This is the PC version of the demo. Please go to the DOWNLOADS page to get the MAC version of the demo.

The Majesty Demo is a single quest that will give you a taste of the unique style of gameplay. The quest itself, titled "Vampiric Revenge" only appears in the demo and will not be available with the full release of the game.

Please stop by the forum and ask any questions that you might have about the demo or about the final release of the game.

File Size 43.5megs
Approximate Download Time 3+ hours at 28.8bps, 1hr 50min at 56.6bps, 5-7 minutes with cable modem.
System Requirements Pentium 166 w/ 32megs of RAM, DirectX 7.0 (included), DirectX 7 compatible video card and driver.S
Alternate Download Sites File Planet, Adrenaline Vault, Happy Puppy