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The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 3:31 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

"Damn royal responsibilities!" Riven shouted at her parents. "Do you realize what it's like? The moment I step outside those gates, everybody drops what they're doing and bows to me! It's impossible to have any friends! No one calls me by name; it's always 'Your Highness,' or 'Princess,' or any number of other titles! I don’t want this! I want to be normal!"
Alhana Magistray and Darius Atreinos stared at their daughter, shocked.
"Riven, calm yourself-" Her father ventured.
"No! I want a life! I don’t want to play the gracious princess!"
Riven was in a rage, something that happened more and more as she entered her rebellious stage at sixteen. When she was younger, it had just been a way to get attention. But now Alhana could see her daughter meant it. Riven’s long silk-black hair tumbled around her shoulders, and her eyes (Riven had the Dragon Eyes, as did the rest of her family.) were blazing an angry red. The eyes and hair gave her a strange demonic look.
"Daughter," Alhana started. "Calm down. We called you in here to talk, not to be yelled at. There is something I need to tell you."
Riven took a deep breath, calming herself. Slowly, her eyes changed to an irritated pink, then sank into the deep blue of a peaceful annoyance.
"What is it, Mother?" she asked. Alhana took a deep breath, mirroring her daughter.
"I have been thinking about stepping down."
Riven stared at her, aghast. Her voice trembling, she answered. "And who would take your place?"
"You, Daughter." Riven’s lower lip trembled. Her nostrils flare, and her eyes changed from blue to red so fast it made Alhana slightly dizzy to watch.
"No! Why? You don't have to step down-"
"Riven, I am over fifty! I do not want to die one night and leave you to rule alone!"
"Father will be here!"
"And what of when he dies, Gods forbid!"
"Let Tomass take the throne!"
"Tomass is you cousin, and not directly in line for the throne. Besides, he's only seven!"
Riven was blinking rapidly, biting a quivering lower lip till it bled. With a "humph," she stormed out of the room. A few minutes after she left, Alhana and Darius turned to each other.
"She'll need time to come around," Darius said quietly. Alhana nodded.
"Unless she tries to run away,"
"What makes you think she would?"
"I almost did, and she's far more stubborn and determined than I."
"But...Tanasril is still at large...She could be in danger..."
"I realize. I'll ask my cousin, Erriathrillia , to keep an eye out for her. The two are close."
Darius nodded. "Yes, tell her quickly. I have a feeling our daughter will leave soon."
"Yes." Alhana got up and left the room. After a moment, Darius followed. He sighed.
Something just isn't quite right these days...
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The Archmage

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 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 3:46 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Far to the west of Magicum, far the royal troubles, along the coast, a man looked across his city of New Volencia. He was medium-sized, with a neatly-trimmed beard. He wore a cloak of a nobleman. Beside him stood another man: taller, and dressed in simpler garb. The first man was the Magnate Thordin Barthaenian. He was the "king" of New Volencia, though be didn't like being called "king." The Magnate Thordin Barthaenian could have been called Ardania's first businessman- though not in the same way as we think of today. Businessmen in Ardania were men who new the best way to make a product and best way to sell it. The Magnate was a shrewd businessman. He knew what how to sell his goods the best way. But he could be over-ambitious at times. After the destruction of the original Volencia, the Magnate decided to rebuild the city. With the help of the Queen of Magicum, Alhana, he established New Volencia. The other man beside him was his advisor, Lord Iohcarael Atreinos. Lord Iohcarael was a distant cousin of Alcarioth Atreinos of Magicum (though he had never felt any responsibility to become an advisor to the Magisray line). Lord Iohcarael had been a friend of the Magnate Thordin for years. He himself was an expert at selling and trading goods, but he was less ambitious and was needed to keep the Magnate out of any trouble.

New Volencia was the Magnate's greatest success. Because of it's abundant fish and other seafood supply, it had been called the "breadbasket of the coast." However, something that made it even more famous was the discovery of large quantities of iron ore to the north and northeast of New Volencia. Taking advantage of this discovery, the Magnate soon established a remarkable weaponry and armory industry. Even better was the Magnate's secret formula. New Volenian weapons and armor were the hardest metal around (outside of mithril, which is extremely rare). Long ago, the Magnate had been employed to a man called Redai Falliumae. Falliumae had discovered a secret formula that greatly increased the strength and durability of iron. This was called the Falliumae Iron Process. But Falliumae was old and died shortly after the discovery. So he gave his secret to the intelligent young man, Thordin of House Barthaenian. Using the Falliumae Iron Process, the Magnate soon set up a tremendous industry in New Volencia. The "Secret" was coveted by all and put many local blacksmiths of the neighboring cities out of business, enraging many.

The Magnate was the first one to actually set up a tremendous trade with the other cities in Ardania. Because of the awesome amount of wealth coming into his treasury, not only did the Magnate Thordin lower the taxes, he also established a new Guild: the Golden Guild. The Golden Guild's job was sell and trade the abundance of food, weapons, and other goods to the other Ardanian cities. The leader of the Golden Guild was Lord Iohcarael Atreinos himself. To also aid the actual production of the weapons and armor made with the Process, the Magnate Thordin Barthaenian created the Iron Guild. The Iron Guild's job was to employ blacksmiths to create the special armor and weapons using the Process. The Ironmasters as they were called were paid extremely large sums of money (some making more than minor kings) to stay in the employment of the Iron Guild because the Magnate knew that the only way to keep the Process a secret, was pay the Ironmasters to keep quiet. And with the tremendous amount of income he was receiving, that job wasn't hard at all. And it made the Ironmasters loads of money which kept them content.

