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Fight for the Thone Part III
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 3:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

The company at the south gate were holding well, the goblins at this end of the fight were either cowardly or just bad fighters because the group of warriors were able to completely block the gate against more goblins and there losses were barely in the double-digits. And, believe it or not, that was a problem. If more goblins couldn’t get in, the plan of Borador’s would not be as effective as it could, Lucius was among the few to realise this. He was working hard to get to Aragonder so they could pull out for a moment and asses the situation, but the field was so packed with fighters, both good and bad that it was as easy as running through a boulder.
Getting frustrated, Lucius took matters into his own hands.
“Pull back!!” he cried to those around him, loud enough for everyone within the vicinity to hear.
Pulling back about halfway between the gate and the castle, the warriors began a new stand. Lucius along with the aid of the co-operative Aragondor formed a line, against the goblins. But this time the full force of about half the goblin armada hit hard against the defenders, with the archers gone, and the portcullis wide open and clear of protectors, the whole south half of the city was completely swarmed.
With the initial hit the defenders lost over 20 warriors and it did not get any better, for some reason the goblins were pent up and fuelled with rage, they hacked and gnawed at the defences, Lucius and Aragondor who were at the front of the line, were quickly surrounded. Lucius was much better at fighting multiple foes then Aragondor, for Lucius had a twin bladed light-weight staff and the remarkable agility of an adept, Aragondor had a single blade heavy sword, and the typical training of a night of chivalry, and Aragonder fell prey to many attacks which he was unable to parry, fortune he was however that he bore a suit of full steel plate armour, and many attacks were either deflected or absorbed by the incredibly hard material, however Aragondor quickly become wounded from all the repeated attacks, and he could only block so many of them. Lucius who was able to hold most of the goblins with ease began making his way to Aragondor. Using a relatively new technique he kept the goblins at bay, his attack was a unique discovery of Lucius from the wells of the temple of lunord. It was a furious windmill of attacks, it served three important purposes in combat, one was that it was an effective and dangerous attack, two, it was a very capable defence mechanism at high speeds, many times it has blocked enemy arrows, three, it required immense skill and looked very difficult, it has often sucked the courage from goblins too afraid to be beaten.
Using this he managed to carve a path to Aragondor, who was still fighting bravely. The two of them were now alone, all the other fighters had fled to the castle, as the king’s signal waved frantically overhead. It was definitely time to go. Fighting back to back, Lucius and Aragondor inched closer to the castle walls that remained open, the last guard was waiting for them, ready to close the gates as soon as they reached the safety of the castle.
Once Lucius and Aragondor were close enough to the castle walls the broke from each other and made a mad dash to the gate, Lucius made it first, and the guard was about to close the portcullis when Lucius stopped him.
“WAIT!!! Wait for Aragondor” he shouted. The fledgling knight was wounded, limping, and not able to move as fast as he could otherwise and the goblins were slowly catching up to him.
“RUN!!!” cried Lucius, giving up all his strength, Aragondor returned to his feet and abandoned his sword and shield, clutching his ribs with one hand, attempting to stay balanced with the other…
“I have no choice, we must lower the gate!” said the guard, cranking the wheel, the movement of the portcullis was slow but Aragondor was quickly closing the gap between him and the gate. Just before the heavy iron bars reached the ground, Aragondor flung himself into a skid, and made it just in time.

