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Dragons of Ardania

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Dragons are amongst the some most ancient species on the lands of Ardania. Sufficient evidence support that Dragon have being active in Ardania Proper before the Rise of the city states. Some theories even suggest their existence before the creation of the race of men. The exact age of their race remains a mystery.

However, their current activity is hardly a mystery. Various historic accounts have recorded many acts of dragons; among these are the Achieve of the Syrian, Achieve of the Imperium, to name a few.

There are many reasons to study this ancient species. The chief amongst these is defense. The amount of devastation even one of these creatures can cause has being evident though ages. Although some dragons refrain from aggression against lesser species, others do not.

Defense is certainly not the only reason. Some Dragons have proved to be powerful allies during time of grave crisis. One of such times is the time of apocalypse, which we could not have possibly endured without their assistance.

Theory suggests some dragon is divine in nature. Such claims are never wildly accepted however they do have some merit. Some species of dragons have taken adobe in temples and others can operate divine artifact in a way human never seem to be capable of.

The school of magic known as “Sorceries” seemed to be a derived from ancient draconic magic. Although they are not apparently similar to modern draconic magic in any way, Analysis into ether pattern indicates similarity in ether channeling and manipulation. In fact, some claim all magic are somewhat related to the dragons, however, such claims can well be rambling of madmen.

The greatest problem in this field amounts to the origin of dragons. Some said they are created by Krolm. Yet the others provide convincing evidence otherwise. The Sydrian have recovered a certain sword from the ancient remain of a dragon. The sword is them identified to belong to Krolm. According to works of Wizards Theonus, Rezzenthel, and Tarsival, the great trios of the age of kingdoms, Dragon have being battling Krolm himself. If that was true they are certain not created by Krolm or created at all.

This document itself will be a mere introduction to this subject. Additional text on this subject can be found in great library in New Valmogen and D'Tar Mordin.

Dragon and Drakes, and other classification issues

Most folks consider all winded great lizard dragons, in fact it’s not so. The word “Dragon” actually refers to 4 species in 2 Genus.
Genus Serpens technically means “drake” not dragon. Drakes and dragons are differentiated chiefly by the existence of forward limbs. In drakes, forward limbs have evolved into wings; much like Birds. In dragons, a forward limb exists independently of the wings allowing them to walk much like most other creature when their wings are folded.
Genus Serpens includes Serpens Canus and Serpens Russus. The first species, commonly known as the “Ice dragon” is smallest of all dragons. The creatures are identified by their ice glands within their lungs. These glands allows Ice drakes to breath air so cold that it could cause sea water to freeze solid. These breaths are not well accepted by adventurers.
Ice drakes inhabit much of the Islands in the frigid sea of Northern Ardania. These creatures have developed isolating scales to adapt to their environment. Their color is usually white; these conceal themselves from preys and predators in their natural environment. The chief food source of the ice drakes is fish, although they will prefer elves if they can find any.
Ice drakes develop multiple tails during their lifespan, interestingly, because the number of tails is usually corresponding to the power and size of territory of a dragon, some of these creatures split their tails prematurely out of ego. Serpens Canus are highly territorial and are very aggressive against any creature entering their territory, even one of their own kinds. Young Ice drakes are expelled from the nest after certain age and are expected to carve out their own territory in the inhospitable frozen domain or perish.

The second species, Serpens Russus, or “Red drake” is most common of all “Dragons.” They have red wings, and their body is covered in a mosaic of green and orange scales. Such configuration camouflages them in ragged ranges of Sydrian Mountains, which they call home. Red drakes are top predators in that region and dine on anything from giant rats to Minotaur.
Red drakes are identified by the fire gland in their digestive tracks. The Red drake no not breathes fire directly. They coat their target with highly combustible organic compound and then magically set them of fire, these fire are known to burn for days and there are way known to men to put them out.
Red drake is also highly territorial and their lairs are usually laden with treasure they have gathered. These treasures are known as “Dragon horde” to adventurers. Many adventurers have died to lay their hands on this treasure. Red drake defend their horde at all cost, usually with such ferocity that few adventurers are known to survive. Like ice drakes, Red drake expels their young from their volcanic nests after a certain age. These newly fledged dragons often band together to strike at human settlements in hope of claiming it has their own. These bands are known as dreaded “Dragon waves” that are known lay waste to entire kingdoms.

