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Strange Companions
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2002 9:03 pm    Post subject: Strange Companions Reply with quote Back to top

"True is true," he muttered. It was an old saying among the Siren. "She's more than 'something' to do with it; but you certainly do too." He crossed his arms, not bothering to stand. His fangs were still bared.
"Vhy did you come here?" Demanded Knighthawk. Krass trained a bored eye on the Lagu.
"And why should I tell you, O Great Short One?"
Knighthawk bristled, and opened his mouth to speak, but Sorotor silenced him - thankfully - with a look.
"Because you are a prisoner here, and will answer to us." Sorotor said calmly. "Tell us."
Krass sighed. "Because I was ordered to, Unicorn. And I follow the orders of my Queen." Forgotten, Ferrah stodd off to the side near the door, her amrs crossed. As the Siren said this last sentence, she stiffened, and looked away, hoping they wouldn't see. Luck was not on her side though. Krass looked over at her.
"What's wrong, Sister of the Mistress? Don't like hearing her reffered to as that?" Sorotor and Knighthawk turned in surprise to look at Ferrah. Aside from biteing her lip, she appeared calm.
"Iz it true?" Knighthawk asked. Ferrah nodded slowly. Turning to the Siren she said, "It is if your 'queen' goes by the name Rosalina." Krass nodded. Ferrah sighed, and turned to her companions.
"My sister, Rosalina, plans to take over Ardania." Silence followed her words. Glancing away, Ferrah spoke quietly.
"My sister and I are not fully human."
"Then what are you?" Sorotor asked very quietly.
"We are both half human. And half demon."


"Sine we were children, Rosalina had always been the more ambitious one. She always had dreams of becoming a queen, or a ruler in some distant land. I had always thought that they were just day dreams, something she had hoped to do, but knew she would never be able to; we were, after all, the daughters of a ranger. But she was serious. Deadly serious. She wanted to be a dictator. And when she set herself tog et something, she got it. Always.
"Our father was a human ranger, our mother a demonic sorceress. I had always had a good relationship with my father, while Rosalina had more of a rapport with our mother. In fact, we each rathe detested the other parent. Mother scorned me for my lack of magic, while Father was annoyed with Rosalina's will to not learn the sword and bow. Our parents had taught us equally, with Mother teaching us to use our magic, and Father teaching us weaponship. But, soon, as they each realized our failure in one subject and our strength in the other, they stopped making us learn both. Rosalina learned the demonic arts with Mother while I studied the art of weapons with my Father. We each grew good on our own; I learned grace and swiftness, while my sister learned how to control the great power she had gained.
"It seemed unevitable that we would fight. We had gotten along famously when we were young, but she we gre into life, we also grew appart from eachother. And then, one day, we fought together for the first time. We were in the forest, far from our home. Even now, I cannot remember what we fought over; some minial task that escalated quickly into war. I drew my sword as she cast a spell. Neither of us aimed to kill, just to hurt enough to bring the other into obesience. We had seemed to be venly matched, but Rosalina gained the upper hand quickly. She was five or six years older than me, and stronger. I had been only eight, maybe nine at the time we fought. Father had not taught me all he knew yet.
"After that fight, we were distant, and bickered often. I could not let go the fact that she had beaten me, and swore that I would be stronger than her, strong enough to win next time." She looked away and blinked. "I wasn't.
"Later in life, my father and Rosalina had a fight, verbally. I never knew what it was about. But they fought, screaming at eachother. Soon, he pushed Rosalina over a line no one had dared cross before; not even me. But,she grew angry enough to attack him with her magic. There was no way for him to block it. She killed him." There was a catch in Ferrah's voice. Clearing her throat, she went on.
"I was horrified. I had never thought she would do anything so terrible. And our mother; our mother saw what her prized daughter did, and merely nodded. She shed no tear, said nothing, showed no emotion. I had collapsed, kneeling besides my father's still body, willing him to leave. When I saw my mother's reaction, something snapped." She paused a moment, as if remembering a moment she had pushed from her thoughts for years. "I killed her." A long silence followed her simple statement. Knighthawk and Sorotor looked horrified; even Krass looked surprised. Ferrah swalled the lump in her throat.
"After that, my sister and I were alone, in our house with our dead parents. She looked at me, and I at her. In a flash, I had my sword drawn, and she had begun to cast a spell. We fought; we fought for hours. Finally, when we were both tired beyond exahustion, we called a rest. During that time, we spoke. We didn't continue our fight. Instead, we each left. I headed into the woods, while she warped off...somewhere. Once away from my home, I met Magnus and Phelan. I didn't come into contact with Rosalina for three years. But when I heard from her, I wished I hadn't. She had begun to gather forces, heroes who had no where to go, no one to fight for. It started off with on warrior; Jasper D' something, I think; I don't remember his name. But soon she had a small army. And it grew still larger. After that, I had left the town I was in. I didn't want her to ever find me again. But she did, when I came here to destroy the castle. And that was last I saw of her, till he came." She nodded at Krass, and braced her self for the reactions.
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 PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2002 12:23 am    Post subject: Strange Companions Reply with quote Back to top

