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Walkthrus - Post them here
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 PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2002 10:54 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Please post Walktrhus only in this thread. Post comments here ->;f=6;t=000338

Thanks. Smile

Deal with a Demon by Goldy_Bear

*********SPOILER WARNING********
This is a walk-thru.

Deal with a Demon Walk-thru

1) Place market and recruit two Priestesses and two Warriors. Once 4 heroes recruited upgrade to level 2 palace and place Elven Bungalow (no need to recruit Elves immediately). As lairs on the map are revealed flag them with 100 Gold attack flags.
2) Once upgrade to level two palace and Bungalow is in place upgrade market to level 3 as gold becomes available. Meanwhile take Gambling Hall and Elven Lounge off repair route and place 100 Gold attack flag on each building. This gives the enemy Rogues something constructive to do and out of your hair eliminating these unwanted structures. Continue eliminating enemy lairs.
3) Place a guardhouse near your market and/or threatening sewers and begin developing Wallstreet (this name and build strategy devised by Steven of Nine). Wallstreet is basically a guardhouse surrounded by inns and perhaps one market. Remember to boost all tax collectors minimum pickup to 500 Gold or so or take all non-goldmaking buildings off tax route. Also start a second market and position it with guardhouse for second Wallstreet. Meanwhile watch the activities of the enemy Rogues and observe where they are coming from. Place 100 Gold explore flags and follow them into the fog.
4) Once Rogues’ Guilds are revealed flag them with 100 Gold attack flags. The Rogues will eliminate their own Guilds for you. Place you own Rogues Guild but do not recruit. When the first Guild falls enemy Rogues will join your guild and you will not need to recruit. Finish recruiting in the Krypta Temple and Warriors Guild if you haven’t already.
5) Upgrade palace to level three.
6) By this time the map should be cleared of all lairs. Put in 3 TP’s with guardhouses in the three furthest corners. Come back to town and put in fairgrounds running combo tournament. Finish off Wallstreets. Add a third market upgraded to level three and third Wallstreet. BTW – I bought teleportation amulets for each market and did not buy healing potions at the TP’s.
7) By about day 20, if you have done all this leave the game on auto-pilot and extort from the Rogues' Guild about day 25 to finish off the game.

The following is a list of the buildings I built:
3 markets with teleportation Amulets
3 trading posts (no potions)
14 inns
6 guardhouses
1 Elven Bungalow
1 Rogues’ Guild (upgraded)
1 Fairgrounds running combo tournament

Upgraded Blacksmith to level 3
Recruited 4 Priestesses, 4 Warriors
Recruited 2 Elves, 4 Wizards (not needed)
Added Royal Gardens and upgraded Library (not needed)

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 PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2002 10:56 am    Post subject: Walkthrus - Post them here Reply with quote Back to top

Legendary Heroes by Minrhael

Originally posted by Minrhael:
Alright, I finally did it after coming close a half dozen times, and someone, I believe Goldy_Bear, asked me to post a walkthrough when I got it done. As I have no web page, I'm just going to write it here. This will probably be pretty lengthy, and if the moderators don't like walkthroughs here, delete it, not a big deal.

This is a walkthrough for the MajX expert quest Legendary Heroes, using no wizard towers, and no sovereign spell damage to the barrows. Also, it should be noted that this quest might be easier using Krolm, indeed probably would be. I, however, am biased against Krolm because I like playing the underdog, so no Krolm for me.

The primary challenge of this map is finding all 6 barrows; once you've found 'em getting them taken out is pretty easy. You will need to use a lot of flags, and I've found that 400 is great for explore, though 300 will do, and 300 is plenty for attack flags.

There is also a moderate luck element, both in the heroes you get via embassy (curse those cute little gnomes!) and in the initial map placement.

If you start with 1 or even 2 barrows close to your palace, you're in for a much tougher fight; you cannot afford to let your heroes take out a barrow before you've got solid defense in place, and the solarus you'll recruit right off the bat will want to do it. Therefore, you may end up spending up to 1200 of that initial gold on CoH spells, and that's not good; so try to find something to keep your Solarus busy, be it an early explore or attack flag, just keep it away from any early barrows you find.

