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Wrath Of Krolm
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Capt. Burton

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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2001 3:52 pm    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

DejaMorgana - I'm disppointed to hear the "wizards only" tactic isn't working on WoK. I was really intrigued by this.
Did you know that the level of the barbarians is related to the level of your heros? I don't know if this applies only to the raiding groups of 3, or also to the ones the Avatar summons in one of his later appearances - I think it applies to both.

I wonder if it may also apply to the "level" (or the number of HP, and possibly the stats) of the rocs, hellbears, etc.?!?

The trick (from Apple) is to have as many heros as possible, instead of a few very high-level heros. I think gnomes count, so 9 low-level gnomes reduces your average by a lot, which is good.

Wizard guilds get expensive fast, and low-level wizards aren't helpful, so there's an obvious problem - your average hero level will be high, which means the barbarians' levels will be high.

How about using wizards, gnomes, healers, rangers and rogues to boost the overall hero count? I'd be interested in trying this when I find time. (OK, so it wouldn't exactly be a "wizards only" strat any more...but it would still be a pretty unique way to beat the quest!)

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2001 2:16 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

I'd had my butt kicked several times until I started reading this forum and developed a taste for Paladins. Who needs Solarii?

Anyhow, I followed one of the strategies here and won with little trouble. It took 45 days to kill the Avatar, but I never felt like I was in any danger of being wiped out this time. Heck, I'm not sure that my castle was ever attacked during a visitation!

I quickly created a Rogue's guild and three Gnome dwellings near the Castle. (I thought I read somewhere that Gnomes would rebuild their houses even if they were destroyed, so figured this would be a good idea.)

I went a little ways away along the edge of the map and created a Warrior guild, Dauros, and Agrela. In front of these I put some guardhouses and eventually a Wizard's place.

I believe I got in a second Warrior's guild before the Paladins triggered the first Avatar visitation. At any rate, I don't think I lost any Paladin or Rogues.

I built the Wizard's place to L3 as quickly as possible -- maybe not until after the first visitation -- so I'd have lightning storm to deal with the Krolm-raged summoned.

The interesting thing is that the Avatar was definitely attracted to the temple area (Agrela in particular), so never really got close to the castle.

I ended up with three graveyards-full of 48 dead -- mostly low-level paladin and gnomes.

Summary: A couple of Paladin guilds can take on most anything, throw in a few more and some lightning storm support and they're unstoppable.

Final stats:

The Paladins had destroyed all the strongholds except one.

Rogues alive (levels): 15, 12, 11
Paladin Guild #1: 11
Paladin Guild #2: 11, 10, 10
Paladin Guild #3: 8
Paladin Guild #4: 7, 5
Gnome #1: 8, 5
Gnome #2: 7, 4
Gnome #3: 9

The Temple of Agrela was razed. Dauros was razed too, for the second time.

Graveyard #1: 18 dead
Graveyard #2: 14 dead
Graveyard #3: 16 dead

I'd had at least one L12 or higher Paladin (101 hit points) that was killed in the final battle with the Avatar. (They were L12+ before the battle.)

If I'd thought of Rogue extortion sooner, I probably would have saved them. (Too late on the last lightning storm.)

Thanks for the tips!
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 PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2001 4:40 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

One more tip:
Except for the Flowering Strangleweed and the Evil Oculi, all the other opposing creatures have only melee attacks. So Heroes with high parry skill are recommended.
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 PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2001 6:03 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

I've been trying this scenario in a number of ways and have to say that if NE is set at this challenge level then it is probably too hard for me to enjoy it. I finally scored a victory using the Gnomes/Paladins route (later I achieved a fervus/krypta/dwarves win.) On day 30 I finally ran out of money and could no longer restrain 3 guilds full of raid-mad paladins from popping a lair. Needless to say, they cleaned up nicely and went straight back out and popped a second on day 32. At this point I had had a grand total of 8 hero deaths. What happened next was bizarre. The Avatar marched into town and hit the temple of Dauros. I called all the guilds to arms and they cleaned out the swarming monsters and surrounded the Avatar, trapping him against the temple. The four heroes with reach were chipping away at him and the rest were cheering them on.

