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Freestyle expert SL,Horde with elves/barbarians ?

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 PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2000 8:49 am    Post subject: Freestyle expert SL,Horde with elves/barbarians ? Reply with quote Back to top

I have won freestyle with 30k gold, sorcerers legacy, monstourous horde and merchant prince (or new settlement) with the healer/paladin path and also with the cultist/WOD path both in about 30 to 40 days. So last night I tried the elves (to fund all the rage of kroms and constantant cranking out of barbarians) and barbarians (with rangers and wizards as backups). After 61 days I think I can win, but its a whole lot harder, even with 5 temples to krom, rage of krom on all the time, 2 rangers guild 1 rogues guild 2 elven bungaloes, and a wizards guild. The barbarians die way to much, even at level 7 and 8 they constantly croak. I really think for them to be balanced they need to place a higher priority on healing potions, or have a constant regeneration.

Here is my build order...
healing potions at the marketplace (merchant prince starts you with one)
a rogues guild (it builds the fastest and rogues pop out the fastest), wait for it to be done
and build 2 guardhouses close to the marketplace.
about when the second guardhouse is done all four rogues are done and I upgrade the castle.
once that is done build a temple to krom.(early day 1)
about the time the temple is done you will get hit with the first wave of dragons, minos and a rock golem (late day 1). keep cranking out barbarians and using rage of krom. If you are lucky the monsters targeted the guardhouses.
let the peasants repair all the places that are getting hit, and when done build a second temple to krom.
build and inn and then the elves and a blacksmith. Anytime you see dragons or alot of monsters hitting your base use rage of krom until funds get low.
From this point on it was adding more temples to krom and rangers guild and upgrading things. The main problem was level 6, 7 and 8 barbarians out in the field alone with no healing potions dieing! With no healing and funds limited because of the constant rage of krom, and replacing heroes its hard to get ahead. After 61 days I had to stop for the night and I think the map is won. But this has been the hardest game I have ever played. It really is bad seeing high level barbarians dieing alot because they wont buy healing potions or use them. I have not looked at the statistics but I think I have spent way more money on this game then the amount need to with if you used the other temples.

So my question is has anybody been able to do as well with barbarians comparied to the healer/paladin or cultist/wod builds? I dont consider using alot of dwarven balistas or wizards towers to be fair. I think its a bug that these buildings dont increase in cost with each building placed.

I think all that the barbarian needs is a higher priority on healing potions (and using them in battle), and a higher drive to flee when they run out of healing potions. The inability to heal barbarians with spells only makes this temple path less balanced. Maybe if rage of krom gave every hero regeneration during its effect that would help also. But then it would force you to always use elves since the cost is so high.

Anybody win with this settup, and what are your thoughts on it?

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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2000 4:21 pm    Post subject: Freestyle expert SL,Horde with elves/barbarians ? Reply with quote Back to top

once, i won an expert game with 20000 gold on new settlement & MH (can't remember the rest of the settings) using barbs/elves. it took over 80 days. i used a similar starting - rogue guild, 2 guardhouses, upgrade palace, marketplace, krolm & wiz guild...i used invisibility on barbs for the first wave of baddies, three of the four barbs survived over 30 days! took forever to get any money though...not the most efficient strat

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