Because of the large wealth that was flowing to the coffers, the city of New Volencia grew as never a city as grown. People from all of Ardania came to New Volencia for taxes were low, though laws were strictly enforced. Other Guilds and Temples began to appear as New Volencia grew from a fledgling city to an Ardanian world power...

"So, what do you have to report today, Iohcarael?" inquired the Magnate Thordin Barthaenian.
"Well, Thordin, the Warriors Guild from Ravenswood has just purchased a large quantity of Processed armor and weapons... Let's see... The building of a Temple to Agrela is about complete... Oh, and you have your semi-yearly conference with the King and Queen of Magicum in three days."
"Oh, yes, I almost forgot. The meeting," the Magnate said as he looked longingly over the city.
Lord Iohcarael laughed, "You need a rest, old friend! You can't stay here all the time to watch over the industry. I need a break, too, so I'm going with you. Durthar will be in charge while you're gone."
Durthar Barthaenian was the Magnate's second cousin. Though not a business man like the Magnate, Durthar was a great Ironmaster. Stout and trustworthy, Durthar was the leader of Iron Guild and normally took charge of the city when the Magnate and Lord Iohcarael were away."
The Magnate sighed in contentment. Things were so good.
Yes, things were good. Too good almost.

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 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 7:44 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Magicum was bordered on the north and northeast by a sprawling woodland known as the Dryad Forest. There Erriathrillia ruled, keeping the various creatures of the Forest at peace with her relatives, the Royal House of Magisray. But, east of her realm, lay another, and it hostile to the flourishing Magicum.
Ferring had increased greatly in might since its conquest by its neighbor, the small pronvince of Thamos. General Errias Thaman, the leader of the conquerors, had turned his united kingdoms into a power of their own right - a power based not on economic wealth, but on military might. Since the original conquest some two dozen years ago, the General had brought many of the surrounding kingdoms into line, and they payed tribute in fear of his invincible heroes.
In the spartan private quarters of the Palace of Ferringburg, the General was holding a family council of sorts. Four men and one woman sat at a stout ash table. Errias Thaman sat at the head in his stiff chair; he was garbed in the regalia a Warrior Guildmaster, and his hiar was iron grey. Across from him sat Daric Thaman, formerly Baron of a province in Magicum; he wore a plain robe of black cloth, and his black hair was streked with grey. On the General's right lolled his cousin, Master Quivour Thaman, with his elegant Guardsman uniform and waxed moustache. And, on the General's right, sat his mother and younger brother: stern Alarica Thaman and petulant Prince Perovil.
"Well, son, why have you called me here to this decadent city?" snapped Alarica.
"Silence, Mother," ordered the General. "I will tell you in my own time. First, my report. Quivour?"
"Well, dear cousin, my agent reports that the negotiations are going well." Quivour withdrew a roled parchment from his silk tunic. The foppish man, whose family pride was turned to vanity, would not have been tolerated by the others except for one thing: he was the General's Chief of Intelligence. "All you need do is sign the order."
"How ironic," said Daric, "that the very ally of Magicum should prove its undoing. To think, that an Atreinos works for this Loredian merchant, and he did not realize the danger of selling us weapons."
"Merchants are blind when it comes to gold," observed Alarica. "Nephew, continue with your report."
"Why, Auntie," said Quivour in mock amazement, "how did you know there was more?"
"Is there?" asked the General, fixing his steely gaze on the sybarite.
"Yes, and not so good as the last. This Barthaenian is on his way to meet the Magisrays."
"We must strike soon!" cried Daric, starting to stand, but the General gestured him down.
"Patience, cousin, patience. I will have those weapons."
"Why do we need those stupid things?" whined Perovil. "Surely our mighty armies are a match for that Queen?"
"Be quiet, Perovil," ordered his mother. "Your brother is smarter than you, and you would be wise to listen to him."
"Thank you, Mother." Errias fixed his eyes on the Prince. "Queen Alhana has a fine army, brother. She has the support of those creatures in the Forest, and of the Emperor of D'Tar Mordin. Speaking of which, Quivour, have you hired those mercenaries yet?"
"Yes, my militant cousin," said the spymaster. "A whole army of ruffians is on its way to the Northlands. The Emperor will have his hands full for quite some time."
"Excellant. Within a week, Magicum will be ours."
"And I," said Daric, "shall at last be avenged for the slur that little brat cast upon my name."

