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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2000 8:36 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

I have decided to start the next story thread. Please place all comments regarding this story in the dedicated comments thread. The basic format of the thread will be following the quest of a wizard who will probably form a party as he travels (possibly gaining a companion(s) before he even leaves town).
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Joined: 29 Dec 1999
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2000 9:30 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

The old man looked up at the book shelf in the library. He had come in search of a tome titled "Therquin's Analysis of Moss Classification Systems" that had been published only recently (it had been held for a time to mourn the death of the author). As he carefully looked over the spine of each book, he noticed one was out of place.

In silver letters were the words, "The Tridusa." Obviously, such a book had nothing to do with botany, and should be moved. As Vandar pulled the book from the shelf, he noticed a very interesting symbol on the cover. It was the image of a very unusual wizard staff. Although the image was monotone, it was obvious from the shape that the shaft was made of some sort of metal. Around it were coiled three snakes. At the top of the staff was some sort of sphere, held in place by the mouths of the three snakes.

'That must be the Tridusa,' Vandar reasoned. He looked over at his old staff. It was very poorly hewn from the branch of a fig tree. It was hardly suitable for a Master of the Arcane. Although wizards were not usually concerned with such things, Vandar had noticed the shiny armor and weapons of his fellow heros, and was a bit embarassed to carry around a mere stick.

After a long moment of consideration, he decided to put off his studies of moss classification and began to thumb read the book.

It seemed that the staff had originally been made by a sorcerer, a practitioner of somewhat different arts than a wizard, according to his own theory. That sorcerer believed that all magic was made up of three essential elements, and that if all three were brought together in the correct amounts, anything could be accomplished. To test this theory, and to gain limitless power for himself, he created the staff.

The staff was made of the golden metal from the blacksmith. The sorcer also enchanted it so that it could do more damage in battle. The sphere was made of the same mystical crystal that sits atop wizards' guilds. The snakes were formed from the magical body of a fallen Deamonwood. Each snake symbolized a particular power.

The first snake was the symbol of the Ether Winds, the strange elemental plane that gave wizards their the power (for the most part). Spells like Farseeing and Teleport were comprised entirely of this element. The snake had sapphire eyes that matched the color of the ether winds in their natural state.

The second snake was the snake of Naturalism, and emerald was its color. This was the power to control animals and inanimate objects, and also includes the discipline of Psionics. Examples of pure Nature magic include Vines and Hands of Steel.

The final art was the power of Necromancy. The ruby-eyed snake held the power to raise the dead and the undead alike, and was neccessary to the creation of plagues and disease such as Lycanthropy.

His mistake however was telling a young lab assistant named Mangkist. Appearantly that boy had foolishly spread the word to the people of the village. When the found out what the sorcerer (whose name was oddly missing from the tome) was planning, the formed a mob and attacked him. They killed the sorcer and hid the staff. It remained hidden to the time of the writing of the ancient book, and was possibly still in the place that the villagers had left it.

Vandar tucked the book under his arm and set out to look for the staff. He could find nothing that would give him a hint as to where the item was hidden, except that it was probably near the site of the long-forgotten sorcerer's lair.

Perhaps the Sovereign, or even someone at the Inn, will know where a sorcerer's lair once stood,' Vandar thought as he stepped outside.
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2000 12:18 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Upon opening the door, a great gusting puff of wind blustered into the relatively young wizard; flinging dust, leaves and small bits of twig and bark at Vandar.

"Gah! Blah! Egad!!" Wheeling back from the door he covered his face and attempted to spit out what grit has happened into his mouth and rubbed at his tearing eyes. "Gracious! You'd think that the temple to Helia in town would deter the use of our library by Adepts."

A mirth filled chuckle lighted on his ears," Sorry, old man. I heard there was a copy of 'A Hero's Guide to Magic: Sneezing up a Flaming Barrier' in this place of learning. Our sovereign refuses to spend too much money of public education. Something about keeping peasants in their place.."

