysitting.

For a build order, since your expenditures will be low, 2/3 marketplaces is more than sufficient. Obviously, upgrade your blacksmith/marketplace/bazaar fully as soon as possible, and place the inns/gardens/hall of champions to occupy as many slots on your heroes' decision trees as possible that don't involve exploring or hunting. Until the last monster invasion is over, you and your heroes are safer at home. Then you can go explore, and clear out the lairs on the map. Once all other monsters are dispatched, slap a collosal, inordinate sum on the yetis- I offered 10K in gold each, one at a time- and use change of heart/frost field/dismiss to manage combat. Once all those distractions are out of the way, you can tackle the abomination in relative safety.

A vast bounty is in order again. The abomination uses a highly nasty magical attack and something similar to howl of discord, but has no physical attack at all. If you can get him to target a high-resistance hero, you're done. (A vampire with magic mirror can also give him pause for thought.) Your warrior/healer combo, if available, is better still. He has high resistance, so frost field/chain lightning aren't useful, but you can still apply change of heart where needed. He won't chase your heroes very far, so you can afford to come back later and whittle him down bit by bit. His hit points aren't collossal, so victory is just a matter of time and attention. Good luck. You will need it.
The living are a species of the dead, and a very rare species.
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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2005 4:18 pm    Post subject: For vigil: Reply with quote Back to top

I built a stupid amount of guard towers (30+) and dismissed the abomination until it landed between 6 guard houses
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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2005 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Can someone please give us original majesty players descriptions on these northern expansion monsters? i find these startegy guides very interesting but have no idea what the monsters are. i would appreciate descriptions
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2005 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

...i would appreciate descriptions...

Erm. The Majx monsters, if I recall correctly are:

Exceptionally high parry, but mediocre dodge. Can teleport. High-strength melee attacker, 'bout 80 hp.

Similar to the wendigo, but low enough parry and dodge, can't teleport. Exceptional strength, 'bout 250 hp.

Ice Dragon.
Slightly less damage and more hp than normal dragons, otherwise similar.

Ratman Champion.
About equivalent to a minotaur and a half.

Ratman Shaman.
Casts damage shield on friendly units, and plague on enemies, a disease spell that gradually diminishes health and spreads from person to person. Low damage, hp 40, poor defence.

High hp, but low damage and no defences worth speaking of. Make mince of buildings, 'course.

Undead, very high speed, 80 hp, tougher than trolls. Melee attack.

Greater Gorgon.
Some magic resistance and defensive ability, 80 hp. Casts petrify and summons medusae. Ranged attack.

Goblin Overlord.
Respectable physical defences, 60 hp, stiff melee attack.

Some other monsters have picked up new abilities. Medusae can cast slow, and Goblin priests can hasten their troops.
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