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 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 9:02 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Riven paced her room.
"I don't want to be Queen! I hate being the Princess as it is! Why can't Father rule? Or Uncle Jager? Or even Tomass! So what if he's seven - Mother was only thirteen when she came to power! It's not as if she was old - she could rule at least thirty more years! Why does she have to step down now? And I can't renounce the throne until I have a succeser! What am I supposed to do? How could I possibly rule Magicum?"
She sank into a chair, thinking. Her eyes glazed over as she raised her head slowly.
"I could run away," she said quietly. "I wouldn't have to rule...I could start over, have friends. No one would know I'm royalty." She sighed. "But Tanasril is still about, supposedly. It seems impossible that he could live so long. And that - oh, what was his name? - Thaman. He was exiled, but I'm sure he holds a deep grudge for Mother...or me. But why me? I didn't do anything to him! It would be dangerous...but, if I could pull it off...Where would I go?" She thought a moment more. A smile slowly broke out over her face. "I'd go to New Volencia! They're the Breadbasket of Ardania! Besides, Magicum, of course." Riven shook her head. "I won't get anywhere if I show to much pride for Magicum. Sooner or later, someone would figure it out." Riven stood up and went to her window, looking in the direction of New Volencia.
"The Magnate is coming here in three days...I don't think he knows what I look like, so if I left before he came...I could make a living there! I could...I don't know. I'm all right at the bow...Mabeye I could be a ranger's apprentice. Or mabye I could be a ranger. People seem to be more open to the idea of women taking men's jobs since Mother became a warrior. Yes," she stood abruptly, walking over to her closet. She pulled out a bag and started packing clothes.
"I'll leave tonight, if I can get everything ready by then. All I need to do is get my gold - there should be enough of my own to get me started - and pack enough clothes. Not to many dresses," she reminded herself. "It'll make me seem to much like the royalty I am. Breeches. And tunics. That'll do it." She folded the clothes, putting them into the bag. She went to the jars she kept her money in. There were two full ones, and a half full third one. She had earned all of it from years or small tasks about her kingdom. She put it all into her money purse, shoving that in after her clothes.
"I'll leave tonight," she said, reasuring herself. She smiled and stored the bag under her bed. "I'll leave tonight."
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 PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 11:07 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Tanasril. That was a name known by all Magisrays. He first entered their history when the traitor Requistor kidnapped Princess Carmin to use as bargaining power with King Riley. As the Lord General had no use for he, he allowed the teratogenitor to have her. Fortunately, the heroes of Tarfulth and Riley arrived in D'Tar Mordin before he could work his magic on her. Then he was almost forgotten until his attack on Magicum in the early years of Alhana's rule. By a series of strange chances, he was defeated, his army scattered. But he was set free, though bound by magic never to return. It was hoped that he might have died.
But there is no spell so powerful made by one man that another man cannot undo. And Tanasril, one of the most powerful Wizards to have walked Ardania, was still very much alive. He had regathering the remnant of his army, and had broken that treacherous oath.
Now, tenscore feet below the surface of the earth, he plotted his revenge. He had not been idle those years. He experimented in his laboratory, testing new breeds of monsters to use in his army. He had created a pair of shapeshifters, who served as his spies in the world above. He had developed his own, personalized cavalry. Horses, mules and donkeys taken from caravans had furnished him with a new strain of equestrian. For riders, he kidnapped Ratmen from sewers, and worked on them until they had honed horsemanship to an instinct. One final ingredient was needed for any successful army. Tnasril bribed evil Wizards with promises of power, then converted them to a form which gave them needed agility.
That very night, when the Thamans were plotting their conquests and Riven planned her escape, Tanasril the Broken had council in a cavern far beneath the soil.
The hunchback sat on a stool. Before him were arranged chairs in a semi-circle. In one sat a short, blue-skinned and blue-haired creature with a fringe of beard - Yquellar. In another, much larger chair, sat a huge, winged goblin, wrinkled with age - Grannok. These were Tanasril's oldest minions, liutenants of his in the first war agiant Alhana; they represented his Eldwarves and aergoblins. In yet another chair sat a man, dressed in tawdry fashion with a curved sword at his side. This was Dragun the Conqueror, a pirate whose horde had been inadvertantly destroyed by one of Tanasril's creations and who now followed him - if with a somewhat questionable loyalty. Next to him sat a pair of persons swathed in deep violet robes. Their faces were those of a man and woman, seemingling belonging to identical twins. These were Xath and Terida respectively; they were his shapeshifters. In the penultimate chair sat a lean figure, in white cowl and hood. This was Ephinmor, leader of the evil Wizards. And,, in the last chair, sat a hulking Ratman. Only he had no tail, and his eyes were unusually thoughtful.
"Well, Sir Maris?" asked the teratogenitor in his cracked voice.
"Well, Master," said the Ratman - or rather, as Tanasril had named the species, Equestrodens - in lilting tones, "we have scouted the lands in every direction. No one yet knows of our presence."
"And you?" said the madman, turning to his spies. "How go things in the Magisray court?"
"As well as can be expected," answered Xath with a smile. "Though we fear her Royal highness is disgruntled."
"What a pity," muttered Grannok.
"Why, she might even do something rash!" said Terida innocently.
"Well," said Tanasril with a cackle, "be there to catch her if she falls."
"I alsso have good news," purred Ephinmor. "Sarras has trracked down the Thamans with his scrying magic."
"I fear that you won;t have much in the way of mechanical support, though," announced Yquellar sadly. "We still haven't regained sufficient numbers."
"Never mind, Yquellar," replied Tanasril consolingly. "And, you, Grannok? Any new recruits?"
"Not yet, Sire," said the ancient aergoblin. "My boys are scouting out a village though."
"Good. Finally we come to you, my ally." Tanasril turned his gaze to Dragun. "Have you had any success?"
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 PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 8:08 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Rain fell heavily in New Volencia. Lightning crackled in the distance. A figure moved nervously through the streets. He stopped at an inn, marked The Ale House, and walked inside. The inn was bustling with activity. The figure was a man called Halphin Trythr. He was one of the newest Ironmasters and was waiting his Completion. Before an Ironmaster can learn the Process he must have past not only a series of tests and trials, but also the watching of his comrades. Anything suscipious was reported the Iron Guild and the Ironmaster was interrogated. Halphin nervously walked over to a corner table and waited.
Then another figure walked in. He was a taller man: a Dark Knight, one of the renegade warriors. The man sat down in front of Halphin and whispered.
"Well? Do you have it?"
Halphin replied nervously, "Soon. In three more days-"
"You are stalling-"
"No, no, Milord! My training is almost complete."
"Very well. I will return in three days time for the information. You will give it to use or your precious family-"
The dark man shifted his cloak, revealing the top of a sword.
Halphin gulped.

