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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2002 8:59 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Havotor had not slept well. Being unused to sleeping in beds, he had slept on a chair which sat in the corner of his room. He awoke in the morning, eager to see the Arcanis, learn whatever he could, and leave the city. First, though, he wished to tell Cryzalana of what had happened.
He walked to the door. He laid his hand on the handle of the door and pulled. The door remained shut.
His nostrils flared. So this man meant to keep him prisoner, did he? thought Havotor. He shall soon learn his mistake. He stepped back from the door. There was a flash of light; the door shuddered and burst. Havotor stalked out of the room and down to the stables.
He pushed open the door of the building. A stablehand looked up, alarm on his face. "You're that foreignor, aren't you?" he gasped, hand clutching at a dagger.
"I am Havotor, yes," said the robed man. "Keep your hand away from your knife."
"How did you-?" The lackey bit his lip.
"Get out?" Havotor snorted. "A slab of wood cannot hinder me. Nor can you. Out!"
The frightened man took to his heels. A slightly chiding voice came from one of the stalls. "He was not such a bad man, cousin. You could have shown him better."
"They tried to hold me in my room!" Havotor swung the stall door open.
"Maybe they do not trust you." She trotted out, and shook out her mane. "What was your manner toward the Arcanis?"
"Better than he deserved," said Havotor in something similar to a growl.
"Havotor," said the mare with fond exasperation, "what he may or may not deserve is beside the point. Respect is due him from his position. What is more, you cannot expect to win information from someone if you treat them like your natural inferior."
"Maybe you would like to negotiate with him?"
"Perhaps I shall." Havotor stared at her.
"You must be mad! You can shape-change out here! The whole city saw us come in! You'll give everything away!"
"Not everything," she said complacently. She blurred. "Better that the Arcanis realizes we are more than we seem, then that he does not give us what we ask.

It had been somewhat before the two knights came to him. The Arcanis was sitting at his desk. His spell had enabled him to see every action of his unexpected guest. He had chuckled at the door-breaking. But this? Shapeshifters, in the Castle?
Then he regained his smile. Shapeshifters could be quite useful. He snapped his fingers, and a servant appeared.
"There is a man in a brown robe and a woman in a white one in the stables," said the Arcanis. "Bring them here."

"This is ridiculous," muttered Havotor. "The whole Castle must be alerted by now."
"Hush." Cryzalana held up a hand. "Someone approaches."
The servant that the Arcanis had sent bobbed around a corner and into the hall where they stood. His face showed surprise, but he quickly smoothed it over. "Ah, I see you're already on your way to the Arcanis. He is expecting you." The servant led the way back to the archmage's quarters Cryzalana raised an eyebrow at her cousin, who frowned.
The Arcanis rose as they entered. "Ah, Havotor! We have some business to discuss! But who is your fair companion?"
"She is Cryzalana, my cousin," answered Havotor stiffly. He glared at the old man. "This is not how you received me yesterday."
"Yesterday, I was tired. Come, come! Sit down!" Two high-backed chairs appeared in the room. Havotor did not honour them with a glance. Cryzalana, on the other hand, made a clumsy curtsey appear gracious and took one.
"I prefer to stand." Havotor continued his glare. "Before we discuss why we are here, you will explain why my door was locked."
"A precaution," said the Arcanis with an easy smile. "Not everyone is trustworthy."
"Indeed not," returned the brown-robed man.
"Please," said Cryzalana, "we came here, because tidings had reached us of the Outside World, tidings of trouble and woe. Even our own realm is not free from distress."
"Pardon, lady," said the Arcanis, "but what realm is this?"
"Our home," she said, with humble dignity, "is the Torolan Daln. As you know, it is bordered on the west by the Axaran Wastes. They are awakening, Arcanis."
"I am aware of activity in the various wastelands," he said. "Surely you did not come all this way from your home to tell me this?"
"We came to know the reason," she answered.
"I am afraid, then, that I cannot tell you that." He shook his head sadly. "Many things stir in the world, things of evil. I do not know what causes this."
"Then the rumours at least are true," Cryzalana said. "Your lands, also, have been troubled."
"The reports are but rumours themselves," said the Arcanis. "Leave me now; I cannot help you further. But perhaps there is a way you can help yourselves."
"And that is?" said Havotor, who had kept silence throughout the exchange.
"I am sending forth an expedition to recover certtain objects." He smiled. "This expedition could use your particular, ah, skills. At the same time, you would see the wolrd, and just what happens therein."
"Thank you, Arcanis," said Cryzalana as she rose. "We know your time is valuable. We shall consider your offer."
"Decide quickly," said the Arcanis, "and return. Do not bother to leave the Castle; I wish you back with the quarter-hour."
They left, and the Arcanis waved his hand. The chairs vanished, and he prepared to meet his other guests.