Old? wait... "Oh! That sounds horrible! To think anyone would want to close off the ways to learing! I think your sovereign sounds barbaric!"

"Well, it could be worse. I've heard there is a king that has actually let those wildmen create one of those 'shrines' to be built on this land. Oh, but I must hurry. Lunlord take those with idle legs."

Clasping the strange tome to his chest, Vandar nodded." I must be to my business aswell, I need some goods from the market."

"Wind to your back and through your hair. (what little you have, anyway...)"

Taking stick in hand and hiking up his robe, the Wizard made what would only be called haste by a wizard toward the the smell of rotting vegeatble matter and sound of haggling.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2000 9:43 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Vandar picked up the healing potion. He would probably need one if he was going to be traveling. In fact, he decided to buy as many as he could carry.

He was about to set his money on the table, when a ring of protection caught his eye. He did not have enough money for both, but if the ring could protect him from injury before it happened...

"Here," A tall, hooded man called to him.

As Vandar turned, he noticed the Ranger throw something to him. It was a ring of protection.

"I found this in the wilderness. Luckily the sovereign has been generous enough to put out some exploration rewards. I have enough money to buy one for myself."

"Err..." Vandar stammered, surprised, "Thank you."

"You look like you are getting ready to do some exploring."

"Well, yes," Vandar admitted.

"In that case, you should bring along an expert explorer," The ranger bowed, "Anarien the Cartographer, at your service."

Vandar thought for a moment, "I could use some help. Do you happen to know where a Sorcerer's lair once stood?"

"I sure do," Anarien answered, "But before we head out, I have a friend that we should meet up with."

"Oh, who?" Vandar asked.

"Here he comes, I'll introduce you."

Vandar scanned the crowd, but saw no one that looked particularly interested in them. Suddenly, he heard a small, high pitched voice below him.

"I found it!" The gnome said, "Watch!"

As he said this, he activated a ring, causing Teleport Short to transport him behind Anarien.

"This is Bopo," Anarien explained.

"Vandar," The wizard responded, gingerly extending a hand in greeting.

"No, Bopo," The gnome corrected.

"I meant my name is Vandar," He said, already somewhat irritated, "We should get going."
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Ayodon Pyr

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2000 4:32 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Vandar wondered aloud to Anarien, “Why do we need a gnome to come with us? Their smelly and bothersome!”

Anarien replied, “Bopo and I have travelled together for quite a while. He used to just follow me around, but one day, while I was walking around, I saw this beautiful plant. As I walked up to smell the bud, the plant rose above my head, and started spitting pods at me… I tried to use my bow to take it down, but it kept weaving all around. Then, I was hit by one of the pods, and I immediately was starting to get dizzy. I fell to my knees when I heard a faint “dody-dody-do”. I passed out after that. When I came to, I smelled this awful smell, I opened my eyes and saw Bopo. He had attacked that flower plant with a steel dagger and it from its roots. He then gave me a healing potion to revive me from the poisonous pods. He saved my life, and now we are inseperable.”

Vandar looked in disbelief at the little gnome. He had not heard of gnomes ever being that brave before. He asked Bopo, “Where did you gat that teleportation ring?”

“Yesterday, we were at the Ghoul’s Hide Trading post over by the Blane Swamp. Trolls had attacked the caravan and the driver made it back to us but was badly wounded. Anarien thought we could help out,” Bopo rolled his eyes, “so we made our way to the wreckage, only to find that the trolls had left!”

Anarien spoke up, “When we got back to the Trading Post, the trolls had really damaged the place. I set upon them with my bow, while Bopo went to keep the place from falling down. We were able to take down all the trolls and save the trading post. The king rewarded us handsomely for our assistance in saving the outpost. Bopo bought the ring, and I just bought a new bow!”

“Some of my cousins went out there today! The king has ordered a guardhouse be built in the area,” piped in Bobo.