Dragun looked cooly at Tanasril. He hated the man with a hatred unlike any other. Yet, we realized the importance of playing along with the twisted archmage's schemes.
"My agent is currently finding out the situation of the Volecian traitor. Soon I will hear from him and we will know how close we are to attaining the ultimate prize."
Tanasril looked long at Dragun, as if trying read his him. Dragun stared back, unintimidated. Tanasril needed him for his military expertise. There was no other general like Dragun.
"Excellent," whispered Tanasril. "Soon, we will have the most powerful technology in my control..."
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 3:59 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Night came. Riven got out of her bed fully dressed, having pretended to be asleep for an hour or more. She got on her knees and pulled out her bag, swining it across her shoulders, letting th pack han over her stomache. She threw a dark green cloak over her, hoping it would help her to blend in with the ruffage. She opened her door quietly, looking for servants in the hall. Seeing none,, Riven slipped out, heading to her cousin's room. She opened Tomass's door and walked to his bed. Riven knelt besides his bed so they could be eye-to-eye. Reaching out a hand, she shook her young cousin.
"Tomass. Tomass, wake up!" He looked around, bleary-eyed.
"Whasit?" he asked sleepily.
"Tomass. I'm leaving." Tomass was up and alert in an instant.
"What? Why? You can't-"
"I'm going, Cousin."
"But Riven, you're heiress to the throne of Magicum! Who will rule if anything happens to Aunt Alhana and Uncle Darius?"
"There's always Uncle Jager and Aunt Krista, Tomass."
"And if, Gods forbid, something happens to Father nad Mother? Who will rule then?
"You, Tomass."
"Me? I'm seven! Magicum would fall into ruins around my ears!"
"You are wise beyond your years, Cousin. You would be a good ruler. I came to say goodbye, Tomass."
"Where will you go, Riven?"
"New Volencia. Tomass, you must swear on your honor that you will tell no one, especially my parents." The boy was only seven, by he lived by his honor. Tomass fought with himself, trying to decide how to answer his cousin.
"I can't, Riven." he said quietly. "I'd like to, you know I would, but...What if you get hurt? Or if that mad archmage gets you?"
"He's just a tale," Riven scoffed. She had long ago dismissed him as a story, though part of her told her otherwise.
"Besides, even if he did exist, he should be long dead by now."
"I don't know, Cousin," Tomass said thoughtfully. "I mean, Father and Mother are never eager to talk about the war, but they assure me it took place."
"Tomass, please, don't tell anyone where I'm going, or at least not till I'm long gone." Riven changed the topic, not wanting to dwell on the thought of Tanasril the Broken. Tomass nodded reluctantly. Riven smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
"Goodbye," she whispered sadly. "I'll send you a scroll as soon as I'm setteled." She stood and walked to the door. Once there, she sighed, and said, "I'll miss you, Cousin." She left. Tomass sat there in shock. It was long before he could force himself into a fitfull sleep.
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 9:33 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Riven krept quietly through the palace, not making a sound on soft leather boots. It was easy enough to pass by the guards blocking the gate; she had been doing so for years. She ran to the trees, hoping to blend in with it. A thick fog set in, obscuring the vision of the guards. Riven smiled and whispered a thankful prayer to what ever god watched over her. Upon reaching the Forest, the low cloud disapeared. Riven had her back against a tree, reassuring herself it wasn't a deamonwood. She flitted through the underbrush, constantly on watch for the dryads that would send her home. It proved easy going. Wherever she steped pr hid, it seemed that there was always enough trees or brush to hide her. She was soon at the edge of the Forest, the border of Magicum. Looking back, she saw the castle rise into the air.
"May you grow old and wise," she recited the old proverb softly. Turning away, she took a step outside the border.

She never even heard the whizzing of the arrow. It struck her right arm. Riven gasped in pain and shock. Her arm was going numb.
It was poisoned, she thought vaguley. The numbness was spreading. Soon she couldn't feel her legs and collapsed. She struggled to stay awake, but the poison was putting her to sleep. When two figures emerged from what had been, seconds ago, trees, she tried to gasp, but her mouth was numbed by then. Her eyes closed as the two identical beings lifted her, and disapeared.
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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 9:56 am    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