I'll attempt to go in fairly chronological order here. You will need a little advance planning for your town, though I'm not very good at this aspect. Eventually, you're going to have 3 Lvl 3 markets, 2 outposts, 1 embassy, 1 bungalow, and 1-2 of most other guilds. When placing markets, make sure you put a guardhouse nearby, and research the arrows; this should be obvious but you're really going to regret it if you forget. Losing a marketplace is bad in any quest; in a tough quest where you only get 30 days, it's extremely difficult to recover from. Also, with all the other monsters and invasions, it's easy to lose track of the occasional dragon, so pay attention; I lost more to the 3 or 4 dragons that attacked than I did to all the golems and minotaur hordes combined.

Alright, how I did it:

First couple days:
Immediately recruit rogue and solarus, and build blacksmith, and research the first 2 items in the marketplace. Once blacksmith is complete, upgrade palace, then marketplace to level 2. Research Rings of Protection, while researching, build an inn; then upgrade market to level 3 and build bungalow and recruit the elf. Take note of the location of your sorceror's abode; if possible, you'd like to place at least one if not two warriors guilds next to it for later in the game, but in some map configurations there will not be room. If you do have the room, don't clutter it with anything else.

Next step:
Build second market as close to palace as you can, and put a guardhouse near each. Start upgrading market as quickly as possible. About now, you should have enough gold coming in to be building stuff constantly. Upgrade rogues guild to level 2, you're going to need to extort frequently when invasions come to town and you don't want to lose what your collectors are carrying; or you can try removing marketplaces from tax queue for a while, but I prefer to extort. Now build (in any order) Krypta, Fervus, Warrior (near abode if possible), Wizard, and Ranger guilds.

If you need to find the first barrow, go for rangers first; if the first barrow is near your town, go for Krypta, the wither spell can easily be the difference in whether or not your markets stay up when the trolls come to town. Once these guilds, especially Krypta is up, you should be good for knocking down the first barrow, though I prefer to wait until I have a full outpost if I can.

Around day 7:
1 of each guild built, or close enough. Recruit all the heroes (WoDs, not warriors, of course). Build an embassy. Open the embassy. Pray for as few gnomes and healers as possible!

Day 8 or 9:
Build an outpost as near your palace as you can.

around Day 10:
By now you should be ready for your 3rd market. Put it next to the outpost you just built, so it'll have a couple extra guards walking around. Put a guardhouse on the side opposite the outpost. Upgrade to level 3 ASAP.

First barrow (I like to get it by day 12):
Easy enough, it'll be fairly close to town, take it down, and about a dozen trolls will appear in town. Put a flag on at least one troll near each of your markets, and wither enough trolls to make sure your markets don't go down. You may have to use CoH to get a hero to stand and fight, or if there's only one hero around, use frost field on it to take out the trolls before the markets go down. Lightning Bolt might be an option as well, I didn't try it!

Up to day 20:
Start dropping 400 gold explore flags about halfway across the map. Upgrade wizard and sorceror to level 3. Once one of your heroes gets about halfway across the map, he'll probably end up fleeing back to town or dying. Put up a bunch of explores around the farthest point. Then cast a gate spell to this point. Your heroes should start exploring all over the place. You may have to repeat to find all the barrows.

Build a second outpost. Destroy the second barrow as soon as you find it. This will trigger around 6 gorgons in town, and they will spawn medusae of course. Wither the gorgons, drop flags on em, and take care of em, it shouldn't be too tough. Make certain that you do not destroy the 3rd barrow until you have about 10k gold in the treasury. I also like to have found all 4 remaining barrows before I destroy the 3rd.

If you have extra gold, and you should, build a 2nd guild for warriors, upgrade to level 3 palace, and build 2nd helia temple. Keep in mind that you will need enough money for a minimum of 4, and perhaps as many as 10, lightning storms after the 3rd barrow is destroyed; therefore you need reserve of probably 10-12000 gold.

3rd barrow, around day 20:
By now you need to have all 6 barrows found. Pick the one farthest from your palace. Flag it, then cast gate near it. When it goes down, it will trigger 18-24 minotaurs in town in 3-4 groups of 6, sometimes a couple groups cluster. Lightning storm all of em to death; you don't have time to wait on hereos. At least one lightning storm per group, then your heroes might be able to mop up whats left, or lightning again. There will also be some minotaurs that wander in from the barrow locations; might need more lightning for them.

