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 PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2000 7:45 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Krypta stood over the chalice.

"I will not allow you to take the chalice. The champions of this world are coming to claim it, and you will be defeated. Until then, I must deal with you. Prepare to face the ultimate oblivion."

The creature did not react in any way. It simply continued to move in the direction of the chalice.

Krypta fired a huge bolt of pure black magic at it, but the creature absorbed it without even noticing. She attempted to drain the life out of it, but nothing happened. It was as if the creature had no life to drain.

As the Mirren approached, it made itself invisible. Krypta looked around quickly, trying to detect it. Suddenly, she felt something wrap around her throat. She tried to break free, but it was quickly draining her strength.

Magical sparks flew from her as she tried to break the hold of the unseen assailant, "Even if you defeat me, they will come for you. Then, I will return."

At this, Krypta fell forward, utterly defeated. The Mirren became visible and prepared to destroy the chalice. With the new power it held, it would surely be able to consume the mortal world.

Unfortunately Prathor, Vandar, and Anarien were still too far away to stop it. Krypta had not delayed the creature long enough, and now all was lost.

...But perhaps one hope still lived. A tiny creature, pale and weak, struggled to lift its head. With great effort, he reached his hand out to the staff that had brought this evil upon them in the first place. He did not know how to use magic, but something compelled him to reach for the staff. But would this be enough?
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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2000 12:20 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Bopo's hand closed about the staff. He had been unconscious for days, but something had awakened him. The staff was still beside him - apparently no one was brave enough to pick it up, seeing what had happened to him. The staff hummed and glowed with a mystical energy.

Just as the Mirren prepared to crush the chalice, it felt a tugging. It lost it's grip on the chalice. It tried to escape the power, but it could not. As it was pulled through the air, it recognized the power of the staff. Below it on the ground lay a gnome, holding the staff. With a cry of rage it broke the magical bonds, fell from the sky, and snapped the staff in two, breaking the magic shackles.

Vandar stumbled up the side of the cliff - "It's in here! Quick!"
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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2000 1:15 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

The gnome!
Cursing itself for its clumsiness the Mirren struck. The gnome dodged.
"Halt!" came a voice.
"Vandar," the mirren hissed. You will curse the day you first saw the sun!"
Vanar simply shudred and fell, the mirren turned seeing the chalice. In the hands of Anarien!
"HA!" Anarien cried.
"Fool! You think you can play ith these toys!
They are too much for you! Give them to me! And Anarien knew pain as he never had before.
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 PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2000 12:23 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Only one remained. Only the one who had the strength to challenge a goddess. Prathor alone could face this challenge.

"So, you believe that you can conquer Ardania? You obviously do not understand your enemies. We Dragons have lived for years beyond number. We have wisdom and power. As much as I hate to admit it, the humans are resourceful and swift to assist each other. We will not fall easily."

The Mirren made no sound. It only glided slowly in the direction of Prathor, ready to feast on his strength.

Once in range, the entity cast Waves of Death, causing a powerful destructive force to pulse through the air. Prathor's shield absorbed it.

The Mirren fired a blast of pure black magic at the Dragon, but it bounced back at the creature. The Mirren absorbed the returning energy without difficulty.

Perhaps that was it, Prathor thought. If I could get it to cast enough spells, perhaps it will use up the power it has collected.

The Mirren cast invisibility on itself.

"Nice trick," Prathor said, "But I can do that too."

The Dragon used its own invisibility spell. He cast Meteoric Rain, hoping that area affect spell would hit the Mirren even though it could not be seen.

Prathor was unaware that he could be seen by the Mirren. The creature saw the ether winds, and did not even have eyes for the physical dimensions. The power of the Meteoric Rain spell only highlighted the already bright spot that Prathor made.

It jumped onto the Dragon's back and, with the help of a shape shifting spell, sank huge claws into it's neck. Prathor let out a terrifying roar and began to roll in a frantic attempt to shake the creature that was already draining his strength.

He teleported away, but the creature was swept up in the spell and could still hold on. Prathor attempted to change his shape, but the creature did not let him slip no matter what he became. Soon, he reverted to Dragon form and lost the power to shape shift.

"I have lived for thousands of years..." Prathor grunted, "It will take more than this to defeat me.... I... am... immort... urrrgh..."

Prathor, pail and practically lifeless, fell to the ground with an earthshaking thud. The Mirren, pulsating with energy, picked up the chalice. With a single spell, the cup was smashed. Without a sound, it began to make its way to the Palace. The spells of a sovereign would make a useful addition to its repetoir.

"Halt!" A voice shouted defiantly.

The Mirren turned to see what still refused to bow to its power. Had it been capable of such an action, it would have laughed. A single city gaurd stood before it.

Eliot held his Halberd at the ready. This thing might be the end of him, but he had a duty to his kingdom. He had pledged his life to the service of the Sovereign, and he would give it willingly.

The Mirren knew that this pathetic human did not have enough strength to be worth absorbing, but his courage might be worth the miniscule effort it would take to defeat him.

A single blast of Krypta's magic caused him to fall to the ground. All too easy.

"Don't touch him!" A voice called.

Again, the Mirren turned to face the mortal that defied him. It first noticed the Greatsword, which had been one of the first images he encounted after being summoned. The lean woman with a strange, square helm was familiar, as several Paladins had fallen to it already.

It had been delayed long enough. The Mirren would simply kill this one and teleport to the palace without further delay.

Once again, the creature fired a blast of black magic. The Paladin cast Anti-Magic Shield on herself. Still, the spell knocked her down.