Vandar sighed, his new companions sure did seem quite talkative…

Anarien mentioned, “We could stop by there on the way, you know, we have to go through the swamp to get to your Sorcerer’s lair.”

Vandar nodded. Knowing gnomes, he imagined he would hear this story at least 10 more times before they reached the growing settlement.
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2000 1:38 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

A Loud roar interrupted Vandar’s conversation with the two heroes. Market place fell into a mass, peasants start running and trying their best to escape from market, but, unfortunately, all of them crowed and block at the exit of the market, non-can escape.

Vandar stopped talking and looked and entrance of market place. Five huge hairy monsters with axes are knocking down the market while three heroes are hesitated.
The first one who act is Vandar, He immediately calls down a meteor storm, one Minotaur dropped after a loud shout in pain. Another four Minotaurs noticed and moved towards them, Vandar felt hopeless.
A ball of light dropped from sky, right in the middle of four Minotaurs, as soon as it exploded the market place is covered with light, All Minotaurs dropped in the resplendence rays of light!
When Vandar open his eye, He saw remains of Minotaurs lying as straw on ground.
“What a nice queen I have!” Vandar spoke to himself on his way to an inn.
“I am truly surprised that this kingdom is such a mass!” Bopo said, Unhappily.
“My kingdom is surely batter then this!”

On the tower of palace, the queen smiled. She closed her book and looked at the upgrading plan of Temple to Dauros and Temple to Agrela. Then she turned her face to the dwarven engineer said kindly “I wish a good work, the 3000 pieces of gold for building fee will be sent to your settlement beside Black Creek river tomorrow”. Then, she opened her book again, in the first page, has written:

“ The one followed brightness will be prosper by the brightness that followed
The one followed darkness will be destroyed by the darkness that followed
--- Author, King Tharen”

On the wall, there carved
“I follow the law of my father
--- Krista "

In the Black Creek Dwarven settlement, Nerb Sturdbuild is reaching his new project –
Wheeled Ballista with his friends – Pillur Roundhill and Buldon Goodtool when he felt the building start shaking.
“I think it’s those Evil Oculus again!” Nerb shouted while he was rushing to his ax “ Pillur, come with me! Buldon, you go upstairs and fire ballista at them! And don’t forget! Ignite smoke alarm to awake dwarves in all three settlements near by!”
Buldon tried his best to run upstairs, he ignited alarm , then he turned the huge ballista on the top of settlement with a huge steering wheel towards the Oculus that Nerb and Pillur is rushing to , and cut a rope, the ballista flew with and loud sound and deeply pin the Oculus on the ground.
He suddenly felt there is something in the forest, he took out his new telescope and looked with it.
“Run back in, there is another three Oculus in the forest” during the time he dropped telescope and refill the ballista.
But another two dwarves are too far to listen to that, they slowly walked back when they find them in grave troubles.
“No!” Buldon shouted and fired another ballista and this one missed
All the dwarves run out of their settlement and try to save Nerb and Pillur as the Oculus went nearer and nearer
Just at this moment, fire dropped from sky and all the Oculus fell into an infernal and quickly burnt into dusts, and Nerb and Pillur ran back as quick as they can.
“What Happened! ”Buldon lift his telescope and looked above, when three shadow moved towards mountain facing north.” Three dragons!” He said,” Why they don’t attack us?”
Buldon looked again carefully, It was surely three dragons, one what pure gold, another two looked normal.

Prathor looked down and saw the Oculus fell into dusts, he continued flying.
He will never forget that how he was lost in last war against humans, and how the power of Crystal of Purity and Power of Helia resurrect him. And now, he has changed. Now He has the gold body that shown his power, and his mind that is belong to the Crystal and belong to brightness.
“I will be reuniting the power of dragons, and make it against evil.” he thought, “This was the land of dragons, but now it’s full of evil! There will be one day that wing of dragons will again hover above this land!”