In the northlands, the army of Tanasril was assembling. Scouts roamed the land, killing or kidnapping any who journeyed too close to their secret. But one figure hadn't been caught. He stood crouched, watching the army below.
His tall frame then stood straight as he gripped his staff and turned away into a clump of trees.
He reached into his cloak and pulled out a small object. Slightly smaller than his palm, the object was a circle of gold lined with ancient runes. The runes were from an ancient magic not known by any except a small order. The man whispered a phrase and the object flared to life. Light shot out of the circle, forming a small oval beam in front of him. The communication would only last a couple of minutes before the device whould have to rest for a day or two.
A man appeared in the small oval hovering front of the previous man's face.
"Eruthac," said the man through the oval.
The man holding the device, called Eruthac the Watcher, nodded.
"Rekc'Dar," he said. "Rumors are indeed true. There is an army forming to the north. Creatures of hideousness can be seen. The Broken must be behind this. There are many scouts around here. I've seen ten in the last two hours."
"Very good, Eruthac. Leave here and head to the Tower. I am eager to hear your full report."
"Yes, Lord."
Eruthac said another spell and the communication link was broken.
"Well," he said. "Guess I'd better get going."
He turned to go when he heard a sneering unhuman voice, "Leaving so soon...?"
He whirled and said a flying monstrosity behind him.
Instantly his staff was flaring and a fire bolt cut into monster. The monster screamed in pain, "GET HIM!"
Suddenly the hill was overcome with monsters. Eruthac's staff began sending lightning and fire bolts into the hoard of monsters. Arrows began flying. Soon he was surrounded.
"Take him to the Master-"
Then Eruthac was gone.
The monsters began racing after the fleeing Rekc'Art. Then the Rekc'Art whistled shrilly. So shrill that only an animal could have heard.
Suddenly a huge horse came thundering out of the clearing. A Rohne.
Years ago, the Rekc'Dar Lord Warder had begun breeding a special breed of horse. The Rohne horses were powerful, intelligent, magic beasts. With magic flowing through their veins they had exceptional strength and power.
Eruthac leaped up on the Rohne horse, called Thunder.
"GO!" he cracked to the Rohne.
Thunder shot off. Behind them the flying beasts were chasing after then. Eruthac turned and began to send more magic at the pursueing creatures. Then an arrow struck his right arm.
"Arg!" he snarled. He moved is staff to his left arm and began firing once more. Suddenly the creatures just stopped dead.
"Stop, Thunder!" Eruthac said. The Rohne, understanding most commands, did. "They must have orders not to go any farther," Eruthac said. "Well, we'd better go find a Healer...and then report back to Lord Warder that this threat is more serious than we originally thought."
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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 4:36 pm    Post subject: The Sovereign III: The Broken Throne Reply with quote Back to top

Vinreth heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the town of Castle Silveredge. He had been dispatched there by Queen Alhana when she had discovered that her daughter was missing. It was a hot morning, and Vinreth was more than glad to have reached his destination.

"What's this?" puffed Wodenthall. Baron Wodenthall Silveredge was a man of immense girth. He was an old friend of the Queen, having helped secure her throne when the mad archmage Tanasril had attacked Magicum. He was old, though, and it had required some effort to drag himself down to his modest throne room, when his Advisor had informed him of the news. "Princess Riven? Gone?"
"Yes, Your Lordship," said Vinreth, bowing.
"Stop waving about like a tree in a gale," said Wodenthall. "This is terrible news. I wish I could help myself, but I am not as young as i used to be."
"You're too fat, cousin," said his Advisor, one Toberk Silveredge. "Age has nothing to do with it." Toberk himself was tall and lean, with a helmet of silver hair. He was standing on the right of Wodenthall, holding a cane which his cousin used to help him support his vast bulk when walking. On his right, sat another chair which held the Baroness.
"Oh, be quiet, Toby," scolded Lady Agapeta affectionately. "He is too old to be running around."
"Listen to my wife, Toby, or she'll bar you from the archery range." Wodenthall chuckled. Then his face turned grim. "This is a serious matter, Vinreth. I myself cannot look for her, but I can help in other ways. Toby, go and bring me my son, and Juster."
"Yes, cousin." Toberk walked smoothly out of the chamber. He came back in with a compact man of moderate height and years, and another barely coming into his full growth. "May I present Sir Juster Silveredge, and the young Lord Drexel."
"My Lord," said Juster, bowing. In the time of the war with Tanasril, this distant relative of the Magicum Silveredges had been transformed into a lycanthropic creature meant to serve the teratogenitor. He, however, had rebelled, and with several hundred of his former townsmen joined the Queen's cause. Juster and his comrades had been returned to humanity by Tanasril in exchange for the freedom to leave Magicum safely. "What have you called us for? I was giving your son his lessons in swordplay. He learns quickly."
"As indeed he should," said Wodenthall, beaming. "Now, I think, it is time to test those skils."
"Have you a mission, a quest, for me, Father?" asked the young man eagerly.
"A most dangerous quest, my son. You have heard of Tanasril?"
"Tanasril!" cried Juster, eyes blazing. "Why do you ask the boy that?"
"I am not a boy, Uncle Juster," snapped Drexel.
"I ask him that because it concerns his quest," said Wodenthall heavily. "Riven has disappeared."
"Disappeared?" asked Juster, mouth agape. "But - how?"
"We do not know," said Wodenthall. "But it is reasonable to assume that that lunatic is mixed up in it somehow."
"Surely you not mean to send our son against him?" pled Agapeta. "Alone?"
"Not alone, my dear. Juster will go with him."
"As will I," said Toberk. "I am not so fat a man as you, cousin."
"Bah." Wodenthall smiled. "Also, when you get to the capital, you may pick up a few others. My nephew, Guildmaster Treven, will probably go, and the Queen will more than likely have gathered up more heroes."
"Very well." Lady Agapeta composed herself. "If he must go, he must. But take care, son. I do not want you to fall into the hands of that teratogenitor."
"I will protect him, my Lady," said Juster.
"Oh, and take this." Wodenthall unbuckled the sheathed sword from his belt. "It is mithril, and will help you against the madman's minions."
"Our sword!" said Drexel, eyes shining. "Thank you, Father."

