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Joined: 27 Feb 2005
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 PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 1:38 pm    Post subject: Elven treachery in 9 days!!! Reply with quote Back to top

" Elven treachery in 9 days!!! "

Start Immediately building a Rangers guild, and click the Warriors guild in preparation after Rangers is done... as soon as the Rangers guild is complete put down the Warrior guild..and build 4 Rangers, now once 4 Rangers are built wait for the warriors guild to finish, but be ready once it is to upgrade your palace immediately!!

Once palace level 2 quickly build a Temple of Krolm,(wait to build any warriors until TOK is complete.

after tok is built recruit 4 barbarians and 4 Warriors ASAP and replace any rangers killed by Elves/Rogues ( only time to replace rangers!!)

once 12 units are made, use rage of krolm sparingly,Very Sparingly.... Say

Once you've killed all elves in a town and they start bashing buildings.. as long as they arent in threat dont use ROK.. Keep an eye on any flashing units... once anyone gets in trouble use rok.. After doin all the units you may have 7-10 k left so use ROK very sparingly.. it took me about 30 tries to get it in 9 days!!!! had 10 several times...


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 PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 1:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

also when you first start you only have 2 peasants thats why you wait to place everything 2 peasants build faster then 1

so wait until the warrior guilds done before upgrading to palace lvl 2
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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I'm assuming that's a walkthrough for elven treachery. You might want to put that on the post. Like so-

Rise of the Ratmen- Walkthrough.

Another slightly dumb quest, for the following reasons. You begin with a central settlement of a palace, rangers' guild, fountain and marketplace. The marketplace will be adjacent to at least 2 sewer entrances, to taunt you in case you had any pretentions at a secure layout of infrastructure.
Did I mention there will be a ratman invasion from one of the sewer entrances on the map, quite possibly literally on your doorstep, immediately? There are also 4 outlying settlements which contain nothing of interest, as they're not possible to defend.
There's nothing of interest on the map at large, Rhoden shows up nextdoor in his own good time along with most of the broken sewer mains, so you only need to defend your base until then. Krypta/Fervus + wizards are the logical choice for this map, the ratmen don't have ranged physical attacks or high magic resistance, and charmed critters provide a meat shield for delicate, high-firepower heroes to rally behind before your settlement is damaged seriously. Rangers are not essential, but no harm either.
Ratmen assaults, by and large, are not overwhelming, but almost continuous. You need to dispatch the rodents quickly in order for peasants to keep up with the pace of repair and construction.

First things first. Remove all outlying buildings in the four peripheral settlements from your repair and tax queues, your henchmen don't need pointless distraction.
Place a wizard's guild immediately. You will probably have to demolish and rebuild your marketplace in a more secure location, and since this map will be crawling with ratmen, you'll need 3 evenly spaced guardhouses nextdoor to safeguard your cash. If you do demolish the marketplace, make sure to have it at level 3 by the time your trading post(s') caravan(s) arrive. You'll lose the trading posts quickly, but just getting one or two can be a huge boost to your economy. If ratmen turned up on your door and are interfering with construction, recruit rangers/wizards to dispatch them once invisibility is available. Wizards are the more efficient, but if you can delay their recruitment until Krypta can offer some protection, all the better.
With the marketplace up, I went with elves, since invisibility/wither guzzle gold reserves, upgrading a blacksmith is a significant expense and the ratmen come in sufficient numbers that they can still penetrate all but the most extravagant gauntlet of ballistas.
Although the outlying settlements are not defensible, pick the nearest corner of the map, place a trading post (once all others are demolished) and establish a line of wizard towers to cover the location. Behind the ring of sewer entrances, it should escape the worst of the ratmen's attentions.

Useful buildings to have include a mausoleum, though a magic bazaar, both for it's own sake and the sorcerer's abode, is more valuable, a second or possibly third lv3 marketplace/trading post (pick the sites with care, your first marketplace should attract the caravans,) and eventually a blacksmith for cultists/rangers. A library is compulsory, those wizards need fire blast. A wall street is also good, but inns are delicate, so keep them tucked out of harm's way. You probably won't have the cash free for a third level Palace. A third level wizard's guild is more useful.

If you coped with the earlier invasions unscathed, Rhoden's assault is laughably easily handled. A berserking high-level wizard or two with some cover from spells/henchmen/buildings/critters will make mince of his assault.

(One drawback to the Krypta/Fervus alignment is that if the ratman plague gains a foothold in your population, purging it can be costly without the freebie healing Agrela would offer. This is unlikely to happen, but just be aware.)
Today is a good day for many ratmen to die.
The living are a species of the dead, and a very rare species.
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 11:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

it is in the headline:

"Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 12:38 am Post subject: Elven treachery in 9 days!!!"
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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Mea Culpa. I generally try to play for minimal casualties, rather than minimal time.
It's been done before, but...