"We will not be the tools of this puffed-up fool," whispered Havotor hotly. "He can tell us nothing; let us return to the forest."
"We cannot go back without knowledge of the World," answered Cryzalana. "We should go with this party, but remember that we serve the Patriarch first, and the Arcanis second and only so far as we can."

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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2002 9:14 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Malick gasped for air as Kal helped him to his feet. "When do we leave?" Malick hissed, his temper had not improved, and his eyes showed it.
"As soon as a ship is ready to take you on your quest." Arcanis replied.
"The sooner we get those cursed artifacts, the sooner I will leave." Malick walked to the door.
"Niether you or Kal are knights of Krindor anymore, Malick of the Ina Mitari."
Malick stopped in his tracks, his fists clenched into hard white balls.
"How Long have you known Ter Elia?" He hissed.
Kal's eyes grew wide in shock at both names "Ina Mitari" and Malick insult to the Arcanis.
"Did you not think I would let one of the Kumara in here without realizing it?" The Arcanis stood up to meet the elf's eyes. "Your magic may be powerful, but then again, remember that you are under my command now, and that there is an evil that is greater than our bickering. Be grateful I have not killed you on the spot, or have subjected you to even more humiliation as a servant for Mortax. You will wear the uniform of a guardian, or I will do just that!"
Mortax blocked the elf's way and pursed her lips. "Remember this Malick Mitari: even if the Arcanis will not punish you for your insults, doesn't mean I won't! You best improve that temper or the roads of life will be harsher for you than it is now!"
"Uma Eglar Himbasa!" Malick hissed as he shoved the woman from his path.

Kal shivered in fear. The Ina Mitari were the rumored mages of the dragons. Able to control the elements of fire, water, and wind, they sealed the portals that sent the minions far from the land. Gods Malick! Why did you do hat? Why did you have to insult her like that?

"You may take your leave now Kal, and tell Malick to watch his tongue. I know every language, even the ancient tongues long forgotten. Understand?"
The Arcanis snapped.
"Yes." He bowed, "I will inform him." He gave an apologetic look to Mortax as he left to follow Malick.
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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2002 12:51 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

As Maraneth came into sight, Rifka stopped the creature she rode. Sliding down, she pulled a fine dagger from the belt she wore. Pulling out diamond stone, she rubbed it along the dagger carefully, moving her arm in fine motions that barely ruffled the green silk of her blouse. Judging her work done, Rifka put away the diamond stone and ran a finger along the edge. She had barely touched it before it began to bleed. Nodding, satisfied, she put the dagger back in it's sheath at her belt, and leaped back onto the horse. She wanted her weapons ready at hand. Stealing was oft an easy job; but, with a job this large, it would be harder. Much harder.

She entered Maraneth.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2002 3:24 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Kal saw Malick mumbling and cursing under his breath as he walked down the Main Hall.
"Damn it Malick! First you cursed the sage in our native tongue, then I find that you are Mitari! What other secrets do you hide?" Kal's expression revealed the scarlet color of anger, but a trace of shock was still in it. The Mitari still kept silent for awhile then responded in a low voice.
"First, the elven language is in your tongue, second I am not an elf, third we of the Kumara Tower do little to show our identities, fourth: I hide many secrets, and yet I hide none."
Kal blink in confusion but then spoke again. "Curse you, Malick! Whatever you are, why are you here? what was the Arcanis talking about?"
"I can not tell you much of the Arcanis' ramblings, but your first I will." He rubbed his nose and continued. "I was summoned by my superiors to watch and guide you, Kal., but I won't be watching over you for very long. It is almost my time." His face showed a smile of the Malick he knew, but it dissapeared with his final words.
"What do you mean? what time? why guide me?"
"Every certain amount of years the Mitari are assigned with someone to aid until they have reached their destiny."
"This is my destiny? to be a Gaurdian to a sage? a woman who could destroy me if I make one wrong move?"
"That I do not know, Kal. But my time is to come, wether it be a year or a day, I don't know. I have taught you what you must know, from there." He hesitated. "From there I do not know. I will give you something if need be, to help do your duty and save your skin."
Kal looked puzzled, he opened his mouth but the Mitari cut him short. "Now is not the time to ask more questions, Kal. Please leave me for a while."
Kal nodded. "Just don't do anything foolish!"