"You let him get away!" shrieked Tanasril. The aergoblin captain shuddered. "Fool! I don't care what orders Grannok gave you! You let a human escape! Sir Maris! Take a company and go after him!"
"Yes, sir," said the Equestroden. He saluted, and marched out of the chamber.
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"Jager, call your son in here!" Alhana yelled angrily at her brother. "It's likley he would know something about my daughter's disapearence!"
"I wont call him in if your going to yell at him," Jager replied grimly. "And why would he know? If she was kidnapped..." He didn't finish the sentence.
"Because I don't think she was kidnapped!" Alhana stopped her pacing, staring hard at her elder brother. "I told her yesterday that Darius and I were going to step down. She was angry; seconds before she was yelling at us because she was born a princess! I had the feeling she would do something rash. She ran away, Brother. You know that as well as I do! Can you deny she's done it before? Oh, she's always come back from her night time wanderings, but do you doubt that she has the ability to get past the guards if she wished?"
Jager's silence was all the answer Alhana needed.
"Please. Call Tomass in here, Jager. I need to speak with my nephew."
Jager nodded and left. Alhana went back to her pacing.
If anything's happened to her... She stopped abruptly, staring out the window, the same windo she had stared out over forty years ago.
What have I done? the thought came back to her, the same one she had thought so many years ago. Her eyes widened. But what if it was Him? Could he still be alive? He lived for generations to get revenge upon me...COuld he be after Riven now? she was jarred from her thoughts when she heard a small, timid voice say, "Aunt Alhana." The queen turned to gaze at her nephew.
"Tomass, I need to ask you a few questions." The boy cringed, but nodded, and sat down in a chair.
"Did Riven speak to you of leaving?"
Tomass opened his mouth, then shut it with a snap.
"So she did. Did she tell you where she would go?" Splotches of color tainted Tomass's cheeks red.
"I...She told me not to tell you..."
"Tomass, you must tell your Aunt," Jager told him quietly. "She may be in trouble, or hurt. We're worried." Tomass hung his head.
"She said she would go to New Volencia."
"New Volencia...The Magnate will be here in two days..." As angry as she was, Alhana had to commend her daughter. She's so smart... she thought.
"Summon Wodenthal Silveredge." Alhana told a servant. He bowed and went to fetch the portly man. Moments later, the whole Silveredge family was there. Alhana raised an eyebrow, wondering why they were there. She surveyed the family; Along with Wodenthal was his wife, Agapeta, as well as Juster, the former neo-wolf, as well as Toberk, one of Magicum's best archers. There was also a younger man who looked no more than twenty. Alhana's brow furrowed, trying to remember his name.
"May I present my son, Drexel, Your Majesty?" Wodenthal asked. The boy bowed. Alhana nodded her head, turning back to Wodenthal. She smiled.
"It's good to see you, Wodenthal. But I have a something to ask of you-"
"About the Princess Riven?" Wodenthal interupted.
"Yes. I need you to-"
"-search for her?" Toberk finished. Alhana smiled.
"You know me to well." The smile faded, leaving a pained look on her face. "But I fear the worst. If Tanasril..."
"My Queen," Drexel said quietly. Alhana turned her attention to him. "I would be honored to offer my services. My father planned to send me after the teratogenitor. Please, let me go after the princess." Alhana looked from Drexel to Wodenthal. Darius spoke her thoughts.
"Are you sure that you'll be all right, boy?" Drexel scowled at the name.
"With all do respect, Your Majesty, I am not a boy. I am skilled with the sword. And I am willing to go after them. Please, Majesties."
Alhana nodded. "You may go. I doubt I could stop you. But I want you to go with others, veterans."
"Who?" Darius asked her.
"There is an elf, one of the highest ranking in the kingdom. He was very young during the war, but fought in it. He fought well. His name is Quillan Longstride. I'll have him summoned."
"There's also a young ranger, Remeth Greenleaf." Darius said. "He's excelant in ranged weapons. Have him summoned as well."
Alhana nodded. "They will go with you Drexel. I also assume some of your family will go with you?" Drexel nodded. "My Uncles Juster, Treven, and Toberk have agreed to go."
"Then I'll have the elf and ranger sent to the warriors guild. You will meet with them there. Gods watch over you." The Silveredge family bowed before leaving. Only Tomass, Jager, Darius, and Alhana remained. The queen sent her messenger after the two heroes. She turned to the window, stifiling a heart broken sob. Darius was next to her in an instant, blinking wetness from his eyes.
"She'll be all right, Alhana," he assured her.
"If I never let Tanasril go-"
"It's not your fault!" Jager said savegly. "He's a mad man." There was silence a moment.
"So, he does exist?" Tomass's small voice made the three adults turn.
"Of course he does son; have you learned nothing of Magicum's history?" The boy gulped.
"Riven doesn't beleive in him." The adults exchanged looks. "How could she not beleive in him?" murmered Alhana. "She has learned of our history since she was five..."
"She doesn't want to beleive in him. This is dangerous for her. If she doesn't beleive in the largest danger ever to threaten Magicum, she'll let herself fall into a trap."
"We have to find her." Alhana said. Her eyes watered. "Before Tanasril does.