Praul found himself once again standing side by side with Zugon atop the mighty palace walls, towering over fifty feet above their prey. They were positioned west of the palace with the closed gate on their right. The goblins who had now reached the palace walls were attempting to break through the great iron bars of the portcullis, their battering ram was no more than a huge oak tree with the branches hewn off, it spread down over 15 feet, and was making a tremendous noise with each ram.
With the goblins in range, and the archers restocked, they pelted the goblin horde with a hailstorm of arrows, aimed directly at their malicious hearts. With the plans success, the fight had now been turned towards the palace, which was surrounded on all sides by a seemingly endless sea of goblins, their must be no less than 30,000 of them left standing. The only identifiable weak point of the palace was the only gate, which was immediately closed when the last of the soldiers had safely entered the keep, high atop the donjon the king surveyed the scene through his eyes, unable to do much about all that was transpiring.
Praul and the other archers continued their onslaught, but the undaunted goblins were firing their own arrows, and inspired by Grum-Gog, they were becoming dangerously accurate, and once more, many archers along the wall were hit, and their casualties soon grew phenomenally, and Praul soon found himself crouched behind the battlements to avoid the missile fire. Only able to get up and return fire occasionally, and even that cost him, on his fourth shot, an enemy arrow was released at him, though quick as he was to avoid the arrow, it was not enough and the tip of the arrow hit him square in the left shoulder, not entirely recovered from his previous wound there, the pain came back two fold.
“Can you not leave it alone!” cried Praul firing another arrow then collapsing in a heap, Zugon rushed to him.
“Are you all right” he asked, dodging a wild arrow.
“Fine, just help me get this out” said Praul, a few very painful seconds later they removed the arrow, fortunately it had not struck any arteries or veins and Praul was only bleeding mildly.
“You should get to the medical healers!” said Zugon
“No, I will remain here!” said Praul defiantly, and without another word he returned to the battlements, admittedly his aim was not as good as before, but Praul could adapt.
The Battle on the walls waged on and on, while it was entirely obvious that the goblins had taken insurmountable casualties, they continued to charge at the gate in earnest. They knew it would not hold much longer.
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 9:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Korrectus was one of the many stationed at the portcullis, left to hold the gate and the goblins. Korrectus was, at this stage, only useful for his brute strength, holding the solid iron bars with each trembling ram. The arrows of the many goblins threaded the bars, most were blocked by large shields, some were embedded in the skin of heroes, Korrectus himself took the brunt of most of the arrows, few of them made it far enough into his thick skin to cause any real damage, however, with each ram of the goblins, Korrectus could feel the irons bars slowly giving way to the goblins. They could not last much longer like this.

Borador was walking along the top of the north wall above the mighty gate, he was to replace Durren, atop the wall, just over the great gate, and every ram was successfully heard at full audibility.
Borador had all ready ordered a fire at will command and was merely pacing the wall smoothing over any troubles, every now and then, a hell fire of arrows reached the top wall in massive waves, goblin tactics. With each wave, they lost several archers, Borador had to re-assign archers to other areas of the battlements in order to spread them out along the wall.

Karyl was also on patrol, but her position was along the battlements of the east wall, their archers were performing admirably, sending the goblins to reaches of their doom, their losses thus far were minimal, and there was little for Karyl to do. All those under her command were either archers trained from the castle, or local rangers, but there were two elves also under her watch, they were without doubt the more accurate of anyone. One was Herrnava from the tournaments, the other was a new recruit named Perthus, but new or old they were holding well and managed the count up several hits against their foes. Karyl could find very little to complain about.

Currently, Lucius was hurrying through the perplexity of the palace, attempting to deliver the wounded, and almost unconscious, Aragondor to the palace healers, it was not an easy task, with his armour on, Aragondor was a heavy man and Lucius was not entirely known for his brawn. Eventually Lucius found the healers, who were already overloaded with the wounded, the sick, and stuffed in a corner, the dead, depositing Aragondor on a free bed, Lucius then sped off to the courtyard, where the real fight was going on.

Bren was one of the few soldiers sent to the wall within the palace to direct those in front of the gate and other various parts of the courtyard. The walls were not so much walls, but the added battlements to the edge of the main keep, these battlements were about 35 feet off the ground, higher than the palace walls that stood at 25 feet of height.