Malick watched as Kal left for his quarters, shaking his head in confusion. Kal. Soon you will find your destiny, but now I'll have a few words with the Arcanis.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2002 7:12 pm    Post subject: Master of the Dragons Reply with quote Back to top

Cryzalana and Havotor stepped out into the hall. They had deliberated in an alcove off the hallway which lead to the Arcanis' chamber. The white-robed woman caught the sight of Kal retreating away from them down the corridor, while Malick went back into the Arcanis' room.
"I wonder who they were?" she said softly. She turned to Havotor, who was behind her. "Cousin, I believe the Arcanis is busy."
"What of it?" Havotor moved to the door, and swung it open. A woman, an Elf, and the Arcanis stared at him. He raised his hooded head. "Old man, we have made our decision. We shall accompany your explorers, wherever they may go, and whoever they may be. When do we meet them, and when do we set out?"
"Later," said the Arcanis, irritation in his voice. "I am occupied."
"Later?" said Havotor in his near-snarl. "Later? I cannot wait here at your convenience, Wizard."
"He is not a Wizard!" said Mortax. "He is the Arcanis, Head of the Ter Elia! Show respect!" She pointed at him, but whatever spell she meant to cast did not take effect. Havotor sneered, though the effect was lost thanks to the shadow of his hood.
"What foolishness do you try to play on me?" he asked. "Leave off, or I shall lose my patience."
"You never had any," whispered Cryzalana in his ear. "Come on, and stop making a fool of yourself. She spoke louder, so that the others could hear. "We will wait another day, but no more."
"Perhaps you need not wait that long," said the Arcanis. His face hardened as his turned his eyes from the white hood to the brown. "Tell your friend to curb his tongue. I do not take insolence lightly."
"Nor do I," answered Havotor haughtily.
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As she rode through the streets, she attracted stares, possibly more than of those who had come before her. Rifka wore no cloak, no hood; merly the fine dark blue breeches that looked like the ocean itself, and the green blouse the moved when she shifted as if it were seaweed. Her appearance was clear, and the villagers were unnerved. Sirens had not been seen for a very long time on land. Head held high, she rode astride till she reached the Arcanis' palace. Coming near the gate, she looked up at the guard. She said nothing, merely looked. The guard was speechless. Never before had he seen a creature so beautiful. Open the gate... He would do anything for this woman, anything. Open the gate... She was so beautiful. Open the gate... He would do anything...
He opened the gate. Rifka smirked. She rode in, and stopped as she came to the Palace stables. Leaping down, she handed over the hippocampus the the stablehands, ordering them to give the beast lots of water. Then she turned purposfully to the palace, and strode in.
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Malick watched the two strangers leave, as soon as the door closed he spoke. "You knew who I am, then you should also know what I am, Melar. Send your pet away so we may talk in private!" His voice was calm, but his expression never changed.
Mortax glared at the elf "Watch your-"
"Mortax, you may leave now. We will talk alone."
The sage gave a nod as she left the room.

"You knew who I was, and took advantage of it, to use me to find the artifacts." Malick said, sitting in a chair across from him.
"Yes, I knew from the start, Manuron. It was the perfect oppurtunity to retrieve the artifacts to hold until the Hiers return to collect them." The Arcanis replied. "I won't allow your kind to hold those artifacts. Your kind are too powerful."
"You dare to blame the Kumara for your mistakes? Fool! Your brother, my master, sent a message requesting your help in the Duels, but you ignored it! Your hatred of your brother's stregnth nearly costed us the battle! Sulfras is dead, and we were lucky to banish the minions of Tanaks. The ancients rewarded us with the care of the artifacts until the heirs returned. While you were lucky to have the duty of watching the wastes!"
"Don't tell me of duties, Manuron!" Melar hissed. "Your forces were strong enough to destroy them all, we were delayed. Do you know the cost of that war? Mankind wouldn't exist now, if I had not sent my Elia to heal those who where wounded near death!"
"It wasn't that severe Melar, you could have sent the requested troops to the Wastes. There we could have defeated them all. Some times I wonder why your brother doesn't come to face you, sometimes I wonder whose side you were on."
"Enough of the past, Malick! The wastes are opening, and I order you to watch Silvia Mortax and protect her."
"Malick, will aid her, Melar" The elf said. "But Malick, or Ignar, or as myself, I cannot harm my bretheren. Remember that! Tomorrow, I will wear your robes, tommorow I will follow her, but tomorrow, for her to survive she must follow my advise."
"I will inform her, but until then, a truce?"
"No truce. I only obey, because I am Malick now, soon I will leave as someone else. You just better hope we find the artifacts before I forget my promise and kill her!"