After it all gets a little more calm, flag all the remaining barrows for 300 apiece. The 4th invasion is virtually nothing, maybe a rock golem or two, but you can take down the 4th barrow whenever you want, your town can handle whatever comes with little more than a wither or two. Use gate to get to it if you have to, but keep in mind the recharge time, you might need 2 more gates yet. Try to save the closest barrow (other than the very first) for the last to be destroyed.

Taking down the 5th barrow will be a cataclysmic event. Use call to arms to get one warrior in (don't use both) then gate to the farthest remaining barrow after flagging it. When it goes down, it'll trigger a TON of critters.

Use call to arms to get your warrior back, he can't handle everything that popped up around him and you might need him. The rest die, but it's a worthy cause! If the warrior got stoned right away, you're out of luck with that one, which is why you want 2 warrior guilds by the abode if you can get 'em. Protect your sorceror's abode, call in any warriors you can, increase the flag on the last barrow if you can afford to so heroes won't get distracted as easily after gating, and when the sorceror is rested, call to arms and gate to the 6th barrow.

General observations:

I kept all tax collectors set to 250 dropoff 700 pickup after the initial part of the game. That's about all the micromanaging I do for taxation so if you're better about your economy than me you might have an easier go of things.

When you know you're about to be invaded, try and take everything off the repair queue but the markets, abode, palace, and outposts. Just remember to put em back on.

Solarii and WoDs are the key hero types for this map; if you get a good one, keep it alive. Also any paladins or barbarians you get via the embassy. Other than these, your heroes are expendable, it's cheaper to re-recruit at the guild than try to keep 'em alive in a bad situation.

Don't let the embassy fill spots in your minor guilds. It'll cost you 350 gold to recruit a ranger yourself, 1000 if the embassy does it, so keep your guilds full at all times!

I went with krypta/fervus because krypta gals can charm shadowbeasts, and cultists charm medusae. Too bad they can't get gorgons, or at least I haven't seen it happen yet. And of course for the wither spell. But RoK is huge, and barbarians are one of the best troops available for golem killing, so Krolm might be easier; the only trick will be going without the heal spell which could cause problems when trying to get heroes to explore rather than flee. I didn't have much luck with Agrela/Dauros, though monks completely rock; if they just weren't so bloody slow.

Don't bother upgrading any guilds other than rogue and wizard, and I never did the blacksmith either though I suppose it couldn't hurt; usually by the time I could spare the peasant labor and gold, I was more worried about exploring, and the heroes are tough enough in my mind anyway. If you can spare the time, get the library up for fire blast, and magic resistance might help vs stoning, though I'm not sure on that, but I did research it even though I never see anyone train in it.

If you hit day 30, and things start to shake, it's not game over yet. I've lasted as long as day 35. Take everything except an outpost and the sorcerors abode off the repair queue as soon as it hits day 29. Actually, I never took my palace off, but I think you only need the outpost, not the palace, and you need the outpost much more than the palace, as it'll house 6 heroes for you. If you've only got one barrow left, you can put an explore flag by the abode, get a hero there, or close enough, and gate away to the last barrow. I couldn't quite pull it off that day 35, but it is possible.

This is more than long enough now, and probably a little unorganized and poorly formatted as it's past my bedtime, so that'll do I guess; any questions post here or look me up at GSA, now that I've actually accomplished this I'll be around for more MP.

As for stats, in case it helps any:
Gold made: 180K; 4K remaining.
Buildings: 56K, Heroes 30K, spells 83K, flags 24K.
Buildings: 34, 12 destroyed.
Heroes: 36, 13 killed.

I'd like to give my profuse thanks to whomever came up with this quest idea, as I loved every second of it. Haven't had this much fun playing a game in ages, and that was just one quest, so I think MajX is on my hard drive to stay for a while!


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Can some one tell me some monster cheats!!!!!
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(enter)PREPARE TO DIE(enter)
(enter)PUMP UP THE VOLUME(enter)
(enter)GOBLIN RUSH(enter)
(enter)GIVE ME ACTION(enter)
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Valley of the Serpents by Pretty Cow

Originally posted by Pretty Cow:
I beat this quest in 9 days using a strategy that I didn't see in the forums so I thought I'd post it:

-First of all, upgrade your palace and destroy the Temple to Agrela.
-Recruit elves
-Put 100g rewards on snakepits
-Build a Temple to Fervus + Temple to Krypta near the bungalow (use winged feet on peasants so they get there quicker)
-When both Temples are done, build a warrior + ranger guild in the same area as you recruit cultists and preistesses
-recruit rangers and WoDs
-build a rogues guild near the palace for extortion and poison; rectuit rogues if you want.
-I used earthquake once; you may or may not need it.