Members of Genus Draco are very rare, but unfortunately also extremely lethal to their opponents. Both Draco Aureus and Draco Ater are known to invoke some of the deadest spells known to Ardania. Draco technically mean “Wyrm” and these creatures have much greater wingspan then “Serpens”, besides having an additional pair of limbs.

Draco Ater is commonly known as black dragons. These Creatures pose no harm to those who are committed to Kypta but they are terrifying to those who appose them. Black dragon naturally inhibits a large network of underground located under formal hellfire mountains. Some claim they have created an impenetrable fortress somewhere in that region but that claim has yet to be verified. Some black dragon has taken residence in major temples of Kypta to benefit from the service of the temple and prevent any assault against these temples.
Black dragons do not have any particular deadly form of breath. However, the very air they exhale is toxin to most races. These toxins are form visible black clouds around the Dragon who exhaled them, preventing all but most determined assault. The Black scales of these dragons march perfectly with obsidian commonly found in their natural habitat, however one wonders why do beings of such terrifying power would ever seek concealment.
Evidence indicates that Black dragons have a particular affinity with the dead. In fact, undead makes up most of their diet. Although Black Dragons would be forced to eat giant spiders and giant rats that are commonly found in their habited if not other food are found, they do not usually dine on these. Undead are also used as servants to these dragons, they are used for all chores from cleaning the scales to prepare food.
Black dragons are known to process some most powerful negative spells. The deadest these allows the Caster to cheat death itself by transform itself into a black phantom. A phantom black dragon is apparition of shadow and twilight; few that have seen these undead lived to tell the story.
Black dragon seemed to hold a grudge against those dedicated to Agrela. They seek every possible chance to strike at the believers of life. In fact, Many scholars claim that the faith in life seemed to dim with every strike they commit.

Black dragon hordes treasure much the same way red drake does, but for a much more practical purposes. Black dragons are highly intelligent and many of them are fabricators of spells and items. Much of the treasure black dragons hold are in fact magical artifact of great power. Among these are the ring of twilight and the rubies of death.

Draco Aureus is most friendly of all dragons. In fact they most information here are provided by them. Gold dragons go though an interesting life cycle that is rather unique. Young gold dragons are green, their color developed into splendors gold or silver gradually as they grow. The eventually color would depend on their age, specialization and in some cases, gender.

Gold dragons are the least territorial of all dragons. Extended family group usually live in the same region, which eventually develop into large dragon flights much the same way birds develop flocks. Gold dragon lives in cliffs overseeing the southern sea, from which they acquire fish, their primary diet.

Many scholars question the benefit in having such splendors color. Unlike other dragons, the color of a gold dragon seldom helps him in concealment. The answer provided by the gold dragons themselves are rather amusing, they indicated they are not indigenous to Ardania. However no more information on this topic could be acquired.

Gold dragons does not rely on breath or toxin to defeat their opponent, rather, they rely on mighty spells and melee strength. The talon of gold dragons are stronger then any material known to dwarves. These Talons are known to punch right though the solid wall of castles.

Gold dragons use magically animated metal as their servants. This automation is known to men as “golems”. Golems come in various shape depending of their porous. The most common are humanoids. Gold dragon are known to create animated blade that moves under their own power for combat purposes, few would even imagine the threat such self propelled blade can possess.

Gold dragons are friends to the house of Darous. However, they do not fanatically prosecute member of opposing faith. Gold dragons are familiar without spells of the order and can use them to aid that in need. The friendliness of these creatures have won them trust and hospitality of men. And these creatures seek to replay the good will in any way they can.

Gold dragons seldom bother to expel intrusion into their territory unless the intruder carries hostile intensions. Entire dragon flight often responds to a threat in union, and combined power of hundreds of gold dragon can quickly obliterate any hostile intent.

This concludes the first chapter of this document. More information will be available shortly.
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