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Havotor matched angrily through the corridors of the Castle, Cryzalana sweeping silently behind. Havotor wore a scowl that somewhat mared his handsome face. He did not trust the Arcanis, nor did he like any of the humans he had met. And now his fool cousin had promised to aid the fools in their mad plans? Ha!
They came to a crossing, where the hall they were in was intersected by another, wider one.
"Which way now?" asked Cryzalana, her musical voice echoing in the empty halls.
"This way," said Havotor, spinning into the right corridor without stopping. Soon they were in the entrance hall.
"Where do you think you're going?" Cryzalana lengthened her stride, and came in front of Havotor, turning to face him. "This is hardly the guest quarters."
"I am not staying another hour in this prison," said Havotor. "There is open land in the city - I saw it, and we will stay there. Not in this, this, heap of brick and mortar."
"Indeed." Cryzalana tossed her head, causing her hood to fall. Silver haired streamed out from where it had lain concealed. There was a gasp. Havotor and Cryzalana both swung to face the sound.
A strangely clad woman stood in the shadows in a corner of the entrance hall. She wore dark blue breeches and a green shirt, the colours of which shifted oddly. The woman's skin had a blue-green cast, and her hair was green as well.
"What manner of human are you?" demanded Havotor. Cryzalana snorted.
"She is not human, cousin! Use your eyes. She looks like a Dryad. Different, though."
"That's because I'm not a Dryad," said Rifka, drawing herself up, "nor a human. I am Rifka Oceaneye, a Siren!"
"Honoured to meet you." Cryzalana dipped her head; something like a spiralled star was revealed as her hair slid across her forward, the silvery locks covered it again. "I am Cryzalana, daughter of Alanotora. This is my cousin, Havotor son of Orotar." Havotor made a stiff bow. He raised his head, staring down at Rifka.
"What business have you in the Castle of the Arcanis?" he demanded.
Rifka glared back at him. "No business of yours." Cryzalana snorted softly, sounding amused. Havotor's fine features, however, did not look amused.
"Perhaps not," he said, "but you should learn to speak with more respect when in the presnece of your superiors."
"Superiors?" replied Rifka. "You? You're a couple of strangers hiding in robes and cloaks!"
"Peace." Cryzalana stared warningly at Havotor. "I, at least, do not claim superiority. You are right, Siren; what you do here is none of our concern." She looked again at Havotor. "You owe her an apology for your arrogance."
"Very well." He inclined his head. His rich voice lost some of its anger as he spoke. "I am sorry for my words, Wanderer from the Sea. I hope they have done you no harm."
Rifka seemed taken aback by this change in the brown-hooded man. "I, um, accept your apology." Havotor nodded, giving the impression that she could not have done otherwise. Cryzalana turned to go, drawing Havotor after her. "May peace and fortune follow you," she said over her shoulder, "wherever you go, Rifka Oceaneye."
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Rifka raised an eyebrow.
"To you as well," she called after their retreating backs. She watched them until they were out of sight, both out of curiosity, and safety. Once they were gone, she went on her way, ducking into the shadows when she saw someone pass by. Luckily the windows were colored, some with green, casting a green-blue shadow. Soon she came uponn a set of huge doors; the way into the Arcanis' showing room. Quietly, Rifka crept to the door, opened it slightly, and peered in. There were two people seated there. Pricking pointed ears, Rifka listened. One of them seemed very upset. When he stood to leave, Rifka ducked back into the shadows, and waited. When the elf left (For she had seen he looked elfin by his ears), the young Siren waited a few moments before heading back to the doors. The other man was still in there. He looked old and wizened, but his eyes were sharp, and it seemed that he was as aware as he had been over twenty years ago. Rifka saw his eyes flicker, and she was about to dive back into the shadows when she heard a voice.
"If you wish to see, I think it would be better to be in the room." There was sarcasm in his voice, and Rifka narrowed her eyes at it. Well, she was caught; nothing more to do than walk in. She moved one hand to her dagger, one hand to her mouth. She felt as two fangs dropped. One of her favorite weapons. Closing her mouth, the fangs retracted.
"Who are you?" the Arcanis asked.
"I am called Rifka Oceaneye." The old man peeered closely at her. Raising an eyebrow, he asked, "What manner of creature are you?"
Rifka lifted her head proudly. "I am a Siren." Looking around, she curled her lip. "One of the more advanced species of this world." The Arcanis smiled slightly.
"Also one of the more vain species of this world."
Summoning all dignity she could, Rifka glared at him. "Out of all the races, I would say we have the right. We labored for milennia above the water, before you forced us under water. We adapted quick enough to survive. Our civilizations a far more advanced then this." She look around contemptuously.
"Truly? Perhaps I will visit one day." The Arcanis's voice was chilly, and held scorn in his voice. "Why are you here?"
"'Tis none of your buisness, is it?" She sneered.
"Oh, I believe it is. You are in my holding. You are here without my permission. Speaking of which, how did you get in?"
Rifka smiled secretly. "It seems you know less about the Sirens than you show. Are you not aware of the powers we posses? No? One of our favoured is the spell of Seduction, though it's not much used anymore. I found it to come in quite handy in this situation, however." The Arcanis glared.
"You are still here without my permission. I could have you throw in the dungeons, or to the street. It is even within my right to have executed."
Rifka turned her head up haughtily. "Do it. See what happens." There was a warning in her voice; she was not one to cross. The Elders had not chosen her for nothing. She was the best. The Arcanis studied her for some time. After a while, he nodded.
"Very well. I advise you to leave this castle, though I will provide a room." Rifka smiled sweetly.
"I will take you up on the offer. 'Twill be nice to spend a night in a bed."
"Very well." The Arcanis summoned an escort to lead her to a room. Turning Rifka left as proudly as she had entered. When she was gone, the Arcanis sat wondering. She was certainly one to be reckoned with, and he most certainly did not trust her alone. Decideding to use a seeing spell as he had on his previese guests, he set the spell and waited.
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The green cloak of the mystrious elf swayed in the wind as he watched the people below him scurry about themselves, fulfilling their lives.
He needed to get his mind away from the arcanis.
The Duels were nothing more than legends now, few believed them, but he was not that ignorant. As long as that coward does not wield Sulfras' weapon then there may be a chance.