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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2000 7:47 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Far above the world of mortals lies the Realm of the Gods. In this realm, the gods plan and plot, to further their own ends in the struggle for suprimacy.

Yet the gods remember the results of their last game. The previous game had been played badly. Although the dragon Prathor has been defeated, the losses were unacceptable.

Now, the gods stopped and look. Far below in Ardania, a spot of darkness appeared, one that was growing rapidly, even to a god. The Gods look at each other with suspicion but knew, on an immortal level, that non of them was behind this new menance.

Quickly the gods flew to warn their followers. Although their beings of power, their power can only be channaled through their priests and priestesses. This Darkness would consume even them if not dealt with.

In the form of omens and visions, the gods warned the people...
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2000 8:00 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

The Great Healer sat up sobbing.

The doors burst open as two healer in sleeping gowns rushed in.

"Lady, are you alright? We heard you screaming from our chambers..." On of the healers ask, voice filled with concern.

The Great Healer looked up,"A bad dream... just a bad dream..." But even as she said it, she knew it was not true. It was more than a dream, it was a summon.

The Great Healer stifled her sobs and dissmised the two healers. The healers left the room with concern, but silence.

Once alone, she knelt in prayer.

"O Great Mother, what is it you wish of me?"

On the small altar in her room, a light suddenly blossomed. then it went dark. On her altar lies a small flower. It was a black bloom trim in red. It's the Angelica Blossom.

The Great Healer gasped. This is a rare herb for it grows only in one place, the grave of Angelica Sunstar, Hero of the war. And the location of the grave is lost. The potion made from the herb is reputably able to resurrect the dead, similar to the sorvreign spell granted by Agrela. Even to uterlise the magical properties of this blossem is difficult. The flower must be burned by a High Solarus at noon. The ashes are then mixed with water blessed by Agrela.

And then the Great healer knew what she must do. She put on her cloak, picked up her combat dagger and herb and left swifty into the night...

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Ayodon Pyr

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 PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2000 6:00 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Vandar, Anarien, and Bopo finally reached the Ghoul's Hide Trading post.

Bopo's cousins had made quick work of building a guardhouse, and with some extra materials, they had even constructed a small inn. Vandar smirked at the placboard of the inn... "Gnome's Hide Inn".

As the small group approached the settlement, the city guard assigned to the settlement came to greet them.

"Hail travelers!"

Anarien responded with a nod.

"So what brings you to our little settlement?"

Anarien replied, "we were just here for a small rest. We had heard they were expanding the services at this trading post."

Vandar mumbled under his breath, "Or rather we smelled the expansion."

The guard, who heard Vandar, mentioned, "Yeah, those gnomes work fast,unfortunately the lingering scent does not leave as quickly." To which both Vandar and the guard wrinkled thier noses.

Everyone knew that gnomes were abit smelly, except for Bopo of course.

"I am Vandar, these are my companions Anerian and Bopo."

The guard replied, "I am called Elliot. Again, welcome."

Elliot went back to patrolling, and the party made thier way to check into the inn.
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 PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2000 2:17 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

After resting at the Inn for the night and having breakfast, the trio set out quickly. Anarien picked up divining rods with which to find the buried staff. Upon reaching the site, they split up to look in various directions.

Soon, Bopo felt something through the rod. He quickly dropped to his knees and began to dig. It did not take the industrious gnome long to find the book. The cover was faded, but it was not damaged. He took it to Vandar, who was much closer than Anarien.

Vander opened it quickly and began to read:

The villagers clearly have no idea what they are doing. After they killed my mentor, they began trying to use the staff to place a protective spell on itself. However, with what little magical knowledge they had, they managed to curse it. Now, if it is ever disturbed a great evil will be brought forth. I could see it with my mind's eye, and it terrifies even me. I do not know if they somehow created it, or if they merely summoned it, but I do know that it now waits with the staff for someone to disturb it so that it may be released.