The Archers on the wall kept firing as quickly as possible, they could hear the huge thuds of the battering ram pounding at the door, and knew they were limited in time, mere moments after the door is breached they would not have long to retreat back into the main keep.
Then, with an almighty crash! The solid iron bars of the gate crumpled and fell to the ground, immediately a horde of goblins stormed the courtyard, with good luck they were almost instantly silenced by the awaiting archers from the palace and the soldiers at the gate, that moment was short-lived however, as wave after wave of goblins poured through the gate.
The time of this diversion cost Zugon heavily, as he turned back to face the wall an arrow, shot from below, caught him off guard. Mere seconds later Zugon crumpled onto the ground. Praul rushed to him, but it was too late, the arrow struck him right between the eyes, eyes which were wide open, a mix of shock and surprise resided within his eyes. Resigned to accept his departure, Praul solemnly closed Zugon’s eyes.
“Praul!!!” cried a voice, Praul looked up for the speaker, it was Fenware.
“Praul, we are ordered to retreat back to the main keep, get your men out of here!” Praul, feeling somewhat sick, gave a slight nod, having said that, Fenware returned to his side of the wall. Regaining himself, Praul ordered what remained of the men on the wall to cross the bridge to the keep. All that separated the outer wall from the main keep, was a gap spanning about 10 feet or less, and a sheer drop of 25 feet. The upward sloping bridge that gave access to the keep from the wall was a sturdy bridge, it was the crucial bridge that the archers on both the south and west side used to gain access to the keep in case of a retreat. Though wide the bridge was, it quickly became very crowded.
Fenware and Praul made it with good time, they stood on the edge of the bridge, overseeing the safety of the others. One of the stragglers, the last archer, was running along the battlements when an enemy arrow sheared through his ribs. Collapsing in pain mere feet from the bridge. Praul and Fenware, who had just begun their way around the castle battlements to the north side, had caught sight of this.

The Goblin armada was now beginning to experiment with some of their crude yet effective siege weapons to waylay the castle. They had a small array of Ballistas and Trebuchets, all of which were loaded with heavy rocks ready to fire.

Fenware immediately rushed to aid the fallen soldiers, who was alive and in a somewhat stable condition, however he was beginning to panic, he could barely move. And with the fall of the main gate, the enemy now had access to the castle walls, they needed to collapse the bridge in order to stop the goblins from invading the second level battlements of the main keep.
Fenware had just reached the bridge when a mass of stone fired from a goblin catapult smashed into the nearest tower, the tower quickly fell. The valiant commanders efforts to safe the young lad were in vain. For as the tower fell onto the bridge, Fenware and injured soldier were caught in the middle, a ton of rocks destroyed the bridge and the two men on it.
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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2005 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

It was not far into the battle of the palace that Karyl first noticed it. Goblins were running into the wall and apparently disappearing without a trace. Karyl was smart enough to call over Borador from the north wall.
“As it appears they are disappearing under the castle,” she said when the aged man appeared in front of her. “You cannot see too well over the battlements, the goblins are firing arrows at any one who peeks over the walls, and their accuracy for that is too good to risk it.”
“Get me two shields, I must see over that wall” said Borador, Karyl left at once. Borador had suspicions as to what the goblins may be attempting but he could not take action without proof.
“Here these are the only two I could find” said Karyl when she returned mere seconds later. One shield was made of wood, the other was made of bronze and some iron. Both were relatively weak and lightweight, but as long as they got the job done it was fine with Borador.
Using the shields to protect against the archers, Borador peered over the wall and horror struck him!
They were not disappearing under the castle they were undermining the castle! Undermining was the most dangerous tactic any attacker could attempt! It involved digging under the castle in order to destabilize the ground under the wall, and making it collapse.
Borador made a dash for the bridge that connected the east wall to the main gate, it was closer than the north wall, but the fall of the tower could cause it to collapse from under his feet. Karyl on the other hand headed north, towards the safety of the north wall, as did many of the archers including Herrnava, the local elf from the tournaments. Herrnava made it to the safety of the north wall before Karyl. Just as Karyl was almost to safety, it hit.
With a HUGE tremor, the entire wall plummeted 5 feet in less than a second, then slowly it started to keel over towards the goblin crowds, and Karyl was still caught on the top. As the massive stonewall went from a 90 to 0 degree angle, it retained its shape, due to the compact design, Karyl was on the verge of death when she saw an escape. As the wall keeled into 45 degrees the smooth surface of the inside wall became open to the skies. In a decisive move Karyl jumped onto the inside wall and rode it down like a slide. Her good fortune did not last long, as the wall came closer to the ground, it started crumbling under her feet, and just as she reached the bottom of the wall, a block of stone popped out in front of her, the impact propelled her across the courtyard and onto the grass. Barely alive she hoisted herself up onto him feet, which buckled under her weight. It soon became apparent that Karyl’s luck had been used up. In the wake of the collapsing wall the goblins now had an open, direct root towards the castle, and they stormed through by the thousands, and with so many goblins bearing down on Karyl there was little she could do to last more than a minute.