Silvia Mortax walked down the hallway, She was going to have a few words with that elf, even if it killed him. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone, sometimes it is best to show who's the superior. Kal was ahead, shacking his head as if debating over something in his head.

"Kal." She called in a stern manner. "Where is Malick?"
"I don't know." Kal paused. "He could be in his room, maybe walking in the gardens, I don't know. Why?"
"I will see if he is in his quarters, you tell him to expect me later on when you see him."
Kal gave a polite nod as she left.
I will wait for him in the guest hall, he will have to return sooner or later.
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The Arcanis finished setting the spell on Rifka. At the same time, he let go the one on Havotor, for the spell was hard to maintain on multiple targets. Besides, the man had left the Castle; the Arcanis knew that he and his cousin were in the Royal Park, and had no true use for the spell anymore anyway.
Now that he was alone, the Arcanis could attend to something that had been whispering at the back of his mind. Torolan Daln. No man had entered that forest for centuries, but these two claimed to come from there. Intrigued, the Arcanis decided that, in order to safely manipulate them, he must know more of them. Torolan Daln. There lay the secret. No one may have travelled there for hundreds of years, but the Arcanis had a book by the last man who had.
The Arcanis left the room he was in and entered his private library. He searched until he found the tome he wanted. Being seven hundred years old, it had to be handled with care. The Arcanis gently set The Travels of Genneth Carford on a reading table, and opened it to Chapter Twelve: Forest of the Unicorns.