While the fight went on, a few more monsters popped out of sewers or wandered into town. Not one hero reacted. All of them were hypnotised by the Avatar fight whether they were listed as defending home, defending town or berserking. In the eight days it took the Avatar to die from 3,500 Hp the only time a hero fought another monster was when I could afford a call to arms or they personally were attacked. Only the thieves and gnomes were immune, and unprotected gnomes were easily butchered. Ten buildings were destroyed and another 40 heroes died (only one fell to the Avatar) because they completely lost the ability to fight sensibly or back each other up. Each hero would be ganged up on by wandering monsters while their neighbours stood and did nothing to help. Needless to say I was totally gutted by this "victory". What should have been a comfortable win ended up a disaster thanks to some very strange AI behaviour.
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 PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:07 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

Finally finished it! Didn't download patch #3 until recently since there was no space for the game in the harddrive for a while(brother needed it). I used 4 paladins, Adepts, Rouges, Healers, and Wizards. I used 3 monks late in the game. Got 11 dead heroes and one destroyed ballista tower. I raced for the construction of the dwarven settlement in the start and it really rocks! Seeing all those barbs die reminds me of that glowing electrical device for killing bugs. Though I think using more paladins would have been better since I forgot about the barb hitponts thing. Either the patch really made the bears really stronger(sometimes kills my paladins) or I did not notice it before. I destroyed the first 2 altars by mistake, they the avatar came, good thing he did not cause too much damage, though some weaker heroes died. With only three remaining, my heroes destroyed one, I lightning bolted the other(thanks to those who suggested it, couldn't make enough to reach the others), and the last was destroyed by those heroes who destroyed the first of three, I'm not sure if I could have been able to take on the avatar, given that a swarm of "raged" bears suddenly popped beside him when he came near the settlement. Thanks to those inputs in this post( it was a great help). It was my first try and it took 44 days.
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2001 6:33 pm    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

Did it at last! Despite all the tips & tricks offered here, I've still no idea why I won this time and not before (bit like with Day of Reckoning). I had 2 Dauros temples destroyed, but rebuilt one, plus a temple of Lunar and a third Warrior/Paladin hangout. My entire map was so littered with houses, it was actually quite hard to find a place to build. I do think it would be impossible to win without the Rogues extortion trick - I had 2 guilds.
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 PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2001 7:38 pm    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

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 PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2001 8:33 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

At least I did this one! That's not even one of Majesty quest I really like.

I follow the road with priestress and gnomes, in the beginning : 4 rogues and 6 gnomes, then 2 Temple of Krypta, then as soon as possible 8 priestress.

For the first small waves, few Werewolf then few barbarians, it works fine despite few priestress. A little gnome had been amazing struggling agaisnt two werewolf and saving life of few priestress. He even succeed to survive!

Later, it wasn't so fine, priestress did good job but many many die anyway.

I used guard towers arround the first temple, thanks for the hint reading in this forum. I build 2 then 3 and 4. And near the Market that was also a monster path (1 then 2 then 3). They works very well either agaisnt monsters and Barbarian waves than agaisnt Avatar assault.

During those assault, I used Lightning Storm, from 2 to 6, depending of the wave and the money.

A trick that didn't work very well for me was using Wizards. I takes me a long time to level up the first wizard to level 5. Then it dies during the next Avatar assault. Later I level up another wizard to level 5 then start level up another one. It works better but I had a level 7 wizard and a level 5/6 for the other, two low level wizards die.

For the preitress use, all in all it works. But I certainly record as best heroe killer with something like 142 heroes recuited for 21 living!

Unlike reading in this forum, the Prietress attack altars without flags. Only Altar not too far from town otherwise they die before but anyway they raid Altar.

But in comparison with Paladins or even warriors, they give more breath for the management of Altar destruction.

I had three altar not far and didn't manage very well their destruction, always happening too soon for me but ok in result, enough money and other stuff.

Later I used Solarii for my guard towers as I quoted them garison a lot in the guard towers.

I delay by one dismiss the destruction of the fourth altar and the last two was raid each by one Solarii. When one altar was destructed, the other solarii leave his raid on the other altar (no flag), so I destruct the last altar with a spell to end this quest that had already last too long.

Well, this quest is too long, it's boring despite I played most the time at max speed. The training ground is really missing for a so long quest where Wizards are welcome.

The lack of bulding for money (Trading post and other stuff) mostly result in making the game much longer and more boring than giving it a mood. The idea is ok bould should have been combined with other aspect shorten the quest.

The difference of difficulty with the other Majesty quest is too important. It's also a bit that there is too beginner quests and not enough expert quests.

And well, when replayed most quests are too easy it miss a sort of general difficulty setting.

Despite this, difficulty of WoK doesn't make it a good quest. Mostly it's a too long quest without enough bulding for the fun.
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 PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2003 1:16 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

*bumping for a request for help with Wrath of Krolm*
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 PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2003 8:08 am    Post subject: Wrath Of Krolm Reply with quote Back to top

Can a mod please edit neo's post? Ugh...
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