Borador raced along the wall as fast as his old legs could carry him, he managed to make the bridge just as the wall dropped, but he still wasn’t safe, the wall now started pulling the bridge with it, and Borador soon found himself running over air. As Borador fell he grasped the edge of the bridge that still clung to the main keep, dangling from a height of 25 feet, Borador clung on for dear life.
“Grab my hand!” cried a voice above him, Borador looked up and saw his old friend, Praul, reaching out with his hands. He hoisted up the wizard onto the safety of the battlements where the destruction could be seen in full. With the obstacles of the walls removed, what remained of the goblins, were now sweeping in to the castle like an unstoppable plague.
“Bad news!” said Praul to Borador “we’ve now lost both bridges…those that are on the north wall are doomed, the only way out is through there” said Praul pointing at the goblins that have broken through the main gate, where a bloody battle ensued between good and bad, and with hundreds storming the keep, it looked as if the ‘bad’ was winning.
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“HOLD THEM!!!” cried Bren. The goblins had successfully smashed their way through the iron gates and now swarmed through, but not unchallenged. Bren was personally seeing to that.
“ARCHERS!” he commanded “FIRE!” a fresh wave of arrows swept through the hordes. “Attack! Hold them!” cried Bren charging into the thick.
Korrectus was battling as fiercely as any Disciple of Fervus could, he was relentlessly slaughtering any goblin that crossed his path with no concern for his own health, and being positioned right in the middle of it, he sustained many injuries, but Korrectus would sooner study alchemy than lose a fight succumbed by pain.
The two heroes battled relentlessly. Bren fighting decisive battles, and Korrectus using his brute force to cleave the hordes in two.
As more and more goblins streamed through, Bren began feeling a need to retreat. Suddenly, Bren heard a humongous thud come from behind him, he turned around to see the east wall collapse. A tremendous noise was heard as tons and tons of rock smashed to the ground, and in through the gap came thousands of goblins.
“OUT!!!” Bren screamed, and no one hesitated to follow the order, no one except Korrectus that is. In a heartbeat, many people clambered to get inside the hall of the palace.
Korrectus, having not heard the order to retreat or the collapse of the east wall was left alone, pitted against unstoppable odds, Korrectus soon discovered this fact, when it dawned on him that he could not escape, he did not think for a moment of surrender. In his mind Korrectus was eager for the opportunity to kill as many goblins as his eyes could see.
An opportunity he would never give up.