The name of this creature is the Mirren. It is black as pitch from head to foot. Though it has a shape similar to that of a man, no color of any sort exists on it. It has the power to suck the strength and abilities from anything, man or beast, that it defeats in battle.

Although I cannot advise on ways to stop such a monster, I will say this: Do not disturb the staff!

Having read this, Vander quickly decided that his vanity was not worth the risk of the tale being true, and told Bopo that they would head back immediately.

"What about Anarien?" Bopo asked, urgently.

Vandar looked around, but he could not see the Ranger. He told Bopo to run in the direction that Anarien had gone as swiftly as he could.
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 PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2000 10:03 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

It's dawn.

The sounds of the Commerce filled the air and her ears and Alena walks closer towards the Marketplace. Stopping just in time to get some food and a few bottles of healing potion.

Her next stop, the Temple to Krypta.

Alena flinched at the thought of stepping into that foul place. Where death and undeath was the commonplace. The Priestesses of Krypta and the Healers of Agrela practice far different, even opposing arts. Where Alena and her sisters give life to the living, the followers of Krypta give life to the dead.

But she must do what Agrela wants.

Soon, she stopped at the gate of the undead temple. The twmple look nothing less than disgusting. The temple itself looks like a body lying on it's back, with the ribs as the walls of the temple.

"I seek the High Priestess of Krypta! I'm the Great Healer of Agrela!"

From somewhere deep within the temple, a bell rang. From the soil just behind the gate, a skeleton rose. The smell of death walfed oast the gate into Alena. With it's arms, it clawed itself out of the earth and rose to open the gate with silent abandon.

When the gate was opened, Alena walked in.

Walking past the courtyard, Alena entered the temple proper. At once, two Priestess appeared in front of her.

Both ladies were wearing the red cloaks of Krypta and carrying Necromantic Staves. Their skin was pale to the point of white. Some people say that when a woman chooses to become a sister of Krypta, she must embrace death herself.

"I need..."

Before she can finish her sentance, the two priestess motioned for her to follow. One of them spoke,"Thank Krypta you're here, Lady. Our High Priestess has fallen ill and it seems Krypta desires her not in her domain."

"The Lady is ill? Take me to her." Alena said, with surprising anitcipation.

The three ladies entered the High Priestess's Chambers. Only Alena entered and she could see the High Priestess writhing in agony on her bed. Sweat rolled down her brow and her fingers were clentch tightly around the bed.

Placing her hand on the Priestess's forehead, Alena felt a shock like no other and saw blackness...
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 PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2000 1:05 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Overcome the tiredness, Prathor stayed awake, while other dragons in his horde were deeply asleep. He remembered these days he has been traveling though Ardania, conquering dragon lairs, and accumulating his horde. Now, there are quite a lot of dragons in his horde.
Prathor looked at Eastern horizon, a gleam of brightness appears.
Prathor thought more “We were the ruler of this land, Creature of wonder, but since once that a great evil appeared, and all the glory of dragons were fallen. The evil have tear apart the our hordes, then the we had no more aim for our lives, but we were still powerful creatures, we can still survive with our hunting capability, but we became terror of all the creature in this land”
The bright part of sky start turning orange, And render the cloud gold
“Humans are also wonder of nature,” Prathor thought “Of cause, they are not comparable to us, but their intelligence make them defeat all the difficulties.”
Finally, refulgence from sun bright the sky, all the stars disappeared.
“Thanks for them that I could find my spirit back” Prathor didn’t stop “Dragons will be soon united under the power of brightness!”
The sun rose out from the horizon …
“We are going to settle on the southern cliffs beside the ocean now, since there are warm and their are enough fish” Prathor wondered because he like fish as much as other dragons “I have never ate any fish for long time, but I still remember the taste.”
A loud call reverberates in the canyon than dragons rested, Prathor left into sky, with his horde, with his confidence to brightness.

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 PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2000 4:48 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

The darkness lifted...

"My ladies, are you alright?" A voice asked, lifeless and flat.