The Royal Park was a sprawling area of green near the middle of the city. So vast, indeed, was it that proper care could not be taken of all the grounds, and the central parts were very like a wilderness. It was there that the cousins stopped.
Havotor swung his cloak off his shoulders. "I am glad to be away from that Castle, and Men," he declared. "For a while, I think I shall take my true form."
"You can't." Cryzalana pushed her hood back. She inhaled the scents of the Park where the groundskeepers came but rarely. "If we assume our true forms, then the shape-changing spell Daryvith gave us will be broken. We can only choose the shape we wear now, or that of a horse."
"Horse, then," said Havotor. He folded the cloak up, and held it draped on his right arm. He snapped the fingers of his left hand, and the brown garment vanished. "I cannot bear another minute as a Man."
"You are envious of them," Cryzalana said. She held up her hands, staring at them. "How useful they are," she said softly, to herself. "I shall miss them when I finally put aside my disguise."

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Kal left the castle gates and entered Manareth, too many confusing questions, suprising secrets and a role as a guardian. Malik a Ina Mitari, sent to guide him, Mortax, a sage of water he was tricked into protecting and the ancient artifacts. He soon found himself infront of a tavern, a sign read: "The Jolly elf".
"I do need and ale." He sighed as he opened the door. It was more rundown and old from within, dirt lied across the floor, a few bar girls were doing a jig to a musician's flute.
He sat down at the counter and tossed a bag to the barkeeper. "Give me as much ale as that'll buy." Kal muttered.
"Trouble with the Protectors eh?" The fat bartender smiled as he handed the elf the booze. "Must be pretty bad for one of your kind to come here."
Kal nearly forgot about his robes and gave the man a cold glare. "Don't ask."

Malik walked down the halls heading to his room. Dusk was falling and guests were forbidden to walk the halls other than the Guest hall or with an escort. He entered his room and slowly began to remove his shirt when he heard a voice from the shadows. "It's about time you got here. You and I are going to have a little talk about your tongue."
"How long have you been there?" The elf angrily jerked his shirt back on as he walked towards the voice.
"Long enough, and you will call me Silvia or I'll have you call me mistress."
The elf glared at the woman. "I would believe your name is mortax, it is the name that old coot named you."
"Watch your tongue, Malick!" Mortax hissed. "That name was ment for his pupil whom by tradition is male, and you know it!"
"Mortax, another name for chosen dragon, or in ancient legends the First dragon to guide mankind. Ann odd name to give for a pupil."
"Mortax is also the name of the spark of the fire in elven tongue. But I did not come here to talk of names, Malik, I came to warn you and remind you of your position."
Malick's gaze grew cold as the woman smiled. "Malick, you are a gaurdian, one who will use his skill in the service of the Elia. You and Kal have been selected as my bodygaurds, but don't take it as slavery. You still have your freedom, and your will, but your not permitted to abandon me."
"As a Guardian, I am supposed to have benenfits. Advatages as you call them, quick healing, replenished energy and the lot, but if you are hurt I feel it, if You are killed so are we. I know of the guardian traits, Ter Elia." Malick sat near her.
"The you should also know that I have the right to do what I wish with you. I won't be harsh on you aslong as you show respect. I am not cruel as you may believe, none of us are." She smiled as she went to the door.
"About the quest, the lands are mainly in territories that I am well familiar with, you'd best take my advise or you and Kal will die."
"And I presume the link does not apply to you? Perhaps I shall ask the Arcanis to make you a servant."
"It applies to Malick, not me."
Silvia glared at him as he slammed the door in her face.
"We shall see, malick."
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The Arcanis arose early the next morning. He was ready to bring all his "guests" together, and set them to fulfilling his plans.
He summoned a messenger, and sent him scurrying off to the Royal Park. He then conjured up his breakfast - he did not like being bothered by servants in the morning. After a leisurely meal, he dispatched messengers to rouse the others, and have them brought to his study.

"The Arcanis wishes to see us, does he?" said Havotor. the messenger nodded. The poor fellow was panting, from having searched half the park for the elusive pair. Havotor disregarded this as he added, "Well, do not stand there! Take us to him!"
"Patience, cousin," said Cryzalana. "He needs rest."
The messenger shook his head. "The Arcanis desires your presence as soon as possible. His Lordship is right; we must leave at once." Cryzalana snorted at the reference to "His Lordship".
Havotor rolled his eyes, and set off at a rapid pace.