Lucius emerged into the main hall just as the action began heating up. The goblins were frantically scurrying through the outer gate, the courtyard battle was all that stood between the goblins and the palace hall.
Just then Praul and Borador emerged from the stairs, along with 50 other soldiers. Before they could act on anything Bren ordered a retreat, the palace gate suddenly became packed with panic-stricken soldiers attempting to escape the fray, until only one remained outside the door. Praul recognized the enormous figure, it was Korrectus, and he was making no attempt to reach the door. Everybody was ready to close the gates, but Praul hesitated, asking for a few more seconds. Soon, however, goblins started storming the hall breaking through the door.
“Praul, it is no use waiting” said Borador. Praul resigned to, once again, accept self-sacrifice. He nodded to Bren, who gave the order to close the door.
Even with all the barricades and blocked pathways they had giving the goblins, not to mention the fact that their glorious army had been reduced to several thousand, their will the annihilate had lost none of its potency. With another door in their way they began hammering at it with the mighty battering ram. They barricaded the door with whatever furniture they could find, placing them strategically at the order of Borador. This held for many minutes, but soon the door began shuddering, creaking and splintering. Then the ram punched a small hole in the door, no bigger than a fingers length, it was then that Borador got a brilliant idea.
“Wait!” he cried “Everyone, hold the door except in that spot” the said pointing at the tiny hole. They did as he said, though somewhat questionably, Borador then strode over to the hole.
WHAM!!! Came the sound of the ram.
WHAM!!! It came again. Timing it just right, Borador waited for another wham. After it had come and gone, Borador placed his left hand on the small hole, an aura of yellow ting hung on the door followed by the sound of creaking wood.
“What was that?” asked Praul.
“I’ve weakened the door” Borador answered.
“But why!” asked Bren”
“Get your archers ready to fire” said Borador “and let me take care of this”. As the sound of the ram smashed into the door again, the weakened spot on the door gave way and the battering ram came easing into the hall. Brilliant in that the door still posed a threat to the goblins and they had now been deprived of their ram. And what few small goblins managed their way through the hole were soon picked off by the archers.
Not about to give up, though. The furious goblins were now throwing everything available at the door in a mad attempt to bring it down, larger goblins were ramming their smaller goblins into the door. It was as Bren liked to describe it: a stalemate in their favour. They had bought enough time. The question was what they could do with that time.
“Bren, Lucius! Stay here and guard the door, if they start getting through send someone to get me!” cried Borador “Come on, Praul. We need to find the king.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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The king had not yet moved from his spot on top of the tall tower. He was still surveying his now ruined kingdom. Many of the houses had been set ablaze, and other sturdier structures had been reduced to rubble.
“Your majesty!” cried Praul as he and Borador reached the tower, slightly out of breath from the large climb up the stairs. The king did not fidget or move at the sound of his title, he kept his back to his cohorts and his face to the ruined city.
“We need your assistance in the hall,” said Borador “we have managed to subdue the goblins for a time.”
“Very good” said the king slowly, turning to face them, no tears were upon his face but his eyes were very emotional and watery. “I will make my way down at once” he stated flatly, and emotionless. He turned and took what could be his last look at the proud city of Ravenswood, then descended the stairs.
The main hall had now fallen into utter chaos; the goblins had finally breached the main palace door, and were proceeding to slaughter the brave defenders.
Bren and Lucius had not managed to order a retreat, as goblins were now scattered about the main hall, and the scuffle blocked the only exit to safety. Fortunately it was at that dark hour that Praul and Borador showed up with the king at their heels. Upon seeing their pathway blocked, they proceeded to open fire on any green skinned creature that moved. They soon managed to reach Bren and Lucius. With their pathway clear, they made their way to safety for a quick decisive conference while the battle in the halls raged on.
“I have an idea to stem the tide of goblins,” said the king “but we need plenty of time and enough survivors!”
“If we retreat now we will still have about 100 survivors,” Said Praul “Will that be enough?”
“Plenty. But we will need time” replied the king
“How much time will you need?” asked Borador slowly.
“10 minutes at least!” said the king
“Impossible!” said Borador. “5 maybe, but 10!”
“Then all is lost!” said the king defiantly”
“I will give you your ten minutes!” said the figure of Lucius.
“What are you suggesting?” said Bren, stepping up.
“Flee now and I will hold them for as long as I can” said Lucius.
“No.” said Praul “I will stay”
“I need you Praul,” said the king “I need you and every other able bodied archer for this plan to be effective”
“Then I will stay,” said Bren, desperate to stop Lucius from self-sacrifice.
“As mighty and courageous a fighter as you are, Bren. You know I am the only one here quick, and strong enough to stand for ten minutes” At this Praul strode forward and placed his hand on Lucius shoulder.
“May I wish you a safe return” he said “or an honourable end” Turning to Bren, he continued “I suggest you order the retreat, if this plan is to be effective” Nodding acceptingly, Bren strode downstairs and gave the order of evacuation. The winding staircase was soon flooded with soldiers, they were shortly followed by the rabble of angry goblins.
It was here that Lucius made his stand.
At the sight of the first goblin, Lucius leapt from the steps, and brought his staff down through the goblin, from there he attacked the goblins on his left, first with a massive uppercut delivered from his staff to his foes jaw. When the goblins attacked from behind he impaled them with a flick of his wrist.
Lucius was always proud to bear a simple staff as his weapon of choice, its combat versatility is astounding, since it has no blade on it, it can be held and swung from any position on the stick, and it’s hard but light weight makes it perfect for his style of fighting. The only real downside was its lack of power, a sword has a sharp blade designed for instant kills, staffs were more useful for stunning or bruising, however, a skilled warrior has the ability to target certain vulnerable points (the neck, being the most obvious), and deliver fatal blows.
Every time a goblin attacked form the left, it was easy to block, and using the impact of the block he propelled his staff in a vicious attack to the neck. To most fighters, to keep fighting like this it would become harder and harder to stay focused, and stay alert, but to Lucius, everything was becoming easier, the whole fight became like a wild dance, and Lucius was just trying to stay in rhythm to the battle. He was aware of how tired he was becoming, he tried to push it out of his mind, and concentrate on what he had to.
Lucius found himself beginning to be force up the stairs, and he soon reached the end of the flight and found the large door blocking his escape. Feeling no hatred to his friends, or regret for himself he soon died knowing that he had made a difference.
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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“Close the door quickly!” shouted the king, as the survivors closed the only door in the throne room. The last room. They knew they would find either victory or defeat in this room.
“Okay” began the king “this is the plan, we are going to punch small holes in the door, and our archers will be able to shoot down the goblins from within the room and from safety. Borador, I need you to tell me where we can put the holes without depriving the door of its strength”
“Just about any where we put holes the door will lose its structural strength” began the Wizard “but we can safely put 8 holes in an ‘H’ shape, 4 on either side, with a total of 6 making up the vertical part of the ‘H’ with 2 in the middle” They then set to work, Borador would weaken the door in strategic points and the survivors would use various weapons to punch small holes, about 2 inches in diameter. Then they waited.