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Riven woke up on cold stone. She tried to stand, but feeling hadn't come back to her legs yet. She could barley move her head to look around. Her upper body was moble, but her right arm was wrapped in bandages. She was relieved it was still nimb; she didn't want to feel the pain the arrow must have caused. She looked around groggily. She was in a small room.
More a cell than a room, she thought angrily.
"Where am I?" She hadn't thought an aswer would come, and was surprised when she heard two identical voices answer her.
"You are in the hold of Tanasril the Broken." Riven was on her feet in an instant, and promptly collapsed. Her feet were still numb. With effort, she got herself into a sitting position.
"Who are you?"
They called themselves Xath and Terida.
"Why am I here?"
"You'll soon find out," Xath replied lightly. They left. Riven stared after them dazedly. It was a while before she realized what the identical people had said.
Tanasril? He does exist? Riven looked around her in horror.
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After the communication link with Eruthac the Watcher had been broken Lord Warder, Rekc'Dar of the Rekc'Art order, sighed.
"Foolish girl," he said out loud. "You have no idea what you've done. This problem is more serious than we thought. Magicum must be warned."
Lord Warder than established a link to another Rekc'Art, Todth of the Sword. Todth was an expert in military matters and would be needed in the battles head. Lord Warder told Todth to meet him in Magicum. Then Warder began to ready is Rohne horse, Shadax. Shadax was a sleek black horse and was very powerful. As Warder was readying the huge Rohne horse, he talked to him quietly.
"We'll have to get to Magicum as fast as we can. We'll need to go through the Black Valley. It's the fastest way."
The Black Valley had once been part of Tanasril's breeding grounds. However, after Tanasril was banished, he monsters he'd created began to interbreed and multiply rapidly. Though they were bound to live in the Black Valley, they attacked anyone...or anything...that wandered into the Valley.
Before leaving, Warder wrote a hasty note to Eruthac and stamped the Rekc'Dar seal on it.
"Ok, Shadax," he said to the huge Rohne. "Lets go. We can ride like the wind, journey through the Black Valley this morning, and reach Magicum tomorrow evening."
He mounted the Rohne and was off.

Todth of the Sword had been in the midlands when Lord Warder had contacted him. Todth was a massive man, armed with mithril armor and sword, instead of the traditial Rekc'Art cloak and staff. A master of the military arts, Todth had been a great source of knowledge of the Rekc'Dar to learn from.
Todth readied his own Rohne horse, Salien, for the journey south to Magicum. Lord Warder hadn't explained the whole situation to him, but he knew enough to assume that it had something to do with Eruthac the Watcher's journey to investigate the rumored army of the twisted archmage Tanasril the Broken.
Not wasting any time, Todth rode south, not knowing that he was being followed...

The Magnate Thordin of House Barthaenian finished packing his things for the journey to Magicum. Lord Iohcarael Atreinos had insisted that a small squadron of warriors accumpany them on the journey. After giving Durthar Barthaenian final instructions, the Magnate and his company set out on their journey. Within two days they would arrive at Magicum.
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Tomass, Krista, and Jager were seated in their living quarters. The two adults were talking quietly about their neice. Tomass was starring out the window. He had made up his mind.
"Father, I want to help search for Riven." Jager looked at his son, his mouth opened.
"You're seven, Tomass, you wont-"
"But I'm the best with a knife. No one in the palace can best me in knife fighting. Let me go!"
"Son, I don't want you in danger," Krista began softly. "You're smart; I know you're smart. Sometimes too smart for your own good. But you're still only seven."
"But Mother-"
"No, Tomass. You'll be in danger. If that madman got his hands on you..."
"I'll be carefull! Please!"
Jager turned away. Krista looked down. Tomass's eyes narrowed.
"I'll go on my own, than." his voice was quiet. To quiet. It bought his parents attention.
"You'd run away from us?" Krista asked, her eyes brimming with tears.
"You will not," Jager started.
"She's my cousin. She taught me everything. She's the one who got me lessons with the knife. I owe her. It's a matter of honor."
There was nothing Jager could say against that. He knew his son would do anything to preserve his honor, and anything for his cousin. It was a lost cause. He sighed.
"Very well. But I want some special armor made for you. I'll enchant it myself." Krista started to oppose it, but, taking one look at the two, shut her mouth.
"Very well. But be carefull." She turned to jager. "The armour has to be done quickly." Tomass smiled and went to get his knives. Hehad taken lessons since he was very young, and now bested the one who taught him. He carried short knives concealed in pant legs and shirt cuffs. He also had a longer titanium knife, one he wore at his belt. Titanium was a knew metal, found in the north near D'Tar Mordin. Some said it was light and sharp as mithril. Tomass paused in front of the trunk he stored his knives in. There was a glass knife at the very bottom, a gift from Riven, unknown by his parents. Smiling slightly, he tucked the glass blade into a sheath near his titanium one. He walked out of the room, going to speak with his aunt. He felt the nead to tell her that he would be leaving to search for her daughter.
She'll be all right, Tomass said to himself. She'll be all right/
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General Errias was seated behind a desk, studying a map of the Dryad Forest. It had been a day since the family meeting, and he had spent the interlude here, in his study. His seclusion casme to an end, however, when Quivour swaggered into the small chamber.
"Well, what do you want?" asked the General, not bothering to look up.
"The weapons from New Volencia are in, dear cousin," said the spymaster, leaning his body on the door frame.
"Good. Is that all?"
"No, I have additional information to depart, my General, but I would not wish to take more of your time than necessary."
"The sooner you tell me," said the General, "the sooner I can proceed with my planning."
"Important plans, no doubt. I shall cut to the point then: Her Highness, the Princess Riven, daughter of Queen Alhana and heir apparent of House Magisray and the throne of Magicum, has vanished."
"Really." The General finally looked up. "What else does your spy have to say?"
"Nothing else is certain, but rumours indicate that a certain archmage, Tanasril the Broken, may be involved."
"That madman." Errias permitted his face to fold into a frown. "Bring Baron Daric here. He has had the most experience with that lunatic."
"Immediately, cousin." Quivour gave a grandiose bow, and withdrew. The General returned his attention to his map. Some minutes later, the ring of iron-shod boots could be heard in the passage outside, and a sharp, rapping knock fell on the door.
"Enter," commanded Errias, rolling up the map and thrusting it into a case. The former Baron pushed open the door, and came into the room.
"You wanted me, Errias?" he demanded.
"Sit," ordered the General. Daric pulled the only other chair in the room away from a large bookshelf up to Errias' desk, and sat. "I wanted you, cousin Daric, in order that you might tell me of Tanasril."
Daric's lip curled. "What is there to tell? The man is a crazy fool. When he had the chance to conquer Magicum, he ruined it. He left his army uncoordinated; they would have been lost without my help. They were superior, in both quantity and quality, to the heroes of "Queen" Alhana, but due to the leader's blunders, they were forced to lose."
"I wonder, cousin," said Errias coldly, " why,if you were there, you did not bring them to victory on your own merits."
"I tried, but it was all confusion from the first."
"Enough of that. What do you know of Tanasril's motives? Of his power in magic?"
"His motive, I believe, is revenge. He bears a grudge against the Magisrays. His whole life is fixated on that point. He cares nothing for power, or wealth. As to his skills, they are all tied up in his "teratogeny", but what he can accomplish with that is impressive."
"Teratogeny," said Errias, feeling out the word. "What did his army consist of? You said the monsters he commanded were 'superior'."
"They were to a degree, though perhaps it was just the impression that one monster gave me that colours my judgement. That one creature was Garelstramin, a dragon I think, but better armoured and more powerful than any other I have seen. His fire, too, was ten times more powerful than the flames of the average fire drake. They seemed like candles in comparison to his lightning. Tanasril's other troops consisted mainly of winged goblins, who were much stronger and smarter than their earthbound cousins, and of queer little beings which he called 'Eldwarves', creatures he made from blending Elven and Dwarven blod; they served as his engineers. He also had neowolves; like black werewolves, but with all their humanity intact, save for their form. Most of those revolted."
"So. The dragon, I know, is dead. Without him, the archmage's power is gone. I would surmise that he is truly broken, and no threat to us. Whether he kidnapped the Alhana's brat is irrelevant to me."
"I am not sure. I have to admit that Tanasril was cunning; and it is possible he could come back."
"Perhaps. You are dismissed, Daric; for the present. I shall be out, presently, to lead my armies against Magicum."