"Ah, yes, well I, um, ah," said the Lagu. For once he seemed at a loss for words. He began pulling at his moustaches distractedly.
"So." Sorotor looked at Ferrah, inscrutibility etched into his features. "You are half-demon. I knew something about you was different. You say you have no affinity for magic, but you cannot hide the aura that having the blood of the Fallen Ones in your veins gives you. And I have sensed that aura before. Long, long before."
"What - what do you mean?" asked Ferrah.
"Remember that day in the Inn? Alfred was explaining his origin." Ferrah winced at the mention of the Exorcist. Sorotor's eyes gentled for a minute, but only a mintue. "He recounted the history of his home, but would not say why the Philosophers needed an army. Later, in the forest, he said that our kind had run with the armies that nearly overran his Isle." Sarcasm tinged his voice. Throughout his following words, his horn and his eyes began to glow with a reddish fire. "But what he does not realize is that I myself was there. I was young, still a colt almost. I had barely come into my magic, when the Demonlord came to us with promises of power and revenge. But I was old enough to make the decision. I ran with their armies. I trod the Citadel's steps." Suddenly the evil red glow died out of his eyes and horn. "But I also heard the Exorcist's words. I, like my herdmates, renounced our alligiance to evil. And I wish you to know," some of the humour crept back into his voice, "that, if you fear telling Alfred your tale, you might find better comfort than even I, who have experienced something similar, can give you. The Philosophers' code is, after all, one of forgiveness."
"Vhat is there to forgive?" Knighthawk asked.
"Her mother's death," replied Sorotor gently.
"I . . . see," said Ferrah. she looked back between Knighthawk and Sorotor. Her eyes semed bright for the dimly lit dungeon. Sorotor laid his horn across her shoulder.
"Remember, Ferrah of the Wolves," he said softly, "my heart is with you."
Krass snorted quietly. Sorotor looked up. "No, Siren, we have not forgotten you," he said. "You still have questions to answer."
"Ah yes." Knighthawk roused out of his stupor. "I shall take sharge of ze interrogation."
* * * * * *
Terone collapsed onto the rim of his scrying pool. The three in the dungeon were not the only ones to hear Ferrah's confession. Terone had finally figured out how to make the pool pick up sounds. Now he deeply regretted this.
He had been standing there all morning, ever since the Sirens had attacked. He was petrified at their failure, and at the revelation of Ferrah's full heritage. He was greatly relieved by a knock on his chamber door.
"Yes?" he said shrilly.
"M'Lurd Tirune," said a goblin, respectfully poking its head into the chamber, "'Is Lurdship Zereckes is 'ere to see yer. Shell Oi sind 'im in?"
"Immediately," commanded Terone. The distraction would at least allow him to put off contacting Rosalina about the failure of her assassins.
* * * * * *
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Raistlin, Archmagus

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 PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2002 5:21 pm    Post subject: Strange Companions Reply with quote Back to top

Rosalina would not be so patient though. She sat in her throne room, and waved a hand over the golden bassin at her side. An image of Terone appeared.
"Summoner." She called. A smile curled her lip as she saw him jump.
"L-Lady Rosalina?" He squeaked.
"Yes. Have you recieved word of the Sirens? Do the have Ferrah captured?"
"I-they-" Terone stuttered on. What little was left of Rosalina's patience wore thin.
"Speak, man!" She yelled. "Tell me what news you have."
She waited for his answer, expecting to hear that the Sirens had her sister in hand.
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 PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 9:03 pm    Post subject: Strange Companions Reply with quote Back to top

"They're all dead!" he shrieked.
Rosalina sat slightly stiffer in her throne, but her voice was unchanged. "All? Dead?"
"Except one, My lAdy. The leader, I believe - captured."
"Ah. So I still have an agent there. Perhaps something will come of this." She smiled to herself.
Terone, who saw her face hovering before him, slumped in relief. "So, you are not angry after all?"
"No, you gibbering buffoon!" She snapped, eyes suddenly blazing. "I am very anhgry with your stupidity. Why didn't you send someone with them?"
"I didn't think -"
"You don't think at all! Do not fail me again!" Then she broke off connection.
A few minutes later, the goblin showed the Captain of the Minotaurs into the summoner'sroom. Zaracas stepped iside, and the door closed behind him.
"My Lord? Terone?" My Lord -" he stumbled, his hoof slipping on something. It was Terone's staff. The Wizard himself had fainted, knocking over the scrying font and sending the water all over the floor.
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