That's about it. It's not a record, but anything's better than my previous best time of 20 days.

Originally posted by Pretty Cow:
Just wanted to announce that I beat VotS in 6 days- again! I am

I used this strategy again, with slight variations. First of all, I didn't destroy the temple to agrela until my castle was upgraded, allowing the healers to uncover the land and possibly a serpent pit but I don't remember. Rather than waiting for both the temples to be completed before the I built the guilds, I built both ranger and warrior guilds immediately after the first temple was complete. Instead of placing the temples and guilds as close to the bungalow as possible, I put them right next to nearby serpent pits which was good for leveling up the heroes quick, especially the priestesses. Two or three low-level cultists died near the beginning, but surprisingly it didn't affect the game much and I lost no other heroes. I healed heroes when necessary and I think I used wither on a couple greater gorgons. I didn't build the rogues guild until day 5, and I didn't really need it. After I extorted I had 3700g and was prepared to use earthquake if a new snakepit was discovered (the map hadn't even been completely uncovered

I just posted this to let you know that my first 6-day victory wasn't a fluke. (And no, I haven't been trying this constantly since my first record.)

By the way, is anyone ever going to update the speed records?

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Urban Renewal - Talespinner's No Hero Strategy

Originally posted by TaleSpinner:
Had such great fun with Urban Renewal last night, that I actually reloaded several save games just to do it again.

What happened was that I decided to try Archmage's strategy of recruiting no heroes and destroying the enemy statues and then flagging the enemy buildings and letting them destroy themselves. Rats and ratmen proved a small nuisance - but i found out that when i flagged them, the enemy rogues and elves saw no problem in killing them for me.

Anyway, built a really good economy with two Lvl 3 marketplaces and a score of inns and one trading post. The enemy heroes make good customers - although the amount of theft going on at my buildings was atrocious, my tax-collectors managed to rake in a reasonable amount of gold from these places. I even researched Fire Balm to give the enemy heroes more firepower.

So, built a Wizard's Guild, loads of wizard towers to cover the map and used Farseeing to locate the statues. At 10,000 gold, I blasted them out with lightning bolts, slowed the game to min., flagged every Rogue's Guild, Goblin Camp, Elven Lounge, Gambling Hall and Elven Bungalow, and set the speed up to max and watched the fun.

The enemy AI is set to attack your buildings once you start flagging their buildings, so i had goblins and some rogues/elves knocking at my palace, but a few Lightning Storms effectively discouraged them. I found that flagging the goblins was a good move - a cheap 100 flag will kill one goblin and get some rogues/elves off your back for a while.

So, finally, after the debacle, the victory screen came up and then I thought What the heck and Continued Playing.

And this was where the REAL fun began!

First thing I noticed was that because there was no attack flag on anything, i had hundreds of unhostile enemy rogues and elves wandering the kingdom with nothing to do. And so I made it my next mission to kill them all. Waited till my economy was up again and flagged a far-away enemy peasant (to make to enemy heroes hostile - for some reason, you can't lighting storm them unless they are hostile) and brought the biggest frigging lighting storm on the face of Ardania! Imagine hundreds of dead rogues and elves everywhere - looked like something out of a natural disaster movie!

That was fun! i thought and reloaded the game again to the point where I won and continued. This time, I recruited a bunch of wizards and flagged enemy units. Kept the wizards invisible everywhere they went (easy because I had towers everywhere) and turned the Beserking Invisible Terminators loose.

I wonder if all this massacre death and destruction is bad for me

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Steven Of Nine

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Originally posted by Goldy_Bear:
Originally posted by Goldy_Bear:
*********SPOILER WARNING********
This is a walk-thru.