"The crazy fool", as Daric had termed him, was pacing his subterranean quarters in an intense agony of mind. If that man did escape, than word would get out, sooner or later, that he was gathering his forces. That wicked Magisray would be forewarned, and he might lose all hope of bringing justice to her. His only hope lay with Sir Maris and his Equestrodens. So ran the thoughts of Tanasril the Broken.
These gloomy musings were broken by the approach of two purple-robed figures. Tanasril looked up. "Ah, Xath, Terida, what news do you bring me? You are back sooner than I expected; how went your errand?"
"It went very well, Master," said Xath. "We have caught the prize, and brought it to you."
"Indeed!" The hunchback's eyes lit up. "Then Riven Magisray is here!"
"Yes." Terida nodded in assent. "We put her in one of the cells adjoining your laboratory."
"Good work! I will see to her immediately." He began to move off, when Xath stopped him.
"Master, we have a request."
"Oh? What is it? Speak!"
"Master, you know that when Yquellar rescued us from the dungeons of Shovrah-Dan, we had already formed an acquaintance. What you may not know is that we were determined to be wedded, as soon as we could escape the restraining confines of civilisation. Well, we have escaped civilisation more thoroughly than we bargained for, but we still wish to be wed. Have we your permission?"
"Of course!" replied Tanasril ahappily. "This doubles your good tidings. Go to that High Priest, Vornoshk I think his name is, and have him join you."
"Thank you, Master," said Terida, bowing.

"May I come in?" asked Tanasril gently.
"Who's there?" asked a fearful, yet somehow defient voice
"Your host," was his reply.
"Host?" she said. "Who are you?"
"I am Tanasril, called the Broken." Silence. He pushed open the door. There, on a hard cot, sat a girl of about fifteen or sixteen years. "So, you are the heir of the Magisrays. Yes, you have your ancestors' eyes." He closed his own for a moment, thinking of Alhana, and before her of carmen; remembering how they had treated him. "Such interesting eyes; I do not think i shall change them."
"You do exist," she moaned. "I thought..." Tanasril laughed.
"Did you doubt my existance? What did you think? That I was an invention of your mother's, to frighten you into good behaviour? Have I been sunk to such a level? But you will learn better." Abruptly his manner changed. "Are you comfortable? These cells are not the best accomodation here. I assure you, after the transformation, you shall have better."
"Tr-transformation?" she stammered.
"Oh yes." Suddenly his ruined face twisted in anger. "And, I can assure you that it will be painful! I usually do not like that bit, but in your case, I make an exception! Your family has caused me much grief. Why, I even fell so low as to study necromancy once, in the hope of getting revenge. But, now, I have you in my power. You cannot escape -" again, he relapsed into a calmer mood. "But then, in a few years, you will not wish to escape. Oh, yes. Now. Is there anything I can do for you, before I go?"
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