"What do you want now, old one?" demanded Malick. He, Kal, Silvia, and Rifka were present in the Arcanis' study. The great Wizard did not look up as he answered.
"Patience, my friend. We are waiting for certain others." Silvia smiled at Malick's frown.
They waited, and waited. Rifka looked bored, and Malick's scowl deepened. He was about to speak again when a familiar voice spoke behind the closed door.
"Havotor and Cryzalana to see the Arcanis," said the mocking voice of Handius. The door swung open, and the two stepped into the room. Handius closed the door and departed to other tasks.
The Arcanis rose, a smile on his wizened features. "Well, here we all are. Rifka Oceaneye, a Siren. Sir Kal, an Elf. Sir . . . Malick, a Kumara." Cryzalana and Havotor started. Malick ground his teeth. "My pupil, Silvia Mortax. And . . . Mortax, what would you say the material of these two strangers' robes were woven of?"
Havotor stiffened, and Cryzalana lifted a hand, as if to hide the fabric. Silvia moved out in front of them, and studied them. She frowned in concentration.
"I cannot say," she said. "It looks like horsehair, but it is finer..." She shook her head.
"There I can enlighten you." The Arcanis' smile broadened. "It is Unicorn hair." Now everyone looked shocked. Rifka and Malick both smoothed their faces quickly; Kal stared from the pair to the Arcanis and back, open-mouthed. Silvia tried to control her features, but could not hide the surprise in her eyes. As for for Havotor and Cryzalana; they looked as if they had been struck. Cryzalana's eyes were wide and fearful, but Havotor, after masterin his amazement, was showing signs of anger. The Arcanis sat again, looking as pleased as possible.
"You are surprised. But you two, at least, should not be. I am the Arcanis; I know all that happens within my domain. You cannot hide from me. and do not trouble denying it."
Havotor tossed his head, the hood falling back. His pale face was contorted by rage.
"Why should I deny it, old one?" he demanded, musical voice full of wrath and pride. "If you, with your prying magiks and paltry spells think you have discovered our secret, then why should I hide my true self any longer? I weary of this shape as it is!" He swung the cloak from his shoulders. A rich brown light shone from under his hair, on his forehead. The light enveloped him.
"No!" said Cryzalana desperately, but too late.
There were gasps as Havotor's front hooves fell ringing on the stone floor of the study. Even the Arcanis lost his smile. For before them all was a creature none had seen since Genneth had died. The regal Unicorn's brown body shown like rare, polished wood; lighter tail and mane looked as if spun from finest threads. Havotor's horn glowed brightly, as he stared around, pride in the arch of his neck and the gleam of his eye. Anger was there too, for a short time, but slowly it was driven out and Havotor's ears, which had lain flat, came forward again.
"Well?" he asked, his voice calm again if cold. "Are you satisfied? Or do you find more than you sought?" The Arcanis made no answer.
"You are as stupid as a mule," said Cryzalana. She stared around at the others. "Well, I had best transform too, so as to show you that not all our kindred are as arrogant as my cousin. So ends the Patriarch's attempt at subterfuge." She too, was enveloped in light - white. And soon her hooves also fell, ringing, on the stone floor.
She was every bit as beautiful as Havotor, if not more so. More delicate, and her bearing seemed more wholesome. Kal leaned up against the wall, as if overwhelmed by the pair of them. Rifka stared in fascination, as did Silvia, though she tried to conceal it. Malick shook his head, and a stern expression settled on his face.
The Arcanis also shook his head. "Well," he began, rather meekly, it seemed. Havotor and Malick both smiled. He cleared his throat. "Well. This is . . . quite a revelation." With an effort, he mastered himself. "Now that that is out of the way, I am sure that you want to know what I have in store for you."
"I can't wait," muttered Malick.
"As you three know, there are certain artifacts which must be brought here for safekeeping. These things are scattered throughout the world. One is even so far away as Ardania."
"Ardania?" said Kal. "I have never heard of it."
"I have," said Rifka, speaking for the first time.
"We shall come to Ardania later." He tapped his fingers together. He studied each, though he rather quickly passed over the Unicorns. "You three were assigned to collect these artifacts. Now. You, Cryzalana and Havotor, seek information about the world beyond your forest. You want to know why great evils are stirring again. Here lies the answer. Although I am not certain, it is fairly probably these various creatures seek the artifacts. By aiding Kal, Malick and Mortax, you will learn everything there is about these troubling rumours. As for you, Siren." He paused again. "What to do with you."
"I would gladly accompany them, sir," she said. An eager light dwelt in her eyes. it had kindled at the mention of artifacts. The Arcanis smiled a little smile, and nodded.
"Very well. Now, for your journey."
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The Arcanis gave a haughty smile as he gestured to the tall elf. "Malick has offered to reveal the locations of all the artifacts, and as you can see, he and Kal are eager to serve in this quest-"
A great rush of wind sent the Arcanis to the roof.
"Eager? Offered?" Malick's eyes flickered with rage. "You are a fool to press my boundries, and even more of a fool to slither around the laws of the ancients. You think I'm eager? You're wrong!"
He released his grip as the wizard landed back on his chair. The Others were wide eyed, Silvia regained her icy face and trapped the mitari with a spell, making sure he could hear but not move.
"As I was saying the artifacts are to be found and brought here for the last battle against Cren and Tanaks. Here the heirs will be gathered and given their artifacts. It is too risky now as the wastes are re-opening, for them to remain where they are. The final day grows near and few of the ancient minions are already dancing in the world."
Some of the guests were shocked in horror, thier eyes wide in fear. Even Mortax had a sign of fear in her face, Malick's eyes were wide, but not in fear. His face showed the anger of the Ter Elia and the spell Silvia casted upon him.
"A ship is setting sail for Ardania soon, you will all be sent there as... companions with mortax and her two guardians." He eyed each of them and spoke gravely. "Not a word of this is to exit this room. Do you understand? If a servant of Evil learns so much as a rumor they will know the new location of the arifacts, and retreive them. Your dismissed, the ship; The Golden swan, shall be leaving soon."