Deal with a Demon Walk-thru

The following is a list of the buildings I built:
3 markets with teleportation Amulets
3 trading posts (no potions)
14 inns
6 guardhouses
1 Elven Bungalow
1 Rogues’ Guild (upgraded)
1 Fairgrounds running combo tournament

This strategy does it earlier than mine (it takes to day 28 for mine to work) but this is simpler:

Place Market, Recruit 4 heroes, upgrade to level 2 palace. Bring Market to lvl 3 (no teleportation research) recruit enough heroes to lvl3 palace, doesn't matter what you build. Get an Elven Bungalow, and make at least one Wall Street.
Place 1-200 gold flags on any lairs, explore the corners.

The tip here is that there are no wandering monsters, and of course no respawning lairs. Once the on-map lairs are down, the only source of enemies is the sewer(s).

So, once you have the 4 corners, place trading posts there. One lvl 3 market, 4 trading posts and a Wall Street by day 10 will coast you into the 100 Grand before day 30.
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Day of Reckoning


Foreword (June 1, 2003): This was my very first post. While I was a little over exuberant and left out some necessary details I believe this strategy is sound. I have revisited this quest a few times over the years and I have to admit that it is one of the toughest quests to write a walkthrough for because there is a certain amount of luck involved in it. With that in mind I have endeavored to bring some more detailed analysis in order to make this strategy more successful.

Since my strategy relies on recruiting Paladins ad infinitum it is essential that you find the Temple of Dauros as quickly a possible. At the same time you want to avoid finding the Temple of Fervus because you can't recruit Paladins if you have an existing Temple of Fervus (though in a pinch you could demolish it).
So what's the big deal about Paladins?
  • You can recruit as many you want (as long as your gold holds out). Since you can only build guilds you are limited in the number of heroes you can recruit from temples and non-human races.
  • They have the best base armor value of any hero class (10 before the shield of light bonus - see below).
  • They don't run away very often.
  • They automatically have the shield of light spell (All paladins start at level 4 or higher). This is a great spell (+10 dodge, +10 parry, +15 Magic Resistance, +4 armor).
  • They are the fastest warrior class.
  • They tend to fight and travel in formation.
  • They respond favorably to attack flags and can be recalled instantly with call to arms.
OK, so Paladins are good, you can only recruit them when you find the Temple to Dauros.
It could be anywhere… By the time I find it, the game might be over!
That's true… if you don't know where to look. But, I can tell you where it will be (approximately) 95% of the time and how you can find it before the Temple to Fervus 100% of the time.
Not convinced?
OK do this:
1. Find the Wizard's Guild.
2. Draw an imaginary line from the Wizard's guild through the center of your castle and to one of the corners of the map.
3. Look in that corner and you will find the Temple of Dauros, Temple of Agrela and the Royal Gardens grouped together.
4. Find the Ranger's Guild.
5. Draw an imaginary line from the Ranger's guild through the center of your castle and to one of the corners of the map.
6. Look in that corner and you will find the Dwarven Settlement, Elven Bungalow and The Gnome Hovel.
Sometimes other buildings will be placed in the way and the imaginary line will point to the center of a map edge and not the corner. If this is the case, use the other guild to help locate the correct positions.
Remember this rule: the Temple of Dauros is CLOCKWISE one corner from the non-human guilds.
If you mess up and find the wrong settlement by mistake don't sweat it because the Temple of Fervus is in the opposite corner of the Temple of Dauros (as it should be). If you find another group of buildings simply go to the adjacent corner and you will find the Law/Life temples.
If you picture your map corners and go clockwise, you get:
1. Non-Human Guilds
2. Temples of Dauros and Agrela
3. Temples of Krolm, Helia, and Lunord
4. Temples of Fervus and Krypta
  • The first thing you should do is set the speed option to minimum.
  • Next turn off repair on every building. If you feel you must leave on your castle and guilds that’s OK I guess but, you will have to rely on the intelligence(?) of your peasants to fix/upgrade your kingdom.
    (Editors note: If you start this quest in The Northern Expansion Pack for Majesty (NE) your housing automatically is off the building/repair queue.)
  • Build Rogues guild next to your castle but leave enough room to …
  • Build a market -- right in front of your castle door. (If something is in the way, get it as close as you can.)
  • Upgrade your market to level 3. This will take a day or two so in the mean time...
  • Find... (1) The Temple of Dauros (2) The Temple of Krolm (3) The Elven Bungalow
    They are near map corners (see the forward notes to find these buildings.)
  • The best way to find the temples fast is by not recruiting rangers. Instead, set a 300g explore flag near one corners of the map. Now recruit a rogue to go after it. As soon he approaches the flag he should discover one of the temples. You can now "steer" the rogue in any direction you want by setting a new explore flag just before he reaches the first one. The rogue never seems to get tired of this “capture the flag” game so keep him busy.
  • The first temple you find will determine the location of the rest of them (Many thanks to Apple for this tip.) They are: (going clockwise)
    1. Non-Human Guilds
    2. Temples of Dauros and Agrela
    3. Temples of Krolm, Helia, and Lunord
    4. Temples of Fervus and Krypta
  • As soon as you find the temple of DAUROS start recruiting Paladins like they’re going out of style -- Is you guild is full? Build another! -- Are you short on gold? Extort some more!(see note below)
    Note: if you don’t like that huge “cut” the rogues guild takes every time you extort, try this. If your market is directly in front of your castle gate (see above) wait for your tax collector to step outside. Set both his minimum pickup and minimum return to 100. As soon as he gets the gold from the market (his first stop since it’s just a step away), he turns around and goes back inside. Now click on extort and let the guild gather the rest of the gold. This action will clear the entire map of gold. It even gets your cut of the gold your heroes have just picked up! Just keep repeating this process and you’ll save hundreds in guild fees and quickly replenish your royal treasury at the same time. Can you say, “More gold your majesty”?
  • By now the Witch King should be spewing Giant spiders all over the place. The spiders in turn are eating your buildings like mutant termites. Your Paladins will eventually hunt him down, but to speed up the process you will need to slow him down by:
    Attacking (flag) him with any hero available
    Cast the sovereign spell Petrify to keep him from teleporting away.
  • Once the witch king is dead you can build a blacksmith, library and second level 3 market. Turn the game speed up if you like. Use the Rage of Krolm and smile as those Paladins kill the waves of Black Phantoms like hungry piranha fish. The last wave starts around day 19. Use all your resources to get rid of this wave and the game is won.
Addendum: The paladins are very good fighters but they do need support in this dangerous quest. Healers wont follow paladins so you have to either heal them manually (you did find the Temple of Agrela, right?). Another idea is to recruit one warrior and 3 paladins from each warriors guild. The warriors are a little slower than the paladins but I find the Rage of Krolm makes the speed difference seem negligible. The heroes will have a lot of spending money from killing all the monsters so make sure they are able to upgrade there armor, weapons etc. The one guild that you really need is the Temple of Krolm. The last wave incluses a force 6 dragons and Vendral - The Dragon King. All the dragons attack the outlying guilds and temples. The may well destroy the Temple of Krolm just when you need it the most. You might consider building a Bilista tower or two during one of the slow periods between waves to help protect it.
Good luck.