Valley of the Serpents- Walthrough.

By and large, I like this quest. No irritating sewer entrances forcing me to place guardhouses every 10 feet always puts me in a good mood. But first, the general skinny...
You have to destroy all serpent pits in the neighbourhood, which is simple enough, but more appear constantly, which complicates matters. In the meanwhile, at least one elven bungalow has to remain intact throughout, and you can't build any personally. Instead, Elven refugees arrive every few days, and will place bungalow construction sites for you. Finally, as time goes by, more and more severe monster invasions will target these. I highly recommend finishing this quest early.

The ideal temple/guild setup here would be to use elven gold to finance a straightforward wizard/ranger/barbarian/RoK rampage and polish off the pits in short order. I preferred to retain my healers and adepts. I avoided Krypta for much the same reason, and since blessing is a cheap and highly effective buff for your adepts, though the healers themselves tended not to level much. Rangers remain a sound investment, you'll want to uncover the map rapidly so you can target new pits. A temple to dauros is handy for stoneskin+paladins. Monks are too slow to make an impact, and lack of greed makes them hard to direct, so I avoided them. Some warriors to attract healers' attentions are handy, but mainly their advantage is in price while cash is constrained the first few days.

When you start off, you have but a solitary elven bungalow at the far end of the map from your main settlement. Don't panic, you have plenty of options open for defence. But first, attend to your settlement. I went with 2 marketplaces, blacksmith and an extra inn before the first monster invasion, and a guardhouse for collector convenience. If you can spare the cash and peasant attention, place a trading post out by your bungalow too, since you'll be defending the area anyways. Use winged feet on peasants with discretion, and remember to upgrade your Agrela temple to lv2 soon, adepts/gnome champions/paladins/everyone with blessing can really cut down on your healing bills. Try to have maybe 2000 gold left over for day 3.

On about day 3 you'll have your first influx of elven refugees, and shortly after the second, smaller group arrives. Mass elves are great in this quest, their sheer concentrated firepower and reliable greed take down snake pits quickly and make mince of most monsters.
Hot on the heels of the second group of elves comes an invasion of about a dozen medusae. Since you only have one bungalow at this point, diverting their attentions is critical. You can:
* Have a rangers guild built beforehand, but delay recruitment. Move Camp to in front of the bungalow and pump rangers just as the medusae arrive, using stoneskin/blessing to assure recruits' survival.
* Build a warriors guild out by the bungalow and use call to arms.
* Build a warriors guild next to your sorcerer's abode and use Gate.
* Just use Gate. Just one or two heroes nearby can do the job.
* Use winged feet on slow but interested heroes/peasants.
* Trust to your adepts' teleport skills, if they're high-level and the map hasn't many distractions.

After the first invasion, you'll see the first bungalow construction sites appear, so you can breathe easier. However, demolish any construction sites appearing in indefensible locations, bungalows destroyed will take the resident heroes with them, and elves pay no taxes in any case, so your coffers are none the worse off.
Subsequent elven refugees will be followed immediately by ice dragons and gorgons, so I'm afraid their odds of survival unaided are slim. You may be able to rescue them with winged feet, blessing etc. and/or dismiss. Hopefully, however, you'll have finished the quest before such depredations become a real headache. Before this happens, you'll have the pleasure of a group of gnome champions' company, including a gnomish wizard with all the usual bells and whistles. Worth their weight in gold. Later on, veteran dwarf and finally elven reinforcements will arrive, but you'll definitely want to finish the quest before these show up. Still, the sight of such racial harmony submerged in a veritable ocean of elven debauchery never fails to warm my heart...

One nice thing about the snake pits is they give a nice fat load of experience, so your heroes will become quite formidable very quickly. About 3/400 gold is about right to attract their attentions.
Enjoy. I know I did.
The living are a species of the dead, and a very rare species.
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 PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Some general tips on other quests:

Legendary Heroes-

I have never yet managed to beat this quest the proper way- i.e, without resorting to brute-force wizard towering with lightning bolt and far sight to locate and destroy the barrows. If you use this technique, simply get 3 elven marketplaces and as many trading posts against the nearest opposite map edge, and gold will not be a problem. Then you go can go shower and wash off the stench of failure.
However, if you feel compelled to win in a way that doesn't leave you feeling violated, the main problem is with exploration. The monsters won't invade your settlement in any orgnaised fashion, except for some early, minor, goblin waves. Hence, the map, although pretty damn large, is littered with formidable beasties that will distract heroes from reaching your flags, both bounties and explore flags.
* Make sure you get an outpost, and hopefully two. You can build/recruit/demolish the guild/temple of your choice to get 3 normal guild's worth of a particular hero class, which is usually better than what the embassy serves up (though if you were feeling ruthless you could always dismiss weaker arrivals until you had a dream-team in residence.) You may need resurrection to keep them stocked that way, of course.
* Gnomes are tempting on this quest- 3 gnome champions by day 2 can be very useful, for construction and defence- but after experimentation, I still find that you need elven gold early on to jump-start your barrow eradication program. Gnome eviction won't work thanks to your Royal Gardens' permanent loyalty bonus, and lightning bolt/quakes take too long. You especially need gold for constructing multiple guilds (one hero each)/outposts. Ballistas are of no detectable value whatsoever.
* Put together a schedule and stick to it. No, you can't wait just a day or two. You have 6 barrows and 30 days, delay is not affordable.
* Classes to use for exploration are: Rangers, elves, rogues, and... healers in order of effectiveness. Rangers aren't greedy enough for easy direction, and along with elves and rogues, will skidaddle when they meet a rock golem. At longer range, healers with Aura of Peace will both ignore, and be ignored by, monsters, allowing them to make forays at will, though larger rewards might be needed.
* Go with Dauros/Agrela/Lunord (once you have an outpost for your solarus.) Your heroes are mighty enough that helping them is more effective than harming your enemies, so blessing/stoneskin/healing/vigilance/resurrection/winged feet outperform wither/whatever-other-crappy sovereign-spells-Krypta/Fervus/Helia-have. Winged feet is especially useful on this big map, while high-level adepts are valiant and can teleport over distractions. Also, a level 10 monk is a killing machine, a level 10 cultist an amusement.
* Once you locate a barrow, destroying it can be just as tricky, as heroes get diverted en-route. You might consider building a wizard's guild on the spot, recruiting at once to have the wizard take the bait, (and demolish afterward, if there's room in your outpost(s). You could try call-to-arms/fairgrounds + gate. Adepts could take the bait and appear on the spot. Earthquake can be used in a pinch.
* Place as few buildings as possible next to your palace/outpost(s), since they'll be the quake's epicentres. Demarcate the nearest corner of the map as the real centre of your settlement as soon as you can, and put trading posts along the opposite edge along with non-economic/administrative buildings- guilds and temples, mainly. Take any non-essential buildings off the repair queue most of the time- gazebos and houses, especially. In general, don't place more buildings than you have to, they all take the same damage.

Trade Routes-
Recruit one rogue, get to palace lv 2, go with Krypta/Fervus/Lunord to hasten your caravans and defend your settlement.

The Clash of Empires-
Just for fun, I recruited two WoDs before going with Dauros/Agrela/Helia. Get some rangers first. The ratmen have the stronger forces but weaker bases, so eliminate the Nests first.

The Fortress of Ixmil-
In theory, Krypta/Fervus is the one to go with here, since monster waves can arrive from any direction and in significant force. In practice, the waves are too powerful and fast for charmed followers to react in time, and although you'll lose a building or two, Dauros/Agrela will serve you better in the long run, as you can intercept and destroy before the waves reach your settlement. Based on this assumption, go with elves. Get rangers first for the sake of early warning, survivability and rapid response.

Scions of Chaos-
I immediately placed a temple to Krypta, as priestesses are the best priestess-killers currently available. Wither the enemy hero (not her minions,) to give your own skeletons a chance to engage, adn your own priestesses to level. With her dead, place plenty of inns, as these are your only source of income. You can then start recruiting cultists to face down the enemy cultist, as they can charm many of his own followers. Use wither on those remaining that pose any threat- werewolves and vargs, especially. Other buildings aren't terribly important, but it's nice to be able to recycle your heroes' income, so an upgraded blacksmith/bazaar are no harm. A sorc's abode can also prove quite handy for dealing with the enemy WoD- get him withered, distracted, and targeted by a priestess or two, and you're largely done. Bear in mind that as distractions go for a level 35 WoD, skeletons rank just below 'hangnail.'

Urban Renewal, or Can't we all just get along until I'm ready to crush you with an iron fist?
Don't start none, won't be none. Just hold off the bounties until you're ready to recruit monks/paladins with blessing (though priestesses can be more economical, if you can stomach the casualties.) You might want to place a trading post somewhere out of the way before hostilities erupt.

Darkness Falls-
Recruit 4 warriors for palace lv2, then Get Krypta. Like, daw. Shadowbeasts can be charmed and wither cuts them down to the speed limit. Once goblin reinforcements arrive, this is a joke. Have some WoDs evict them at your pleasure later.
The living are a species of the dead, and a very rare species.
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