She stood up, "I am Krista, Sovereign of Thevennin. I see you have the power of Krypta with you. I am not surprised. Many have tried to fight you with death and destruction, in an attempt to gain the chalice so that they could use it to destroy you once and for all. I wonder why none of them realized that this was impossible."

The Mirren stood silently listening to her. It was in no hurry. It had already achieved victory, only cleanup remained. Why not let this sovereign have her moment? Humans are so melodramatic.

"Didn't they understand what the chalice stood for? It is an item of healing, not destruction. It cannot destroy you or anyone else. Still, I will finish the task they set out to perform, healing your eternal wound."

The Mirren suddenly looked up at her.

"Agrela! Help me! I call upon the power of Resurrection!"

Krista began to shine with a blue light. A beam lanced out from her, hittin the Mirren.

It screamed, and black mist began to flow from it like steam. After a moment, Krista collapsed. So much power had gone out through her that she did not have any left.

The mist slowly cleared, and a man lay where the Mirren had been. Unconscious, but alive. The sorcerer, practically powerless now, had finally been freed from the morbid hunger he had felt.

The mist rose up to the sky and formed strange black clouds. Soon, rain began to fall from the clouds, and anyone that was touched by the drops regained the strength that the Mirren had stolen. Soon, the clouds were used up and everyone was returned to normal, except for one. Bopo had been killed by the Mirren, and had been gone too long to be revived. His strength was given to Anarien, as he would have wished.

[five days later]
Eliot stood before Krista's throne. They must want to give me a medal for trying to stop the Mirren, and maybe even give me some elite training.

"Eliot," Krista said, her voice echoing through the halls, "Stand (for he had been kneeling) and come closer."

He did as she asked, and she stood and moved towards him so that they could speak face to face.

"You have proven your bravery and loyalty. These are rare attributes that I value. I want to reward you," She paused before continueing, "As a Paladin, I have taken an oath of celebacy, and will never have a child to succeed me. I intend you to be my heir. Kneel Eliot."

She lifted her sword and he held the blade in his hand according to Ardanian custom. Krista's voice raised again to be heard by the nobles that were gathered there, "And rise Prince Eliot, Heir to the Throne of Thevennin."
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 PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2000 11:48 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

A Few Days Later

Vandar pursed his lips thoughtfully. The words of Krista troubled him. She had claimed that the Chalice could not be used to destroy the Mirren. However, the resuurection spell might not be enough. In fact, he had never really thought about destroying the Mirren, just using the Chalice in whatever way possible.

"What's wrong, Vandar?" Vandar looked up. Anarien was standing before him. "I thought you'd be happy now that the Mirren is gone."

"Oh, it's just that I'm worried that that the Mirren was never actually destroyed. I mean, the thing's been eating up everyone's power, even Prathor's, so you'd think it would take more than resurrection magic to destroy it."

"So, what do you think we should do?"

"Well, the Sovereign said that the Chalice couldn't be used to destroy the Mirren, but I never thought about specifically destroying it. I didn't know what would happen, but it just seemed the logical tool to use against the Mirren."

He sat back down, shaking his head. Just then, Elliot ran in. "T-the Mirren, it BACK!"

Vandar quickly teleported outside. The Mirren stood there, staring at him. However, Vandar noticed that it looked considerably weaker than before. The resurrection spell had taken it's toll. It rased in a shadowy voice, " thought me destroyed? By a simple spell? Fools! I will yet drain the power from you!"

Vandar found himself wishing that he had the Chalice with him right now. There was no protection this time. Apparently the Mirren had managed to absord a little power, gradually building up the strength to come back here.

And then, he had a flash of inspiration. Quickly, he reached into his robe and pulled out a healing potion. He hurled it at the Mirren. He used all five potions, and left the Mirren momentarily stunned. While the Mirren shook off the effects of this small attack, Vadar transported to the site of Bopo's death. The staff was still undisturbed. He picked up the pieces, and they began to glow. Aided by his magic, the pieces reunited to form a complete staff.

The Mirren appeared behind him. When it saw him with the staff, a look of fear crept into his eyes. Vandar held up the staff, and the magic which had formed the Mirren and linked it to the staff came to life. It pulled at the Mirren, sucked him up, and locked him in the staff.

Vandar walked up the the pedestal on which the Chalice stood. The staff was in his right hand. Anarien and several others looked on. He placed on hand on the chalice, and with the other, released to magical bonds he had put on the staff. The Mirren emerged from the staff. Just as it prepared to leap, Vandar brought up the Chalice, sending it's light deep into the monster. It gave a scream, then a shudder, and went limp. The figure of the man appeared again, in place of the Mirren. "I' Free...FREEEEEE!!!!" He ran over to Vandar. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you!" He took off down the road with a cry of glee.
"Why, I believe he's mad!" Anarien muttered.
Elliot the Sovereign looked out on his subjects. He turned to Vandar, his advisor. "You know, Vandar, if it weren't for you, we'd all be dead right now."

Vandar chuckled. "Now, now, Elliot, you've thanked me enough over the last 30 years. Anyhow, I suppose you're right, but if it weren't for you and Bopo and Anarien, as well as the former sovereign Krista..."

"Anyway, that's not important now. I've got some peasants complaining about grain taxes. I'd better go."
And so the tale ends.
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 PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2000 7:36 pm    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

Bringing story threads to the top.

A service of your friendly neighborhood moderator.
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 PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2001 10:28 am    Post subject: The Sorcerer's Staff Reply with quote Back to top

I, too, though not a moderator, take the liberty of returning this Forum classic to the top.
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 PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I am bringing this back for two reasons. A) Because it's a good story, and b) for reasons that will soon become apparent.
"Death awaits you!" - Maester Seymour, from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X[i]
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