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Fortress of Ixmil Walkthru

Korben and I have both done this one in 11 days. I think Korben has done this in 9 days. I played this today to write this walkthrough and destroyed Ixmil by day 17. Here is how:

Build Warrior’s Guild to side of palace away from Guardhouses. The Guild has a lot of hitpoints and will act as buffer on unprotected side of palace. While the Guild is being built add arrows to guardhouses and purchase weapons at blacksmith. Upon completion of the Warrior’s Guild build market at front door of palace. Recruit Warriors. Put out a few 100 Gold explore flags for Warriors. Add third guardhouse next to market and an Inn. Upgrade market as quickly as possible. Upgrade Palace to level two as soon as 4th Warrior is recruited. At this point you have exhausted initial Gold supply and are waiting for market and Inns to generate more gold. Get arrows in the third guardhouse. Build an Elven Bungalow near guardhouses or Warrior’s Guild and hope you don’t lose it to first monster wave. Build Temple to Krolm. Start recruiting. Add a couple more Inns. Build second and third Temples to Krolm. Recruit, recruit, recruit Barbarians. Add armor at Blacksmith and upgrade it. Updgrade Palace to level 3 add Rangers Guild. Recruit Rangers. By day 16 or 17 I had enough Gold on hand to tag Ixmil with 1000 Gold attack flag, and invoke 3 Rage of Krolms. With 18 Barbarians, 4 Rangers and 4 Warrior’s all under Rage of Krolm Ixmil will go down like putty.

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Tomb of the Dragon King Walkthru (Winning with Elves)

Let me say that there is an element of luck with most of the Expert Quests. I played this strategy a few times to make sure it was reproducible and not just a one time lucky break.