Alena opened her eyes slowly and painfully. Turning her head, she could see the High Priestess of Krypta sitting up slowly.

"Wha... what happened?" Alena croaked, her voice seem to travel through the mountains before exiting her lips.

Her pale face stared into Alena's eyes as she said,"The sickness... a message from Krypta. Your touch has allowed Krypta to show me some nature of the evil we must face."

Alena's face drained of colour,"Yes... Agrela told me... though in less painful ways. I need..."

"... need to find the shade of Angelica Sunstar." The High Priestess finished for her. "For some reason, this shade resists the pull of Krypta." The High Priestess had done shade gleaning for decades and this is one stubborn shade.

Taking out the Angelica Bloom, Alena asked,"Maybe this will help?"

Taking the flower from the Great Healer, the High Priestess replied,"Let's go."
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Ayodon Pyr

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 PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2000 7:44 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Elliot was just plain sick of the rats. It seemed like overnight, the place was running over with them. The inn and trading post had been getting busier. The queen had even put in a request for a blacksmith in the area. He knew that sewers systems made for a better quality of life for the locals, but it sure did make is job harder. At least he wasn't in the city! They had minotaurs and horrible floating eyes and other monstrocities hampering the place. Being in a new settlement wasn't so bad.

Thankfully, due to the rat infestation, his guardhouse received a nice little dwarven upgrade, arrows. The palace command even sent out a trainee to man the station crossbow unit, so Elliot could do some important stuff, like napping on a soft patch of moss.

Elliot was a bit anxious to rid the place of rats, the quicker they were gone, the quicker he could get his promotion to Veteran Guard.

Veteran guards lived pretty nice actually. Spacious guardrooms and a higher salary to boot, Elliot could hardly wait. Elliot’s cousin was recently promoted to a veteran guard about a month ago over near Black Creek. Ever since the dwarves had set up base, however, his cousin was able to just kick back and relax.

Elliot dreamed of the possibilities, the rest and relaxation, while sitting against a tree looking over the swamp. He thought he heard the twang of a crossbow coming from the town, and then a cry of elation. Elliot thought to himself “life is pretty good here…”
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 PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2000 9:40 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

At the same time, in another part of the city Nerb Sturdbuild pulled out the pin out off the drawing board and put the sheet on the wooden folder. He was so tired after a whole day of working; the plan of the rewinding system of his wheeled ballista is finally established. He relaxed and planned to go to closest inn for a rest with his friends.
As he went down from the tower of settlement to the hall, he see that Pillur and Buldon have built up the base of ballista that drawn by him in the previous days. As soon as Pillur and Buldon saw him, they stopped working.
“A fine piece of work …” Nerb said, as he is the head of the settlement. “Once we make these, we will make enough money that we can enjoy our lives.”
“Well, I think its time to enjoy it now”, Pillur said, when he dropped his ax and washed his hands in the bucket “Let’s go to the Black Creek inn!”
“I agree” there speaks Buldon “It’s built by our hands and ax, I think it’s the best inn in the kingdom!”

The dwarves from nearby settlements now crowed Black Creek inn. They all came together for relaxing after a hard working day.
“Nerb, the ballista tower’s design is here.” Said another old dwarf when he saw Nerb “I wish you can do some improve on this. Minotaurs have knocked three of them down a few days ago, to the north of the town. Some Minotaurs even entered the town. Lucky the queen stopped them.”
“I will try my best, but this may surprise you,” Nerb said, when he took out the plan of Wheeled ballista, “This will blow what ever beasts away, once we finish it! Then No one would go close to the outposts, because this weapon will allow us to fire ballista for half a mile!”
“Impressive!” The old engineer smiled, as he take out a map.”We will need one of this to fry stone giants, they are inhabit in the cave in south, but none could know from any source how they are built!”
Then they sit down and drank, as sky turned darker and darker. Soft wind starts blowing. Only the inn in the middle of the outlying settlements shows the atmosphere of vital.
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