One by one the guests left, packing their things and setting to the docks. Malick cursed under his breath when he noticed his sword would not be given to him. "Two can play at your game, Melar." He grumbled. On the docks he noticed a massive ship. The wood had been painted yellow on the hull and rudder down to the water line. enourmous white sails with a sun rising above an open book gave it away as one of the Ter Elia vessels Kal and Silvia were already on board. He saw Kal at the stern gazing out to the see, and Mortax was glaring at Malick as he walked up the ramp.
"If you so much as use your magic in a trickle I will have your hide." She hissed.
"Magic?" Malick Laughed. "What magic? I'm a guardian remember? Who would believe you if I did? No I believe I'll have your's the next time you do that."
He chuckled to himself as he ducked under the doorway to his quarters, leaving mortax with a face full of rage
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Rifka had rode the hippocampus to the ship. Once there, she slid from his back, and smacked his withers, sending it running into the waves. Once in water depp enough, it's hind legs melded together into a fin, and the hippocampus returned to it's normal state. It swam away without a backwards glance. Rifka slung a single, small bag over her shoulder, boarding the ship. She had been the last to come; Havotor and Cryzalana were already there, speaking quietly together, off to the sides. Rifka's eyes lingered on them for a moment. Their true forms really were ravashing, and it was hard to tear her eyes away from their beauty. Turing to the bow of the ship, she walked forward, leaning over the railing.
To Ardania, she thought. I wonder if it's all the Elders say it is.
She heard footsteps and whirled, hand going to her dagger. Seeing it was only the white Unicorn, she let her hand droped away, watching Cryzalana with a small amount of suspicion.
"Yes?" She asked. Cryzalana seemed to smile.
"Hello to you too," she said. Rifka didn't react. "I wanted to know," the Unicorn began. She paused, starring out at the sea.
"Yes?" Rifka promted, impatient.
"Why are you here? Surely there is no reason for you to help."
Rifka's lip curled. "My reasons are my own. I don't doubt you will know by the end of this journey." Cryzalana waited for more; when she saw none was forth coming, she bid the Siren goodbye, and turned to join Havotor. Rifka shook her head, and turned back to the open ocean. She watched the waters admiringly.
"I wish I were swimming," she muttered aloud. She let out an exasperated sigh. If she was too long out of the water, she'd begin to waste away. Already her flesh crawled; she would need to get into the water soon. Turning from the ocean, she headed to the galley, hoping for a glass of water - or five.
As she ducked under the door, She paused and glanced behind her, supposedly towards Ardania.
It'll be hard sneaking around all of them, she thought. But I'll do it. I have to do it. I can't let the Elders down; I won't get another chance like this.
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