The difficulty of this strategy as with most is the beginning of the game and establishing a defensible town with thriving economy. So every bit of gold has to count. Waste nothing. The second and equally important element to success is timing.

1) Place Market. Near Krypta Temple behind palace in what looks to be the most protected location. After market is nearly finished start Inn. Recruit 4 Priestesses. Ignore Ranger’s Guild in distance. Use it to buy time. Once Priestesses are recruited upgrade palace to level 2.
2) Very soon you will see first dragon roasting Ranger’s Guild. Keep an eye on it while upgrading market to level 2. You should be running low on gold but you will always want spare change on hand for whither. Be careful. Just before the Ranger’s Guild goes down destroy it yourself for an extra 100 Gold for your use. Wait for first dragon to show up (use whither sparingly as needed). Place an Elven Bungalow in a protected location. I try to ring the market with buildings as buffer from dragons and sewers.
3) While or as soon as you have dispatched the first dragon recruit an Elf and set out a couple of 100 Gold explore flags. Try to be lucky in your guess as to where the trading posts and guardhouses will be. The fewer flags the better. You are still on a shoestring budget. Do it right away. If you locate the trading post too late poor timing will have 2-3 dragons toasting the trading post before your tax collector can arrive. I generally restart if I fail to get the 9000 from the post.
4) With the 9000 Gold place two (yes two) Temples to Krypta. Place them a little away from the Palace and toward the open map in the line of fire. I try to place Krypta so that the Temples are at 3 equal distant points surrounding the palace. Upgrade the market to level 3. Recruit Priestesses as Gold allows. You should have about 8 Priestesses on hand for the first big dragon rush. Keep recruiting and make judicious use of whiter.
5) At this point, you will be waiting on gold to boost your fledging economy. Add a blacksmith to make building easier. Add a second market. Perhaps between the two new Krypta Guilds. This will give that market excellent coverage by skeletons. Add a couple of more Inns. Upgrade market as gold becomes available.
6) Now that defenses are in place it is time for muscle. As gold allows add 3 Helia Temples and recruit. Solarii will start exploring the map for you. At this point, I put in a Rogue’s Guild (upgraded for poison) and start upgrading the blacksmith for my 12 Solarii. I might recruit a Rogue for Gambling Hall and Elven Lounge eviction. I sometimes use the freed up Real Estate for a Wizard Tower.
7) Gold should be plentiful now so it is time to start upgrading the Wizard Guild. I added a couple of Wizards and researched Fire Blast at the Library. Start ringing the town with Wizard Towers. Add a fairgrounds running magic tournament. I like to put it in a forward position out towards the map. It has high hitpoints and gets heroes into leading position for dragon waves.
8) Now it is time to add some Ranger’s and Fervus. I like to upgrade Fervus to level 3 and use vines on dragons. I added a third market as well. Upgrade Krypta to level 3.
9) End game. Set out explore flags to get the map explored. With coffers full, locate the 3 Krolm Temples. Recruit Barbarians. RoK and whither to defend Temples. Set attack flags on dragons as well. This will get some Solarii there until you have enough Barbarians. Set attack flags on the ruins you need to destroy to reveal “The Tomb”. The more gold you have the more you can use Rage of Krolm. Once The Tomb is revealed set hefty attack flag 500-600 is about all you need. Use whither, vines, Wizard Towers to defend dragons. With 12 Priestesses, 48 skeletons, 12 Solarii, 12 Barbarians, 4 Rangers, Elves, Rogues, a couple of fire blasting wizards all under RoK the dragons will seem like puppies.
10) I completed this strategy the first time in about 35 days, the second time in 26 days. It is nowhere near SpaceBeast’s 17 days but 26 days is respectable for this Quest.

What I built:
3 Markets
4 Inns
Blacksmith (upgraded to level 3)
2 Krypta (in addition to the starting Krypta with one upgraded to level 3)
Elven Bungalow
Rogues’ Guild (upgraded for poison)
Rangers’ Guild
3 Helia (one at level 2)
Fervus (level 3)
Upgraded Wizards’ Guild (level 3)
Many Wizard Tower’s around perimeter of town.
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Balance of Twilight by Wavefront

Originally posted by wavefront:
Notes for Balance of Twilight:

I played this quest with a strategy that was similar to "Deal with a Demon ".