After 10 more minutes the goblins arrived at the door and wasted no time in trying to smash it down. The survivors also wasted no time in sending the foul beast to the arms of Krypta, in less than a seconds many arrows were sent at the door, most of which threaded the needle and passed through the holes to the awaiting goblins, some however merely made their mark on the door. The plan was working, maybe not 100% successful, but it was working. As time wore on, the goblins became craftier, they used the bodies of their dead to shield themselves from the arrows, and they continued to hammer at the door with all they could find, their massive battering ram was now useless in this tight corridor.
With only fifty survivors, against the unstoppable goblin force, it soon became apparent that the battle was lost.
“We have given it a good run” said Bren as he, Praul, Borador and the King sat huddled around the throne. The king sat on the throne itself with his head propped up by his right hand as he leaned on the edge of the beautiful chair. “We have brought shame to ourselves and to our race” continued Bren, hanging his head in despair.
“Shame?” said the king sitting up straight “What shame?” he inquired, to them all. “We have nothing to be ashamed of tonight” The king now stood up from his throne and looked at them all “We should be proud of ourselves and our achievements in the fight. Praul, your resourcefulness and skills are amazing. Bren, your courage outshines all. And Borador, your wisdom is unparalleled.” He now turned away from them and reached for something from behind the chair of the throne. He soon returned with three gold medals.
“For Bravery” he said as he draped the first one around the head of Sir Bren.
“For Courage” he said as he draped the second around Praul.
“For Wisdom” as he draped the third one around Borador.
CRASH!!! The goblins had now reduced the last door to slinters as they charge through with their desire to maim.
“Fight! Attack them head on, fight to the last man!” Cried the King

The Battle of Ravenswood was never considered a defeat in the history books, of the 48,000 goblins that attacked the city, less than a thousand returned. And with his mighty armies depleted, the goblins soon fell pray to all the vile monsters of Ardania. In all irony, the goblin reign lasted little more than a month.
With all the goblin sacrifices, the God, Krypta, took heart to the men of Ravenswood, the king and a thousand of his men and woman, had their lives returned to them, at last the dominion of men could rebuild what they had lost…
…Until the next unfortunate event…
I am XxaxX! (by the way that's spelled CAPITAL 'X' at the end AND front, and it's pronounced Zax, it is supposed to make you tremble, but seeing as my avatar is that of an un-named ranger, i think were past that point) P.S. enjoy the the free rok's.
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