1) Make lots of gold
2) Keep your town monster free.


3 - level 3 markets
3 - inns
2 - guardhouses
1 - level 3 palace
1 - elven bungalow
1 - warriors guild
1 - level 1 wizards guild
1 - level 3 temple to Dauros
1 - magic bazaar
1 - sorcerers abode

After constructing the first market, guardhouse and inn the shrine of darkness is revealed.
Build a warrior's guild away from your town a bit in a direct line between the shrine of light and the shrine of darkness. Don't recruit and warriors from the guild. The guild serves to block the black phantoms from entering you town and wreaking havoc. Recruit enough rogues to upgrade to palace to level two and build the bungalow. Remove the gambling hall and the lounge from the repair queue. If they both don't appear in a location that monsters can attack (and destroy) easily then flag one (or both) of them with 100g flags and let the rogues do the job. Next build a wizards guild, two more markets, a few inns and 1 other guild (I chose Duaros, but you could pick just about anything. With 3 guilds (temples) plus the bungalow you can recruit enough heroes to raise your palace to level 3. I stayed away from rangers or any other hero who likes to explore too much, because I didn't want to have heroes running all over the map and leave my town unguarded. Try not to let the warrior's guild fall because phantoms will start wrecking your town and killing everyone. Use invisibility to keep one of you peasants alive and repairing the guild. When one or two of you rogues is strong enough to win a fight against a monster, place a 300g explore flag in the corner of the map farthest away from the shrine of darkness. Put the flag right next to the edge of the map. The rogue should reach the first flag without any problem. Just before he reaches the first flag place a second 300-g flag in the corner farthest away from your palace. As before, get it right in the corner. Finally, place 4 - 5 100g flags in the surrounding area next to your last flag. Make sure these flags are out away from the corner quite a bit. With any luck you rogue should find the Mausoleum without too much trouble. Keep an eye on the rogue though and make sure he doesn't run out of flags. Place some more if necessary, until he finds the Mausoleum. While the rogue is exploring you can build your bazaar and sorcerers abode. Once you abode is finished, you can use Change of Heart to help keep your heroes in line. As soon as your treasury reaches 50,000 gold, resurrect the Sage. It will take him a couple of days to get back to the shrine, but once he does you can flag the phantoms with 500-1000 each and use CoH to get your heroes to kill the phantoms. High level wizards with protection rings are immune to all the phantom's nasty spells, so two of them can handle a phantom without too much difficulty. The same can be said about heroes with any combination of good hit points and magic resistance. One final note, sovereign spells don't work against the phantoms for some reason (the heroes spells work though), so your can't kill (or stop) them yourself.

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Valley of the Serpents – KROLM!!!!

Here is an alternate solution to Pretty Cow’s Fervus strategy.

Upgrade palace to level 2 and put down market at front door. Recruit Elves. Use 200 gold explore flags and 200 gold attack flags to encourage Healers and Adepts to explore map and get early start on pits. Research Tonic of Speed and Fire Balm at Magic Bazaar. Once Palace is at level 2. Destroy Agrela and Lunord Temples. The Healers will leave Ardania but the Adepts will all go sulk at the Inn. Build 2 Temples to Krolm and upgrade market as quickly as possible. Once Temples to Krolm are built begin recruiting Barbarians. Build Outpost half way to first Elven Bungalow. Make sure to have enough gold on hand to place several attack flags on first invading medusae wave and to RoK (about 2000-2500 Gold). Use Rage of Krolm for monster waves and to speed destruction of pits. Once the Outpost is built it will fill up with the sulking Adepts and immigrant Elves. The Adepts will go back into action. Explore map, tag new pits with 200 gold flags, and RoK. Using this strategy you will win by Day 9, perhaps Day 6 if you get lucky.

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Hey, anyone got a "Wrath of Krolm" walkthru???
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GOLDY BEARS walkthrough

I followed the instructions precisely
By day 4 or 5 I had no warriors or preistessses left alive by day 6 they had removed my level 2˝ marketplace and were beginning to destroy anything that wanted to. With a depleated treasury I could do nothing but stand and watch

Is my game running different or does that sometimes happen.

I will go back and repeat to see if the same results occur.

Please E mail or IM any help that you can.
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